look at you you talented creature

Rogerhgold: People have spent their whole lives looking for a 🦄 - a magical creature most people believe does not exist. Without knowing it, I spent half my life looking for a unicorn too. A magical creature who would inspire me with their Supreme talent, who could challenge me with their drive and desire to push every boundary in their quest for excellence, who could uplift me with their soaring spirit, who could humble me with their kindness and inner beauty and who could teach me new things every day even though they are less than half my age. @camila_cabello you are my inspiration and my partner you are my best friend and my family forever. If I had spent a lifetime looking for you it would have been worth every single minute of every single day. Thank you for being in my life, for your incredible kindness for your beautiful heart and friendship for your incredible talent and inspiration. You light the whole world angel. Happy 20th birthday - keep dreaming keep soaring keep inspiring I love you with all my heart and I am so grateful to have found you, you magical unicorn. ❤❤❤❤🦄


PIP: alright, kids! mama Pip is gonna teach you some sex ed, okay? listen up! when people love each other they… @!#??!*^%@@!>: and !>@?#]£!! so then you #@%*?&!! moist $$£!@??@%% bulbous orifice @##/!!*& abrasive fondling @$$#!!/>£ soggy figgy pudding #@*&!?!$#?@! …and that’s about it!

PANCAKE: oooohmygod, mum! did you forget the internet exists!? 

PEPSI: hm, i’ve only seen half of that in my animes. interesting.

SONG: …well, humans truly are fascinating creatures.



In a world where magic is real, where elves and gnomes and goliaths mingle, where dragons can devastate towns and gods can raise them up: you are an adventurer looking to make a bit of gold. Lady Kaylin of the House of Hartwood has been stolen away through the Slihl Wilds, known for its slew of horrid creatures and dangerous foes. For those brave enough to face the Wilds and bring back Lady Kaylin alive, Lord Hartwood has declared a prize of 30,000 gold pieces. Salynnia Downsprinter, a travelling mercenary, has begun to assemble a group of variously talented individuals to accompany her into the Wilds. You have been chosen– but are you strong enough to fight the Wilds?

This roleplay will be a small group of individuals willing to log on for at least an hour a week at a unanimously agreed up time for a full-group chatroom adventure, as well as roleplaying outside the specified time with other members of the group at their leisure. This roleplay is Dungeons&Dragons inspired, however no knowledge of the game is required and the rules will not be followed.

Below the cut are some of the arch-types needed for the group, however there are many more classes to be explored! If you’re interested in joining, shoot me (aerps) a message. There is no formal application.

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