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“Young she was and yet not so. The braids of her dark hair were touched by no frost, her white arms and clear face were flawless and smooth, and the light of stars was in her bright eyes, grey as a cloudless night; yet queenly she looked, and thought and knowledge were in her glance, as of one who has known many things that the years bring.”

for @halfelves

listen to me. listen. jensen ackles is so hot. the only singular thought in my head when he’s on screen is “hot.” I’ve been staring at his fucking face for the past four years of my life and still it’s just. hot. you’d think I’d get used to it? get over it? grow weary of it? my tired eyes cannot take this much longer. he’s so hot. why am I like this. hot.


so I was tagged by @teereckt and @vclgin and @adam-levineyard to post six selfies so here we go

they’re from oldest to newest and on top of it all the oldest was taken in september and the newest was taken just before new year’s I think because honestly I didn’t take many selfies during the summer (although I do have one bathroom selfie where I’m covered in fake blood because of work oops)

but hey friends thanks for tagging me and now I’m gonna tag @junkheart and @sassassino and @shuurima and @elontheloose but if someone else wants to do this you can just blame it on me (8


the pretty ugly - starring: me. (◕‿◕✿)

here have some crappy pics from my crappy bathroom with my usual make up, lmao. i am bad at selfies- …and make up, sorry fam. :c

but i’m so happy it’s finally here! i still have to cut the lace front so it fits better and get lace glue. the dress will take a lot more time but maybe i’ll manage to take some pics here and there. it has more curls than expected and it’ll probably a battle to style it properly but it’s so pretty. ♥‿♥ it’s actually a bit more blondish but i put it in photoscape and increased the contrast so you can see something because my phone has such a bad cam, meh.

false ciri, my child, you are not forgotten. ♥

vaporion79  asked:

I was looking at your banner and noticed something, has Mark got a Bonnie mask/mascot head on his head?? It took me a while because I couldn't figure out his face BUT THEN I SAW IT!! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ Also I can't wait to support you guys and the game!!

..I should change mah banner. but that means i need to redraw the same kind of picture…ouhly shiet nope.

Well,that’s the very old mark’s design but yea’! it is ! the first mark was rly//too// inspired by bonnie/FNAF (ノ^∇^)


In honor of Aaron’s next concert being TOMORROW here are some pictures I took from his Wolf Trap concert last month (Saturday’s show)

laurenjauregui: #rp @miamatangi tell me, if you were being bombed by your government or other governments of the powers that be in this world..would you stay? If you had no more food supply, water, education…you could not find work or the means of survival and had to stare your children in the face every day and tell them there was nothing to eat, would you stay? Some people have the audacity to call these human being’s whose homes and communities and lives we’ve destroyed, aliens. And some further have the audacity to deport them back to where they came from, war torn lands that they had NO part in destroying but that took everything away from them. Stop calling yourselves religious. Stop talking about freedom. You don’t have it. Take a good look at what’s happening now because while it may not affect you this second and you can still eat shit on instagram and buy whatever you want, that won’t be our reality very soon. Our rights are being stripped on a daily basis for the comfort of agent orange and his entire administration and corporations POCKETS. Our environment is being destroyed, protesters (protected by our constitution) are being arrested for protecting clean water on THEIR land and for ORGANIZING PROTESTS, be aware and stay vigilant. Do something, stand up. We are in a revolution, now not about to be in one and we all need to ask ourselves where our allegiance lies. Is it to the dollar? Or is to the future of our children and humanity? Stop being selfish, stop thinking things only matter when YOU feel the effects. I cry every single morning simply because I feel the pain that all of these children who’ve had their parents detained and stolen from them from one day to the next, or these families who have been starving for weeks in rubble, or transgender people feeling their validity as human beings being questioned feel. These are 3 examples of the atrocities taking place daily but the list is truly endless. Ask questions, educate yourselves. Ask yourself how you would feel if this was done to you. Jesus’ golden rule is “Do unto others as you would want done unto you” who’s claiming God and forgetting to care about the poor and defenseless? Please wake up. #resist

My favourite things about the Saints row games:
-Boss is canonically bisexual/pansexual
-Boss is canonically agender
-You can be the first female president
-Nobody cares how you dress
-Nobody cares how you look
-Oleg you guys? He’s literally the best. Smart big ole guy!!!
-The whole fandom 💙
-The fact that Peirce is a very soft boi he’s just a baby he tried his best and boss loves him for that
- Boss being a giant nerd/goofball
-Johnny is very very gay for boss. Very gay.
-The fact boss loves their friends so much???? -Literally everyone is their friend????? -EVEN MATT AND MATT TRIED TO MURDER THEM???????
Thank u 4 listening. (Also feel free 2 add ur own)

BTS Reaction - “You should smile more.”

btswifi said: BTS reaction to their girlfriend telling them they should smile more because she loves his smile 💕 thank you~


“I think you should smile more. I think your smile is gorgeous, Jin.”

“Aish, don’t make me blush.”


“Fine, I will. Just for you, though.”


He just shyly looks away but lets a big grin grow on his face.


“Okay, but only if you smile more with me.”


“You think my smile is cute? Wah…”


“If you say so, I will smile more. I think you should smile more, too.”


He’ll just giggle his lil baby laugh.

“You like my smile that much?”

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Some think this pic of C/T is a first of them posed together. You think? To me it looks like someone came up to them, said "hey can I take your picture?" & they were "uh sure" & that was the result. I mean Cait's a supermodel. If that's an official posed shot of her & her bf I'd imagine it'd be more than a quick snap of them together where she has her phone in one hand+a drink in the other. Not to mention no crack of a smile. They seem annoyed someone interrupted their convo more so than posed.

hahah THIS ^. they both look like they’d rather be facing literally anyone else. 

Meet Pico de Gallo; Or Pico for short. They were left on the steps of Mayor Maybe’s house by some CRUEL NEGLECTFUL PEOPLE!!!! Anyways Mayor Maybe adopted lil Pico!!! aren’t they the cutest!!!! >w< ten points for anyone who can figure out another thing about Pico!!! I slipped in a subtle secret :3 

Creepypasta #1046: The Ice Princess

Length: Super long

I had suffered from bullying for as long as I can remember. Girls on the playground would pull my hair. Boys in the halls would call me ugly. I could even hint some of the teachers thought I wasn’t the brightest kid there.

My parents told me I had to rise above it, that they were all just jealous of me and I shouldn’t worry. Jealous of me? Of what, exactly?

Did they envy my freckled face that looked like a set of misshapen polka dots? Or perhaps my curly orange hair that looked like a weary fire? Oh no, I figured it out. It was definitely my inability to do… well, just about anything.

I wasn’t smart enough to be a geek, athletic enough to be on any of the sports teams or cool enough to have any friends. Bullies, teachers and adults were the only people I knew in the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know what you’re thinking. Look at this girl, complaining about everything when her life probably isn’t nearly that bad. She’s over-reacting. Probably just being dramatic for attention.

If that’s suddenly taken you aback, you’re part of the problem. If it didn’t, you might change your mind by the time this story is over. Oddly enough, it doesn’t begin with me at my old school.

Sooner or later when I came home with one too many bruises and scrapes, my parents had me shipped out of there. Within the next week, I was told I’d be moving to a new school outside of town. It was just after January so I got to spend Christmas with my family before leaving. Something about it just felt right. Luckily, it was still snowing.

I was confused when my parents had packed me a suitcase when they drove me to the new school. It all became clear once I saw two separate wings on either side of the building.

“Honey, we think this might be good for you,” my dad said, holding my gloved hand as we walked across the snow.

“And we’ll write to you every weekend and visit every month.” my mum continued.

I nodded and smiled. I knew I would miss my parents, but I’d rather not deal with the alternative.

They took me up to the main office, where the headmistress greeted me. She was a kind looking older lady. Reminded me a bit of my grandmother. She had her grey hair cut short with perfectly rimmed spectacles on her face. Behind her stood another girl. Short, petite with dimples and wavy blonde hair. She smiled and waved at me. I admired the locket she wore around her neck. A diamond heart that looked like it could open up.

My parents said their goodbyes and the girl took me to the dorm. She introduced herself as Tia Lightfoot. Funny, that was the same last name the headmistress had.

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Something I noticed

After watching the promos eople have been wondering what the hell happened to glossaryck, but if you look closely you can see the strings and notice that this glossaryck is made out of cardboard. Some speculate it’s a trap, but it looks like it’s part of the episode “face the music” with that little princess puppet we where shown in it’s promo

We don’t know what’s gonna happen to glossaryck though, he mentioned he “doesn’t have a side” but still we can never be too wary

Ludo: Glossaryck?