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NCT 127 & TenKunSol reaction to another guy asking you (their S/O) out in front of them


Anon: nct 127 + ten, hansol & kun to a guy asking out their gf when he’s in infront of them?? btw i love your blog so much!!!

This is very, very long so apologies in advance lmao I just get carried away with the cute, fluffy requests lol 😂 😂 😂

Thank you to @markleetrashh who inspired me with the ideas for, Kun, Jaehyun and Mark’ reactions! Her ideas were so cute, so I hope I’ve done them justice. And to @suhsexual for the ideas she out forward too, thank you! 💜


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When one of your male friends from high school greeted you at a party you were at, Taeil wasn’t bothered with his blatant flirting and attempts to win you over. He trusted you enough to know you would never lead another guy on, especially in front of him, finding it rather amusing to see his shameless attempts.

However, as soon as the guy asked you out for a date the next week, his mood would change. He’d definitely be bothered by it, although it wouldn’t show on his face at the time. You’d turn the guy down politely, dragging an unusually quiet Taeil away with you.

Taeil would usually always have a hard time expressing his feelings and thoughts to you, usually suppressing them without realising. He’d feel a little insecure after the guy asked you out, probably overthinking your relationship too. He’d realise that you could probably have someone else who could treat you better than him, and always be there with you than away on schedules.

His weird behaviour would go on for a couple days (after the incident), until you noticed it and confronted him about it; you knew that unless you asked him about it, he probably wouldn’t ever tell you. After some comforting words from you, and time of course, he’d tell you, quietly murmuring about how he feels a little insecure and worried about your relationship now; he wouldn’t say much, but the words he did speak, would be very sincere and heartfet.

Your eyes would soften at his words, your hand reaching out to squeeze his hands reassuringly. He’d probably be okay after that, but you’d just have to be careful around other guys, and try to keep your distance from them if they were the flirting-type.


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Hansol wouldn’t be the jealous type, so like Taeil, wouldn’t be bothered by the guy in front of you flirting with you. Hansol would have an arm wrapped lazily around your shoulders, not really paying much attention to the conversation or questions being asked. He honestly wouldn’t be that interested in the guy, his mind probably running off to think about Yuta food instead.

The guy would eventually ask you out, after about 20 minutes of trying to flirt with you (and you just being polite and trying your best to subtly get him to shut up) Hansol’s head would immediately snap to look at you, eyes searching your face frantically. Although he didn’t care that someone had just asked you out, he’d worry about what you’d say.

You looked up at him, frowning when you see his face laced with confusion, his puppy-dog eyes and a pout on his face. He’d feel a pang of hurt in his heart, seriously thinking that maybe you might agree to this guy’s date. He’d rarely feel any self-doubt, but he would right there.

Stuttering out a polite “no, thank you”, you’d be pulled away by Hansol, who took you away into a private space elsewhere. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling your smaller frame towards him so his larger one practically engulfed you. You’d think at first that he was upset, but then you felt him smiling against your skin, lighting giggling. Swinging you side to side gently, he’d be all giggly and fluffy, feeling extremely privileged and special that you said no.


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Johnny would be standing behind you, arms wrapped around your shoulders, his head resting on your shoulder as he watched with amusement, some random trying to chat you up. The guy must’ve not realised that you two were an item, despite how Johnny was holding you, continuing to throw out some pick up lines and compliments.

When he asked you to meet up for coffee the next day, Johnny would literally burst out laughing, surprising the guy and you. You’d stare at him in shock, confused as to what exactly he was laughing at. Johnny would be bent over his knees, laughing hysterically and occasionally trying to stand up properly to control himself, but then failing miserably and starting laugh again.

The guy would look petrified at this point, probably finally making the connection that you and Johnny were together and feeling embarrassed. He’d turn to you apologetically, stuttering out an apology and then another to Johnny (whose still laughing), before scurrying away in shame.

Watching him go, you’d turn back to Johnny, hitting him harshly on the shoulder in annoyance. He’d wince at your action, finally deciding to stop laughing and to be mature at last. He’d look at you innocently, rubbing his shoulder. “Why did you have to do that Johnny? Look at what you’ve done!” You’d cry, throwing your arms up in anger. You had never been so embarrassed in your life, irritated at his lack of sensitivity and maturity.

You’d walk away in a huff, ignoring Johnny’s apologies and attempts to calm you down. This’d go on for a few days, until your temper went down and you could finally forgive him. After that incident, he’d be more mature about this kind of thing, which you’d appreciate a lot.


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Taeyong would probably spot the guy eyeing you up before you even noticed him. He seems very observant and could easily read people and their intentions without even trying to. He’d watch the guy intensely, biting his lip with nerves. He’d probably get a little more clingy with you too, but not so much that you found his behaviour weird.

But once Taeyong started to tune out a bit, doing what looked like day-dreaming to you, you got worried. Placing a hand affectionately on his chest, you’d grab his attention, his head turning down to look at you and give you a small smile. He’d very quickly though, look back up at the guy who was still staring at you with admiration.

Following his gaze with confusion, your meet eyes with the guy in question, jumping in shock slightly when you see how intensely this guy was staring at you. He’d start to walk towards you, smirking at you, totally unfazed that you had just caught him staring. You’d feel Taeyong wrap his arm even tighter around your waist; you swore you even heard him groan lowly, which sounded a bit like a growl actually, a sign he wasn’t happy at all.

In fact, the guy wouldn’t even have the chance to talk to you, let alone ask you out, since you just took hold of Taeyong’s arm and walked in the opposite direction. It was hard at first, since Taeyong was so stubborn and probably wanted to stay and yell at the guy or something, but eventually he just let you drag him elsewhere.

You’d stroke his face and play with his hair, murmuring how you loved him and would never leave him so wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing you away. He’d need reassurance and a lot of affection from you to calm down, his normal clingy self being amplified by literally hundreds in moments like this.

It’d be annoying at first, but eventually you too would be able to read people and tell if they wanted more from you than just a polite chat, so stopping this side of Taeyong from coming out.


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I can imagine that Yuta would already be extremely clingy and affectionate in your relationship, in private and in public. Therefore it’d come as a shock, and insult, to him if anyone tried asking you out. Like, isn’t it a bit obvious that he’s your boyfriend and not a friend or brother, if he’s kissing you and cuddling with you?

He’d probably ignore the guy who was trying to get your attention, just sticking to playing with your hair and adjusting your jacket occasionally. Little gestures like that would always make you blush, but this guy probably thought he was the one making you blush. When he asked you out, Yuta would stare at him darkly, looking him up and down as if he was judging how much of an idiot this guy was.

He’d look visibly offended and annoyed, huffing and scoffing at him, a look of disgust on his face. He would genuinely be insulted by this guy’s question, wondering how stupid he must be, to not make the link between you and Yuta.

You politely turned him down, aware of Yuta beside you, explaining that although he was a lovely guy, you already had a boyfriend but knew he’d find someone eventually. Gesturing to Yuta, he’d grab your hand, pecking the back of it in adoration before lacing his fingers with yours. The guy would nod, muttering a “bye” before walking away.

Yuta’s mood would change, instantly turning smug and quite self-assured once you two were left alone. He’d be proud of you for turning him down lightly like that, enjoying how people wanted you as much as he did, yet he was he only one who could actually have you. So yes, after he’d be very cocky and playful, teasing you about your “millions of admirers”.


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Although Kun would usually struggle with expressing his feelings to you visibly, he wouldn’t have a problem with showing his jealousy or discomfort. He’d be so different to his usual self, one who acted like an angel, treated you like a princess and was very, very sensitive to other people. But honestly though, he’d completely change if someone ever tried stealing you away.

Kun is totally the type to have a resting bitch face if he was mad, turning extremely cold and icey towards everyone and anyone. He’d let the guy at least try, and although wouldn’t show it, would find his pathetic attempts funny and maybe just a lil bit innocent too.

Scanning his face, Kun would judge the guy, seeing how much of a threat he is, seeing how he should handle the situation. Keeping a straight face, he’d lace his fingers wth yours slowly, giving your hand a little squeeze of reassurance, once he noticed you looking up at him in confusion for his odd behaviour.

The guy wouldn’t have the chance to even ask you out as Kun would interrupt him suddenly, lifting up your intertwined hands between you. Gesturing towards them, he’d say: “sorry, but she’s not interested. She’s busy with me. And no, she’s not going to pick you over me. Bye.” Turning sharply on his heels and walking away, he’d keep your hands locked, you struggling to keep you with his fast strides.

In a way you’d be thankful for how he handled the situation, and for being polite about it, but then again, you’d feel slightly bad for not saying goodbye to the guy. That worry just just disappear though when Kun returned to his normal self, explaining that he was just a little bit jealous and that he loved you. You couldn’t stay mad at him for long even if you tried to.


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this has nothing to do with the reaction lmao but he looks amazing here so ijust had too

Doyoung’ reaction would be similar to Johnny’s, but the difference is Doyoung would probably be more direct and obvious about it. Unlike Johnny, he’d already be trying to make the guy uncomfortable, making comments on his clothing and hair. It’d sound quite rude at first, but this is just his personality and in his nature; he wouldn’t mean any of it, he was just nervous. He wouldn’t make much of a deal with skinship, probably liking how the guy had no idea who he was dealing with. Honestly, he’d probably think Doyoung was your brother or best friend, not boyfriend.

Ignoring Doyoung’s remarks and apologising literally after every comment he made, you’d continue chatting with this guy, probably not realising that he was flirting with you. So, in a way, Doyoung acting like that was pretty good, and worked as a defensive mechanism to you and your naiveness. Doyoung would be internally annoyed at you; the signs would be so clear to him and yet they were so distinctive to you.

Eventually the guy would ask you out, a hopeful look in his eyes. He’d probably be younger than you, and very harmless too. As you were about to answer (no), Doyoung interrupted, laughing hysterically and pointing at the guy. “You honestly think, that my girlfriend, would, would choose you, over me?” He’d say between breathes. The guy would then realise what he done done, turning to you and apologising before walking away in embarrassment.

You’d be shocked at Doyoung’s behaviour, finding it quite immature and stupid. It’d probably end up in an argument too; Doyoung accusing you of being stupid and not stopping him sooner, you telling him how rude and insensitive he was. It’d be a big deal and probably the most dramatic reaction out of all the members. But things would blow over eventually - you wouldn’t be able to mad at each other for that long.


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Communication between you and Ten would be relatively easy and open. You’d know what each other were thinking a lot of the time, something a lot of couples lack in and therefore, suffer from. He would know that you didn’t like it when people got jealous, so would always try to conceal his jealousy so to prevent problems. Sometimes it’d be relatively easy for him to do so; but other times, he’d struggle to hold back his insecurities. Those “other times” would be if some guy ever flirted with you or asked you out.

Ten would have an arm wrapped round your shoulders, his foot tapping as a sign of his nervousness, his lip caught between his teeth. He’d frown at the guy in front of you, unsure of what he exactly wanted from you. He wouldn’t want to be jealous unnecessarily, so would be hanging onto his every word waiting for a sign that might give his intentions away.

Unusually quiet, he’d surprise all three of you when he answered the guy’s question to you for a date, snapping suddenly. A ragged sigh would escape his lips, the exasperated sound silencing you all. Shutting his eyes in attempt to control himself and his jealousy, he’d calmly ask the guy to leave, gesturing with a hand in the opposite direction. You’d feel his arm move from your shoulders to your waist, tightening defensively. Although you didn’t look at him, rather looking down at the floor, you could only imagine that Ten’s face was red with adrenaline and anger.

After a few moments, you hear the guy walk away questioningly, not bothering to ask you again or ask what his problem was. Ten would let out a sigh of relief, pulling his limbs away from you and burying his face in his hands out of embarrassment. He’d mutter out a sincere apology, cursing himself for snapping and being rude.

Originally you wanted to smack Ten for his stupidness and for snapping, but when you saw him flushed with shame, your heart softened and you cursed yourself for not noticing his jealousy earlier. He’d always be very cuddly after things like this, hiding his face in your hair in attempt to cool down and recover from earlier.


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Jaehyun would literally have two completely different ways of reacting to someone asking you out, but it’d all depend on his mood and how he was feeling.

If he was in a good mood, he’d find the whole situation quite light-hearted and funny, but not going as far as embarrassing the guy, like some of the other members might. He’d be very smiley despite the situation, and a little sarcastic too. He’d say things like “babe, look at you attracting so many guys!” or “I can’t believe everyone wants my girlfriend, shame I don’t like sharing!” They’d be quite sarcastic and funny, his subtle way of telling the guy to basically scram. When he’s like this, it wouldn’t even reach the situation of someone asking you out, just a bit of flirting, since the guy would quickly catch on and then leave you both to it.

But if he was in a bad mood, or tired or hungry for example, he wouldn’t hesitate to be rude and snappy with the guy. He might even go as for as arguing or threatening the guy a little, anything to make him back off even if it was harmless (e.g. a teenage boy) He’d come across as quite scary to other guy, due to his unusually straight face and dark glare. In fact, it’d even scare you a bit, since you were so used to seeing a cute and fluffy Jaehyun. The guy might still try asking you out if he wasn’t already scared to death lmfao but then would immediately retreat and leave when he heard Jaehyun literally growl at him, scowling deeply.

With a little reassurance and some cutesy words from you though, Jaehyun would eventually turn back to his normal self, a grin playing on his lips. Either way, Jaehyun probably wouldn’t be the type to get jealous easily anyway, so both of these would be very, very rare.


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I feel like it would be very “normal” in a sense to have guys attempt to approach you for a date if you were dating Sicheng. More than with any other member. It’s quite easy to overpower him and make him feel quite small, and people might take advantage of this, using it for their own benefit.

And typically, the same thing would happen. Some arrogant, self centred guy would greet you, flashing their pearly whites and winking at you occasionally. They’d completely blank WinWin despite his innocent efforts to say hi to him too and introduce himself. Honestly WinWin would be too innocent towards anything and probably too naïve (at first) to realise that this guy only came up to you, to flirt with you. It’s probably also be the reason why it happened too - he wouldn’t be able to stop things from getting worse because he wouldn’t be able to notice the warning signs.

They’d start a conversation with you, ignoring WinWin’s inputs or polite questions. Eventually they’d just snap at him, telling him to “fuck off or shut up”. Immediately, WinWin would stop talking, taken aback by his demand. It still wouldn’t click though to him; his mind would be completely blank and he’d genuinely think that he had done something wrong. Stupidly, WinWin would apologise, even beginning to leave and walk away, as the guy just rolled his eyes at him.

You’d gawp at the guy, feeling insulted by what he had just said and pulled WinWin back by the arm. Scowling at the guy, you’d turn to WinWin asking him if he was okay and that he shouldn’t listen to him, before turning back to him and yelling at him. You’d ask him what he said that, why he was so cruel to him, not giving him a chance to reply, before telling him that he would be the one to “fuck off or shut up”. The guy would try to protest, but then would give up swearing at you and walk away from you.  

So technically, in moments like this, WinWin would have literally no reaction because 1) it wouldn’t even reach the point where he could ask you out since you’d quickly get irritated by him, and 2) WinWin wouldn’t do or say anything, oblivious to the guys attempts to woo you. He’d feel a little insecure and jealous afterwards, probably by overthinking it, but would quickly get over it once he remembered how you stood up for him.


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Mark would act very mature for his age and polite during times like these. He’s too nice and too polite to be rude to people, even if they get on his nerves or irritate him. I think he’s probably good at hiding his feelings too, or at least, hiding them until a later date where it’s more of a suitable time and place to express them.

Of course, he’d feel jealous and insecure when some guy greeted you, already flirting with you with his eyes, barely acknowledging Mark. Eyeing the guy from the side, listening to how he spoke to you and thinking about what he actually wanted from you, he’d subconsciously edge his way closer to you, as if to protect you.

Reaching out, he’d grab your hand, holding in between both of his hands and rubbing the back of your hand comfortingly with the pad of his thumb. He’d frown when he saw that the guy continued to ignore him and didn’t look at your interlinked fingers, something that Mark did in hope of him noticing.

Once the conversation subsided a bit, Mark would quietly speak up, politely telling the guy that you were already taken, by himself, and that you had no interest in speaking to him again. Nodding along to confirm Mark’s words, the guy would finally notice your hands, pointing to them and gawping a bit.

He’d apologise, saying that he had no clue and was sorry.  Mark would make sure there were no disagreements or hard feelings between any of you. He didn’t want to make an enemy and certainly didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings, even if his own heart felt a little crushed.


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Haechan would be the type to get very insecure in his relationship with you and would need the adoration of you to feel even just a little bit confident. I think sometimes he might feel like second-best to other people in his life; so, in the one thing that he could definitely be first choice in (aka. your relationship), you’d have to tread carefully. One time that he could get insecure as a result of. Would be if any other guy, tried flirting or asking you out. But he’d have different ways of reacting depending of the guy.

If he was older than Haechan, he’d be very timid and quiet, utterly like himself. He’d silently stand next to you, shoulders hunched, hands held tightly together in front of him, and he’d look down to the ground. It’d honestly be so heartbreaking to see him like like; it’d be like he was an infant getting told off for being in trouble. He wouldn’t say anything as you exchanged friendly comments with the guy. As soon as he asked you out for a date, Haechan’s breathe would catch in his throat, waiting for your reply (probably expecting you to agree as well) Of course, you’d turn him down and, later on, once it was only the two of you, would he start to return to his normal self. He’d refuse to talk about earlier, preferring to just forget about it.

If he was younger than Haechan, he’d literally answer his question (for a date) for you. Sharply he’d bark out a “no”, shrugging his shoulders innocently as if to say “too late mate, why d'you even try?” He’d be more dominating and more confident to stand up for himself and your relationship. Although he’d be more relaxed like this, it wouldn’t mean that he still didn’t feel extremely jealous.

Honestly, it wouldn’t matter to him who in the guy in question would be, or even how Haechan would react in the moment - he’d always feel slightly intimidated and threatened by other guys.  

I Can’t Help But Stare

Thanks to the amazing anon! I managed to write something! 
After finishing it, I realised that it is a very  cheesy, fluffy fic that involves you and Mark. I have no shame! 

(Y/E/C)- your eye colour

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“Ok, so I lost to (Y/N) and Ethan lost to Mark,” Tyler summarized. “Meaning the finale is against Mark and (Y/N)!” 
You grinned, taking a seat opposite Mark. “I still think this is the stupidest video that will plague the internet.” You said. “And that’s saying a lot since it’s competing with Mark’s channel.” 
The boys laughed, while Mark took on an expression of mock hurt. “I thought you loved me, (Y/N)” He whimpered. “I thought you believed in my work.” 
You sighed and crossed your legs on the seat. Reclining against the chair and staring at your boyfriend. 
“Your pushing my belief into doubt with this “staring competition challenge”. Can you three not think of anything better?” 
The boys shrugged, not giving you much hope or reassurance. 

“Now remember, the first to look away or blink, loses.” Ethan said. Your eyes were already glued to Mark’s, and it took all of your strength not to look at Ethan as he started making funny faces at the brunet man-child. 
“Starting in, 3…2…1…GO!” Tyler yelled and silence quickly swallowed the room. Seconds ticked by, and you were already giggling. 
Amazing content right here,” You said, “So riveting to watch two grown adults stare at each other.” 
“Well, I’m certainly enjoying the view.” Mark replied. You poked your tongue at him, ignoring the heat that wormed across your cheeks. 
“Flattery won’t give you this victory, Markimoo.” You sneered. 
“We’ll see, babe.” 
More seconds ticked by. Tyler and Ethan danced around the two of you. In the corner of your eye, you could make out Tyler pulling strange faces while wearing a ridiculously orange wig. While Ethan had Chica by the front paws and was doing some sort of waltz. 

“You know you have really beautiful eyes,” Mark said and you focused back on the man. “That shade of (Y/E/C) is mesmerizing. Especially when the afternoon sun reflects off of them. Absolute perfection.” 
Your instinct was to look away. Avoid his adoring stare as the blush brightened your skin. But you held firm. Pressing your lips in a thin line to keep from giggling like an idiot.
“Those delicate cheekbones. Your smooth and soft lips. Everything about your face is so dazzling, I can do nothing but stare.” 
“You shouldn’t have a problem with this challenge then,” You said, unable to keep a wide smile from your face. 
Mark’s grin was almost mocking. A little smug.
He knew how you felt about flattery. It was basically your kryptonite. Turning you to puddy at even the smallest compliment. 

Mark leaned forward a bit. Resting his elbow on his knee and holding his chin in his hand. His eyes gazed into yours, his expression gentle. 
Why did he have to look at you like that?
“Every morning, when I roll over to look at you, I feel so happy to have you by my side. To wake up and see your hair all messy, your face untouched by that cake you put on. And when you open your eyes, all tired and puffy, I feel blessed to see your true beauty.”
You bit your lip. Your whole body was flush with embarrassment and giddiness. “Everything about you is so angelic. Even when you look away in embarrassment. Or laugh so hard you’re on the ground. It’s all so bewitching to watch.” 
“Stop it,” You said with a laugh. “This is so not fair!” 
“But the worst thing about it is that you don’t see it. You’re an amazing person. So full of life, so full of laughter, that when you walk into a room, it’s brightened by your smile.” His gaze burned into you. You were frozen in place. “Even on your bad days  I see so much light radiating from you, it almost blinding. You can do anything and everything! I believe in you. And I hope one day, everything you wish for, will find it’s way to you. And I hope that, when that day comes, I’ll be there to see you bask in your own brilliance. And come to the realization that you are something incredible.” 
Your eyes were almost teary. You glanced down, blinking and smiling, then you snapped your head up and gasped. 
“Wait! No, that’s cheating!” You shrieked. But it was already too late. Mark whooped with victory, grinning profusely and laughing. 
“Sorry, babe, I win! Markimoo flattered his way to victory!” He hollered excitedly.
You groaned and slid off your chair. Pretending to storm off angrily and disappearing off screen. 

You stopped when you saw Tyler and Ethan sitting on the floor. Their eyes fixated on Mark with awe and open mouths.
“Tell us more,” Ethan begged.
“How much do we mean to you Mark?” Tyler asked. And Mark ended the video with you collapsing on the ground in fits of laughter and Ethan wrapping himself around his left leg, yelling “Senpai!”  

House of Cards | kth v. jjk | [1]

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House of Cards  

The Prologue | Chapter 1  | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook  

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °• 

Some people see life in black and white;

And others see it in brown and blue, 

but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

Hues of orange and brown glinted against the gray of the pavement as you made your way to your Seoul University dorm.  The soft crunch of leaves under your feet left you giddy while you beam over to your not-as-excited best friend, Jeon Jungkook took the box from your hands. A soft scoff escapes his lips as he observes your cheerful attitude.  

“You’re going to drop everything if you continue to act like that,” He chuckles softly before patting your head. The curves of his lips meet  

“Are you sure that you don’t want to just live together?” Jungkook suggested as he dropped your box onto the floor of your Seoul University dorm. His hair fell over his eyes as he stretched to work the kinks out of his back.  

 "Jungkook, we hang out pretty much every day all day. Don’t you think living together would be a bit much?“ You asked while carrying the box with all of your school items from over the years.  

At your response, Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Well excuse me for trying to get closer to my best friend.” He took the box from your hands and set it down beside your bed. “-and besides, can you blame me? I don’t want to live with any more guys. My brother ruined it for me.”  

“Jeon Jungkook,” You placed your hands on his shoulders. “I don’t know if you realize this or not with the questionable amount of  girl group dances you do, but you are a guy.” You stated matter of factly.  

Jungkook shrugged your hands off his shoulders. “Ha, ha, you’re so funny.” He rolled his eyes again before raising his brows. “I almost forgot, I got you something.”  

“Jungkook, you didn’t have to-”  

“I wanted to. Now close your eyes and turn around.” Jungkook shushes you once he swings you around and moved your hair from your shoulders.  

You shiver from the cold material against your neck before opening your eyes. “Jungkook-” You cry to the ravenette who stands behind you, smirking that smug look that you publicly chastised but secretly adored.  

“I wanted to get you something for coming to Seoul with me. You didn’t have to come but you did and-”  

Jungkook was caught off by a high pitched squeal. “Are you, Y/N? I’m Hyejin, your roommate.” A pretty brunette girl came into your vision once you turned around to face you.  

“Hi, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” You smiled at her softly, holding your hand out. What first caught your eye was a shimmer from her wrist, a charm bracelet, caught your eyes at once. A calligraphic ‘H’ adorned the center charm.

Hyejin’s eyes traveled over to Jungkook, who gaped at her almost. “And who’s this pretty boy?” She tilted her head to send him a smile.  

“Jeon, Jeon Jungkook, my idiot best friend since diapers.” You laugh as Jungkook glared at you before winking back at her. “Careful, don’t let his pretty boy looks fool you.”  

Hyejin nodded at Jungkook before a calm, low voice filled your ears. “Hey, jagiya, where do I put this?” Your brows furrowed at the sound of the voice. A blonde headed boy wearing a black t-shirt and ripped jeans came into sight wearing glasses. Once his eyes fell on you, his blood ran cold. His throat became the Saharan desert and his hands visibly trembled.  

Aish, aish, aish, the word ran through Taehyung’s mind like a mantra when his eyes fell on yours.  

“You can put over there. Y/N, Jungkook, this is my boyfriend, Hansung.” Hyejin grinned before turning to show Taehyung where to place the box who had not taken his eyes off of you since he walked in. “Don’t mind him, he’s just a little shy, that’s all.”  

Jungkook noticed the change in the boy with raised brows. Instinctively, Jungkook placed his hand on the small of your back. Something was off about this boy, Jungkook told himself. “Hansung?” Where had Jungkook heard that name before?  

You attempted to discreetly nudge Jungkook at his rude actions but Taehyung saw. He saw everything. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Hansung.” You piped up before moving Jungkook’s hand from your waist. “After you guys are done unloading, do you want to maybe grab a bite to eat?”  

Hyejin smiled softly as if to say yes before she turned to a flushed looking Taehyung. Her eyes narrowed at him, confused at why he was acting like this all of a sudden. “I think we’ll pass, we have a lot to unpacking to do but thanks for asking.”  

“Cool, no worries.” You smiled before turning back to Jungkook. “Let’s go, Busan.” You patted him on the back and pushed him out of the dorm slowly. “See you guys later!” You called out before closing the door behind you to the dorm. You sighed to yourself as you turned to look at Jungkook’s questioning look. “What is it?”  

“I don’t know, something seemed a bit off about him.” Jungkook visibly shrugged it off. “Just let me know if he ever messes with you, okay?”  

Following suit, you walked beside Jungkook with a grimace. “Jungkook, we aren’t kids anymore. You don’t have to protect me against every member of the opposite sex. Besides, he’s probably just really shy and he has a girlfriend. What would he want with me?”

“I don’t know if you know this, Y/N,” He states, mimicking you earlier by stopping you in front of your dorm house and placing his hands on your shoulders. You find yourself shivering not because of him (at least that’s what you told yourself) and from the warm breeze that hit you. “-but you’re a beautiful girl. You’re smart too. Any guy would be lucky to have you.” The look in his mocha brown eyes leave you in a trance almost from his sweet words. Though you know not to take his words to heart, he had been saying this for years after all.  

“Stop it, Jungkook,” You say with a small laugh to lighten the mood and move his hands from your shoulders. “Let’s go eat, okay?”  

Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung sat on Hyejin’s bed with a horrified look on his face. Had it really been you? For years, Taehyung had adored you from a far and to see you so close, and be able to have you talk to him… Oh, what joy he was supposed to feel! Though the very idea of you being so close to him irked him. It irked him even more so than Jungkook always being by your side like a ’d’ on a dime. You were too pure for him, he had convinced himself of this, and he hoped that you would forgive him for getting so close.  Beings as fair as you could never be tainted with someone like Taehyung. It simply wasn’t right. This was the common idea that Taehyung used to reassure himself of his actions.

“Aish, how could I be so selfish?” Taehyung chastised himself while he held his head in hands. You would have to forgive him, wouldn’t you? If he could not make you forgive him, he would just persuade you somehow. He had noticed the pitiful necklace that Jungkook had bought you. Surely, he thought to himself, you deserve something much better.  

Hyejin returned to Taehyung’s side with a smile. “Is something wrong, babe?” She tried to comfort him. Her brown hair fell over her eyes as she sent him a small smile in efforts to reassure him.  

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t alone?” Taehyung whimpered while rubbing his face. He hadn’t told Hyejin about his true intentions and knew that he would have to keep his emotions together if he wanted to spend as much time with you as he could. “You know I’m awkward around new people.” Taehyung quickly adds to cover his tracks.  

Hyejin pouted her lips in response to her boyfriend. “I forgot, babe. I’m sorry.” She pressed her lips against his cheeks and Taehyung had to suppress the shiver that wrought through him.  

“No, no, it’s fine.” Taehyung smiles sweetly at Hyejin in attempt to appease her. “I overreacted… I just happen to do that some times.” His smile was false, just as it always was. On the inside, every emotion within him tore him limb from limb. The mere thought of you could leave him paralyzed – but you in the same room as him? In such a small vicinity? What more could he do to distance himself without losing the small grasp he (thought) he had on you?  

Taehyung walked home in a daze that night; swollen eyes and swollen lips were a result from one too many drinks at the bar and he secretly wished that he would have taken up Hyejin’s offer of staying in the dorms with Jungkook, her, and you. Taehyung could still remember the suspicious look in Jungkook’s eyes as the younger boy watched the older turn down a night with his girlfriend. Images of the younger boy and you flooded his mind and he found himself stumbling against the brick wall of his neighbor’s home.  

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay,” Taehyung repeated to himself as he curled his left hand over his ear; his eyes drooping before he closed them in bliss once his mind painted the perfect picture of you. A sigh emits from him as he plays his right hand over his stomach. “You’ll remember me,” his voice was barely above a whisper. “just like you promised, my Y/n.”

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Inked - Jughead Jones

Request: I’m not sure if you can come up with much for this, but maybe getting matching tattoos with jughead/cole? Btw I was wrong was absolutely freaking amazing omfg dude

I was really tired so this sucked aha, and thank you so much! >.< Also I am so so so sorry that I have been MIA for so long <3 Also i’ve never gotten a tattoo so sorry for my failure at life.

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: -

Words: 1,787

Nobody had expected a romance to blossom between you and Jughead Jones. Your relationship was no exception when it came to the phrase, ‘opposites attract’. He was a brooding, mysterious author with a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humour, often shying away from a varied social life. 

You, on the other hand, were the life of the party. Charismatic, sociable, late nights and bright colours were your aesthetic. The two of you clashed personality-wise but somehow you had hit it off from the moment you met.

There was an attraction, a real chemistry between you two that none of your friends could describe. The two of you kept your relationship private, inclusive and intimate. You wanted it to be a real and raw relationship, as you truly loved him and the feeling was clearly mutual.

You were smitten for each other and sometimes the words ‘I love you’ aren’t enough. 

Veronica had proposed the idea during a casual get together in the student lounge.

“What are you doing this weekend (Y/N)?” Veronica was leaning against Betty as the attention in the room shifted to you. You were sat on the couch opposite, legs draped over Jug’s lap and resting against the back of the sofa, in a laid-back position.

“Well I don’t know but I think you’re pretty overdue a party or something. I’m dying here, it’s been way too long, I’m running out of shows to binge on Netflix,” Kevin sighed, sinking into his own chair. You laughed before shuffling across the couch so you were now snuggling into your boyfriend’s side.

“Sorry Kev, not this weekend. It’s our two year anniversary and we were going to do something together, just the two of us,” You linked your arm with Jughead’s, as his cheeks flushed pink. 

“Don’t you always do stuff together… just the two of you?” Archie joked, causing Jughead to throw a cushion at him playfully. 

“So what exactly were you guys gonna do?” Betty smiled, genuinely interested. You and Jughead exchanged looks before you sighed with a shrug.

“I actually don’t know… we were kind of hoping for some suggestions. We want to make it something that’s special to us, something we won’t forget,” You replied. Everyone sat in silence for a moment as they pondered possibilities before Archie made an ‘Oo!’ sound.

“Paint balling… go paint balling… and bring friends,” He grinned and everyone rolled their eyes.

“A romantic anniversary Archie, is that really the best you could do?” Veronica gave him a scolding look and he sunk back into his chair, the grin refusing to subside. Betty tapped her nails against the armrest in thought.

“Romantic dinner, candlelit? Beach walks? Pinterest inspired date?” She suggested, Veronica and Kevin nodding in approval.

“Been there, done that,” You groaned. Jughead rubbed his hands along your sides reassuringly, planting small kisses on your forehead occasionally. 

More silence.

“Oh my gosh I’ve got it!” Veronica shot up, clapping her hands and bouncing on the sofa excitedly. You tried not to smirk at Jughead’s terrified face, clearly anticipating the worst. “You guys want something to like bind you… right?”

You nodded warily. “Just something special.”

“Well… what about tattoos?” She squealed. To your surprise, Jughead actually looked quite impressed by her suggestion, and a chorus of ‘oohs’ sounded from your friends. 

“That’s adorable! They can be something with meaning, symbolism, something that reminds you of one another,” Betty cooed. Veronica looked smug, as she perked a perfectly plucked eyebrow, awaiting your response. Jughead clasped your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and looking lovingly at you with those heart eyes that made you melt inside.

“Tattoos sounds perfect,” You stared back at him, a small smile forming on your face along with that infamous, smitten twinkle in your eyes.

“Are we sure this was a good idea?” You mumble nervously, picking at your nails as you stood outside the Riverdale Tattoo Parlour. You seemed to forget when you first heard the idea that you’d always had an irrational fear of blood poisoning. You hated needles as well, ever since your first compulsory injection at school. You had previously read, ‘tattoos gone wrong’ stories all over the internet and they had done nothing but fill you with doubt and dread. 

Besides, you couldn’t help but be a bit scared. Tattoos were pretty permanent. You loved Jughead with all of your heart, and he loved you the same, but if the two of you were to ever fall apart for whatever stupid reason, would it really be that easy to erase the engravings on your skin that were supposed to make you think of him.

“We don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” Jughead took your hand in his, his thumb drawing gentle circles on your skin. You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I want to Jug, I really do. I’m just a little bit pessimistic I guess, I’m not exactly the luckiest person alive. What if something went wrong? I just want this to be special, to be perfect you know…” 

Jughead sighed, stepping out of the embrace and tilting your chin towards him affectionately. “I’m gonna be there with you the whole time. Besides, nothing’s perfect. If it doesn’t go well then it still means something, a perfect reflection of our messed up lives and angsty teenage mood swings,” He smirked, causing you to laugh and lightly punch his shoulder. You gently cupped his cheeks before standing on your tiptoes to place a gentle yet passionate kiss on his lips, followed by a soothing butterfly kiss. Your nerves seemed to simmer, as he took your hand and led you into the tattoo parlour. 

Jughead was talking to the man at the counter of the shop, whilst you were browsing designs. You’d only had a brief talk about what you were looking for design wise. You just knew that you didn’t want the design to be huge, just something small and subtle to have on either your wrist, ankle or neck. You had suggested two small hearts, but Jughead opposed. Another idea you had was key and lock tattoos, infinite signs, each other’s names, anniversary dates but nothing had really stuck out.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called out, and you turned around, only to be greeted by an old friend. Josie McCoy, your party pal. You were on good terms, and although you didn’t attend late night raves together anymore, you were still close. You smiled as she instantly went for a hug.

“Jo, what are you doing here?”

“Band hit its three year anniversary, so I decided to cross a tattoo off of my bucket list,” She pulled down the shoulder of her blue crop top, to reveal the word; “Pussycats!” in thick, black lettering. You stared at the tattoo in awe as Josie showed it off with pride. “Anyways, what are you doing here?” She raised an eyebrow at you.

“Well, it’s me and Jug’s two year anniversary too and we decided tattoos were the way to go,” You smiled bashfully and Josie nudged you playfully.

“That’s couple goals right there, I honestly don’t understand how you two got together or how the heck you lasted this long but I live for your relationship. You were polar opposites as well, fire and water, light and dark… yin and yang,” She stood in reflection for a moment before adjusting her kitty ears and saying goodbye to you, confidently strutting out the store, her crop top shoulder slightly pulled down so everyone could catch a glimpse of the artwork on display.

Yin and yang…

A lightbulb went off somewhere in your mind as you frantically searched through the store, looking for a specific design. When you casted your eyes on the matching ‘Yin and yang’ tattoos your mind flooded with pictures in your head of how they would look, perhaps on your wrists. Jughead was indeed the yin to your yang and this kind of dorky but meaningful symbolism was exactly what you were looking for. You walked over to the counter, design in hand.

“(Y/N), this is Jake, he’s going to be doing the tattoos,” Jughead smiled down at you reassuringly as you once again held his hand. Jake shook your hand and sent you a warm smile that helped add to the growing comfort. 

“Hey (Y/N), I’m going to be talking you through the process, how to take care of the tattoo, general things you should be aware of as well as actually tattooing you! Have you guys picked out a design yet?” He was talkative and friendly, and you felt yourself relax. 

“Well we haven’t actu-” Jughead began, but you interrupted him, sliding the design (which had previously been concealed behind your back) onto the counter with a giddy smile.

“These,” You said confidently, beaming up at Jughead, who was admiring the simplistic, black and white tattoos in awe before staring back at you with affection and joy. He looked back at Jake, nodding his head enthusiastically. 

“They’re… they’re perfect,” Veronica took another photo of your matching tattoos, as you stuck out your wrists next to each other, for all to see. The process had felt less painful with Jughead at your side, whispering sweet nothings and comforting words into your ear the whole time, as you did to him when it was his turn. You were still in the phase of cleaning it and getting used to it being there, but that meant you would sit and stare at it a lot.

As intended to, it reminded you of Jughead. The thought of the fact that he had something so similar on his own skin, with the purpose of reminding him of you, sent butterflies through your stomach. You were so in love with him it was crazy.

“Maybe we could get more in the future,” Jughead whispered in your ear, as people stirred around you, trying to get a look. You bashfully smiled at him.

“Like what?” You raised an eyebrow and he looked down in thought for a moment before looking back up at you, straight in the eyes with an evident blush.

“Wedding dates, baby names, that kind of mushy stuff,” He mumbled and your eyes widened. A small pause ensued. “Our bodies could be some kind of journal of our lives and the tattoos tell a story,” He continued, trying to clear the silence his previous words had caused. You felt a wide grin split on your face before letting out a dramatic sigh.

“I mean, being inked was great and all but… I still don’t want blood poisoning,” You shook your head and he chuckled, shoving you off of the couch with a small yelp.

oh wow an imagine get me I’m not dead

Nancy Mulligan

Title: Nancy Mulligan

Word Count: 2606

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Pure fluff

Authors Note: I am so in love with Ed’s album Divide, as I’m sure you all are too. This song never fails to make me grin and want to dance, and I can’t help but picture Steve being enraptured by some girl as she dances around to this. So viola, mes cheries. 

Listen to the song here

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It wasn’t that Steve didn’t want to be there – because he did. Really. Despite Tony’s eye-rolling and Bucky’s incessant need to flirt with the single women within earshot. He was just bored. He had been to an insanely large number of parties and events within the past two weeks, and this was no different to any of the others. The alcohol was flowing, the band was loud and the people were bordering on obnoxious. With a small sigh, Steve swirled the whiskey in his glass before taking a large swig and finishing it all.

“There he is!” Bucky threw an arm around his best friend, a bottle held loosely in between his metal fingers. “What are you doing way over here, punk? We’re off duty, have some fun!”

“How much have you had to drink?” Steve shook Bucky’s arm away from him and frowned at the super soldier. “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not,” Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes, his words clearly slurring. “I’m having a good time. Something you should be doing too.”

“I’m having fun.”

“Clearly.” Bucky obviously did not believe a word he said because he held his bottle out for Steve to take a sip. “Look, I know you don’t wanna talk about it, but you and Sharon called it quits weeks ago. It’s time to move on.” Steve took a swig from the drink and quickly pulled a face at the horrid taste it left in his mouth. “Some of the girls I’ve been talking to have asked about you. Do you want me to introduce you to one of them?”

“Nah, I’ll be alright,” Steve shook his head and risked another sip before handing the awful-tasting drink back to Bucky. “Thanks though. Jerk.”


“Tell me you love me, boys,” Tony joined them, all but jumping into his seat as he proudly placed a bottle in the centre of their table.

“Tony, we’ve talked about this,” Bucky tried to keep a straight face. “You’re great and all, but I just don’t swing that way.”

“You’ll be changing your mind pretty fast when you see what I’ve got.” Tony turned the bottle around to show off the label, which read Property of Thor Odinson.

“He’ll kill you.”

“Is that going to stop you from having some?”

“Absolutely not,” Bucky scoffed and pulled the Asgardian liquor over before pouring himself a generous helping. “Stevie, do you –”

“Tony!” a feminine voice cut Bucky off. The three men all turned to look over at the woman approaching them, a wide smile on her face. Steve swore the world stopped spinning as he caught her eye. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, wearing a simple, yet elegant dress that looked a lot like something from the 40s.

“Y/N!” the billionaire stood up and tugged her into a tight hug. “You didn’t tell me you would be coming to this.” He pulled away to give her an accusing glare. “I thought you were still in London?”

“Well, you know me,” something akin to mischief sparkled in her eyes. “I’m never far from an open bar.” Her eyes slid over Bucky and Steve, and the latter could have sworn the half-smile she sent his way was unlike anything he had ever seen before. He didn’t know if it was aimed at him or his best friend, but god, did he hope it was for him. “Good to see you again, Sergeant Barnes.”

“Likewise, Agent L/N,” Bucky smiled and pulled her into a gentle hug. “Or are you Y/N Maas, now?” He looked down her left hand, and then once more when he noticed her bare left finger.

“It’s still L/N.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’m not,” she shrugged casually and turned her head to look at Steve. “Captain America, I assume?”

“S-Steve,” the super soldier cringed slightly and cleared his throat. “Please, call me Steve, Agent L/N.”

“Y/N,” she corrected him with the same half-smile that that had disarmed him before. He doubted even his shield could protect him from the glint of mischief that seemed to sparkle in her eyes. Steve decided that the best defence was a good offence.

“Y/N,” he repeated, a crooked grin of his own appearing as he brought her hand up and pressed a kiss on her skin. He was shocked to say the least, if it were any other woman she’d be melting in his hands right about now, but instead, she shot him a brief wink and another one of those adorable, coy smiles. Steve was glad that she had her back to Tony and Bucky because that meant she missed the looks of surprise that flitted across their faces before the smug smiles appeared. The men invited her to sit with them, and it provided Steve with the perfect opportunity to stare at her, enraptured, as she told them a story about the latest mission she had been sent on.

I was twenty-four years old
When I met the woman I would call my own.
Twenty-two grandkids now growing old
In that house that your brother bought ya.

The band started to play a new song, and Steve wasn’t surprised to note that he didn’t recognise the tune the guitarist was plucking out. The last remaining couples cleared the dance floor, distaste evident on their face at the upbeat melody. A few children, clad in overly expensive outfits, ran forward, their laughs echoing over the music as they began to fool around in the large empty space. Steve couldn’t help but smile as he watched them and began to fondly remember how he had acted the same back in his day. He was a terrible dancer – and he still was – but spinning a pretty girl around was fun. Especially when they didn’t mind if he stood on their feet.

“Come and dance with me, Stark,” Y/N demanded as she got to her feet.

“Oh no, not after last time,” Tony shook his head with a laugh. “My poor feet won’t be able to keep up with you. Besides, I’ve drunk so much of this Asgardian ale, I honestly don’t know which realm I’m in!”

“Tony, I know you think that this stuff doesn’t affect you, and to be honest you’ve even surprised Thor, but if you drink much more it may kill you,” she shook her head at the man and tried to extract the bottle from his grip.

“Are you calling me an alcoholic? Because let me tell you!” he pointed at her wildly, his arm waving around to stay steady. She took advantage of his momentary distraction and slipped the drink out of his hands, before slyly handing the bottle over to Steve. “I am drinking half as much as I used to. Besides, you drink this stuff all the time, I mean you put it in your coffee, surely that makes you more of an alcoholic than me?”

“I don’t go to meetings,” she crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at Tony.


“Alcoholics go to meetings, Stark. I’m a drunk. Besides, this stuff doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does you. Now, go and get a glass of water before you die.”

“I haven’t died yet! I’m starting to think I can’t be killed.”

“That’s the ale talking.”

“Really? That’s not what it said to me! Have you been saying things behind my back?” he glared at the bottle in front of Steve accusingly, which prompted the blond to let out a low chuckle. “Whatever,” Tony rubbed his face and tried to get to his feet unsteadily. “I’m gonna see if the drink has any more bar.” He just about managed to stand up before his legs gave out from under him and he fell back down into his chair. “As soon as I figure out where my legs went…”

“Boys?” she looked over at Bucky and Steve. They both looked up at her curiously, and in Bucky’s case, through alcohol-clouded eyes. “Do one of you want to dance?” Her eyes lingered on the blond for a second, something the brunet took note of, albeit slowly. Bucky drunkenly blinked at her for a moment, one eye after the other, before claiming he was too tired after spending half of the night on the floor. Steve could feel the butterflies building in his stomach as he knew what his best friend was about to suggest. He honestly couldn’t understand how he could go up against Hydra, the Chitauri and an army of evil robo-starks with relative confidence, but a single woman could shatter his nerves.

“What about Steve?” Buck mumbled, drunkenly gesturing towards his petrified friend, bottle in hand.

“Maybe later,” Steve replied, trying his best to sound like his usual, confident self.

“I’ll hold you to that, soldier,” she smiled at the men before turning and walking towards the dance floor. The children on the floor welcomed her with open arms, and she quickly kicked off her high heels to join them.

“What’s wrong with you?” Bucky’s hand met the back of Steve’s head. “Go and dance with her!”

“Leave it alone, Bucky.” It was clear from the stern, finality to his tone that Steve was not in the mood to listen to his friends chastise him, so the brunet dropped the subject and turned to strike up a conversation with Tony, who was currently watching the Captain through the corner of his eye. Steve took no notice, however, as his gaze was firmly fixed on the stunning woman whirling around to the music.

Steve was enraptured. Her hair had spilled out of its fancy up-do and flowed around her as she twirled around in style. Some of the present party-goers frowned at the sight, but the majority watched her intently, clearly as taken with her fluidity as Steve was. Tony and Bucky stood up to grab the former a drink, leaving Steve alone at the table to watch Y/N glide across the floor. Her movements were unplanned and uncoordinated, and she stumbled a few times as she span, but somehow, she still managed to move with the grace of a ballerina.

She must have caught Tony’s eye as he waited for his drinks by the bar because before Steve could blink, Y/N had grabbed Iron Man by the hand and dragged him out to dance with her. It was obvious that the disgruntled face that Tony had plastered on was an act because he easily kept up with her as they both danced around on the empty floor. His movements were sloppy in comparison to hers, but then again, Steve mused, he doubted that anyone moved as elegantly as she did, especially not with half a litre of Asgardian ale in their stomach.

The violin joined in with the music, sparking a new Irish flame to the music. Being sat so close to the dance floor, Steve could easily hear Y/N’s laugh of mirth as she threw her head back and began to spin herself in a circle. Tony, along with a few other people who were watching, began to clap their hand in time to the music or banged their fists against the tabletops. The stern, uptight façade on their faces was fading away the longer they watched Y/N dance across the floor with Tony and the children following her lead.

“You should go up there,” Bucky nudged Steve gently as he sat back down. He pushed a fresh glass of whiskey in front of Steve and rolled his eyes at the surprised expression on his friend’s face. “Come on, punk. It’s not every day you meet a dame like her. It’s not the 40s anymore – you’re Captain America – go and talk to her.”

“I’ll probably just step on her feet and embarrass myself,” Steve shook his head and sipped his drink.

“You think Tony hasn’t already?” Bucky chuckled and bumped his friend again. “Go. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Everything, now that you’ve said that.”

“Get over there, punk,” Bucky insisted, as he all but pushed the blond out of his seat.

“Jerk.” Steve straightened up and nervously fiddled with his suit jacket, before shrugging it off and making his way over to the dance floor. He lingered on the edge of the floor with some others, not quite joining in as he began to hesitate. What if she didn’t want to dance with him? He didn’t have much time to think about it, because Tony had noticed him standing on the corner of the dance floor, and quickly excused himself with a red face as he stumbled over to Steve.

“Swap.” Tony gasped for breath and tumbled by him to sit down. Clearly, he didn’t have a choice in the matter, because Tony quickly shoved him forward, and into Y/N’s awaiting arms. She grinned up at him, and he could have sworn the whole world slowed to a stop as she took his hand in hers and placed a hand on his shoulder. She was patient with him, and didn’t complain as he faltered and stepped on her feet clumsily. He was sure his face went red as he stuttered out an apology, but she simply giggled spiralled around him before facing him once more.

He took a step back and stomped along to the music with everyone else. He was content just watching her as she tilted her head back, arms over her head as she clapped along and skillfully pivoted herself so that she was spinning around in circles. She didn’t seem to stumble or lose her balance once – or if she did, Steve didn’t notice. She was perfect to him, and when the song came to a stop and she eventually fell into his arms, he could help but laugh and hold her upright.

“Are you alright there, darling?”

“Fine,” she chuckled and pressed her forehead to his chest. “Just give me a second to stop the room from spinning.” The band started up again as the cheers died down, a slower song playing this time. He could see Bucky and Tony gesturing wildly to him over the top of her head, and once again, he was glad her back was to his teammates. He would need to talk to them about subtlety later, but in that moment, he tightened his hold around her and gently began to sway along to the music. Y/N didn’t seem to mind, and the second she was feeling alright, she wound her arms around Steve’s broad shoulders so that she could move back and forth alongside him.

Something tightened in his chest as she lowered her head to rest on his shoulder. Steve thought he knew love before, with Peggy and then with Sharon, but this felt different. It was stronger, more terrifying. He knew, even though he had just met her, that he would do anything she asked him to. He had only known her for an hour, but she had him wrapped around her little finger, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Steve wanted to know her better, to see if he could take this further. He just hoped that she felt the same way.


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Little Talks (Ponyboy Curtis Imagine)

“Ponyboy,” you spoke, trying to grasp the attention of the boy beside you. His nose was still deep in a book, but he raised his eyebrows slightly while turning his head in your direction as if to say ‘yeah I’m listening’. “Don’t make any assumptions but,” you started, sitting up from where you were laying on the couch so that you faced Pony, “Do you want kids Ponyboy?” Pony nodded along as you spoke but froze slightly as the question left your lips, his gaze quickly snapping to you and then looking down at your belly. His eyes raised to meet with your rolling one as you reached up and slapped him lightly on the arm. “I told you don’t make any assumptions, I’m not pregnant. I was just wondering,” you reasoned as Ponyboy’s expression relaxed in relief before he placed the book on the couch arm, making sure to keep his place as he grabbed your hand.

“I mean I never thought about it too much. I think so, having a little mini version of you running around wouldn’t be terrible,” Ponyboy joked as he fiddled with your fingers, smiling down at you as you chuckled.

“Well in retrospect, I honestly have no idea if I could deal with a mini you,” you laughed, watching as Pony’s mouth turned up in a grin as he scoffed.

“Oh really now?” he asked, his voice light and playful as he sat up straighter, holding onto your hand as you sat up as well.

“I mean I can barely get your nose out of a book now, and it wouldn’t be appropriate if I tried to get my son’s attention the same way I have to get yours,” you couldn’t help the smirk that came over your mouth as Ponyboy’s mouth went agape and his cheeks flushed.

“Oh you’re gonna get it!” Pony laughed as he pounced on you, his hands finding your sides as he began to tickle you. You laughed uncontrollably, thrashing your head from side to side as you screamed and begged for Pony to get off of you, all the while the house was full of laughter and giggles as Pony watched you. His eyes never strayed from your face, you looked so beautiful while laughing, so golden. Something he could never imagine getting his hands on, let alone being allowed to have and hold and love the way he had for the past year.

“Uncle! Uncle Ponyboy, Uncle!” you screamed, trying to push your hands against Pony’s hard chest. Pony waited a few seconds, continuing to tickle you before he sat back on his knees and smiled down at you with a shit-eating grin. “Remind me to get payback for that,” you panted out as you sat up and faced your smug looking boyfriend.

“You can try but doll, we all know you can never do anything to me,” Ponyboy said, leaning down to press a kiss against your lips. You wished he was wrong, but he as usual was right. When you were with Pony, you were like putty in his hands. You couldn’t say no to him, you were in deep, a terrible case of young love. With his adorable little dimple and a confident smile, Ponyboy could have you wrapped around his finger. You smiled into the kiss as you reached up to loosely wrap your arms around his neck, his hands in the next second taking their place on the middle of your back as you embraced each other.

“What would you name them Pony?” you asked, slightly breathless as you pulled away from the passionate kiss, “If we were to ever have kids, what would you name them?” Ponyboy stared at you for a moment, his greenish gray eyes peering into yours with a soft and warm gaze.

“I’m not sure. I feel like I’m gonna wanna name one of the boys Johnny, maybe Johnny Dallas. Or if we had two boys have one named Johnny and one named Dallas. For the girl names, I got nothing,” Ponyboy confessed, licking his lips as he talked. You smiled at him softly as you tighten your grip on his neck, pulling yourself closer.

“That sounds real nice Ponyboy. Real nice, I would love to have a little boy named Johnny,” you whispered as Ponyboy’s nose brushed against yours. Pony returned your smile with his own radiant smile as his hands dropped to the small of your back and he re-positioned the two of you. When he was done shuffling, he was sitting normally on the couch with you straddling his waist, your foreheads pressed together. “And for a little girl, I like the name Bella or Elodie for a girl,” you continued, “but know what sounds better than anything?”

“What?” Pony asked, his breath fanning across your face. Thank goodness he had brushed his teeth, because of it you were overwhelmed with a minty smell along with the mix of his cologne that you had been breathing in for a while.

“Before any babies, before a Johnny Curtis, we have to get married. Listen to this, (Y/N) Curtis. It’s got a nice ring to it huh?” you smiled, a slight blush on your face as you felt Pony’s hands roaming over your butt. Pony couldn’t help the huge grin that made it’s way onto his face as he looked up at you.

“It’s got a great ring to it. Sounds like it was meant to be,” Pony replied, his voice sounding so cheery and happy as he pulled you down to press his lips against your in a chaste kiss. As you pulled back from the kiss your hands made their way into Ponyboy’s soft locks, winding your fingers gently in the hair. “I love you,” Ponyboy whispered, gazing into your eyes.

“I love you so much Pony,” you whispered back, leaning down to press your lips back against Ponyboy’s lips in a not as innocent kiss, Pony’s hands moving back to your bum as his hands start to grope at you. Before anything can go further, the door slams open and the sound of boys laughter and chatter start to fill the house. You quickly pull away from Pony’s embrace and throw yourself on the couch beside the brunette.

“MY GOD WE JUST COCK BLOCKED PONY!” Two-Bit yells as his wide eyes stay glued to the two of you. Pony rolls his eyes and laughs along with them while you feel your cheeks flush and cuddle up to Pony’s side as the rest of the boys start hollering as well.

“You go Pony!”

“Sorry about that Pone!”

“I can’t believe he actually was about to get some.”

“He’s the youngest and he’s getting more than me!”


“Seriously. Guys! Stop! Come on, leave her alone guys can’t you see she’s embarrassed enough!” Ponyboy yells out over the chatter and other laughter as he tucks you under his arm and pulls you closer to him. Your cheeks only get redder at the comment which gives the guys more fuel sadly. After a few minutes of enduring the torture Ponyboy stands up and picks you up in his arms, carrying you down the hallway to his room, all the while the two of you trying to ignore the comments everyone keeps making.

“It’s a good thing I love you,” you mutter as your arms tighten securely around Ponyboy’s neck. You look up to see the huge smirk on his face as he opens the door to his room.

“Gotta be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

- C

K A I R O S | 03 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 6.5k
Author’s note: Which team are you?? :DD

← Previous | Next → 

“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Can’t Shake This - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Authors Note: I just love this gif so much that’s all.

Originally posted by astraeastronaut

Reader x Bellamy Blake

Word Count: 1,157

Warning: cuteness

“Stupid (Y/N)! Why are you such an idiot. You had one job, just one job why did you do you constantly stuff these things up?” You whispered talking to yourself. You had stormed off out of the dining hall of the ark just wanting to be alone and were pacing around lost in the massive camp. “And now you’re talking to yourself what fun.” You huffed leaning against the closest thing, which happened to be the outside of the weapons centre.

“As much as this is entertaining, you should probably get inside before it starts really storming.” Bellamy smirked startling you a little. “I don’t know you were out, uh here, uh. Okay I’m sorry, I’ll go.” You rambled thinking of what you said, wondering if you mentioned the disastrous thing you had done. You had one job, do not like your best friend’s brother romantically. 

What a cliché. It shouldn’t be a cliché you’d fall into. No one was supposed to even have a brother. You’d read about this stuff in books. Saw it in the movies on the ark. It happened so many times and overtime you’d think it was cute, because it was foreign to you.

But now, oh boy were you in deep. He got you hook, line and sinker. 

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anonymous asked:

19+21 from the "things you.." prompt list!! also i love you and your blog so much, shawn is so so so lucky to have u!


So i combined 21 with 16 because they ended up workin kinda the same so here is 



“Pleeeeeaaassseeeee, just tell me where we’re going?” You ask Shawn, holding his arm that is extended with his hand resting on your thigh and leaning your head on his shoulder. You even try batting your eyelashes and giving him the puppy dog eyes that usually win him over every time, but he is still keeping quiet. You can see the slight smirk start forming on his face, but it quickly goes away when he remembers that he can’t let the secret slip.

For your two-year anniversary, Shawn decided that he was going to take you on a secret trip, but it had to be a surprise. For weeks you have been trying to squeeze it out of him, but he would never budge, so now you’re playing every card you have to try and get him to spill. It’s not that you don’t like surprises, you just find great pleasure in weaseling them out of him.

“Fine, then no more kisses from me!” You exclaim in a huff, leaning back into your seat with your arms crossed over your chest and your eyes forward on the road.

“What? Babe, that’s not fair!” He yells at you, flashing you a hurt look. You and Shawn have this tradition that you have to give him a kiss at every red light you come to, no matter what the circumstances, whether you are in the middle of a fight or there are people in the car with you. You absolutely adore this special tradition that the two of you have, so he knows you’re desperate to get him to crack.

“You heard me! No tips, no lips!” You argue with a smug look on your face. You see that you’re rolling up on a red light, and you think he’s bound to cave now.

“Fine, deal,” He starts, and you gasp with joy thinking that you’ve won. “We’re going to the top of the world.”

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Stood Up Pt. 2

Part 1 

Tags: @hushothermuses @lydiawonderlost @originalbish98

Warnings: Light smut, nothing super bad.

Word Count: 818

A/N: Here’s part two! I really meant to get it out sooner, but I’ve been a bit swamped lately. I am soo sorry about the wait though! Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!

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BTS reaction to you winning ‘Best Looking Female Idol’

Anonymous said: BTS reaction when their s/o gets nominated and wins 1st place As best looking female idol?

Here it is! Sorry it took me so long to get to it, but I hope you still enjoy! ^.^

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by kimnamboobs

Namjoon wouldn’t be surprised when your name was called out as the winner of ‘Best Looking Female Idol’. Despite this, he’d still have a huge smile on his face when you did win, nudging the other boys as they’d sit in the audience, and saying, “Of course she won, she’s gorgeous.”

He’d grin away, staring at you in adoration, as he watched you climb up the steps onto the stage, your long dress trailing on the ground, your matching high heels emphasising your smooth legs, as your beautiful smile seemed to light up the stage. You’d brush a few strands of hair out of your face as you’d slightly shyly accept the award, saying a few words before bowing, and elegantly walking off stage again.

He’d applaud and cheer as you walked past, flashing a smile at you, dimples and all, causing you to blush and giggle as you took your seat once again.

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by kimjongah

Jin would immediately stand up, clapping vigorously out of admiration for you. He’d point at you walking up the stage, pointing you out to the other boys, and saying, “That’s my jagi. My jagi won. Do you see how beautiful she is?” The other boys would simply roll their eyes at Jin, laughing as he’d continue to smile hugely, his hands still clapping away.

“Ah…” He’d sigh, blowing kisses to you in the hopes that you’d notice him in the audience. You’d also blow kisses to the audience, and when you’d make eye contact with him, you’d giggle slightly, winking at him as you’d blow a kiss directly in his direction, earning a huge smile from him as he’d over dramatically clutch his chest, leaning back in his seat. 

As you’d walk past BTS’ table, he’d pull you in for a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist, and pressing his soft lips to your forehead, causing you to look up at him with big, loving eyes, earning an ‘Aw’ from the other members who’d all applaud for the two of you, as you’d both stand there, gazing at each other in adoration.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Suga, much like Namjoon, wouldn’t be at all surprised when you’d win. A smug smile would appear on his face, feeling proud as he’d applaud and clap. 

“You see?” He’d gesture to the other members as you walked across the stage. “I told you she was gorgeous.”

Under the surface, his heart would melt slightly as he’d stare up at you on the stage, admiring the way your dress would fit on you, and the way your hair would effortlessly tumble down past your shoulders, bouncing slightly as you walked around the stage. 

“Ah…” He’d sigh lovingly. “She’s so beautiful…” He’d mumble in slight awe, watching as you humbly accepted the award, bowing and continuing to walk off stage.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by hopeshi

A huge smile would instantly form on Hoseok’s face as he realised that you had won the award. You would’ve been up against some of the most popular visuals, and so when the host would open the envelope, and slowly slide out the card, before smiling and announcing you as the winner, he’d immediately stand up to cheer and applaud for you, a grin still plastered on his face.

He’d generally think so highly of you, thinking you were beautiful no matter what, without make-up, hair messy and dishevelled, and in sweatpants, or dressed up, make-up done. Either way, in his eyes, you were one of the most gorgeous girls he’d ever see, and so you can imagine how ecstatic he’d feel when everyone else would recognise your beauty.

He’d watch as you delivered a short speech, watching how your eyes would crinkle when you’d smile, hair falling in your face when you’d look down at the ground. He’d find you so adorable, the way you’d nervously fiddle your hands, looking around, only to make eye contact with him and watch him cheering on for you.


Originally posted by parkjiminz

“She won?” Jimin would look up in slightly surprise, which would quickly turn into confidence and slight smugness. “I mean, of course she won. Have you seen her?” He’d ask to no-one in particular, his lips stretching into a small smile. 

This charade of smugness would only last so long though, before this adorable fluff would break out into a huge smile, eyes crinkling as he stared at you in complete adoration and admiration. The other boys would laugh at his fixated gaze, Taehyung waving a hand in front of his face, but to no avail.

“Ah, how did I get so lucky?” He’d ponder to himself, his heart skipping a beat as you’d stand under the spotlight, your hair framing your face perfectly, your make-up emphasising your features. He’d be the first to start clapping at the end of your brief, but sweet, speech, his gaze still completely fixated on you, as you raised your dress as you’d cautiously walk down the steps.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Taehyung would be in utter awe and amazement when you’d be announced as ‘Best Looking Female Idol’, his mouth forming into a O-shape, looking around at the other members, asking, “Did they just say (Y/N)?” 

He’d always have seen you as stunning, but winning this award confirmed that many other people thought the same. He’d press his hands to his cheeks, staring up at you with the most loving gaze, his lips stretched into a rectangular shape as you’d walk across the stage, bowing several times, a pretty smile forming on your face.

“Ah, that’s my jagiya right there.” He’d giggle, poking Yoongi for about the fifth time, who would be sitting beside him. Yoongi would simply roll his eyes, smiling slightly, saying, “Yes, we know Taehyung, so you’ve said for the fifth time now.” 

You’d walk past where they were seated, only for Taehyung to jump up and pull you into a hug, rubbing your back as he’d murmur, “You’re absolutely stunning, you know that, (Y/N)?”, earning a smile and a peck on the cheek from you, before you’d return to your seat. 

(A/N: Aw, this would be so adorableeeee cx)


Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

Jungkook would wait with bated breath, leaning forwards ever so slightly, as the announcer would slowly pull the card out of the shimmering envelope. Once you were announced as the winner, his arms would immediately fly up in a victory pose, as the announcer simply confirmed what he’d know to be true.

The others boys would sit there, pointing and laughing at Jungkook, whose arms would still be in the air, feeling so proud as he’d watch you, holding up your dress so you wouldn’t trip, your hair bouncing about as you’d walk up the stairs.

Deep down, he’d be in awe and admiration of you, his heart fluttering with love for you. Either way, he’d applaud and cheer throughout your whole speech, still applauding even when you’d walk past their table, causing you to giggle shyly, looking down, your hair falling into your face.

Soul Part 2

philip hamilton x reader (modern au) 

requested part two (part one) of ‘Soul’ in which some dirty stuff occurs right after the events of part one whoops 

(ps. i’m sorry you all had to wait awhile for this!)

words: 1900

warnings: smutty fluff stuff, with a few swear words. I feel so dirty help lol

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anonymous asked:

junggook & 22 plz ! :D

#22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
1.5k words

Originally posted by jibeom

a/n: im a sucker for awkz jeongguk and also 2 nanoseconds of yoonmin

Jeongguk had always believed in romantic, happy endings. His mother had often put on Disney classics on the TV and he ended up watching his favorites like Hercules, Mulan, and 101 Dalmatians (also The Little Mermaid but he’d never confess that aloud). His cousin had gotten married to his high school sweetheart, had the perfect wedding, and even better honeymoon at the Maldives. He’d dreamt of that.

Finding a soulmate, his other half. He figured he had that with his last girlfriend. They dated through the last two years of high school and into the first two years of university. Jeongguk had already prepared a ring that he’d pop out at the right time. He had even invited her to be his date to his brother’s wedding that was coming up in a week.

That was all before he found her tangled up in his teammate’s sheets. Safe to say, Jeongguk has been religiously avoiding the basketball team (much to their suffering because they needed their best player) as well as his now ex-girlfriend. She tried calling him a few times but he refused to pick up.

“Jeongguk-ah,” his brother called out. Jeonghyun was having a tux fitting and he looked admittedly dashing. All grown up, sharp jaw and all. Jeongguk always felt like a baby next to him, even worse now that he had no date to the wedding. “Why are you so distracted?”

Oh yes, and he also postponed mentioning that things had ended between him and the girl his whole family adored. Fan-fucking-tastic. “Nothing, you look good.”

“Yeah?” He grinned. “Think she’ll like the tux?”

“She’ll probably like you without,” he drawled out, the bitterness dripping in his tone. It took him a full second to realize what he just said and cringed. “Actually, scratch that. I don’t need that image in my head.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a fluffy Oikawa scenario with fem S/O? She absolutely loves his glasses and cant stop kissing him when he is wearing them? (ok maybe thats a dumb request, i love him so much omg)-knbhqlovinstuff ♡♡

Noooo! It’s not a dumb request! I love Megane Oikawa! Honestly, I would do the absolute same! He’s just too damn cute with them on! Thanks for requesting!! -Admin Satori <3

Oikawa Tooru: Fluffy + Megane

“_____-chan!” Oikawa’s voice called throughout his house as he took off his shoes at the door, knowing you’d let yourself in and made yourself at home while he’d been away at the Shiratorizawa vs. Karasuno match earlier that morning. “I’m home!” He tried again when you didn’t immediately answer, he huffed and moved to take off his coat and hang it up before he made his way to his room. “____-chan~ why aren’t you answering me~?” He whined as he opened the door to see you were at his desk working on some homework you hadn’t finished last night.

You didn’t hear him, you had your headphones on and you were in the zone! You were about halfway through a problem when you felt someone pull and twirl the seat you were sitting in so that you were facing them. “Tooru~ I was almost do-“ You stopped speaking suddenly, your eyes widening when you were met with your boyfriend in his reading glasses. He never let you see him wearing them. Ever. He didn’t think they were cute and he didn’t want you to see him unless he was all dolled up.

But here he was. Casual Saturday attire. Hair not as primped and glasses on. You were completely speechless and he was talking but you weren’t focusing on what he was saying because you were sure you were going to have a heart attack at his comfortable look. This is how you’d like to see him every day. Relaxed, not trying so hard, being himself both personality wise and physically. He was still talking, whining now that he realized that you weren’t listening to him. But you couldn’t help yourself any longer. You tugged off your earphones before you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck as you pressed your lips against his.

He was completely taken off guard at your sudden affection, not usually the one to be kissed since he was the pursuer in your relationship. But he wasn’t complaining. Not one bit. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you up from the chair before laying the both of you on his bed, pulling away after he was about to run out of air, “Oooooh~, ____-chan~ So assertive~.” He teased, forcing himself to not bite his lip when you only moved forward and kept pressing your soft lips to his face and jaw, “Did you miss me that much?” He asked almost sincerely, confused on where all this sudden affection was coming from.

You smiled against his cheek before you moved your lips back to his once he’d stopped talking, wanting to feel how incredibly soft they were with your own, “Yes. I missed you so much, Tooru~.” You imitated his teasing tone, only holding him closer to you so that he couldn’t ruin the moment. “Tooru~,” You cooed, smiling widely against his lips before pulling away and kissing his forehead, “You look so cute in your glasses~!” You giggled, reaching up and running your fingers through his hair slowly, enjoying how much softer it felt without all his normal products.

It took him a second to respond before he blushed slightly, “Ohhhh…” He finally realized, “You’re only giving me affection because of these glasses, huh? So mean, ____-chan.” He pouted, and you couldn’t help but immediately lean in and kiss it away, “Oooooh~ well… I guess I will have to wear them more often, then, won’t I?” He asked with a smug smirk before you pressed your lips against his again, “____-chan~.” He smiled still against your soft lips before he pulled away, “Do they really look that good on me?” He asked, adopting that same confused sincerity in his tone.

“Tooru…. You’ve literally got me kissing all over your face, I stopped working on my homework because I couldn’t resist myself from how absolutely adorable and natural you look with glasses on…. And you’re really asking if you look good in them?” You asked, not sure if you should take him seriously or not.

He smirked at you, “Oooooh~ You couldn’t restrain yourself, ____-chan?” He teased, chuckling when you huffed and busied yourself with pressing kisses to his jaw, “Ah~!” He suddenly gasped when you started to nip at his skin, wanting to leave some marks on him that were hard for makeup to cover.

His little whiney outburst sent shivers down your spine. Now it was your turn to smirk as you pushed him by the shoulder so he was leaning on his forearms on his back and you were on top of him, straddling his waist, “Oh, Tooru~,” You cooed, leaning down and nuzzling your nose against his, “Let’s see if your glasses are steam resistant.” You hummed as you pressed a kiss in the smooth space between his eyebrows, running your fingers through his hair.  

*fans self* Got a little carried away there. Lmao. I would honestly treat Megane Oikawa to all the love he deserves. Idk man… It’s just… something about his relaxed look that gets me excited ;D

Got7 reaction to s/o wanting to adopt a dog

“Can you do a got7 reaction to s/o wanting to adopt a dog” -Anon

Hello anon! I would absolutely love to do this reaction! enjoy xD


You texted Mark that you had something very important to ask him. As soon as he heard the door open he ran up to you. “ Babe, what do you want to talk about?” he asked you in a very concerned voice. You saw how scared he looked and you laughed. You took him to the couch, and made him sit down. “Well.. I was wondering if we could get a dog?” you asked him. His eyes grew wide and he gave you the biggest smile “ YES WE CAN.Coco is getting a brother/sister” with that he excitedly proceeded to call Youngjae. You shook your head at him, but you loved him even if he had his weird moments.  

Originally posted by slightkpopobsession88


You really wanted to adopt a dog. But you were not sure how you were going to ask JB about it. He seemed to be in a good mood so no better time. “ Umm JB, I was thinking what if we adopt a dog?” you looked at him. He didn’t reply for a few seconds, so you thought maybe not. You were about to leave when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down. “You think we will able to take care of it?” you nodded enthusiastically “Then, yes we can. I think it will be a nice edition to our soon to be family, no?” he teased you. You couldn’t help but blush at what he implied.  

Originally posted by miinyooongii


You and Jackson were at a dog café for your date. You saw a really cute Maltese . “Jackson, can we get a dog. PLEASE???” you pouted. He chuckled and pinched your cheeks “Yes we can adopt a dog baby.” That made you happy and while you were busy thinking what kind of dog you wanted Jackson piped up excitedly “ OH! baozi, we could have dog dates with Youngjae. Should we just take this Maltese and run away?” he suggested and pointed to the dog that was currently trying to get your attention. You laughed and lightly slapped his arm. “I am kidding, but yes let’s do it!”

Originally posted by jypnior


Jinyoung was cooking in the kitchen. You wrapped your arms around his torso and said "Can we maybe get a dog?” Jinyoung turned around. Much like JB he was thinking. “Well if you think that we can take on this responsibility then yes we can. Do you think with our schedules we would be able to take care of a dog?” he asked you with a soft smile. “Positive” you replied excitedly. “Ok, lets get my jagi a dog. After dinner lets research about it ok?” He smiled. You jumped up and hugged him and he held you tightly in his arms.

Originally posted by jypnior


No words were needed with him. So after he came home work, he was very pleasently surprised to see Coco playing with another small dog. “Jagi, is that your friend’s dog? Are we taking care of this little one too” Youngjae lovingly petted the dog. “ Well we kind of have to care of it since it is ours” Youngjae looked at you in shock. “Ours?Really?”. You nodded at him. “Coco has a sibling now” he cried happily, and peppered your face with kisses.  

Originally posted by amotae


Bambam and you were having  a day in. You guys were lying on your bed ,cuddling. “Bamie, I was thinking what if we adopted a dog?” you looked up at him. “What?” He chuckled. “You know the animal that has 4 legs, and is very furry” you explained. “Well, y/n that’s like every animal. But anyway, we can but only if it’s a small dog and it wont grow too big.” You gave him a kiss because you were so happy. “I like the affection, but remember a small dog. Agreed?” In response you kissed him again.

Originally posted by kunpimuak


Yugyeom adored coco, so you knew he would have no problems adopting a dog with you. “Gyeomie, can we pretty please adopt a dog?” you asked him in the cutest voice you could. He laughed at how silly you were. “umm jagi maybe we shouldn’t” he replied and your face fell. He looked at you for a few seconds and the burst out laughing. “HAHA, I am just kidding Jagi. Ofcourse we can adopt a dog. You have to admit I am very good with pranks” he acted all smug .You glared at him, and he ran for his life.

Originally posted by umma-jy

*please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors*

I hope you guys like it!! Feel free to request again and I wish all of you a very happy day :D



Pumpkin - 2

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: there was a change of plans with Natasha but only for the better. Who knew Bucky would be such great company to have for shopping?

Author’s Note: it’s so fluffy!! So, this is another part to pumpkin. It has cute Bucky and the reader’s an elemental. the next part would be all cheeky, romantic and angsty. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): sexual humour, swearing, body image issues and negative thoughts.

Word Count: 2100

PART 1, 3

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

‘(Y/N)!!!’ you heard Bucky scream. You giggled at the thought of your plan working. It was always fun to see his angry face. you didn’t know but that anger was something you found adorable and not scary.

Natasha and Wanda, unaware of the whole situation, gave you confused looks.

‘why is he shouting?’ Wanda asked setting her mug aside.

‘oh, just wait.’ You grinned. ‘bitch, shouldn’t have touched my stuff.’ You said. you had decided to pull this prank on Bucky after he had covered your art supplies in silly string. It had taken you hours to clean it up. You knew you had to take revenge, a nice, cold revenge.

‘where is she?!’ Bucky stomped in the room covered in shaving foam. The three of you started laughing hysterically at his condition. How often does one see the winter soldier covered in shaving foam?

‘damn it, Barnes! Need a razor?’ Natasha clutched her stomach as she tried to speak in between laughter.

‘why did you do this?’ Bucky asked trembling in anger.

‘you shouldn’t have touched my stuff.’ You crossed your arms over your chest and stood up. His expression changed like a book of colours before he spoke.

‘guess that makes us even.’ He smiled and wiped the foam off his eyes. ‘here.’ He opened his arms. ‘what about a peace hug?’ he grinned and tried to hug you but you sneaked away.

‘don’t you dare!’ you pointed a finger at him as you ran. You both ran around the common room while Wanda and Natasha cheered you.

‘go (y/n)! save yourself from the foam monster!’ Wanda cheered.

‘shut the fuck up! You don’t know how scary this is!’ you shot her a glare and ducked Bucky’s arms. you flew over the couch using your powers. Bucky in an attempt to get hold of you slipped on the foam and fell.

‘argh, I think I broke something.’ Bucky groaned and clutched his side. You quickly landed and rushed to his side.

‘are you okay?’ you asked with concern.

 ‘oh, I’m perfect.’ He grinned and pulled you in his chest before you could make a move. You rolled on the floor for a while before he let you go.

‘fuck you, Barnes! You messed up my best sweatshirt!’ you sat up wiped off the foam. He got up and offered you a hand which you declined. ‘I literally have no clothes!’ you looked at him.

‘that’s why I’m taking you out shopping.’ He simply stated and fixed his hair.

‘I thought I was going with nat.’ you looked at Natasha and she shrugged.

‘I got busy.’ She said.

‘oh, aren’t you my best friend.’ You said sarcastically.

 ‘now, that I am.’ She got up. ‘come with me you’ve gotta train.’ She said to Wanda and she half-heartedly followed.

‘well, that was fun.’ Bucky said to you. ‘you wanna go to your place first?’ he asked.

‘I have some clothes lying here. I guess, we can change and meet at the garage?’ you looked at him for approval.

‘sounds good to me.’ he shrugged.

 ‘great, I’ll see you in a sec.’ you smiled and left.

‘this better go as planned.’ Bucky thought as he saw you leave.

You were bubbling up of joy at the thought of going shopping with Bucky. You loved spending time with him, not just because he was a great friend of yours but because, you had managed to develop some feelings for him. you first realized it when you found yourself smiling at his laughing face. it just got worse from that moment.

You knew he had no idea about it. nobody you had ever liked did. maybe it was because you were great at hiding emotions or maybe, because you were scared. You were scared of rejection, you were scared of getting that sympathetic look after you had poured your heart out to someone. You knew you weren’t pretty enough, you were always told so. You had learned that if you weren’t pretty enough, you were forbidden to even think about expecting some love back.

‘this is as good as it’s going to get.’ You smiled at the mirror with pain in your eyes. You sighed and headed to the garage.

Bucky waited by his bike as he tapped his feet to a tune stuck in his head. What was taking you so long? He looked at Sam and Steve who were trying to fix something in Steve’s car. They had been trying to do something for the past 2 hours but weren’t able to succeed till now.

‘hey! I’m sorry I’m late.’ You rushed to his side with your little backpack. You never had to wear a cap or something hooded for your ‘suit’ consisted of a long-hooded jacket and pants that allowed movement. You also wore a mask that covered your face from below the eyes so you never had to worry about being recognized.

‘took you long enough.’ He straightened up.

‘we’ll, all thanks to you I had a whole lot of cleaning up to do.’ You said. ‘it even got in my boobs. They felt weird. God, they smell like old spice.’ You looked down through the neck of your sweater and a heat rose to his cheeks.

‘well, you can check it later.’ He turned to his bike to hid his face. how could you make him blush so easily?

  ‘yeah,’ you let go of your sweater. ‘I would really love to learn how to ride a motorcycle sometime.’ You said as you examined the motorbike in front of you. ‘papa had this black one I really adored.’ You said as you looked for your wallet in your backpack.

‘I could teach you, if you want.’ He looked at you.

‘aint the only thing you wanna teach her ride, huh?’ Sam muttered hiding a grin and Steve snickered.

‘what?’ you stopped shuffling through your backpack and looked in their direction.

‘nothing.’ They said in unison as Bucky shot them a glare.

‘let’s just leave these assholes to be and get the hell out of here.’ Bucky said as he signalled you to get on the bike.

‘you really need to get some air, the old fumes from the car seemed to have affected your brains.’ You said as you sat behind Bucky.

You reached the mall and roamed around in search of a good store. You finally spotted one which seemed like a decent place. you both were mostly socially awkward and it was no picnic when you were out in public alone. But, together you would laugh a lot and practically you could conquer the world

‘what about this?’ you picked up a black sweater.

‘what about this? I’ve never seen you wear one.’ He picked out a dress of a deep burgundy colour.

‘it is nice but…’ you hesitated. ‘I walk like a man and it’s so girly.’ You rubbed the back of your neck and he rolled his eyes.

‘that is the point of this whole thing, (y/n)! we are here to get you stuff that makes you look great and less like the guys at a tower.’ He grabbed your shoulders in a joking manner.

‘yeah, okay.’ You said and continued to stroll through the different sections.

after many agreements, disagreements and bad puns you finally headed to the trial rooms.

‘will you come out?’ he asked.

‘yeah just a sec!’ you shouted back. ‘how does this look?’ you walked out hesitantly in deep necked emerald top and the jeans of your size.

‘whoa.’ Bucky was taken aback. You always tried to hide in baggy clothes and seeing you in proper clothes was very special. ‘you look great.’ He smiled brightly.

‘really?’ you rubbed the back of your neck.

really.’ He said and you smiled back before getting in the room again. You both decided on many other clothes before he remembered the dress had picked for you.

‘you planning on ever wearing that dress?’ he asked.

‘okay.’ You groaned and he chuckled. The dress did look good on you but you couldn’t get the zip all the way up. You sighed and decided to ask for help. ‘hey buck?’ you peeked out.

‘yeah?’ he asked.

‘I need a little help.’ You said. he nodded and moved forwards. ‘before you come in,’ you stopped him at an arm’s distance. ‘will you close your eyes, please?’ you asked adorably. He pretended to show that it didn’t affect him at all.

‘fine.’ He closed his eyes and walked in. ‘now what?’ he asked.

‘just,’ you took his hands and guided them to the zip. ‘zip me up.’ You said and he obeyed.

‘all done.’ He said and opened his eyes. ‘you look amazing.’ He breathed.

‘thanks.’ You twirled in you dress. ‘you have a great choice.’ You faced him.

‘I know.’ He said with a smug smile.

‘Jamie?’ you looked at him. and he tore his eyes off you dress to look at you. ‘you better get out or they’ll throw us out of here.’ You simply said.

‘yeah, and I didn’t know you had a mole, right here.’ He pointed at his chest and you hit him lightly. He got out chuckling at how embarrassed you looked.

‘anywhere else you wanna go?’ he asked as he helped you with the bags.

  ‘um, yeah. I need to buy some understuff.’you simply said.

‘wait, WHAT?!’ he asked with wide eyes.

‘you know bras and-‘ you grinned.

‘yeah, I know that but I can’t go in there with you. people already aren’t my fans and going in such a store will only make it weirder.’ He argued.

‘please?’ you gave him the puppy dog eyes but he didn’t budge. ‘I should’ve come with Natasha or Sam or even Pietro.’ You pouted.

‘okay, okay! I’ll come.’ He said grumpily.

‘great!’ you grinned. ‘let’s see…’ you ran your gaze around and found the store you usually bought lingerie from. ‘aha! Come.’ You grabbed his hand and he followed unwillingly.

You were looking around the store and had picked some stuff while Bucky stood there awkwardly. An employee noticed him and decided to approach him.

‘you here with your girlfriend or wife too, sir?’ he asked.

‘what?’ Bucky looked at him. ‘oh,um-‘ he struggled with his words.

‘Bucky!’ you called out.

‘coming!’ he replied. ‘sorry, I’ve gotta go.’

‘we all have to, sir. By the way, you are the only couple who have made me smile today. Have a great day!’ he smiled and Bucky smiled back.

‘what?’ Bucky asked you. ‘I’m only interested if you are showing it to me after trying it on.’ He stated it casually with crossed arm but you could feel your face turn red.

‘shut up!’ you punched him lightly and he snickered. ‘okay, help me get cotton.’ You said and this time it was his turn to turn red. ‘

wha- what?’ he stuttered and you smirked.

‘aww, what happened to the manly James Buchannan Barnes? Can’t find a good pair of panties?’ you teased him.

‘I can.’ He said grumpily and walked away. You shook your head at his childishness and looked around. Your phone buzzed with his message later. You looked around and found him snickering at something.

‘found ‘em, Jamie?’ you walked to his side. He nodded and pointed at a pair of black panties which had ‘spank me’ written behind it. ‘great work.’ You patted his shoulder and carried on to the cash counter.

‘wait, you’re actually getting those?’ he asked with disbelief.

‘yeah, they are cotton and,’ you handed the things to the bag to the cashier and paid the bill. You both exited the mall and you found Bucky looking at you.

‘what?’ you furrowed your brows.

‘you never completed that ‘and’.’ He made quotation marks in the air.

‘I kinda like it.’ you shrugged.

‘what?’ he grinned.

‘says the kinky asshole.’ You said.

‘really? Just when I thought I knew everything about you.’ he said arranging the bags.

‘so what? I am not entirely vanilla.’ You said and he stopped what he was doing and looked at you.

  ‘ooh.’ He teased you with crossed arms.

‘yeah, I’m not entirely kinky either. I am more like vanilla with sprinkles and syrup and stuff.’ You explained.

‘so there’s always room for experimentation?’ he asked and you chuckled and nodded. he busied himself in arranging the shopping bags again.

‘buck?’ you said softly and he hummed in response. ‘thank you.’ you smiled.

‘for what?’ he asked.

‘for everything.’ You grinned and hugged him tightly. He hugged back with a smiled on his face. you pulled back and kissed his cheek. ‘let’s get back to the base.’

He stood there frozen for a while, you out of all people, kissing him even on the cheek was a big thing. He kept a hand on his cheek to preserve the sweet touch and smiled secretly.

‘you coming or what?’ you asked.

‘what? Oh, yup! Let’s get going.’ He followed you. the day couldn’t have gotten better.

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