look at you speaking all the languages

That Student Of Mandarin Language Feel 

  • you understand all those words separately but not in that sentence
  • people asking you to “just say something in chinese, anything is fine!” 
  • people asking you what’s their name in mandarin and you have to explain that you have no idea and then they get angry
  • having to remember all 7642 meanings of 点
  • you can read whole texts but get panic attacks when someone asks you to write 
  • accidentally offending someone cuz u mispronounced the tone 
  • accidentally saying 不有 instead of 没有 and your teacher looking at you like you just cursed their entire family three 
  • having to explain that cantonese is a different language and that you do not, in fact, speak it
  • seeing a character with double/triple pronunciation and feeling like stabbing yourself 
  • people asking you to translate other people’s badly done hanzi tattoos 

can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???

Can Victor speak Japanese?

You guys remember that age old debate? Well now we have concrete proof that yes, he can.

Check out his phone in episode 2:

It’s easy to see that it’s in Russian. But in episode 10 his phone looks like this:

It’s now in Japanese. So yes folks, Victor can both speak and read Japanese well enough to put it as his phone language.

Debate over, we can now all go home.

Why You Shouldn’t Use imprecise Language When Talking To Entities

[updated] This is extremely important, and I don’t see this point expanded upon enough. So here it goes;

imprecise language is an all around bad idea. You should always speak as plainly as possible when talking to entities. People often bring the symbolism of our society and use it to sound cooler, smarter, and all around better when doing witchery. The people who hear your statements are usually not from our society, and have no grasp on the meaning you’re trying to get across. It causes misunderstandings that can have disastrous results. 

Heres an example of what i’m talking about:
Lets say im a new witch looking for a deity to worship. Having a deity is something I really want and I’m extremely passionate about it. I send out a calling for a good deity to come and give me a sign that they want me to worship them. “good” is just a too plain word for me to use, I mean, i’m calling upon a god(or goddess) afterall! “I wish for a god of the light to come and give me a sign!” I say. WAIT, queue record scratch and freeze frame! I used phrasing that me and my peers would understand(”a god of the light”), but “the light” does not nessecarily mean “benevolence”. Guess who would qualify as a god of the light? Lucifer is who. Having lucifer try to contact you could be extremely upsetting for someone who doesn’t want to associate with lucifer.

Another example would be if I was banishing evil spirits from my home. If I used the phrasing “Spirits of the shadows, leave this household!” instead of “Spirits who wish me harm, leave this household!” I would have, you guessed it, my house almost just as it was before. Spirits of the shadows could mean any nocturnal creature, and wouldn’t necessarily cover malicious spirits at all. See where i’m going with this?

TL;DR: Speak plainly when talking to deities, spirits, and other non-human entities

- Mod Faye

langblr problems

•watching YouTubers speak your target language and you’re jealous of their ‘fluency’

•debating if you should learn a Romance language or Germanic

•changing your phone to your target language and getting weird looks from people when they see your home screen

•debating if you should learn German or Dutch

•debating if you should learn Swedish or Norwegian

•debating if you should learn Italian or Spanish or Portuguese

•talking to yourself in your target language

•you’re able to understand your target language in a written form but when somebody speaks it, you’re like🤔🔫

•fangirling when you find somebody who speaks your target language

•having to deal with people who think that you’re 'fluent’ in your target language but all you can do is introduce yourself

Just a PSA to all Asians

Shoutout to Asians who:
- Cannot speak their parent’s native language
- Have been told they don’t “look asian”, or are “a bad asian”
- Whose achievements have been immediately invalidated “because you’re asian”
- Who come from biracial families
- That feel like they don’t fit the “standard” for their ethnicity

You guys are amazing, and 100% valid. Never forget that.

biracial kid problems

- not looking like either of ur parents

- ”oh, you look (other race)”

- ”is that your mom or is some woman kidnapping you?”

- not being able to fit in to either side of the family

- “but mixed babies are so cute!!”

- “where are you from?”

- people trying to guess ur race

- people speaking languages to u that you don’t know because they assume ur race

- oh dear god what box do I check

Biracial kid perks

- you’re beautiful!

- having two cultures to learn about/love

- having friends of all races

- cultural fluidity 

- being totally unique! go you!

learn to love your mixed self!

MM characters be like

Yoosung: I don’t know what my GPA is and at this point I’m too afraid to look

Jaehee: If my job sucked any harder than it does now, I’d orgasm

Jumin: I speak 3 languages - Korean, sarcasm and real shit

Zen: Not sure if I’m a narcissist or actually awesome

Saeyoung: Laughing at memes everyday, doing nothing, because I have depression

V: Look at all these things I can’t see

Vanderwood: Clean ur room

Saeran: Oh, I pissed you off? Suck it up buttercup

Rika: Sometimes you have to go insane, to outsane the sane

Echo girl: I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet

Sarah: He’s really good-looking and he thinks I’m super cool

MC: Oh boi 3 am chats n feels seels the deels

does anyone else have sudden urges to reinvent themselves, travel the world, start jogging, learn new languages, learn to cook exotic foods, redecorate, or start journaling? like you’re just sitting there and all of a sudden you want to be able to speak fluent latin or look out over paris from the eiffel tower, or be standing over a shiny metal pot stirring some kind of soup in an apartment that’s perfect for yourself? because i get that a lot.

Language Barriers

Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Request: imagine where reader is dating Lafayette (in this version understands English but can’t speak it) and she/he/them can’t understand nor speak English and speaks any language besides French (preferably they speak Spanish) -Anon

Words: 1275

Warnings: Badly translated French, most of dialogue is a different language

A/N: I got my friend who speaks fluent Spanish to translate all the Spanish parts, but sadly I don’t know anyone who speaks french. I’m really sorry about butchering the french language with google translate. I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested it!

You entered your favorite cafe as you did every morning. You ordered your favorite drink, and sat down, opening a book you had recently started. You were lost in the pages, until you heard a group of rowdy men entering the cafe. You looked up at them rolling your eyes slightly.

You had seen them before. The short one with a ponytail that yelled a lot. Then there was the curly haired one that had a weird obsession of turtles. There was also the man with the booming voice that was usually wearing a beany.

But the one that had caught your eye, was the one with a big puffy bun. He was usually speaking rapid French that the short and angry one would translate to the rest. You didn’t know the man, yet you were already head over heels for him. The only thing holding you back from him was the language barrier. He spoke French and you spoke Spanish.

“Hey Laf, looks like you’ve caught someone’s eye!” You were pulled out of your daydreams as the man with the beany nudged the frenchman.

You blushed as your eyes met his. You quickly looked back down at your book, pretending you had never been staring at him. You could feel all four men stare you down as you flipped to the next page. You just wished you could disappear.

“Bonjour, mon cher.” A deep voice said from across the table. You slowly looked up from your book, meeting his eyes.

“Hola.” You said quietly, hoping he wouldn’t try to start a conversation with you.

“Vous êtes tout simplement magnifique. (You are simply beautiful.)” He grinned at you.

“No te quiero desanimar pero no tengo la menor idea de lo que estás diciendo. Solo hablo español. ( I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I have no idea what you are saying. I only speak Spanish.)” You said, the man’s head tilt in confusion.

“E crois que vous m'avez mal compris. Ce n'était pas espagnol, c'était français. (I believe you have misunderstood me. That was not Spanish, that was French.)” He spoke again, his words making no sense to you, but that didn’t stop the butterflies that erupted in your stomach.

“Todavía estás hablando francés rápido. Así que no creo que tengas idea de lo que acabo de decir. (You’re still speaking rapid French, so I’m guessing you have no idea what I just said.)” You sighed, wishing you could understand him.

“Ne m'avez-vous pas compris, mon amour? Je parle français. (Did you not understand me, mon amour? I speak French.)” He said, growing slightly frustrated with you.

“Francés, no. Español, si.(French, no. Spanish, yes.)” You said, motioning to yourself as you spoke. You just hoped he would get the message.

“Ah, je vois. Tu parles espagnol. (Ah, I see. You speak Spanish.)” His frustration at you melted away, despite the language barrier he still found himself falling for you. Slowly, but surely.

“Is there a problem here?” The frenchman’s short friend asked. Having heard the commotion, he had decided to come and investigate the situation.

“Ils parlent seulement espagnol. (They only speaks Spanish.)” He said sadly, not noticing your surprised stares at the two. The short one had obviously talked in English and the other had responded in French and somehow they had completely understood each other.

“I got this.” The short man, patted the other’s shoulder. “Mi nombre es Alexander y el es Lafayette. El piensa que tu eres muy bonita y le gustaría salir contigo. Obviamente será difícil por la barrera del idioma, pero considéralo.(Hola, my name is Alexander and this is Lafayette. He thinks you’re really cute and would like to go out with you. Obviously this is very hard with a language barrier, but please do consider it).” Both men grinned at you.

“Dile que me encantaría, pero preferiría no tener un traductor en la cita. Lo siento mucho, pero sería mucha molestia. (Tell him that I would love to, but I would rather not have to bring a translator on the date. I’m very sorry, but it would be too much of a hassle.)” You smiled sadly at Alexander and he turned to translate to Lafayette.

“Est-ce qu'ils m'aiment bien? (Do they like me though?)” Lafayette asked, catching Alexander completely off guard.

“Dude, they just said no and you want to know if they likes you?” Alexander quirks a brow at the odd question.

“Eh bien, ils ne veulent pas sortir à cause de la barrière de la langue. Et si j'apprenais l'espagnol?(Well, they don’t want to go out because of the language barrier. What if I learned Spanish?)” Lafayette grinned, the idea seeming genius to him.

“I don’t know man…” Alexander trailed off, looking between you and Lafayette

“S'il vous plaît! Il suffit de leur demander! (Please! Just ask them!)” Lafayette begged.

“¿Te gusta el? (Do you like him?)” Alexander turned to you, catching you completely off guard.

“Um, si.” You said, fidgeting with your hands and blushing.

“Entonces dale una oportunidad, por favor no te defraudará. (Then just give him a chance, please. He will not let you down.)” Alex encouraged you, filling you with hope.

“Está bien pero espero no lamentarlo. (Fine, but I better not regret this.)” You gave in, not wanting to let the beautiful man in front of you go.

“They said yes.” Alexander said to Lafayette, the man jumping in his seat in excitement.

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your mouth as the two had a little celebration in front of you. Lafayette’s face lit up as he heard you laugh at something he had done. He grinned at you, a blush covering your face. They began to murmur a few things back and forth, out of earshot.

“¿Que te parece el próximo viernes por la noche? (How does next Friday night sound?)” Alexander asked, smiling just as brightly as you and Lafayette.

“Perfecto. (Perfect.)” You said, staring right past Alexander and at an excited Lafayette.

“¡Grandioso! Encuéntrense aquí a las siete y no te defraudará. (Great! Meet him here at 7 and you will not be disappointed!)” Alexander exclaimed, him and Lafayette getting up to leave. You waved at the two as they left the cafe with the two other men they had come with.

For some reason, you couldn’t stop an idea that clouded your brain. You needed to learn French before this date and nothing was going to stop you from doing so.


You walked towards the cafe, Lafayette already waiting for you at a table. You worked up all the courage you had and approached him. The two of you exchanged shy smiles as you sat across from him.

“Hola.” He said, his voice slightly shaky.

“Bonjour.” You replied, hoping you weren’t already butchering his language.

“Um, discúlpame por arruinar tu idioma. (Um, may I apologize in advance for butchering your language.)” Lafayette asked, looking much more shy than the last time you had seen him.

“Vous parlez en espagnol. (You’re speaking Spanish.)” You said, shocked.

“Acabas de hablar francés. (You just spoke in French.)” He said, his eyes widening.

“Vous avez appris l'espagnol pour moi? (You learned Spanish for me?)” You asked, your smile no longer as shy as before.

“¿Aprendiste francés por mi? Suenas bien hablando mi idioma nativo. (And you learned French for me? You sound good speaking my native language.)” Laf winked, going back to his flirty demeanor.

“Vous êtes aussi bon en espagnol… (You sound just as good in Spanish…)” You trailed off, converting back to your native language. “Quizás esto funcionará.(Maybe this is going to work out.)”

BTS Reaction to you speaking with multiple languages in one sentence

Anonymous Requested: Heyy~ Bangtan’s reaction when their multilingual s/o has the habit to talk with multiple languages in one sentence XDD”

A/N: sorry i kept this short qq i’m trying to get through all of the requests


Jin finally comes out of his room after ten minutes of you waiting. Expecting much, he wears the most ugliest pink sweater you have ever laid your eyes on. You make a comment about that in several languages, unconsciously. He looks at you, confused since he was only able to comprehend two words in your whole sentence. “Did you just call me handsome?” He asks jokingly.

You laugh, “Totally.”

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Yoongi and you are eating out together, but then you realize that you forgot your phone back at his place! You curse under your breath, a mix of languages coming out and he stares at you blankly.

He shakes his head while chewing, “I don’t even need to know those languages to know what you just said.”

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Hoseok rings your doorbell, a surprise awaiting you at such an early time in the morning. He keeps on ringing it until you answer and you greet him with a trilingual sentence.

He freezes and holds an awkward smile in place since he has no idea what you just said, “Um, yes?”

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Namjoon paces back and forth in his studio as he tries to figure out how to translate this sentence into another language. He slides his phone out of his pocket and dials your number.

You pick up, “Hello?”

“Ah, Y/N, how do you say ‘lock me up because loving you is a crime’ in-”

You cut him off. Too busy eating and enjoying your food, you translate his line into a mix of two languages then hang up.

Namjoon blinks a few times, what?

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Jimin was looking for his shirt that he left at your place last week. Unable to locate it, he asks you where it is. You tell him it’s hanging in the bathroom, but since you’re occupied your habit of speaking multiple languages in a single sentence slipped out.

He looks at you, “Um, 어디?”

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You get all comfy in your bed sheets and excited to finally get a whole night’s worth of rest. Then Taehyung texts you. You ignore it for two minutes and then you receive a call. Hesitantly, you pick it up and greet him, your voice sounding more tired than usual.

“Y/N!” He exclaims your name, “Let’s go and get some food!”

You comment in several languages about how it’s the dead of the night and how you want to sleep before hanging up.

He calls you again, but you switch your phone back on silent.

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Jungkook and you were practicing for a new dance together, but you just can’t seem to get that one move down! It’s so simple, yet you keep tripping your own foot or accidentally whacking Jungkook.

You curse in multiple languages and he looks at you, laughing.

“What? You understood what I said?” You ask in a surprised tone.

“No, but it might have been funny.”

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autism things

-I can use sarcasm all I want but if YOU do I’m gonna react as if you started speaking another language

-Realizing that crying all the time does not mean you are empathic or good with emotions

-singing the same song over and over again because echolalia

-also saying words you know you aren’t supposed to because they feel nice in your mouth

-stimming by screaming and getting “wtf” looks from everyone around you

-watching the same show every day and sometimes the same episodes over and over in the same day

-having a meltdown because you can’t do The Thing the way you originally planned

-having random bruises appear all over your body bc you’re clumsy and never feel when you initially get hurt

-wanting to do something but panicing because WHERE DO I START

-interupting people accidentally because you’re bad with conversations

feel free to add more

it pisses me off how intl fans are dying for their idols to speak in english but when they actually do, they reduce their fucking efforts by making fun of their pronunciation, looking down at them eg “haha funny engrish” “my hearteu” “kisseu me” “insfires”, this is so fucking funny right?
all offense, fuck you, you insensitive racist trash bag. youre the lowlives of this planet, you’re one of those who cant comprehend that maybe english isnt the worlds greatest fucking language and that people who arent native english speakers (BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF US BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!) actually put in effort to trying to communicate with you even if it isnt perfect
so sorry k idols cant speak the “proper” fucking english for your petty bitchy racist and condescending ass to understand.

Lines SVT would probably use on their crush

S.Coups: They say thick thighs save lives… Are you in need of saving?

Jeonghan: The only way my hair can look any better is on your pillow.

Joshua: I speak many languages but there’s one I’d like for you to teach me and it’s called Love. 

Jun: Excuse me. Do you have a name or can I call you mine?

Hoshi: Do you know what Hoshi means? Star. Do you know what a star is? You.

Wonwoo: If you were a book, I’d stay up all night reading you.

Woozi:  Are you a Seventeen song? Because you’re looking 아주 nice today.

DK: Some people call me DK, Dokyeom or Seokmin but you can just call me tonight.

Mingyu: My friend wants to know if you think I’m cute.

The8: If I’m the prince of China will you be the prince/princess of my heart? 

Seungkwan: Have you heard me sing? *laughs* Of course you have. Well one night with me and I’ll teach you how to hit all those high notes.

Vernon: *freestyle raps* Me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, a sentence without spaces.

Dino: Are you sick? I think you might be suffering from lack of Vitamin Dino.

Spanish Text Talk Phrases

So, for those of you who don’t know, I went on a search for quite a while for Spanish text talk / internet slang that Spanish-speaking people use. I did get a few responses, but earlier today, I finally really found what I was looking for through a course on Mango Languages. Mango is a fantastic program for anyone looking to start a new language, and it’s free through some libraries. However, not many libraries do offer it, and I only have it because mine does. Having said that, I figured I’d share what I found with all of you! Here you go. 

K? - ¿Qué? (This was adapted in more recent years with the spread of the English language. Typing ‘K?’ simply means “What?”)

K haces? -  ¿Qué haces? (A shorter, more informal way of asking, “What are you doing?”. It’s an equivalent to “Wyd?”)

Kieres? -  ¿Quieres? (Another example of the qu being replaced with a k. You can pretty much do that with any word that starts with qu in Spanish. Simply put, this translates to “You want it?” or “You want one?”)

X k? -  ¿Por qué? (The multiplication symbol, x, is read in Spanish as “por”, as in 5 x 5 is read as “cinco por cinco”. Therefore the x is understood as “por”. The k, as i explained before, is read as “qué”. Put those two together, and you have the Spanish word for “Why?” or the English text talk equivalent “y?”)

X fis - Por fis (A more casual version of “por favor”, which means “please”. This is the Spanish equivalent to “Pls”) 

Ntc - No te creas (Literally translated, this comes out to “don’t believe you”, but it’s understood as “just kidding”. Ntc is the acronym for that and therefore is the Spanish equivalent to “jk”)

Tkm / Tqm - Te quiero mucho (You might see it as tkm or tqm, but either way, they mean the same thing. Literally translated, “te quiero mucho” means “i love you so much”. That said, the English text talk equivalent is “ily” or “ilysm”)

Bb -  Bebé (This simply means “baby” or “babe” and can be used here as a term of endearment. The English equivalent would be something like “bb” or “bby”

Jajaja / jjj - hahaha (This wasn’t part of the course, but I’ve seen it online from Spanish-speaking friends on Facebook, so I figure I’d throw it in there. Congratulations. You now know how to laugh in Spanish.) 

I’ve also seen Spanish-speaking people use English text talk too, though. I was texting someone earlier today, and he used “lol” even though the entire conversation was in Spanish. Just thought I’d let you all know of that too

At any rate, I don’t know if or when this will come in handy for anyone, but in case it does, there you have it! And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

Ultimate Bias

Request: Hello. Can I request some story with Kihyun? It can be your choice, since Im not picky when it comes to Kihyun (the only thing I like is when it is MX Kihyun, not some AU) :D But maybe some light smut? ^^ Thank youu

Member: Monsta X Kihyun x Y/N x (ft. I.M. and Minhyuk)

Type: fluff/light smut

“But like…if you had to pick a bias,” Changkyun said, giving me serious side eye. 

I lifted my brows and pursed my lips, staring back at the two men in front of me. “As in all of kpop or in your special band of weirdos?”

“All of kpop,” Minhyuk blurted. “Weirdos,” Changkyun nodded at the same time as Minhyuk had spoke. 

I heaved a sigh and crossed my arms as they slowly turned to look at each other, speaking some silent language I was not privy to. 

“Monsta X,” they both repeated with serious expressions. I groaned and began to lean backwards into the cushion behind me. 

“What’s wrong Y/N?” MInhyuk gasped. “All you have to do is tell the truth. It’s not like our feelings will be hurt.”

“Fine, it’s Kihyun,” I muttered quickly, ripping off the metaphorical bandaid. 

Minhyuk and Changkyun both gasped as an audible “Wah?” could be heard from the kitchen. I turned slowly to see Kihyun standing there in his hamster onesie, his mouth full of food, and eyes wide. 

I winced as I slowly turned back to Minhyuk and Changkyun who were glaring at me with furrowed brows. 

“I came out to have a good time and honestly, I’m feeling so attacked right now,” Changkyun pouted, turning his face away from me. 

“You said you wouldn’t be hurt!” I moaned. 

“I said that because I thought you were going to pick me!” Minhyuk gasped, throwing his hands in the air. 

“So like…if you had to choose a bias wrecker,” Changkyun said, lifting his brow and setting his gaze on me again. 

“Oh come on, we both know it’s Wonho, your bias wrecker is Wonho, my bias wrecker is Wonho, let’s just go play video games,” Minhyuk grumbled, standing from the couch and pulling Changkyun by the shirt collar. 

“Who is teaching them these words?” I groaned, covering my face with my hands. 

I jumped as Kihyun’s soft voice filled my ears. “They’ve been spending too much time on the internet.”

Kihyun grunted as he plopped on the couch beside me, his cheeks flushed a bright pink. “So I’m your bias?”

“Says the man in the hamster onesie,” I muttered, not being able to keep the smile off of my face. 

“You know, I think that says more about you than it really does about me,” Kihyun chuckled, bumping his elbow into my side. 

I pushed him back playfully and sighed, trying not to pay attention to the look he was giving me. 

“A bias is like…your favorite member, right?” Kihyun continued, his shy smile never leaving his face. 

“Mmm or member you can tolerate more than the others,” I hummed, nodding to myself. 

“I like my explanation better,” he chuckled. 

“But thank you nonetheless.”

My heart was beating so loudly I thought I could hear it slamming against my sternum. I tried to watch Kihyun without making it seem as if I was watching him, but I was solidly certain he was doing the same. As soon as I had mentioned that he was my favorite out of my favorite group of boys, the air had changed between us. It was much more heavy and awkward than it had been only a few moments ago with Changkyun and Minhyuk. The atmosphere between us was usually so light and friendly, but now I was suddenly aware of how gravity worked around me. 

“I think you’re my bias too,” Kihyun said quietly after what seemed like an eternity of silence. 

I chuckled, turning to the silly boy beside me. “Kihyun, I’m not in a kpop group.”

“No, but like, out of the people I know,” he said, nodding along with his words. He looked everywhere but at me as he spoke. “Out of the people I know, you are my favorite.”

“Kihyunie,” I cooed, looking down at my hands. I took a deep breath as I leaned over to him, placing my finger’s around the soft material of his hamster hood. His eyes shook as he continued to face forward, even wth my close proximity. I placed my lips gently against his cheekbone, closing my eyes for a second before beginning to pull away. 

My eyes fluttered open as I felt Kihyun’s hand grip the back of my neck as I was still leaning toward him. His breaths were shallow as he finally locked eyes with me. He licked his lips slowly before leaning in and pressing them against my own.  His lips were soft at first, loving and gentle as he kissed me. Soon the kisses turned into something more rough, more desperate than it’s original intentions. Without breaking the kiss, Kihyun pulled me toward him, setting me to straddle his lap where I was more comfortable. 

I wound my hands around his neck, playing with the hairs at the base of his scalp and moving my fingers up, taking deep handfuls of his pink hair. His hands rested on my lower back, supporting me as I leaned one way or another to get better vantage of the kiss. 

Although I had never kissed Kihyun before, I could already see a problem arising. I couldn’t get enough. Our lips seemed to melt together, our tongues synchronized, and we placed gentle bites against each other’s lips. I adored how he tasted like strawberry candy and the way he moaned into my mouth when I would tug his hair a certain way. 

My breath hitched as Kihyun’s mouth found my neck and he began to place soft kisses on the way to my collar bone. My oversensitivity caused me to moan, making the bulge in Kihyun’s pajamas become more prominent and the burning at the bottom of my stomach even stronger. Kihyun sucked on my skin, leaving small bites as he went, causing little purple blossoms to bloom in his wake. If he planted a flower garden across my skin, I swear it would be my new favorite part of my body. 

Kihyun’s hands froze beneath my shirt just as his cold fingers hit my hot skin. The sound of someone clearing their throat echoed behind us. 

I turned my head slowly, tilting my torso so Kihyun could see around me. 

“I feel like I have prepared an adequate argument to be your new bias,” Changkyun nodded, his hands deep in his pockets. He looked sheepishly to the ground. “But I feel as if this may not be the time.”

“Mmm probably not,” I croaked. 

“Sorry….another time then…um…carry on,” Changkyun nodded, fiddling with his hands as he shuffled from the room. 

I giggled, placing my forehead against Kihyun’s and smiled as he let out a breath. “Changkyunnie have a chance at being your bias?” 

“Mmm, nope,” I grinned. “My ultimate bias has set the standards too high.”

“Ultimate bias?” Kihyun whispered, crinkling his nose. “Now what does-”

I hushed him with a simple kiss. “It’s you.”

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A/N: This hadn’t been requested, I just wanted you all to have some Jared Cameron love, bc he doesn’t get enough! Please enjoy, lovelies! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jared Cameron Would Include:

- Shirtless Jared. EVERYWHERE!

- “Have you ever heard of a shirt, Jared?

- “Yeah, but I look a hell of a lot better without one.

- Loads of cuddles!

- Like seriously, Jared’s needy for them!

- Jared getting jealous over any guy that even glances over at you.

- “Do you have a problem?

- “No,

- “Then get focus your eyes on someone else.

- Load’s of movie nights. You guys are movie fanatic’s and pretty much speak in movie language.

- “Can you two just shut up already?” groan’s the pack.

- Teasing each other, in more than one way.

- Sharing chicken wings together.

- Your fridge being cleared by the one and only, Jared Cameron.

- Hugs from behind, especially when you’re cooking.

- “Smells good.

- “Who? Me?

- “No, the food.

- “Gee, thanks.

- A lot of bickering.

- Forreal, you two are a freaking old married couple.

- Sex.

- Morning sex.

- Afternoon sex.

- Sex at night.

- Hot make out sessions on Emily’s couch.

- “Seriously, go get a room!” Paul grunts.

- “We already have one, but you’re welcome to leave.” Sam jeers.

- “Jared…” Sam growls.

- Being spoiled rotten and vice versa.

- Date nights.

- Being the OTP of everyone in La Push.

- The pack teasing the pair of you.

- “We’ve all seen you naked, by the way.

- “What?!?!

- “Yeah, he thinks about you… a lot.

- Being crazy for each other.

- When you fight, Jared always takes himself away from you, he never wants you to be hurt.

- Kim being awfully jealous.

- Jared and you professing your love for one another in cheesy fashions.

- Jared’s family loving you.

- Your family loving Jared.

- Jared always being cheeky with you.

- Getting your bum smacked.

- You smacking his bum.

- PDA.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Like holy mother of pearl, so much PDA!

- “Can you two stop eating each other’s face’s now?” Jacob would beg.

- “I can eat your’s, if want?” Jared would joke.

- “Try it and you’ll be dead.” Jacob retorts.

- Paul and Seth making kissy face’s at you two.

- “Look! The love birds are here!

- “Half of you are just as whipped as Jared, here!

- “I’m not whipped!

- “Yes you are!” the pack would yell.

- Remember PDA?

- “I think we need holy water for our eyes.

- “I can’t unsee that!

- “I think I’m gonna puke.

- The pack trying to mimic you two.

- Sleepovers.

- Like seriously, this boy will sneak in through your bedroom window whenever he can, just to cuddle with you, because he can’t sleep without you by his side.

- Infinite smiles.

- Being his entire world.

- Playing with Jared’s hair all the time: He usually falls asleep.

- “Spoiled brat!

- “Quit talking about yourself.

- Being understanding of what and who he is.

- Being in on the pack’s secret and never telling a soul.

- Loving each other so much, like seriously; you guy’s may seem like assholes to each other, but you love each other so much.

- Jared always protecting you.

- Jared taking pictures of you all the time.

- “Hold it!” he states and runs to get his phone. He takes the picture of you in mid chew of a mouthful of cereal. “Beautiful.

- Being incredibly cheesy, telling terrible puns, having an infinite amount of giggle fits, always being happy around each other.

- Seriously, you’re a sweet couple and everyone loves you two together.

- Hardly ever fighting, unless Jared takes things too far or if you go to see the Cullen’s.

- Being incredibly clumsy, to which Jared carries you everywhere like a princess or bride.

- “Oh, look at that! I just swept you off of your feet again.” he’d grin wolfishly.

- “Hush!

- “Nah, I think you secretly love it.

- “No!

- “Yes!

- “Okay, fine.” you’d grin.

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Hello there! So I was wondering about gaster's dad on your gaster ask blog and if there's any more information that you posted about him? He looks creepy as hell btw so i'm very curious about him. Please and thank you

thanks for asking! and for giving me an excuse to post this thing that’s been sitting around for months lol (you can see where Gaster gets his creepy good looks from)

I have a small introduction comic planned for him because I feel it will give a better sense of his character than my words alone, but I can tell you some basic info in the meantime~

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Request: Would you do one where T'Challa shows off to his wife (the reader) how smart he is? I feel like T would speak 6 languages and know math like the back of his hand…

Blog Tag: @cupcakequeen1999

A/N: Please imagine that you both are speaking in which ever language is most comfortable for you.

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 879

Short Imagine #85

Title: Showoff

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I read in one of your asks that you said you were convinced that Larry had a sexual relationship. What makes you say that? I know it's a silly question to ask a Larrie but if hypothetically this was all untrue and they were asked to play up the touchy-feely-lovey-dovey thing then wouldn't it look the same?

This is a great question. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to answer. Wouldn’t it look the same, you ask, if they were playing it up for the camera? I’m just going to visit March 2012, when One Direction was first in America. To me there’s a noticeable difference between what might be “playing up the touchy-feely-lovey-dovey thing,” and the way Harry and Louis speak with their body language:

This next gif shows a casual familiarity with the each other. Louis could just tap Harry’s leg, but he goes beyond that:

The expression on Harry’s face here:

In these next few gifs, note Liam hugging Louis—while Louis and Harry are focused on each other (and Louis checks what their managers are doing). They’ve just been asked why people call them “Larry Stylinson.”

Then comes this fandom-famous (dare I say mythical) moment. Harry checks the camera:

distracts Louis (and looks pretty hungry, frankly):

then makes his move:

Nothing that physical, to my knowledge has ever happened with any of the other band members. Not to mention Louis’s look off-camera in the next few gifs. If they were asked to play up the touchy-feely, he wouldn’t be concerned about their handlers’ reactions:

(Harry looks quite pleased with himself)

These next gifs show the moment that has made so many people think, “They have got to be together.” Why? Because it illustrates the visceral need to touch someone, for no other reason but to be close. Harry needs to feel Louis’s skin. This is not for the camera. This is just someone in love, wanting even the slightest contact.

Look how he rests his hand there. If you’ve ever felt desire for someone, that need to touch—just to be connected—might be familiar to you:

I should note that I’m noncommittal about their current relationship status. But I have absolutely no doubt they have an intimate history together. When I watch them, I see two people who are closer than friends and share a physical intimacy with one another. It’s also really important to remember that if they were asked to play up the physical side of things, we would have seen much more more of it. And It would not have stopped or been hidden.

links listed in order gifs appear:  Video Diary Pt 3  // Teen.com // 107.5 // Time for Kids // Popstar // Push // Z100 //  Kiss 95.7 //  Palisades Mall // Vevo interview  (I’m happy to discuss this subject further, by the way.)