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Prince AU: S.Coups

We’re kicking off the second series with precious leader! Hopefully you enjoy, this series will include how he acts as a royal, how he treats other, also how he comes to meet you and how your relationship goes. Please enjoy

- He spends the majority of his days in his room or in his office.

- He really invests a lot of time into his role of being the prince and takes it incredibly seriously.

- His main goal is to make his country prosper, but because that is such a big job he spends hours at a time trying to figure out how he can fix the issues of today.

- Sometimes his servants have to come in and insist that he needs to go and rest, he can save his country from poverty after supper.

- He is really good to the people of his country.

- Often times he travels around the country with his personal attendant so that he can meet the people first hand and really get a feel for what shape his country is in.

- He’s someone who is so down to earth that you couldn’t really be able to tell that he was royalty if he didn’t have royal servants and paparazzi following him 24/7

- Even back at the palace he’s like that.

- He treats all the butlers and maids and just about everyone with the utmost respect because he knows that they work hard.

- He even learnt all of their names because he wanted them to be seen as humans rather than servants.

- He meets you after you join the staff as a maid.

- He noticed right away that there was a new face so he approached you with a giant smile and introduced himself.

- You were kind of in shock because the prince was talking to you and he was so charming.

- You got kind of shy and he thought that it was really cute.

- After then he watched over you because you were new and he understood how intimidating it could be. 

- through watching over you he came to notice how clumsy you were and how you would ramble often while talking.

- He came to find that really sweet though.

- Whenever you would get clumsy he would always come in and save the day and when you apologized he would just ruffle your hair and tell you that you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.

- Slowly the two of you become closer and one day totally out of the blue he’s like “I have an event to attend next week, would you be my date to it?”

- And even though you refuse because you feel like you would be fit for it, Seungcheol insists so you say yes.

- His parents weren’t keen on it, but they allowed it because it meant a lot to Seungcheol.

- He buys you your outfit for it and everything.

- The two of you have a really great time together and that night he asked you to go steady with him.

- After that the two of you would meet up in secret all the time to spend time together.

- Often it would be in his office or the royal garden.

- His parents catch the two of you though as you kiss goodbye and they confront him later.

- They’re displeased because there are traditions and royals and supposed to date and marry other royals, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing you.

- He explains to them how much you mean to him and how he loves you.

- They don’t want to stop him because they know that he’s a really genuine person and if he’s going through this then he’s serious.

- So they allow it, and over time they come to really adore you.

- A few years later the two of you get married and his parents step down from the thrown for the two of you.

- Your marriage becomes historic and the two of you reign over his country fairly. 

- Because of your understandings of how the people in that country live you two help the poorer people in his country and become famous for being fair to all citizens.