look at yoona in the background tho

(i dont answer this ask directly bc tumblr is slooowwww if i answer ask with picts)

tbh i really REALLY dont understand why these ppl are so hyped up about this bodyguard dude

i just can’t understand this “having same bodyguard = true love”  so-called-conclusion

these ppl legit think JI “ordered” that bodyguard to watch over K

do you think JI can do that? ordering SM’s bodyguard to do shit for him?

i mean seriously? do u think JI has the power over SM? how gullible…

i’ve even read something like “kxk exchange love letters through bodyguard oppa” (i legit loled when i read this bc “what century is this? exchanging love letters???? where do these ppl live? under the rock? LMAO”)

seriously tho, these ppl love to tell KD shippers to wake up from “fanfic fantasy” yet they come up with such a laughable bullshit

anyway this bodyguard dude, he doesn’t only escort kxk, but other SM idols too (surprise surprise)

dont believe me? here are the picts

((these are the picts from the link anon gave me))

((these are the picts my friend found / screenshot – she was doing a little background check of ‘bodyguard oppa’   and it only took her 10 minutes to find all of this lol))

bodyguard dude + yoona 

bodyguard dude + yixing

bodyguard dude + shinee

bodyguard dude + snsd

bodyguard dude + taeyeon(? sorry if im mistaken) 

bodyguard dude + who? RV? idk

look! bodyguard dude + kaisoo (if we use the same logic, this implies KD is banging)

look again! bodyguard dude (on the left) + ksoo (again if we use the same logic, this means JI told bodyguard dude to watch over ksoo)

seriously tho… what the hell is this bullshit logic? do some ppl legit think like this?

how could these ppl function irl with such logic…. they’re so….easy to trust (bullshit), so naive… i want to meet these ppl tbh… i want to see how they behave irl – how they solve the problems that are being given to them, how they interact with their peers…hmm.

also, anon… it seems that you’re the prev anon who sent me another kxk proof on the other day

you and that anon give me stuffs from the same source (that twitter acc)

i didnt answer that ask bc i felt it was useless and boring. im sorry (nah… not really)

it was a short video with “kai was sad when k fainted” as the caption. i watched that video and i didnt see JI being sad. therefore i was legit confused. so i asked 3 of my friends to watch it too. all of them said the same thing; “i dont see this dude [kai] being sad" 

(one of them even watched that video over and over and over again just to make sure of it)

anyway… can you please stop giving me kxk so-called-"proof”

all of them are basically the same; ridiculous, groundless, and have the similarity with cheap articles that are being produced by desperate media outlets (the content doesn’t match with the click-baiter title)

it’s boring. 

i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, kxk bores me. this couple bores me immensely. im not interested in them bc they honestly don’t intrigue me, they’re bland and generic as a couple imo, sure they look aesthetically good together, but i feel like that’s the only thing i can conclude about them, so please stop sending me their stuffs.