look at watermark


Hope you like them. :3

Now I had originally contemplated doing this on my desktop but issues arose, so instead I did it on my handheld tablet. So it took me longer. I don’t normally draw on the little thing.

So instead of working on the way fabric moves in depth like i planned, I worked on color and display. Hope you like. Fyi, they are both transparent pngs so have fun with that. :3

Blasted watermark. Looks tacky but i tried. @_@

tenaflyviper  asked:

I saw your post in the fairy kei tag, and I really hope that company doesn't continue to sell your design without permission. If it becomes a continuing problem, you might want to look into putting digital watermarks on your work, which basically is like hiding ownership info inside the image's digital information.

That’s a great idea I’ll have to look into that if I start making work again. Things can be so easily photoshopped out so I want something more secure.

All we see is sky for forever

Here’s the speedpaint :D

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