look at you wearing a top with your name on it

In light of me graduating tomorrow, I’ve decided to make a bit of a guide for those younger students who have not yet experienced college. Keep in mind, I am American and attended an American university while living on campus.


  • hand wash your intimates (panties and bras). they’ll last longer.
  • don’t get wrapped up in sticking to an aesthetic. just wear what’s clean
  • hang the next day’s outfit on your closet door
  • have one outfit for every occasion
  • invest in plain solid colored tops, a business formal and business casual outfit, and comfortable shoes
  • fold a plain t-shirt, roll it up tiny and stick it in a bag. keep this in your everyday bag if possible in the event a guy named Eric spills coffee on you in Bio
  • use scarves, plaid shirts, belts, ties, etc to spice up your wardrobe. but also, its fine to wear the sweatpants and hoodie to every class


  • don’t get attached to just one singular spot. explore like you’re in a video game looking for hidden items.
  • sometimes you end up working in the library for their full operating hours. keep a travel bag with toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, mini bottle of face wash, pads/tampons, pain reliever, hair ties, and chapstick. just in case you stay until 2am at closing and you have an 8am and you know you won’t get much sleep.
  • have cash on you, have money on your student card, have your ID with you at all times and USE EVERY RESOURCE they offer.
  • minimize how much you bring. my library had desktop computers but also you can borrow macs and ipads for a period of time. also, they have chargers you can borrow.
  • photocopy, print, scan, etc is your friend. borrow a textbook from a friend for a day and have your own copy in minutes at the library.
  • follow the rules of the land. don’t be that guy/girl/person.


  • plan your meals
  • budget your meal plan so you don’t end up starving during finals week
  • eat with others, especially when you’re struggling to get food
  • if it isn’t essential, don’t buy it
  • never shop hungry
  • make lists before you grocery shop. shop more on the outer rings of the stores where the fresh, healthy food is
  • cook like you’re trying to survive a harsh winter. leftovers that last. carbs and protein heavy.
  • have family send you care packages with essentials you can’t get where you are.


  • unless you invented mornings or are the god Apollo, please refrain from taking 8AM classes
  • never make big gaps in between your classes in one day. schedules should maximize efficiency. have enough time to eat and pee between classes and nothing more.
  • office hours. go to them. no matter what your status in the class is. you want those letter of recommendations, don’t you?
  • sit in the front
  • do the readings, write down questions you have, take good notes, make sure all your questions are answered before class is over
  • make friends with your classmates. emailing the whole class to get notes you missed is a huge nono
  • make money by being someone’s note-taker
  • go to tutoring sessions
  • make besties with your TA


  • never work on outside assignments in class
  • start the day you get an assignment even if it’s due next month
  • the minute you start a new unit, prepare for that inevitable test
  • you should spend hours studying for each subject. daily. for the best results
  • online homework is hard to remember. make phone alerts
  • download apps that won’t let you procrastinate on your computer when you need to study. i use writer’s block.
  • study before you go to bed, then pause and continue once you wake up


  • record yourself while you practice
  • don’t stare at one person the whole time you’re speaking. pick three in different locations around the room
  • if you need to pause and look at your notes, do it naturally and comfortably. even announce that you’re taking a second to check your notes
  • take frequent short pauses to avoid saying uhhh and ummm while you’re trying to remember something
  • ask that your audience save questions for the end
  • practice (3x)
  • perform your script to a friend first. have them act as your audience, teacher, and the bad scenarios that can happen when you prepare but everything goes to shit
Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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All Started With a Song Part 4// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 426

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) here’s part 4! this is dedicated to mon. love you so much babe! (also sorry it so short. this one and the next one are rather short. the last few parts will be veryyy long. i promise!)


You woke up at 6 o’clock. You showered, ate, and even did a little yoga before getting ready. You had no idea what to wear so you settled on a simple light blue tank top with black high wasted skinny jeans. You threw on a black leather jacket as well. You also straightened your hair. You didn’t want to overdo it, but you wanted to look nice.

You message Conor, making sure he didn’t forget.

Hey Conor :) I’ll see you at 4, right?

He responded about ten minutes later with a simple,


And your heart sank. He didn’t seem very excited to be doing this with you.

It was currently noon, you still had 3 hours before you had to leave. With your mood suddenly ruined, you decided to invite the girls over.


“What do you think happened?” Alice asked, taking a handful of popcorn.

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “Like I get he’s famous. But he’s the one who asked me to do this, the least he could do is be excited.”

“Maybe he’s jealous.” Olivia offered.

“Of what? I have nothing he should be jealous of.”

“Wow that hurt.” Olivia said coldly.

“I didn’t mean it like that. But he has plenty of amazing friends. But no one could top mine.” You hugged them both. You saw your phone light up, it was 1:57.

“I better get going.” You stood up and grabbed your guitar.

“See ya later!”

“Good luck babe!’

You pulled up his address, and got into your car. This was going to be a long drive.

You got to his flat at 2:45 and realized you left way too early. So you sat there, waiting until at least 3:30.

It was currently 3:45 and you hadn’t moved. You were too nervous. What if he was secretly an ass?

No, he couldn’t be. It was Conor, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

So you turned the car off and got out. You grabbed your guitar and headed into the building. You took the elevator and patiently waited for the doors to open. Once they did, it took you a few minutes to find out where his flat actually was. The building was like a maze. But you did. And so you stood there, contemplating how to knock. You didn’t want to seem annoying or annoyed. So you decided two knocks was the right amount.

So you knocked, heart beating faster every second.

And then the door opened.

But it wasn’t Conor.

It was a girl.

“Why do you think Seto Kaiba is gay?”
*writes long insightful essay about cinematography, queer subtext, subversion of narrative, character arc, and the plot’s rejection of compulsory heterosexuality.*

“Why do you think Atem is gay?”
*points at this*

(have a nice clean one under the cut)

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This was sent to me by a friend and we were debating who this was for. 

I think this is the photo log of all the pictures they took of Rachel’s body in the morgue. It fits with her injuries. That would mean there is a total of 21 photos of her dead. (woah…) But if you look at the top it says “Victim’s name: Townsend.” So is this Rachel or Lauren? 

If it is Rachel, at least we can finally confirm what she was wearing when she died, since that is a debated topic due to conflicting descriptions from her mother and other accounts.

What are your opinions on this?

hipster--sauce  asked:

Wait really? If I'm ever at a pool or anything I have to leave my shirt on because people look at me like I have a disease

dude FUCK that, show off your shit, if you wanna feel good about yourself you have to take risks

I bought myself a crop top, knee socks, shorts and more

because i wanted to feel good about myself, and I do! 

start wearing shorts or go to pools without a shirt on, who cares if youre chubby???

also, learn how to take compliments, when someone tells you you look good, accept it! Don’t say “no im not” because that will only make not only you upset, make the person giving you that compliment upset [trust me]

one more thing, dont take shit from anybody!! ignore people who make fun of you/call ya names, i know that this step is kinda hard, but you WILL get over it trust me on this

i thought i was the fattest person in my school, and people made me believe this shit, but once I took a very long look in the mirror, wearing clothing i never thought i could wear and such i was like

“damn i look good!!!!!!”

I know these things won’t work for everyone, i’m just kinda spitting out info so at least some of you can gain some sort of help from it!! ;w;’

Passing Tips From Gender Youth Group

Submission by: @e-cryptid

22, United states of America

“First of all, you need to pick a new name. Then you’ll need a binder and maybe a packer but make sure it’s not too big of one. That’ll give you away. Try wearing button ups but not if they’re flannel. That’ll make you look like a lesbian. Layering shirts helps, too. Buy bulky shoes and boot cut jeans. Maybe shoe lifts because you’re kind of on the short side for a guy. Keep your hair cut longer on top and shorter on the sides. Square off the hair in front of your ears. It’s too feminine to have it be triangular. Shave those little translucent hairs off of your face. Only women and children have them. You can wear a single earring or a leather bracelet but no other jewelry. Nothing rainbow because, again, that’ll make you look like a lesbian. Use only the lower ranges of your voice. You can find vocal training videos on YouTube if that’s not good enough. It’ll also help to speak in more of a monotone and try to mimic other guys’ speech patterns. Study the way they walk, too. Sit with your legs spread or one crossed over your other knee. Either way, take up plenty of space. Bulk up but only certain muscle groups. Don’t talk when you’re in the bathroom. Use less exaggerated facial expressions. Try not to qualify your statements. Cross your arms over your chest, not under it. Don’t skip. Don’t giggle. Don’t cry.

It’s going to feel so good to finally get to be yourself.”

Dating Shades Alvarez would include:

  • When you met him you didn’t like him at first. The lingering looks of admiration made you think he was just another creep, time went on and you realised he was smart. Not like the others; someone to keep on your side.
  • “So what is your real name? Or is it actually just Shades?” You asked slipping on his glasses. He laughed and it was genuinely something out of happiness and comfort. That’s when you realised he was most calm with you.
  • Him being so protective of you.
  • He buys you the best dresses/suits ever.
  • People often think you’re arm candy but you are one of the best fighters in the entire MCU.
  • Somehow, no matter the situation, he always knows what to say.
  • Always drawing on his arms when he wears a vest top and he likes one of them so much he gets it tattooed.
  • Feeling some competition when Mariah comes along.
  • When he asked you what was wrong he got a full rant from you which he stopped with a make out session.
    • Don’t kid yourself, he loves running is fingers through your hair and tugging slightly.
  • When Mariah gets a little too friendly with Shades, you get a little too friendly with Cottonmouth to make her back down.
  • Shades knew what you were doing and although he was proud you were possessive, even he got jealous.
  • Sitting on his desk while he does paperwork.
  • Being close to him all the time.
Message for all trans* people:
  • If your friend gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, DO NOT TRUST THEM.
  • If your significant other gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM. DUMP THEM RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND NEVER LOOK BACK.  They are not who you’re supposed to be with.
  • If anyone ever says your birth name on purpose to upset you - DO NOT TOLERATE THEIR CRAP. THEY ARE NOT GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.
  • There is no such thing as “not being trans* enough.”
  • You do not need to pack/bind or tuck/stuff in order to pass.
  • You can wear make up or go without makeup all you want.
  • You can wear as much jewelry as you want.
  • You don’t have to start hormones or have surgery.
  • You are allowed to want to be called  by your chosen name and correct pronouns. 


Jongin as a Husband
  • Him waking you up by peppering kisses on your face
  • You not waking up
  • Him dragging you to the shower
  • Him being cheesier than ever
  • “I’m still sleepily, I’ll probably fall asleep while showering”
  • “That’s why we will shower together, if you fall down, i’ll be right here to catch you”
  • Him washing your hair
  • Making breakfast together
  • Him being shirtless ^^
  • “Are you wearing your ring? Show me your ring baby”
  • Goodbye kisses
  • Him smiling like an idiot whenever you call him your husband
  • Him calling you ‘wifey’
  • Dogs being your children
  • Dogs sleeping in the same bed with you
  • “Can’t we have some alone time?”
  • “Don’t say that in front of them!!”
  • Dinner dates
  • And movie dates
  • “When are you coming home? I miss you”
  • Him falling asleep laying on top of you
  • You playing with his hair
  • “Stop looking at those stuff and cuddle me, this is an order Kim Jongin”
  • A lot of forehead and neck kisses
  • “How was your day cupcake?”
  • Grocery shopping together
  • Him buying a lot of snacks
  • Him also buying expensive snacks for the dogs
  • Him being extra proud when he introduces you to people as his wife
  • “This is my wife, (Y/N), she’s pretty isn’t she?”
  • Makingout sessions mostly on the couch
  • “I love you wifey”
  • “I love you too hubby”
  • You visiting him at work
  • Him also visiting you at work
  • “Everybody’s jealous because you have a hot husband and that’s why they keep looking”
  • You catching him looking at baby supplies on google
  • And also baby names
  • “Have you ever thought about having kids?”
  • “Yeah, why?”
  • “(Y/N), I think I’m ready”
  • So that’s why 
  • “I read somewhere that if we have more sex, there is more chance of you getting pregnant”
  • Him asking if you’re pregnant after every time you have sex
  • “Jongin it doesn’t work like that”
  • “What do you mean? I put my di-”
  • “Okay that’s enough”
  • Him screaming and running all around the house when you tell him that you’re pregnant
  • Him calling the boys first
  • Their group chat being lit after the calls
  • “You better name him Sehun, if it’s a boy”
  • “That’s not happening Sehun”
  • “Okay, name her Sehun if it’s a girl”
  • Him talking about what he’s going to do when the baby’s born
  • Him telling the dogs about it
  • “You guys are going to have a little sister or a brother!!”
  • You calming him down
  • Him talking to your belly
  • “We’re going to have our little family that we always dreamed about honey”

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ask away.

send asks, please? :]

1. What are you wearing right now?
2. Top favorite 3 songs as of now?
3. First kiss experience?
4. Who do you look up to most and why?
5. In your opinion, cutest way to be asked out?
6. Favorite season?
7. Favorite candy?
8. Dark or milk chocolate?
9. Last time you cried?
10. Has someone ever changed you significantly and how?
11. Do you believe in kiss on first date?
12. Left handed or right handed?
13. Favorite thing you like about yourself?
14. Whose your best friend and how long have you been friends?
15. Is there anyone you like and why?
16. What are some of your pet peeves?
17. Favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
18. Plans for the future?
19. Sweaters or hoodies?
20. Snow or rain?
21. What celebrity do you look up to?
22. Who makes you smile regardless?
23. What would you want your name to be if you were the opposite sex?
24. Would you die for the ones you love?
25. Favorite song lyrics?
26. Have you ever self harmed?
27. Sex before or after marriage and why?
28. A book you could read over and over again?
29. At what age did you have your first kiss?
30. What is the worst thing someone could do to you?
31. What pets do you have/want to have?
32. Describe your day today?
33. Night owl or morning bird?
34. A band/artist you want to see in concert?
35. Post a picture of you
36. List ten favorites
37. What do you fear most and why?
38. Describe your life story so far in 5 words or less
39. How old are you?
40. Do you ever want to get married? Have kids?
41. Ever gotten your heart broken, how?
42. Daily morning routine?
43. A few things on your bucket list?
44. Where do you want to travel if you could go anywhere and why?
45. How often do you wear a fake smile?
46. Favorite thing about Tumblr?
47. Do you sing in the shower?
48. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
49. Most hurtful thing someone has said to you?
50. [Ask me any question you want]

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Who’s That Vans Girl: @LurkDiggler 

Meet Amanda: a down-to-earth girl with a taste for adventure and comfortable Authentics. We caught up with this awesome skateboard enthusiast to see what makes her tick

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Dating Harry Would Include - 32

Chrismas tree:

- Coming home and finding him in the living room surrounded by Christmas decorations
- His smile widening when he sees you walking between the boxes scattered on the floor
- Stretching out his hand to help you to join him in front of the still empty Christmas tree
- His proud smile while looking at the tree “You like? I chose it myself, wanted the best one for our first Christmas together!”
- Kissing the back of your hand relieved when he see you smile
- His enthousiasme in opening all the boxes to find the light garland
- Your amused sigh when he makes you wear the light garland as a crown
- Blocking you when you try to take it off to be able to give all your face noisy kisses
- Holding the garland above your head to reach the highest branches, kissing your cheek by surprise when you turn your head
- Mocking you because you have to go your tiptoes to reach the top of the tree “You really deserve your name of Little Queen.”
- Taking carefully the decorations from your hands to put them where you can’t reach
- His fingers above yours helping you to hang  a big  garland around the tree
- Kissing your fingertip when you prick your finger with the spines of the fir
- Wanting to decorate the tree right where you are on purpose to pass his arms around your waist
- Taking advantages of his arms around your waist to hold you from behind and kissing the back of your head
- Patting your butt to make you move aside when you stay in his way looking at the tree with concentration
- Raise you by passing his arms around your thighs so that you can place the star at the top of the fir tree
- Sitting on couch and can’t stop smiling while looking at your happy face
- Letting you install the last decorations , nodding with a tender smile when you ask him if the tree looks good
- Opening his arms for you to come sit on his laps when you finally satisfied with your work  "I think we did a pretty good job, didn’t we?“
- Hugging you in kissing your shoulder while he makes you lay your side on his torso
- His lips pressed into your hair while looking at the Christmas tree lighting up the room becoming dark because of the end of day , his arms tightly wrapped around your body

Sweet Whispers

I am not unfound between
tweets of Kristen Stewarts’s
dress. Less the movement
slows, I have being discovered
nothing but the lake envelope
clever freedom spring. Would
you name this pain our home?
The likeness of not growing
old, of leaving when’s left gone
due, tried and true to wears this
dress and calls myself what I
wasn’t before. Their hands
were touching me too. I didn’t
know what to say or what to
fuck, this array of choirboy
specters in to cheap iridescent
Radiohead covers. They say,
so I say, so I meme from light
the coordination of brokerage
firm perks and nickel and dimes.

The other angle to look at this
break from, you’ve got names
and a new face. There’s really
nothing to act like holy coloring
powder, my utensils adorn your
beige bacterial counter top. You
become you when you hold me
like I’ve never actually even felt.
The clipped in sexual desire
melts, to goodbye, to forever
needing nothing but, holographic,
another man come to say:
you could be complete with
me. I’m not that wind stung
screen. I couldn’t see your
face. Everything I needed to
know before I bought my flat.

I want this bowl cut to become.
I want to run like my knee never
faded. Did your years look like
mine? Did everything get lost
between your lies? I am not to
feel an expanding grace from
this sudden mourning of mistake,
but rather explodes from exegesis
feline. The answer in you. My no
becomes the fox under silver brush.
My syllables become pharmacological,
the sugar to seem what’s it all beyond.






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On top of this, you get tons of Marvel superhero-type stuff like people who can make doors fly off and into space, people who can talk to each other telepathically, the movement of objects (sometimes into, say, your face) via telekinesis and one character who is named after the founder of Pink Floyd.

So tell me again how Twin Peaks is going to be weirder than that?

Name/Alias: Natalia
Favorite quote (Grisha or not!): “Na razrusha'ya. I am not ruined. E'ya razrushost. I am ruination.” ―Genya Safin, Ruin and Rising
Have you read the Grisha Trilogy? If so, who was your favorite character?: I have! I have a long list of favorites, because how can someone have just one favorite? Nikolai, Genya, The Darkling, and Zoya are all at the top of that list, though. 
Given the choice, would you rather be a Grisha or an ordinary human?: Grisha, obviously. What I would give to study at the Little Palace instead of at my university.
Two truths and a lie:

  • I have a terrible habit of buying a lot of makeup and never actually wearing any of it.
  • I still haven’t finished Six of Crows.
  • I once rode my bike nearly two miles because I was trying to catch up to an ice cream truck.

What are you most looking forward to about RAR?: Right now, I simply want nothing more than to read all the biographies! I’m very interested to see what characters will be introduced in this world, canon & not. The teasers were so well-written, and I’m very excited to see what the full-length bios will entail.
What types of characters do you like to play?: Simply, characters that are complex and have the potential for lots of growth. I love to play a variety of different characters with different personalities, but my favorites always have those two things in common. I also have a huge soft spot for anti-heroes and those “looks like a cinnamon roll but can kill you” types.

Mister Babadook

If it’s in a word, or it’s in a look.
You can’t get rid of the Babadook.

If you’re a really clever one,
And you know what it is to see.
Then you can make friends with a special one,
A friend of you and me.

His name is mister Babadook,
and this is his book.

A rumbling sound then 3 sharp knocks;
That’s when you’ll know that he’s around,
You’ll see him if you look.

This is what he wears on top,
He’s funny don’t you think?
See him in your room at night,
And you won’t sleep a wink.

I’ll soon take off my funny disguise,
(take heed of what you’ve read)
And once you see what’s underneath …
You’re going to wish you were..

I’ll wager with you,
I’ll make you a bet.
The more you deny,

You start to change when I get in,
The Babadook growing right UNDER YOUR SKIN.
Oh, Come! Come SEE

Dating Mojo

I did a little thing for @banrioncethlenn  Hope you like it love!  (also this was kind of fun and I’m willing to do more if anyone is interested)

~when you first met it was at a signing, he stopped, hand hovering over the picture as he stared at you “dude” Zack Ryder punches his arm “My bad” He smiled at you as you blush under his gaze “What name should I but on this? And oh, look at that I accidently put my phone number on it” He winks at you

~you weren’t going to text to him, but your friend talks you into it. He responds immediately and asks you out that night

~You spend lots of time fretting that he’s going to bring you to some loud club.

~He shows up in a horse drawn carriage wearing a top hat and zubaz, and takes you to the carnival. Where he wins you giant teddy bear.

~When it’s the end of the night he cups your face, look into your eyes and asks “may I kiss you?”

~For the big time party boy he acts like, he’s actually an incredible gentleman.

~Watching him interact with young fans in the cutest. He love kids and is so supportive of them. Taking to listen to them and telling them he believes in their ability to be anything.

~He loves having you all over his snapchat. And you two start doing all the silly bunny faces and doggie pictures. He prints a bunch of them out and hangs them in his house.

~he always finds the silliest dates, arcades, carnivals, concerts, if there is something going on Mojo knows about and wants his girl there with him.

~He starts dragging you to the gym with him, but it’s fun, because everything with him is fun.

~He loves to snuggle and likes nothing more then when you fall asleep on his chest or lap while her plays with your hair

~two weeks after your one year anniversary he takes you to a concert for your favorite band, and gets on stage to propose you you.

~the wedding is a huge party, and when you come into the reception he rips of his tux to reveal a tuxedo shirt and zubaz underneath.

My Queen (Loki x Reader)

Imagine: Being an avenger and Loki falling in love with you.

(f/n)- First Name
(l/n)- Last Name

A/N: In this imagine, you are able to control elecricity just so you know. You have powers. I didnt want anyone getting confused.
(Picture not mine. I just used it to show where I got the imagine.)

You sighed as you put on your ‘suit’. It could barely be classified as that. You were told to suit up and you didn’t really have a suit per se. It was simply a pair of leather pants with a tank top and a hoodie. It was nothing compared to all of the other avengers and you were fine with that. There was no way you would be wearing a cat suit like Nat.

“Let’s go. If you’re coming you’ve got to move faster (f/n).” Steve said from outside the door. You sighed and opened the door to see him standing there.

“Alright let’s move.” He was no doubt looking at all of the weapons you had strapped to your body and wondering why. It was to help with the ending of your combat training. Fury had wanted you to rely less on your powers and more on hand-to-hand. You completely understood. Not always would your powers be there to save you.

You followed after Steve as he walked onto the quintet. Natasha was already there and in the pilot’s seat. You sat down in one of the seats and strapped yourself down. You were in for a pretty long ride. Germany was where Loki had last been spotted and that was where you were headed.

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