look at you attending events going on red carpets sigh

032 Tense

Notes: I think I broke my own heart writing this. It all gets too much for Hazza Bear! I tell you to enjoy but it’s unlikely x

Harry had been hidden in his office near the back of the house for what felt like years. You knew it had only been a few hours but since he arrived home from a day of meetings at 4pm, he’d been in there all evening, with it now steadily nearing 9:30pm on a Friday night; a Friday which would usually be spent either out at dinner with friends or with family, or maybe a takeaway night for the kids, but apart from a grunt as he got in, you nor the kids had heard a peep from behind the office door. He knew there was pizza waiting in the kitchen; he could smell it, but that didn’t tempt him to join his family. Isabella had finished all of her homework in the library after school so she was free for the weekend, and Zack and Tommy were out in the garden teaching George some new football tricks that they’d learnt at their Tuesday evening football training a few days ago. Every so often, the ball would hit the wall outside Harry’s office, causing a loud thud and then a sigh from him as he tried to concentrate.

You decided after five and half hours that you should at least check on him to make sure he was ok. Harry had a distinct line between when he could and when he shouldn’t be disturbed; work and his home life were incredibly separate unless you were attending a red carpet event or party with him, and one thing that annoyed him most was somebody interrupting him when he was deep in thought. He wouldn’t get angry, no, he would just sigh and give a look until said person left him alone. Making a cup of tea for him gave you a reason to go in besides just checking up on him but you knocked on the door to no answer. You sighed and opened the door anyway; it was your house too, you thought. He didn’t look up or turn around as you entered and his back stayed facing you as he leaned forward slightly, left arm resting on the table in front of his computer which was displaying all sorts of arithmetic.

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