look at what it resembles

“An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms”

This line stuck out a little bit to me. Since Same Old World, we haven’t really known why Lapis was even on earth in the first place, and according to this line a Lapis’ purpose is to terraform. Now, if you’re like me and have no clue what this means, look no further:

“transform a planet so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life.”

There have been some theories that Lapis were meant to be messengers, which would explain the wings, but it seems to be more than that. I think that Lapis was sent to earth in order to study it. 

Now why would homeworld need her to study the earth?

But let’s not forget about the theory of Lapis being a messenger, it still has some validity to it. Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo, but she still needed to relay the information back to homeworld and that’s where a different power comes into play.

The mirror thing she did with her eyes, wasn’t an accident. I think that it’s a power that all Lapis Lazuli gems have. The gem who put our Lapis in a mirror, clearly knew what she was doing, considering that’s likely how they transfer their information. 

Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo.

So I noticed something...

Sasuke has always looked just like Mikoto but I love it when he’s around Naruto because when he smiles

HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS MAMA! Meanwhile whenever he’s with Sakura…


YOI Fan Theory: The mysterious Chris Man

An announcement for Ep. 12 of Yuri On Ice said that a SWISS SKATER was to star as himself. Here’s what he looks like:

I think he resembles the man appearing with Christophe Giacometti:

“I know you’re busy but…can we just stay here a little while longer? I need you all to myself…”


He just wanted his 25 minutes. Why doesn’t he ever get his 25 minutes. Kana don’t worry, they’re just hugging, I promise.

goldrushrunning  asked:

Ah yes. The ifrit thirst.

I mean it’s awfully hard to not get so thirsty when he’s just so incredibly hot amirite?

Ifrit is absolutely gorgeous though and my love for him burns almost as hot as the flame he conjures!

I see a little resemblance here...

You probably know about the theory that says that Ali has a twin, right? Well, so you probably remember this comparison:

Alison looking a little bit different on flashbacks from That Night. The twins theory says that these two girls are different people.

But I noticed something that kind of terrified me:


Since we’ve never seen Bethany grown up, we can’t actually know what she looked like. But I really see a resemblance here and it got me wondering. 

I learned in biology that twins are prone to be parents to twins too. So if Jessica and Mary are twins, they had a significant chance to give birth to twins too. What if Bethany and Alison are twins?

The show has given us many hints that Alison has a twin. What if, like in the books, one of them was kept in a mental institution (Bethany) and one day escaped?


Padmé and Luke

It is important that a son can feel proud to emulate his mother. Sons being exactly like their fathers is a boring trope. Apparently it is good for a daughter to take after her father because she is lifting herself out of the pit that is being female. Poor thing, bless her. Yet it is somehow degrading for a son to be like his mother? Luke resisted Palpatine because he relied on the part of his personality that he had in common with his mother.

  • Ruby: We need to be supportive
  • Me: It seems unhealthy
  • Ruby: Everyone copes in different ways
  • Me: Not like this...Jaune can't really see though...it looks...off
  • Ruby: I know, it barely resembles her
  • Jaune: What are you talking about
  • Ruby: Nora...shhhh

Imagine a pocket-sized you sitting cross-legged on a pin cushion as you gleefully watch Yoongi put the last knot in the string. Cutting it with sewing scissors, he places the doll a fan had sent you (resembling what you look like) down on the table. Springing out of your seat, you gaze into its button eyes that are the same color as yours and a big satisfied smile spreads across your face. Looking over at Yoongi, he already has a smirk on his face, but it grows into a gummy smile when you joyfully thank him as you hug the doll that was obviously bigger than you.

Diantha, First Princess of Nohr

While her twin brother Marius carried his father’s decisiveness and courage, Diantha possessed her mother’s patience and virtue. She was the first of the children chosen by Brynhildr, a feat that would not happen again until Prince Leo was born. However, she rarely used the tome and focused instead on the medicinal arts. Diantha treated her other fellow siblings with respect and high regard, even if they did not wish the same for her. She was aware of the blood feud between the Albrands and the Durands, and hoped that through her own actions, she could set an example like her mother did. Sadly, this would not come to be, as the Durands would be annihilated completely, and her brother Marius was caught in the crossfire.

One night, Diantha went missing without a trace. When news of her disappearance came full circle, the court was quick to point fingers at the concubine Irma of Buelen and Seraphina of Minett, who both desired the Brynhildr for their children. In hopes that she was still alive, Xander worked tirelessly to find her, but only found a man named Hans. He was unable to arrest the criminal for his sister’s murder and consequently had him jailed for numerous other crimes. Xander never mentioned the details of Diantha’s death to his other siblings, a mistake that would come back to haunt him when Hans makes his return, perhaps to take another.

The portrait from a previous comic, in slightly better detail. I had been debating at first on whether Xander should be an only child, or if he can have other blood siblings. There was nothing that said he was didn’t have direct siblings, so I just rolled with it.

Design notes: Pose referenced from here. Dress referenced from that one Barbie movie.


… the devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for

-Tucker Max

he’s purroud to be an ameowican

so does the visible version of Oliver look ok ?? (like from what of his face can be seen. he doesn’t actually have a phantom-esque deformity that was just for the fun of putting my ocs in that musical)


Ref pics for Nyctophile (it’s a fic I’m writing on AO3 okkaa)

I had such a hard time looking for something that resembled what I was imagining (and the doodles I did gave no justice to what was in my mind jfc). In a way, their outfits were heavily inspired by AC:Unity hAH

Yoongi and Namjoon are supposed to have grey and black clothes, Jin has pink, Jungkook has red, Hobi has blue, and Taehyung and Jimin are blue, too (storywise, they’re wearing their casual clothes as seen here but are just borrowing the castle guards’ extra clothes halfway through the story)

/ew word vomit/

@ishimae nOONAAAA here you go =))))))))


Once again in Yang’s defense, The potatoe is a member of the Belladonna plant family.
I actually read a few comments on what Poe’s name was suppose to be and originally I just had liked the name Poe. One of my favorite comments however was the silly thought that Yang had followed after her dad and named her child after what he resembled at birth. (Yang looked like a little dragon and Ruby like a little gem) To Suns relief Ruby didn’t follow the same naming route.
SO yes. Potatoe (Poe) Belladonna-Xiao long.

Get to know me tag

Tagged by my sister dearest who wishes to remain annonymous

Im on mobile so theres no bold. Deal with it

1) Are you named after someone?

Nup, just the season

2) When was the last time you cried?

Last week i think

3) Do you like your handwriting?

Lmao no. If you ever see it,, it looks like a bunch of squiggles put together vaguely resembling letters.

4) What is your favourite lunch meal?

Um idk. Food, maybe the samoan lunches i have at family gatherings. 👌👌👌 theyre the bomb diggity. Always marry into a samoan family the food is A++

5) Do you have kids?

Not really theyve grown up now. Im actually the child of my friend-family set up

6) If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

It would depend. Im terrible with first impressions because im too blunt tbh. So if i dont like you, ill tell you straight away. So if i even approached myself or said something remotely annoying ill be on my own hate list (id either hate or love myself really)

7) Do you use sarcasm?

Who doesnt? should be the real question

8) Do you still have your tonsils?

My tonsils??? Ye i think so

9) Would you bungee jump?

Flip yea, im an adrenaline seeker

10) Fave cereal?

Uhh, i dont usually have cereal but i guess weetbix??

11) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Usually but if ive just had sport or am really tired i wont

12) Do you think youre a strong person?

Well gee. Physically? Not really, people think i am but im not. Mentally? Fuck yea, i have that i can do anything attitude. Emotionally? Nah im a wreck.

13) Fave ice cream flavour?

Orange choc chip :)

14) First thing you notice about people?

Height, hair/forehead, nose and voice. Those click immediately

15) Red or pink?

Pink bc im weak for pastels

16) Least favourite physical feature about self?

Damn its tied between legs/height, stomach and face. If i could change like one of those id feel better.

17) Colour pants and shoes youre wearing now?

Lmao im im bed so no pants and my fave pastel socks.

18) Last thing you ate?


19) What are you listening to rn?

The several clocks in my room all ticking and listening out for when my parents get home.

20) If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

A forest green or brown

21) Fave smell?

A tie between gardenias, my clean laundry and mint

22) Last person you called?

Lmao my friend Ting. She got lost trying to get back to the boarding house

23) Fave sport to watch?

Rugby :) bc im a stereotypical kiwi

24) Hair colour?

Goddamnit my hair used to be really cool and colourful, now its just u know brown. With my natural tones of brown where i didnt dye the roots.

25) Eye colour?

Brown again, just dark brown.

26) Do you wear contacts?

NEver. AgaIN.

27) Fave food?

Okay so theres a few. Butter chicken, candy canes, raspberry licorice and chicken satay.

28) Horror or Comedy movies?

Horror. Bc who needs sleep

29) Last movie I watched?

Moana, i love it man

30) What colour shirt are you wearing?

An oversized black one with ‘Sup2’ written in pink

31) Summer or Winter?

Im triggered,,,,,,, got this all the time when im younger. Okay so my name is summer and i like the warm sun, but i prefer winter bc 1) my bday 2) u get to snuggle into warm clothing. But autumn is my fav season overall

32) Hugs or kisses?

I forever crave human affection, so both is good platonically and romantically. ((But certain people will tell you im a cuddler))

33) What book are you currently reading?

Im always reading so many at once. But rn its mostly The Perfecr Girl by someone or rather. Also im rereading The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon bc i am a child born of a interracial marriage and the story is just so cute.

34) Who do you miss right now?

My friends. Its been over 24hrs

35) Whats on your mouse pad?

Dont have one yo

36) Last tv show u watched?

Hello Counselor

37) The best sound?

Jhopes lines in Spring Day jk um the music from my childhood paired with my family all speaking to each other in a mix of languages

38) Rolling stones or Beatles?


39) Furtherest youve travelled?

Lmao 4 hour flight to Brisbane, Australia. Not that far.

40) Special talent?

Getting what I want >:))))

41) Where were you born?

July Saturday 13th 02, Auckland, New Zealand 9-10pm during an All Blacks game.
Holy fuck that was long to type out on my poor phone. Rip my thumbs.

I tag whoever wants to type out all of these questions and do then. Good luck