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ATLAS: do not talk to me of the weight of the world, 
nor its people’s hearts. you know nothing of endurance.
the heavens are heavy and my shoulders ache. 
i am tired.

APHRODITE: you think holding the earth is enough?
you think you are close to them just because they rest on
your back? you know nothing of their pain. do you even remember
how tears taste?

ATLAS: i know pain. i know bruises that last centuries,
bone deep and digging like claws, burrowing like worms
through body structure-

APHRODITE: -you know standing still, rigid, a statue in body
and soul alike / you know the exact weight of the human heart
x 7 billion. you do not know how it feels to watch as they burn in place,
how it feels to see them fall; down / in love / to their deaths.

ATLAS: i carry them in life and death. my dear, your hands
are soft; they do not understand the strength it takes to balance
oceans on knuckles and land against muscle.

APHRODITE: my hands are soft because they hold hearts
as easily as you hold the world, and hearts, in their own way, are worlds.
i know strength. better yet, i know how easily strength crumbles
and i know how to guide through the breaking. do not equate soft
with weak. they are not the same thing.

l.s. | APHRODITE vs ATLAS: on the subject of strength© 2016

dick move of the day: deliberately agreeing to do the presentation portion of the group project because i can’t finish mine until everyone else has done theirs so it’s not my fault i had to do this shit last minute (i would have done it last minute anyway but now i am The Victim of everyone else’s procrastination)

Hi all!! This is the official announcement for Polyamorous Cool Kids Week 2017! It’ll be running from Sunday, June 11th through Saturday, June 17th.

Here are the themes for the week:

Sunday June 11th, Day 1: First meetings; we know from Three Gems and a Baby that the cool kids met back when they were young, but how do you imagine their first encounters with each other?

Monday June 12th, Day 2: Date Night; It’s date night!! What do they do?

Tuesday June 13th, Day 3: Fluff/Angst; A situation that’s either very sweet or very sad. Or both! You pick.

Wednesday June 14th, Day 4: Free Day

Thursday June 15th, Day 5: Alternate Universe; Pick whatever AU you want and do something with that! For example: magic/fantasy, mermaids, werewolves/vampires, etc!

Friday June 16th, Day 6: Beach boredom; It’s a slow day in Beach City. What do they do to kill time?

Saturday June 17th, Day 7: Domestic Life; Years have passed and the three are all living together! Give a snippet into their everyday lives with each other.


  1. Any and all kinds of media, be it art, writing, fanmixes, AMVs, gifsets, etc. are all welcome so long as they are made by you! Submissions can range anywhere from drabbles to full-length fics, sketches to finished illustrations, and from 15-second edits to full-length AMV’s! Don’t feel like you have to go all out unless you want to.
  2. Please post anything you want me to see and reblog under the tag #PCKW.  Please make sure you include this tag as one of the first five in your post, otherwise it won’t show up in the tag when I search for it!! If you don’t want to post something to your blog, you can also submit it via the submission box. You will be credited unless you explicitly want it to be anonymous! Please pick to either submit or post, though! Don’t do both!
  3. Try and post your completed submissions on the day of the prompt if possible (according to EST). If you miss it, no big deal. The tag will be checked and late posts will be reblogged for a week after the official event ends!
  4. Please keep everything like, appropriate for ages 16 or younger. Explicit content (language is fine) will not be reblogged. Sorry!
  5. You may participate in as many or as few prompts as you’d like, of course!!

Most importantly, have fun!! I’m so excited to be running this event and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates! :’)

-Mod Nim ( @stevonnie )

I really do not understand the type of cognitive dissonance it takes to make the jump back and forth between “wow I really love these books so much so that i have a blog dedicated to them where I constantly post meta and fic” and “this author is a piece of shit and I don’t like what she has done with her own creations so she no longer deserves creative ownership over them” as smoothly and gracefully as some of the people in this fandom do. 

karionwriting  asked:

Hi, Wil--what do you do when resisting Trump becomes too much? I'm involved in my community resistance organization, and I try to remove myself for a little while and take a news break when I'm overwhelmed, but it's always consuming my thoughts and I can't stop worrying. I know you are open with your anxiety problems, and I'm on medicine that normally works for me, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Do you have any advice?

It’s tough. If you care about even one of the things he’s relentlessly attacking, it’s hard to look away. He’s an abuser, and the nation is his victim. If you care about speaking up to protect and defend victims, it feels like a dereliction of duty to not stand up and speak out and resist at every opportunity.

But, as they say, you need to put your own mask on before you assist another passenger. It’s so so so important to take some time to care for yourself, even if it’s just twenty or thirty minutes a day doing something like cooking or baking, or taking a walk (without looking at your phone), or creating some art, or something like that. What I mean is, it’s something just for you because we absolutely have to take care of ourselves.

Someone else will step up to hold the line in your absence, just like you’ll step in for that person when they need to take care of themselves.

So I know you’re asking about the existential dread that hangs over all of us, but I framed my answer the way that I did because when you give yourself these breaks, it gets a little easier to handle the existential dread that hangs over all of us.

I hope this is helpful. Please reach out again if you have follow ups, or to share your experience (if you feel inclined to do that).


downloaded some mods that cleaned up the roads and sidewalk in Sanctuary and it feels so good tbh

I’ve seen some people call this kind of thing “immersion-breaking” but you know what’s immersion breaking to me? Bethesda’s insistence that even after 200 years nobody has ever thought to pick up a fucking broom and clean up their damn homes

The cool part of the settlement building mechanic is that you get to feel like you’re starting to rebuild & fix the world, but that feeling of accomplishment is severely diminished when I’m making buildings filled with trash and pre-busted windows for some fucking reason


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

Thoughtforms: Theory & Ethics

Thicket’s Thoughtform Masterpost

Thoughtforms are known by many names. Tulpas, servitors, artificial spirits. Each name has its own connotations and context. In general I call them thoughtforms which holds the least “baggage.”

Anyone can create a thoughtform. It is a surprisingly simple process. So simple, in fact, that many of us have unintentionally created thoughtforms that float around us and constantly affect us.

So what is a thoughtform?

A thoughtform is a human created bundle of energy with a purpose. In this way they are highly similar to spells. Certain types of thoughtforms, in fact, are identical to spells. It is only when we get to more advanced thoughtforms that they really become differentiated.

The most simple type of thoughtform is a regular thought given energy until it has power of its own.

Have you ever had a thought which seems to have a life of its own? Maybe it’s a crush, a worry, a fear, a hope, or a dream. You think about it intensely for a day or a week, and now something strange has happened to it. When this thought revisits you, it’s evolved. The factors have changed. It’s taken on a life of its own. It visits you and demands time and energy before it will go away again. That thought has become a thoughtform, a little artificial spirit without a mind of it’s own, evolving and changing and coming back to Mom or Dad for regular feeding.

What if, however, you took control over this process and carefully constructed a certain thought and gave it power, so that it would be your ally and work on your behalf. That is the type of thoughtform most of us are thinking of. Many of these thoughtforms become characters and even gain their own sentience over time.

A thoughtform of this type is limited only by your imagination and ability to feed it. I have several thoughtforms around my home, many of them guardians. I will later go over how to build a powerful thoughtform and give it life. For now, we can talk about theory!

Sentience is a huge ethical problem when it comes to thoughtforms. A mindless thoughtform is just like a spell; spells have no mind, they just do as they are told. A thoughtform that starts to make decisions and process things is more like a computer. And at a certain point, that computer gains it’s own artificial intelligence. But it’s still intelligence; it’s still self-aware. It knows what life is, and what death is. Some thoughtforms go as far as to beg their creators for life and never to kill them.

So now you’re in the position of creator god. What do you do with your thoughtforms once you’re done with them? Do you murder them and scatter their spirits to the four winds? Do you allow them to die a natural death of old age? Do you starve them out? Do you hit the self-destruct button? If you are tender-hearted, what you can do is give your thoughtform an alternate energy source (such as sunlight, moonlight, the winds, running water, whatever) and set them free from your service, free to roam the world in whatever condition they like. I suppose if you got very fancy you could create an afterlife for your thoughtforms to exist in once you’re done with them (or just lie to them about it).

Personally, I look through my notes and see what forces I used to create my thoughtform. Did I create it under the powers of the Sun and Moon? Then I will release part of their spirit back to dwell with the Sun and part to dwell with the Moon. I send them back from whence they came. Human consciousness does not survive death, regardless what you believe about souls; death is “it”. So it should be for thoughtforms. Once they have served their purpose in life, it is perfectly alright to grant them a noble end and send their spirits back to the Universe. That is my belief.