look at you im gonna have a breakdown

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114 jeffmads???? im so sorry if you arent doing these anymore aa

“It’s midnight, what do you want?”

Author’s note: This is college AU. I like to think that Thomas has really shitty eyesight, but wears contacts most of the time. Guy probably looks really hot with glasses though, not gonna lie.

Thomas Jefferson did not take too kindly to having his very peaceful sleep interrupted by a phone call at twelve in the morning. He didn’t know too many people who could honestly say they were fond of such experiences. Especially not college students. Wasn’t fun for him, and when and if he answered the phone, it was never fun for the poor, unsuspecting caller.

So it came as no surprise to James Madison when the first thing he heard from his best friend’s side of the phone was a growl.

“It’s midnight, what do you want? And who is this?” Without his glasses or contacts in, and in his dark bedroom, he couldn’t make out the name of the caller.

“It’s James.” His voice was soft, and strained. Like he was holding back tears.

Thomas shot up into a sitting position. James never called randomly, and he certainly never called this late.

“What’s wrong?” He heard James’s little chuckle; he must have sounded more worried than he’d meant to.

“I- I think I need to drop out.”

Thomas shook his head. “What?! You can’t drop out! You need to get your degree! You’re the smartest guy I know. Why?”

“It’s just too much. The stress of it all. I broke down three times this week! I can’t handle this. I shouldn’t have taken all those classes. I don’t even have time for my job anymore!”

Thomas sighed. No. He was not letting his best friend do this.

“Come over. Right damn now.”

He heard a deep sigh before he heard a response. “Okay. But you better have a bottle of wine waiting for me.”

Thomas couldn’t help himself; he snickered. “Of course I do. Hurry over.”

“See you in a few.”

Thomas set his phone down after he hung up, getting up to grab a bottle from his stash of alcohol.

All he had to do was convince a guy in the middle of a mental breakdown not to go through with the easiest way to prevent more breakdowns. Piece of cake.

okay so this is a masterpost of the time 5sos went back to aus and michael wore a grey beanie for like 4 days straight aka when we all died

buckle ur seat belts kids this is gonna be painful

first we got this damn muke selfie and i definitely almost had a heart attack bc first of all MUKE and second look at him wtf are u trying to do

then apparently it was a good idea to send muke to do interviews and what not together (bad idea) AND LOOK AT HIM HE LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE KITTEN OK wow ive barely started this and im already yelling ok anyway

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Can you make the boys reactions to when they're on vacation with you in a foreign country and you're the one with the map because you said you could "handle it" but you're clearly lost? XD

Omg this is totally me LOL I have a zero sense of direction OTL

Xiumin: *watches you struggle for a bit* pffttt we’re totally lost aren’t we babe?

Luhan: no im not laughing at you babe i swear 

YiFan: i thought you said you got it….?

Suho: im gonna die omg im gonna die in a foreign country omfg where are we this cant be the end nononono *has a mental breakdown inside*

Lay: WE’RE LOST?! but i thought you knew where we were going?! *in disbelief*

Baekhyun: ha! i TOLD you we should have turned right! *smug*


Chanyeol: you don’t actually know where we are do you? *doubting*

D.O: ahhh my god we’re lost aren’t we?

Tao: *gets all pouty and sulky* i wanna go home.. 

Kai: im never gonna get to eat chicken again…..

Sehun: dont even look at me until youve gotten me back to safety


Hope you liked this ^3^

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