look at you speaking all the languages

NCT (All Units) Reacting To Their S/O Singing/Speaking in Spanish

Anon: All nct members reacting to their s/o speaking/ singing / etc in Spanish ?


Taeyong didn’t expect to hear you sing in Spanish at first. He didn’t even know you knew the language. But when you sang along to one of your favourite Spanish song effortlessly, he was taken aback. He only stared at you in awe as you sang in your angelic voice. He then wanted to know what other talents you were hiding from him.

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Jaehyun and you were on a vacation in Spain. You both were looking for a taxi on the airport, him being nervous because he didn’t know how the language. But when you stopped the taxi and started talking to the driver in fluent Spanish, his mouth fell open. He was still shook when he sat next to you. You only smirked at him. “Guess we learn something new everyday,” he said and smiled to himself.

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Doyoung had known about your Spanish descent but didn’t know about your fluency in the language. You were talking to your sister in Spanish when he walked in on you and stopped. “Wha-?” He began and just stood there, listening to your beautiful voice conversing in Spanish. 

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Yuta was in love with your voice but when he heard you sing in Spanish, he was in awe. Surprised still, he couldn’t help but find you so angelic and alluring speaking another language. He didn’t realise how much a of a turn on you speaking in another language could be for him

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Taeil was surprised at first but then smiled at you like a dumb kid and continued hearing your lovely voice. Now he loved it when you sang in Spanish. “So like can you sing in other languages too?” He would ask.

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Winwin heard you singing in the shower in Spanish and he just sat outside the door, trying to figure out in what language you were singing. He asked you about it once you were done showering. “Spanish!?!? Really?! I didn’t know you spoke Spanish!” 

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Ten himself could speak many language so he wasn’t surprised. But he definitely fell in love with your Spanish. He would often ask you to say nice things to him in Spanish just for fun. “So what else do I not know about you?” He would ask, smirking and squinting his eyes.

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This kid will be so surprised. Like he had his mouth open when he heard you speak Spanish. He never gets tired of it and always annoys you to teach him the language. 

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Haechan would also be like Johnny. Totally surprised and in awe. He would ask you to teach him and when you did he would do anything to avoid it. He only wanted to learn it from you so that he can hear you speak it.

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Mark would be amazed and would try to pick up on a few words and phrases. He would try to learn Spanish too so he can woo you and talk to you in more than one languages.

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“What? You speak Spanish?” Totally in love and he now thinks you’re perfect and amazing. “There is nothing Y/N can’t do!” He would sing.

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Jeno just smiled at you and asked for you to sing for him even more.

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He lost it. He just sat there in silence staring at you and listening to you sing in Spanish like you were the most beautiful girl in with world.

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Chenle first heard you sing alone in the practice room. You were his crush and he just happened to cross your room and the door was slightly ajar. He saw you sitting alone against the wall and singing in Spanish, with your eyes closed. And he fell in love with you even more.

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Renjun spilled his drink when he heard you speak in Spanish. From that moment onward he had the biggest crush on you.

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Hello Simon, I have been studying linguistics for several years now, and something has me real curious. I would like to know if you have your own language. If so, how did you learn human languages? How many languages have you learned and acquired over the years? I look forward to reading about this as I love this topic, and I hope you are doing well.

My species doesn’t have speech. That is to say we have the faculty of it, just not the understanding of it. Learning to speak human languages took some time, and I seldom got the practice, as I almost never opened my mouth for fear of showing off my teeth. Listing all the languages that I know is a complicated process. I have done something like it on my website in a journal entry called “monstrous FAQ: history”. But again I learned those languages in the spoken form only. I didn’t learn to read until the reign of Elizabeth I, and the language I learned was English. Obviously, I have learned some of the others in written form since then, but always through the lens of the English alphabet.

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Do you think that BTS like their international fans, because they seem so uncomfortable at fanmeetings? (Sorry for my bad English)

Your english is perfectly fine!❤️ And as for your question, of course they love their international fans! They may look uncomfortable at a fanmeeting if a i-army is there, because of a language barrier. It’s really hard trying to communicate with a person that doesn’t speak your language. It may seem as if they prefer Korean fans because of all the fanmeets etc, but that’s because they are Korean themselves, they live in Korea, and its way easier to communicate with them. Trust me, they really do love all their fans, it’s just a bit harder to showcase it because of distance and language. And btw, if you do get to go to a fanmeet/fansign, they’d be really happy and appreciative you showed up. Even if you don’t speak Korean, they’d try their best to talk to you!💜

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can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???

You know I’m really impressed by how composed all of BTS look. They are in essentially unknown territory with only one of them speaking the language fluently and of course they’re used to Korean award shows, but this is something else. They’re standing in front of people they have admired for years, some of them worldwide stars. And yet they still managed to stand on stage so composed and graceful and I admire that.

Hamilton As Things My Girlfriend Has Said
  • Alexander : "You know, come to think of it, coffee is the most pleasurable thing."
  • *I give her an odd look*
  • "Well I love you but coffee helps me stay up till horrible hours to finish my work."
  • --
  • John : "You look hot today. No homo." *Finger guns*
  • "Babe we're dating."
  • --
  • Hercules : "See all my clothes are 100% made by me and my hands. I poured my blood sweat and tears into this - "
  • "It says made in China."
  • "Maybe I made it in China?!"
  • --
  • Lafayette : "Some days when I'm mad at you I want to only speak in another language bug the problem is I only know English and not even very well."
  • --
  • Aaron : "Normally I'm a calm individual but see, Abigail makes me want to drop kick her into a well filled with sharks."
  • "Is...is she not your best friend?"
  • "She is."
  • --
  • Angelica : "See whenever people doubt me I laugh because I'm better than every person in the world and they're just jealous of my feminism strength."
  • --
  • Eliza : "Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you cheated on me."
  • "Well I never would."
  • "No I know. But if you did I'd probably burn everything you love and go Carrie Underwood on you."
  • --
  • Peggy : "How is it my mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party?!"
  • --
  • Thomas : "See macaroni and cheese is a gift from God. Like he loves it too. Cause who wouldn't?"
  • "Aren't you an atheist?"
  • --
  • James : "I swear I've been sick my whole life. Death is trying so hard to get me but they will fail! *coughs for a good five minutes* Fuck off death..."
  • --
  • George : "Why do I have to adopt all the worst fuckers?"
  • "You don't have to - "
  • "No I love them and they are my fucker children."
  • --
  • Maria : "I'm a sexy son a bitch who needs to learn how to make better life choices..."
dating Sebastian Stan would include

(( also friendly reminder: my requests are open! i write pretty much anything marvel ++ some dc ))

- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

Speak Your Language Day

So, I know this is non K-Pop related but since it’s speak your language day I thought I’d enlighten you all with the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. (It literally translates to: St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool and the church of St Tysilio of the red cave)

Try and say it, I dare you 😉💚✨

Happy language day my friends!


> Worldwide shoulderㅋㅋㅋ Jin hyung?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the third one from the left shoulderㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not Jin hyung, so you don’t have suddenly say handsomeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Just by reading you can tell it’s me hehe
> This is Jimin
> Why are you depressed
> I’m doing well. I haven’t spoken to you guys after coming back from Billboard
> You all probably heard it through the news
> Everyone, thank you. I shouldn’t be the one congratulated, you all need to be the ones congratulated
> Everyone, if you keep putting me up there and say that I’m getting further away, it makes me sad
> Yes, let’s not be far apart from each other and let’s stop saying that
> Don’t cry because I will cry
> Yes it’s good news, but let’s not cry and be happy instead
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not crying
> I went to the toilet again
> I was reading the comments
> Everytime I come here (chatroom), I have to go to the toiletㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> You guys have questions to ask us? A lot has happened
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t think we were going to win the award, so I wasn’t that nervous
> Also, there is a lot of talk about FESTA. Is everyone excited?
> I can’t tell you what we’re preparing ㅋㅋ
> I’m looking forward to everything ㅋㅋㅋ You all should look forward to it as well. It’s going to very fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> ㅋㅋㅋ Since I spoke to you guys for a while, I’m going to go rest
> Overseas fans, I’m sorry I can’t speak other languages sorry
> sorry*
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Okay ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll go. Goodnight everybody
> Goodnight** Good Night😁🌙* 
> Oh, and I love you

* = typed in english
** = typed in japanese

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit!

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Keith: *falls into texan accent for .2 seconds* Lance: what language is that

Keith: Look, I don’t know what’s gotten into y’all-

Lance: Wait sorry, what did you say?

Keith: I was saying how y’all can’t just-

Lance: There it goes again…

Keith: What?

Lance: Every now and then, you’ll be talking and suddenly your like, face and voice get all fuzzy for a second? Like there’s static or interference.

Keith: What in God’s stained blue jeans are you going on about?

Lance: I literally didn’t catch a single word in that sentence.

Anti Latinx Racism Is...

• Assuming all Latinxs are from the same/said country

• Assuming all Latinxs know Spanish

• Assuming all Latinxs should know Spanish

• Thinking issues Latinxs face are secondary to issues other marginalized groups face.

• Telling us to go back “where we came from”

• Thinking a Latinx is only respectable if they have a “high profile career” such as being a doctor, lawyer, etc

• Thinking all Latinxs look the same- we come in many different colors from all around the world

• Telling us we have to assimilate

• Trying to speak Spanish to us, thinking we all know it

• Thinking we all listen to Spanish speaking artists

• Blending in our cultures together. Latinxs come from many different cultures and all of them are unique and respectable

• Asking us to cook for you / assuming all we eat is Chipotle and Taco Bell shit

• Saying we’re “the best in bed” or “the best cooks” - that is FETISHIZATION. We will not appreciate or tolerate it.

• Calling us “spicy”, “caliente”, “fuego”, “mami” or whatever dumbass word you can think of. That is also fetishization.

• Making jokes about Trump’s dumb fucking wall

• Thinking Black Latinxs are less valid than non Black Latinxs. That’s also anti black racism which is also disgusting.

• Telling us we are not “Latinx enough” because of our skin color / ability to speak Spanish

• Thinking we all dance salsa, bachata, merengue… like seriously?

• Thinking all Latinxs know each other. No, I don’t know “Maria” from your job.

• Thinking only white people can be prejudiced against us

• Eating our food, listening to our music, using our fashion but blatantly disrespecting Latinxs. This one is pretty obvious and very common.

• Prioritizing documented Latinxs over undocumented Latinxs

• Thinking we all are teen parents. That’s ignorant and guess what? We’re not. Even if a Latinx is/was a teen parent, they’re still deserving of the utmost respect.

• Thinking every Latinx is “illegal”

• Thinking Latinxs owe you shit

• Calling us stereotypical names such as “Maria”, “Juan”, “Rosa”, “Diego”, “Jorge”, “Juanita”, “Alejandro”.. etc.. we have any name and our names, whether Spanish or not, are not for you to joke about. Shut the fuck up and go along with Richard Spencer and be a trash bag far away from us.

• Thinking we need to have a last name that is Spanish

• Derailing us when we try to talk about the issues we face. BIG ONE. Shut the hell up and listen to us for fucking once.

• Thinking we’re all criminals.. honest to god…

• Disrespecting Cinco De Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos, or any other Latinx holiday. If it’s not from your culture, either respect it or shut the fuck up.

• Disrespecting our culture.. duh!

• Calling us “Spanish”.. guess what, you dumb fuck? Spanish people are FROM SPAIN. Spanish people are also not Latinx. It’s not that hard. That’s like saying all white people are German or all Asian people are Chinese. That’s so fucking stupid. You are an idiot if you do this.

• “You don’t look Spanish / Latinx”

• Again, telling us the issues we face are secondary / invalid

• Using Latinx slurs.. if this wasn’t obvious..

• Calling us all “chola” or whatever.. you’re also very ignorant if you do this

• Telling us to calm down if we get angry.. we have a right to be angry just like everyone else on this damn planet

• Assuming we listen to a Spanish speaking music artist… like… ???

• Refusing to recognize the racism Latinxs face

• Thinking we should be glad to be fetishized. No fucking way, I will not be glad someone sees me as less than human and equates me basically to a sex toy.

• Thinking we haven’t face any problems.. we do. We do. Oh hell we do. Just because they’re not addressed in the media does not mean we don’t.

• Making jokes about calling immigration on us. It’s funny how I’ve seen Non Latinx POC do this more than white people.

• Thinking all Latinxs come from Spanish speaking countries… no…

• Thinking we’re all maids, janitors, fast food workers, nannies, etc… first of all, those are honorable jobs. Secondly, so fucking what if we were? You’re not better than people with those occupations. Thirdly, we have so many occupations- each and every one of them deserving of respect.

• Thinking we have to chose between our culture and westernized culture. We don’t.

• Saying stupid shit like “hot like Mexico”.. really? Are you serious?

• Only respecting Latinxs that look a certain way

• Making Anti Latinx jokes.. this is obvious

• Thinking you can appropriate our language and culture. There’s Spanish from Spain and then there’s Latinx slang. You cannot use our slang and then disrespect us which you all do tbh.

Other Latinxs feel free to add in because I obviously missed so much.

well okay. you won’t love me back how i need but i am learning to speak the language of bees. i’m learning to dance, to sting back, to love flowers. i’m studying the wisdom of forests, where all the dark places still have life beaming through it. i’ve been doing research on the night sky. i couldn’t look the moon in the face for a while. i’m relearning her name. i’m relearning to smile. i’m relearning my wild.

biracial kid problems

- not looking like either of ur parents

- ”oh, you look (other race)”

- ”is that your mom or is some woman kidnapping you?”

- not being able to fit in to either side of the family

- “but mixed babies are so cute!!”

- “where are you from?”

- people trying to guess ur race

- people speaking languages to u that you don’t know because they assume ur race

- oh dear god what box do I check

Biracial kid perks

- you’re beautiful!

- having two cultures to learn about/love

- having friends of all races

- cultural fluidity 

- being totally unique! go you!

learn to love your mixed self!


Plot: Jimin always thought his traditional Korean girlfriend was perfect – that was, until he realized how beautiful foreigners could be.

Pairing: Idol!Park Jimin x Backup Dancer!Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Notes: I based this off of every single MTL I have seen of BTS dating a girl of a different race or a girl of color – Jimin always seems to be one of the people who were least likely to date one. I definitely do not think that Jimin is this ignorant in any way. This is only a work of fiction. This is for all the international beauties! 2,536 Words

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“Oppa, I’m missing you so much!”

“I’m missing you too, my love. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days, okay?”

One of the worst parts about tour was leaving lovers behind. For Jimin, it wasn’t only his lover, it was his home. He enjoyed tour, performing for all of the ARMYs around the world, going on stage; but he wasn’t a huge fan of being in a foreign country. He didn’t know English that well, and he wasn’t fond of being in a place where he couldn’t understand anything. 

“I know,” The soft voice of his significant other brought pink to his cheeks. “Call me when your rehearsal is over.”

“I will, I love you,” He glanced at the leader of his band, who was calling him over.

“I love you too.”

With that, he had ended the call with a sigh, and headed over to his band. It hadn’t even been a few minutes since he cut the call, and he was already missing her – a thought he had experienced after each long-distance conversation with his lover. The short male shook his head and got his head back in the game, his eyes going up to meet a group of people dressed in black.

“This is your dance crew for this city,” The manager announced to the band. “Not all of them know Korean, so if you have an queries, just talk to Jihoon. He is the leader.”

“We understand.”

Once that brief introduction was done, they were all left to their own devices for a few minutes, whilst the leader of the dance team talked to the leader of the band. Jimin had let himself scan over the people he would be working with; not that he would talk to them, he was just curious and bored. Most of them had masks on – no one had really caught his eyes, except for one person. 

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(I would have posted more but I reached the image limit LOL)

Shownu and his boys. Idk how else to explain to people how important this man is to all of them. I thought it was obvious in their body language and in the manner in which they look at him/talk to him.

Do yal have any idea how much they cherish him, how much they love him? How much they feel protected and safe with him? How protective they are of him? How they can read his face now and tell how he’s feeling? How they all want to be near him, hanging all over him? Have you heard how they speak about him?


Apparently people need to be reminded. I also have text proof too if this isn’t enough. :I

How to learn a language

Tips from a language major:

•When learning new vocabulary write the meaning in your language once and the new word at least three times

•If you are learning a new writing style (I.e. Hanzi, kanji, Sanskrit, etc.) write the character at least three times, the meaning and the pronunciation once.
-do not write the pronunciation above the character, write it to the side, otherwise you won’t even try to read it.
-Learn! Stroke! Order!

•when reviewing vocab try to use the word in a sentence.

•do not pay attention to the technicalities of the grammar. Do not attempt to compare it to your own language. This will seriously mess you up for 80 years. Just pay attention to the sentence structure and make similar sentences.

•if you are learning a tonal language (I.e Chinese) or language that has sounds that don’t exist in your language watch videos of people pronouncing things and try to match their mouth movements.

•if all else fails on your tones just speak quickly.

•watch TV shows in that language and yes watch them with subtitles. But please be aware that may not be how people speak in real life (I’m looking at you, Japanese/Chinese/Korean learners)

•DO NOT BE AFRIAD TO MAKE MISTAKES of you mess up during a sentence just correct yourself and keep going.

•flash cards, flash cards, flash cards. Real and digital.

•spend at least an hour a day on it (OUTSIDE of class), if you’re trying to learn on your own you’re gonna need more time.

•talk to yourself in that language, take notes in it, set your phone to it. You probably look crazy but that is a-ok.

•listen to music in that language, while it probably won’t do much for your ability in the beginning it will help you distinguish sounds once you get pretty good.

•and lastly, don’t give up. It took you like ten years to grasp your own language it’s gonna take awhile to grasp another.

-How I learned 2 ½ languages at once.

A Lesson in Love (The Discovery)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,298

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - Thank you for putting up with me for almost a month and listening to me constantly complain about not being able to get this part written. I adore you. Always.

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“Bucky wants to talk to you.”

You know that the earth never stops moving; it’s constantly in motion. Constantly making its trip around the sun. But the moment Steve says Bucky’s name, you swear that everything comes to a standstill. It’s the only way to explain how everything around you becomes muted. How you’re seeing Steve as if he were standing on the opposing side of a tunnel and how the pressure of Sam’s arm on your shoulder vanishes.

Over the past twenty-two days, you’ve convinced yourself that the story of you and Bucky was not meant to be. In your mind, he left and closed the door on the potential of there ever being an ending where you and him were together.

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Since people are so fucking hard-headed......

ENGLISH MUSIC FROM KPOP IDOLS IS A PRIVILEGE NOT  A REQUIREMENT POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. I was scrolling through my dashboard and someone said something about the WDTA pt2 and how “Finally making international fans feel appreciated and apart of something.” I understand where you’re coming from completely they’re grateful for the music they’re not being greedy. It was the comments that were pissing me off “(inserts kpop group) doesn’t appreciate internationals because they never come out with english music…………

 First of all BTS has CONFIRMED they will not  be making a American debut so anybody getting hype can settle down right now. Second, my thing is SOOOOOO MANY American artists have fans all over the world and make #1s in their countries but YET THEY DONT MAKE MUSIC IN THEIR LANGUAGES. Stop acting like you’re the only fans who have to go through language barriers not only that y’all ignore the fact that it could be non-english speakers listening to kpop yet they don’t get music in their languages either. As an American I feel for Europe at first I was like “Stop all the fucking complaining” but looking at it now you can clearly see where the line is divided between fans who speak english and then non-english fans. I’m forever seeing English speaking fans complain about not being appreciated or feeling unwanted about not getting english music but when they do get covers, full blown interviews WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!!! Y’all stay silent about non-english speakers but act like the world is about to end if your ‘oppa’ doesnt fucking talk in english. 

Let me give you some examples….

Kim Namjoon self taught himself English and is able to interact with english fans. 

Ariana Grande learned some Japanese for her Japanese fans so she could interact with them.

Plenty of native speakers in english

Mark Tuan

Joshua hong



Here’s my favorite example my friend is from Germany she likes the singer Madison beer so she learned an entire language by watching Pretty little liars and not only was she able to understand Madison she got to personally skype her. (bustinghateonmb) on instagram

Why tf cant yall do that??????

“Korean is too hard”

“It’s easier to learn english”

Why do people expect idols to learn entire languages for them if they cant even attempt to do the same. Not only that why would KPOP IDOLS whose intentions were to sing and rap in KOREAN adapt to your standards just because you decided to listen to kpop when nobody forced you to.

Here’s my favorite part “(Insert ‘american’ artist/rapper) is trash1!!1!1 they don’t ever sing/rap about anything meaningful.” “I only listen to Kpop now” “Dont compare my 'oppas’ to American trash” First off about 70% of you don’t understand those meaningful lyrics until someone translates it. (For the dumbasses that forgot 'hip-hop’ in kpop got a lot of inspiration from Western rappers ) Second why do you want your favs to get Western attention even though you claim to hate Western music???? Because it benefits you….. I don’t listen non Kpop music as much as I used to but if one of my old favs drops an album Im going to listen. I just don’t understand why you want kpop to be recognized in America if you had the music industry so damn much. “Because it’ll help their careers!!” So are you saying they couldn’t be successful without it? Are you implying that everyone needs to Americanize things to stay relevant??? I just don’t understand, at this point its not about making their careers 'big’ because maybe America isn’t the most important thing in the world to them but it is to you because it’ll benefit you seeing them speak and sing in English. Goodbye

“Check this kid out,” Holster shoves his laptop in front of Bitty and presses play, showing a young Russian girl answering questions in different languages. “Insane right? How cool would it be to know like six languages?”

Jack perks up from the couch. “What are you talking about?”

“These super smart fuckers that can speak every language! It’s nuts!”

Jack makes a face and looks at the awed faces around the room. “Being multi-lingual isn’t that uncommon. How many languages do you know?”

“Um, one. American. We can’t all be French-Canadian, Jacques,” Shitty laments. “And bi-lingual doesn’t count.”

Nursey, who up until this point has been hovering near the stairwell, adds, “I knew a guy who could do that. Knew French, Italian, Spanish, a few others, too. Said he was a ‘polyglot’.”

Lardo leans over Bitty’s shoulder and mutes the video. “That’s sick. Multi-lingual is two to eleven languages. Polyglots if they know twelve or more.” Lardo explains. “Their brains are particularly suited to learning and using multiple languages,” she says primly, flying air-quotes. 

Bitty turns in his seat to look at a suddenly quiet Jack, who seems to be bothered by this news and is mumbling under his breath. “You okay, honey?”

Jack looks up from counting on his fingers and frowns. “What is it called if you know thirteen but can only speak seven?”

Lardo lifts a brow. “That’s oddly specific.” 

“I mean, I can speak French, English, Russian, Swedish, Italian, German, and Spanish, but doesn’t everyone?” Jack looks around the room at the varying degrees of shock on his friend’s faces. He finally settles on his boyfriend. “That’s not normal, is it?”

“No, Sweetpea,” Bitty breathes, half intimidated, half in awe. “That’s nowhere near normal.”

That Student Of Mandarin Language Feel 

  • you understand all those words separately but not in that sentence
  • people asking you to “just say something in chinese, anything is fine!” 
  • people asking you what’s their name in mandarin and you have to explain that you have no idea and then they get angry
  • having to remember all 7642 meanings of 点
  • you can read whole texts but get panic attacks when someone asks you to write 
  • accidentally offending someone cuz u mispronounced the tone 
  • accidentally saying 不有 instead of 没有 and your teacher looking at you like you just cursed their entire family three 
  • having to explain that cantonese is a different language and that you do not, in fact, speak it
  • seeing a character with double/triple pronunciation and feeling like stabbing yourself 
  • people asking you to translate other people’s badly done hanzi tattoos