look at ur cute little face

cute things the signs do

aries: say “don’t worry, I got this” while carrying 50 pounds of groceries and someone offers to help

taurus: sleeps with at least one stuffed animal, four pillows, and two blankets

gemini: gets really excited over puzzles/ loves rubix cubes and chess, nerds

cancer: tbh I love it when u shut the fuck up (jk ily) bakes cookies and feeds everyone, makes sure u never go hungry

leo: gets really excited about random little things and yells at u until u at least pretend to be excited too

virgo: makes little adjustments/straightens a crooked picture frame or arranges the flowers in a vase until they look “just right”

libra: always smiling and humming, smiles at animals, birds, strangers, everyone to spread a lil love

scorpio: stares at u but looks away just as u catch them, gets cute/needy when ur alone together and super shy/distant around other ppl

sagittarius: laughs at everything, quick to make u mad but just as quick to awkwardly apologize, demonstrates affection via violent punching

capricorn: makes savage comments with a straight face, acts like they don’t have a sense of humor tho they’re secretly masters of comedy

aquarius: science nerd, loves facts about space/biology/whatever, probably thinks physics is “exciting” 

pisces: can’t watch someone crying without crying too, feels really bad for homeless people and the live lobsters at the grocery store

Rate That Wiccan

When @speedmagick and I were on vacation we (jokingly?) talked about rating our favorite appearances/designs of the twins, and since he made good on it I’m here to do the same . 

Asguardian: too many belts, appropriates Aesir culture? looks great for smth a 15 year old made by hand 6/10

Wiccan (2005) wears all black, hasn’t brushed hair in weeks, cape recycled from Vincent Valentine cosplay, SHORT (check out those wedge heels). Hot Topic Freshman 8/10

Young Avengers Special Nancy from The Craft, meetings with ur birth mom, “I don’t give a Three Fold Fuck” 10/10 the most witchy

Civil War “hit by a car and dumped in the trash, this pigeon isn’t giving up” 6/10 cute face weird anatomy/clothing

Young Avengers Presents lowkey my favorite- he looks young, gangly, and a little unkempt. love the nose & brows lol 9/10 im deadass i love this issue


Dark Reign some characters looked good in this comic but Billy was not one of them 0/10 why is your suit blue???

“The most relatable character in Mean Girls was Janice”  listen Billy is a grunge/emo gay 5/10 please buy a hairbrush

“I got BANGZzzzuhhh!!” this is the same style just updated for the 2010s 6/10 you got a hairbrush

Startorialist definitely got a tumblr. glowy eyes mean business. pastel goth. Strike a pose! 5/10 needs more black and the cape should be tattered !!!

“You’re perfect you’re beautiful you look like Wanda Maximoff you’re a model… Did you stone those tights?” 10/10 Billy your smile is a beauuuutiful

New Avengers (Sandoval) this is the least-ugly Sandoval drawing i could find. Anime hair, weirdly super buf), cape is practically a tent. Details never consistent. 1/10 that’s a pretty good sasuke wig tho

New Avengers (Paco Medina and Marcus To) really small, cute baby face, fluffy hair, starting to wear black again, calls his mom, 8/10 best versions of this design so far

House of M (2015) Wiccan & Speed Team-Up! The same suit but Edgier and more Red 9/10 i actually like this better than the original

Avengers Fairytales dead inside, that mug is full of liquor, big ears better to hear u talking shit, gets rekt regularly by his gigantic boytoy 10/10 bunny baby, this outfit is too fuckign cute and his face iss… killing me

baby daddy! taehyung

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  •  okay so like i was gonna work on my prince!taehyung oneshot but i kept thinking about tae being a dad and i just got so emo and here are my ramblings
  • let me just start off saying that tae would be like the best husband in the entire world like he’d love and care for you with his entire being 
  • he’d spoon hug you at night time and hold your hand  and whisper how much he loves you in that deep voice by your ear until u fall into a deep sleep while being caressed in his arms 
  • hes like that kind of guy who would just love to wake you up in the moring tho 
  • and your like 
  • tae
  • no 
  • its like 7:30 wyd 
  • and he’s just like the sunshine himself like he shines so bright in the morning and literally he wants to get up early bc he wants to cherish every moment of you being beside him 
  • jfdklsfjlksdfjls and like!!!!! you’d complain bc like…..ur not the moring type yah know sleep is gr8 and he’d ultimately win bc he has this puppy face and would take ur hands and play with them and swing them to wake you up 
  • he’s basically a grown child 
  • okAY and so like why do i not see him being the type to romanticize the whole doing the ‘boom-boom’ 
  • i feel like he’d be the type to just like rush into it like ‘bAbE I WANT kIDS liKE ASAP’ 
  • but then again he wouldn’t rush you or pressure you or anything he’d wait for you 
  • and like one night you did it ok you did the boom-boom alright and like it was great obvs 
  • ill let u be dirty by yourselves im not going to go into that rn this is a fluff post 
  • quench ur thirst elsewhere 
  • anywhoo a few weeks pass and like you are getting that morning sickness yeah? I mean i never been preggers but im going off basic knowledge?? 
  • so okay like you wake up in the middle of the night like 3 in the morning and like tae wakes up of course and you are like in the bathroom spilling your guts out and at first ur like super confused and tae is worried as hell
  • but then his eyes just light up out of no where and ur like ??? 
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT”??? like the question just busts out of him like a popped balloon ok he’s like half excited and half anxious and worried for you and he starts pacing the bathroom 
  • and ur like babe??? calm down idk if im pregnant ok i might just be sick?? 
  • and he looks at you and gets on his knees alright and looks you in the eyes and he just like “im going to walmart” and ur like 
  • wAIT 
  • that boy is already out the door with his pajamas still on ok like he gives zero fucks like he needs to know noW 
  • he slams that pregnancy test on the conveyor belt and he’s legit jumping up and down bc he wants to get back to his wiFE 
  • and the cashier lady is tired asf and like “whats dis mofo doing here kjdsklgjls” and then she smiles and says “good luck~” 
  • sO tae gets back home ok and he hands u the thing and ur like alright alrigHT 
  • and that boy will not leave ur side ok u better know it and ur like tae??? ummmmm can i please pee on this thing in peace thx 
  • and hes like oh shit sorry 
  • so u pee on the stick and guess whattttt 
  • ur preggers 
  • u kinda just exit the bathroom with a sly smile on your face
  • and tae has bulging eyes waiting for a response 
  • “im pregnant” 
  • you better bet your sweet little ass he’s gonna be all over you he’s gonna be swinging u around and kissing your face and crying 
  • and seeing him crying makes u cry and next thing you know the next morning your letting the fam know
  • everyone is just like congrats!!!!!
  • and now comes the nine months where tae is legit your body gaurd like he is so protective 
  • he was protective to begin with but now its like he took some super dad power pills and he is always attached to u like everywhere you look tae is there like a leech attached to your back 
  • hed be feeding you breakfast every morning and go throughout your day eating healthy meals 
  • gotta make sure that baby is nourished!!!!!!
  • im crying ok omg breAK 
  • back ok liSTEN 
  • you would get that baby bump and he’d rub your belly all the time and he’d jump out of his skin when the baby moves or kicks and he’s just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • and your lauging and he wants to cry again bc he is so in awe like ?? thats his baby moving around in there 
  • and he’d want to sing to the baby all the time like 
  • youd be lying in bed and hed start singing little nursery rhymes and your heart just swells and the baby can detect that sort of thing??? and it starts to move around around and you tell tae that the baby likes his singing and that makes him do it even more often
  • also not to mention being pregnant is effing painful so he’d always be there to rub your aching back and give you butterfly kisses all the time to ease your pain
  • okay and then you go and u find out the sex of your baby and like you think its gonna be a boy but tae thinks its gonna be a girl idk why i just feel like tae would want a girl 
  • so u go and you find out that it’s a girl!!!!!!!!! and tae won’t leave u alone abt how he was right 
  • and u decide on a name and no doubt its cute ofc 
  • okay so your whole pregnancy goes like this and so then 
  • ur water breaks 
  • oh shit amiright 
  • tae freaks the fuck out but like not as much as you were 
  • like your in pain and hoLY FuCK they baby iS coMING nOW 
  • and yout screaming and tae is trying to be calm but he’s runnning around and trying to get you into the car and he’s freaking out while driving like 
  • he’s like speeding down the highway to get to the hospital ok 
  • this boy has got zero chill 
  • he half carries you into the hospital and everything happens to fast
  • hes sitting beside you holding your hand tight as your screaming your lungs out giving birth 
  • and tae is half-way feeling guilty that you’re going through this pain 
  • but fAST foRWARD and your healthy baby girl is born!!!! 
  • and like at first tae was about to bounce on the doctors like he wants his kid now but they had to go clean her up 
  • and when they finish tae holds her little body in his arms and he’s crying 
  • “look at her” 
  • “she’s so beautiful” 
  • “it’s my baby” 
  • he looks at you then with tears gleaming in his eyes 
  • and he brings her over to you and your holding her and you can’t believe you did it 
  • as ur baby girl grows up like tae is such a protective father 
  • he’d proababy want to cry if she ever got hurt 
  • and you notice that as she grew that she had tae’s sparking eyes and gleaming box smile that you always adored you 
  • she had your cute nose 
  • and face shape 
  • Tae would try so hard to make her look so cute like braid her hair and pick out cute clothes and you’d just smile and let him be 
  • him being happy with your child was enough to make your insides melt 
  • he’d be that dad who’d volunteer to change the diapers and get up in the morning and your just like babe!!! i got it its fine!!!! im ok i can do it!!!! 
  • and after seeing you go through that pain for 9 months he wants to repay you back and in turn he also gets to spend time with his kid and he is happy doing it 
  • youd both play with that baby all the time and be all over the floor with that baby ok and the squeal of joy that erupts from that childs mouth is what fuels tae and you to keep living in this beautiful world
  • when it comes time for her to go to school hed be so scared like hes letting his baby girl go off alone??? nO 
  • and ur like tae its alright babe its ok its good for her and he gets that but still??? 
  • also your daughter would have that same laugh that tae does and every time she does it your stomach gets butterflies 
  • and whenever she cried tae would be like the first one at the scene 
  • and whenever she had her temper tantrums he’d be the one to baby her 
  • and your like tae we cant do that we gotta have disipline 
  • and hes not having it
  • that baby is gonna be so spoiled rotten omg 
  • lord help us all 
  • but the thing is that baby will have the best parents in the entire universe like nothing can change that fact at all 
  • that baby is gonna grow up living a happiness filled life ok 
  • i really hope ya’ll enjoyed it!!!! 

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YES i'm hype. okok so how do you think connor and evan would react to you sending them nudes? lmao




you guys sending nudes to each other wouldnt be an “out of the blue” thing. like i feel it would almost be expected. but the first time it happens connor is totally the one to start it.

- probs be coming out of the shower and have a towel wrapped around his torso

- he would open up his snapchat (which he really only got to send scandies to you)

- would take a risky pic of his v-line and water droplets on his skin

you would be studying and then get the notification. you would open it and be all excited to see ur bf’s cute lil face buT BAM ITS A RISKY PIC

- you would screenshot it tho lol 

- you would strip down to ur bra and take a cute pic 

connor would get it and open it instantly. he would do the thing where he bites onto his thumbnail while smiling, looking at it.

he would toss his wet hair out of his face and send u more pics. but each time it gets a little more scandalous. and then it would just get to the point where you are both nakey and sending vids of you … doing stuff 

- now its just a thing that u do when u get new cute underwear

- connor has an entire folder on his phone just dedicated to your nudes

- sometimes he doesnt even look at them to get off

- he just looks at them and is like “wow… she hot”


i feel like evan wouldnt have been sexually active until you guys had sex for the first time. so after you guys do it, he just lowkey expects you to come over whenever he is in ~the mood~. but you are like “evan??? i cant be here all the time???” and he gets all pouty

- so you try to teach him how to touch himself but he cant do it when hes alone

- like he tried looking at magazines but didnt like that he didnt know the women and felt like he was cheating on you w them

- and hes too scared to watch any adult films online

- so u just resorted to sending him nudes whenever he needs them

- like u would just get a text w an emoji or a code word (lol u guessed it) and that means that it is NaKeY tImE

- his fave would be when u would take vids of your chest and do a lil panoramic view 

- after a while he would stop asking for vids and pics bc he would have so many just in their texts but he would still text u the code word bc he just wants you to know 

- what a dork

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Jaehyun
  • i haven’t done a jaehyun post since forever
  • he’s so ??? beautiful ¿? ???? i love him sm
  • never ever stop loving this baby boy okay?
  • he deserves never ending love <3
  • okay, but let’s start w the request shall we
  • okay so,,,,
  • he invited you to the 127 dorms that day to have dinner and to a ‘possible sleepover’
  • “what do you mean with a ‘possible’ sleepover, jaehyun?”
  • “i mean that i don’t have ty’s permission but that you should came and bring your things just in case”
  • lmao, this boy
  • so you put all the necessary stuff in your backpack, pjs, clothes for tomorrow, charger and obvs makeup
  • and then went to the 127 dorms where jaehyun opened the door for you w that precious smile of his <3
  • so now both of you were in the dorms, talking about different stuff and just chilling ya know
  • y’all had nothing to do later and just wanted to enjoy time with each other
  • “y/n, did you brought your make up bag today?”
  • “uhm, yeah. why?”
  • “well, ah~~ have you even seen lipstick prince?”
  • and you can’t help but smile bc he’s so adorable
  • like he saw his hyungs on tv doing other girls makeup and he wanted to try it out with you how cute is that
  • “you want to do my makeup?”
  • “well, if you want to..”
  • “you fuck up my face and i’m fucking up your life, jung yoonoh” -you, 2K17
  • and he was shooketh when you started to organize all the products in front of him
  • he was slowly regreting his life decision but no!!1! gotta be better than johnny at this!!!1!
  • and he probably had a few ideas of what he should apply first bc i mean he also wears makeup all the time
  • so he choosed the right foundations and he did the basics pretty well but he may idk apply a little too much or not enough of something
  • and probably your face and neck were too completely different colours lmao
  • also, he would either went for a really bold and sexy look or a really cute and innocent one, there’s no between w him
  • but he actually tried to combine both and have a 50-50 but that was a mess
  • you ended up w a super bold smokey eyes and cute pastel pink lipstick
  • anyways yeah, the eyes.. were something, lmao
  • since he went for such a bold look the choosed dark colours and didn’t even thought about choosing ones that matched ur skin color
  • and you were like
  • “jaehyun tf are u doing”
  • “mY BEST!!!1!!”
  • he was getting so nervous it was so cute lmao
  • literally, you couldn’t stop giggling and he couldn’t stop smiling at how cute your laugh was
  • and there was a moment when he had to stop and take a break bc he was getting stREssed
  • he diddn’t even wanted to try doing your eyeliner lmao what a mess
  • he just curled up your eyelashes being extremely careful and then aplied mascara
  • he probably fucked up the mascara too lmao
  • oh, and btw, this whole thing probably took him a whole hour or even more bc he was so slow and careful with all the products lmao
  • and he didn’t applied bronzer but applied blush ????? and LOTS of it
  • so your messy and black eyeshadow was looking completely out of place 
  • and when it came to him doing your lipstick, oh god
  • he was so stressed over this lmao you could see how his hands were shaking as he was trying to decide for a lipstick color
  • and when he finally decided for a bright pink one you tried to distract him by making funny faces or talking non stop so he couldn’t apply it lmao
  • “y/n can you sTOP”
  • “hehe ily”
  • and there was a moment when donghyuck suddenly came to the living room and saw jaehyun super close to your face
  • so he pushed jaehyun’s head causing bOTH OF YOU TO KISS OH MY GOD WHAT
  • and him also smashed ur lipstick in your cheek and broke it in the process,,,, yeah
  • and when donghyuck saw you with lipstick all over your face he wasn’t even able to run from a pissed off jaehyun bc of how much he was laughing
  • and you couldn’t stop laughing too bc hyuck is such an idiot and jaehyun is just as stupid
  • “baby, don’t worry about it, you choosed the ugliest one i had anyways”
  • “no, i’m s-wait what”
  • you standed up from your seat and hugged him
  • and you probably ruined his t-shirt w makeup lol
  • “i look cute anyways, don’t i?”
  • “yeah… i can’t confirm. i made too many terrible decisions”
  • so both of you start laughing as y’all hug again
  • “you’re lucky i like you”
  • and then you kissed him and he got all shy aw
  • but donghyuck was there like ew
  • lmao, okay and the end
  • idk why but i feel like jaehyun would be terrible w makeup
  • this guys gets stressed and nervous really easily what do you expect lmao
  • ugh i love him sm
  • anyways, bye

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first post!! starting off with my most favourite boy in the entire world 💛

  • you’ve just moved house and your parents are all like “hey!! go introduce yourself to your neighbours” so u knock on the door of the house on the right with like a bag of cookies 
  • and the door opens to a beautiful radiant boy with a slightly confused look on his face
  • and i mean you’re shook bc um how often do u see boys who radiate positivity and happiness so ur kind of silent until he opens his mouth to be like “can i help u??” 
  • so u kinda stutter and say “i’m your new neighbour!! uhh these are from my family we live next door gTG bye!!!!!!” and u kind of just like shove the bag into his arms then run away lmao 
  • but then both of your parents decide to have dinner and get close so things happen and turns out renjun’s school and your school are super close to each other!! which means now he walks u to school :)) 
  • and u become really close to renjun and you’re like best friends ok
  • one morning you ended up meeting your friends while you were walking to school with renjun which ended up with your friends being all like hey y/n whos this :))) and ur abt to be like “oh this is renjun he’s my nei-” and u look to the side but he’s gone?? he ran away????
  • so u text him and he’s all like “i got kind of shy sorry!! i ran off like that djfksja” but ur all like no it’s ok!! bc like lbr ur friends were probably thinking he was ur bf and analysing his entire being.. but renjun still feels bad nd keep apologising
  • u promise him it’s all fine tho but now ur friends think ur dating renjun (which isn’t a bad thing heyy foreshadowing) and wont leave u alone omg
  • speaking of friends,,, after school on some days when both of u are free u walk home together too and one day renjun’s friends aka the rest of the nct dream members are with him and u were like running up to renjun bc u wanted to give him a moomin figure u made in art with clay ok
  • anyway renjun introduces u to all of them and they’re all like grinning but stay silent and just say hi to u but after a bit ur all having a fun conversation
  • at some point chenle leans over to u and in a not-so-quiet voice is all like ‘u kno renjun talks abt u all the tiME!! i think he really likes u hahah’ and renjun like actulally almost dies on the spot but on the outside he just gets all blushy and now you’re all blushy and it’s just everyone giggling at u two 
  • renjun and u like don’t talk that much for the rest of the time once u get to renjun’s house to hang out bc u kno there were liek 6 other ppl but after they leave ur abt to leave with them when u remember u didn’t give him the moomin figure u made him!! 
  • so ur like “wait renjun!! i have something for u” and u put it in his hand
  • and he like looks at the figure then u with these really adoring eyes and is like “hey,,,, u know that thing chenle said before,,,, about me,,, liking,,, u,, it’s tru,,” and hE’S BLUSHIGN AGIAN
  • and he’s like looking away thinking u dont reciprocate his feelings but then u like “um renjun. i have liked u since like the first time we met” and hes like wait wHAt and suddenly this really happy wide smile is on his face and u can see the little snaggletooth and it’s CUTE 
  • u smile back and he’s like “so i’m,,, ur boyfriend now,,, right??” and ur like “yes!!” and from then on ur that cute blushy couple who love each other v much and are always smiling it’s wonderful
  • extra: donghyuck probably told chenle to pull the whole ‘renjun really likes u’ thing on the bus and he probably made a bet with mark that u nd renjun woudl get together by the end of the day. $4.50 for lee donghyuck

Ok so

·         Daniel is like, your typical male

·         Its just what you really would expect a male apartment to look like

·         Except cleaner because jisung would haul his ass if it wasn’t

·         Has a lot of photos of family and friends

·         And his cats


·         His cats are his life lol he loves them me tbh

·         and he would do anything for them

·         A N Y T H I N G

·         you actually meet rooney first

·         you’re sitting listening to music on the bench outside of your apartment building

·         when you feel something rub against your leg

·         so you look down and see the softest cat of all time rubbing against your leg and you also being a cat lover lol, begin to stroke it

·         and ur like crying because its such a CUTE CAT

·         but unfortunately you need to leave to go to work or shopping or something

·         and when you get back later, you are walking down the hallway to your apartment when


·         So of course you stroke it again

·         As you’re bent over stroking this cat, a deep voice from behind you says ‘oh hello’ sounding rather surprised

·         You turn around to the SOFTEST LOOKING MAN

·         he has like soft brown hair and a cute little smile on his face and you’re like stuttering out a reply as you crouch on the floor, the cat nudging your hand for more attention

·         he introduces himself as Daniel and the cat as rooney

·         you ask him where he got the name from and he says from a footballer he likes…

·         and then adds that rooney is a girl but he didn’t know at the time

·         and that makes you giggle a bit


·         So you start asking him questions about his cats and he asks you questions about pets

·         you basically bond over your mutual love of cats lmfao

·         and then you get to chatting more about other things, like music and what your hobbies are

·         you guys hang out a lot and you develop a crush

·         you meet seungwoo who claims to be daniel’s other half but then he is like lol nOT FOR LONG

·         and then you meet jisung who is literally daniel’s mother and you two get along super well

·         Daniel is like anyone who can get along with jisung hyung is The One

·         He loves the fact that you love his cats and they love you too because remember I said he would do anything for his cats that means keeping u close by

·         He shows you his b boying and his facial expressions become more intense (u know like in open up and hands on me IM DEAD)

·         And then offers to teach you some

·         You initially refuse but Daniel gives you the Puppy Dog Eyes and you cave pretty quickly

·         And he ends up holding you pretty close and you’re both like this is…. Nice and your hearts are beating at like ten times faster than they should be

·         Its really soft and cute but at the same time Daniel is looking all sweaty and Fine LOL

Lai Guanlin As Your Clingy Boyfriend


•whoop whoop

•back at it again with those bullet points

•okay so

•first things first


•im sorry

•but honestly if you don’t cuddle him he’ll just whine but you dont mind because asdfghjkl hes sO CUTE

•'Y/N~ come cuddle’



•ur so cute

•but then when you do cuddle him, he’ll have this little smile on his face

•im not even sure whether he’d be the big spoon or the little spoon

•it depends on his mood

•i love thinking about little spoon Guanlin tho

•i think when you go out Guanlin will still be quite shy

•but he’ll never let go of your hand

•like honestly

•'Guanlin let go! My hand is sweaty!’

•and he just gives you this really pleading look that you CANNOT say no to bc its Guanlin

•you just have to let him hold your hand and you protect him bc omg look how precious

•but as soon as you call him precious he gets really defensive

•'im not precious, I’m a man!1!!1!’

•shut up you’re a precious little chick


•cute kisses


•bc he’s still nervous but he wants to kiss you so badly

•so they end up being this quick little peck

•quite clumsy and awkward but it’s fine bc your both still young!

•when Guanlin gets upset the first person he wants is you

•even if he’s with the rest of Wanna One he’ll want you instead

•he wants to be the little spoon

•he wants to hold your hand until it’s sweaty

•he wants to kiss you clumsily

•and he wants you to tell him that everything’s fine

•he’s just rlly worried and you’re the only one he can think about


•but he can’t let the boys know he only wants you

•you think the maknae would hear the end of it?

•lol no

•especially from Jisung

•rivalry of age


•but basically clingy Guanlin would be like 10000x more precious than normal Guanlin

•(no matter how much he tries to deny it)

•and he wants to protect you but likes being the little spoon too much


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Honestly Asriel's face shape looks female to me. Like I know its smol bab asriel supposed to be kinda cute pinch ur cheeks little goatbro but it doesn't really help the "guy or girl?" thing

children have similar bone structures before hitting puberty. if a little boy and a little girl had the exact same hairstyle and the exact same outfit, it would probably be hard to tell the difference. 

also, asriel has a dog face..?

Sirius Imagine 4

Request: Hy there! Could you do a Sirius imagine where the reader is really close with the Marauders, and they are passing notes in class? Either the reader see it or not, it’s up to you. Maybe some teasing because Pads keeps watching us or something, just thought it would be funny. :) Love your works btw! <3″

omg thanks for the smiley face and the little heart they make me so happy!!! anyways i think this is a super good idea and it sounds so cute and i just love this idea so much ur so smart, i’ve been having serious sirius fever lately (lol) so i absolutely love all the requests!! 


You sat down in class and pulled out fresh parchment, and sat your ink well on the desk. You looked at the two desks in front you you and smiled as you saw Sirius seated next to Remus and James next to Peter, with the little row in between the two pairs. Sirius looked back at you and smiled. You were so lucky to have them as your best friends, even if they did do really stupid shit sometimes. 

“Hey, n/n,” you heard James whisper, “Do you have an extra quill? I forgot mine.”

“That’s literally the third time this week, Prongs! Where are they all going?”

He shrugged, genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright,” you pulled a quill out of your bag, “But give it back, I’m running low.”

“Thanks, n/n,” he patted your shoulder and winked, making you giggle.

What you didn’t notice was Sirius shoot James a dirty look.

Soon enough, the Muggle Studies professor came in, and the class quite down. You dipped the tip of your quill in ink and began to take notes. 

Sirius felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a folded parchment on his desk. He looked over at James, who nodded towards the note, signaling for him to open it. 

He folded it opened and saw in James’s messy handwriting, ‘Wanna go to the forbidden forest later? there’s this super cool trick i can do with my antlers i just learned. - J’

Sirius scrawled back a quick, ‘yeah, sure- S,’ and looked back at you, getting lost in the way your nose curved, how your hair fell, how- he felt Remus jab his side and looked over at him. Remus grabbed the note from Sirius’s had and wrote something before folding it up and passing it to James. James opened it and giggled silently before writing something back and and passing it over to Remus. Sirius angrily intercepted the note and opened it.

Remus had written, ‘sorry, pads isn’t here at the moment, he’s to busy fucking y/n with his eyes. -R’

James had responded, ‘he’s obviously in love with her, he should just grow a pair and ask her out already. -J’

Sirius took his quill and very quickly wrote, ‘I would, but we all know that she doesn’t like me back. Maybe if one of my ‘deer’ friends didn’t spend so much time “asking her for quills” i would have a shot.-S’

He handed the note to James, who read it and rolled his eyes. He wrote back and passed the note to Sirius again, ‘I don’t think ‘asking for a quill’ really means anything. Besides, I’m already taken, Evans is in love with me. And maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time staring at her from a distance and talked to her you would see that. -J’

‘I DO talk to her!’ Sirius wrote back, ‘I’m her best friend! -S’

‘Just ask her out, for god’s sake!’ Wrote Remus, who had intercepted the note, ‘I’m tired of hearing you gush over her every five seconds and stare at her whenever you’re too scared to talk to-’

The note was ripped out of Sirius’s grasp in the middle of him reading the sentence by a familiar hand… Yours.

The Professor had left the room for a moment while they had been passing the note and the class had begun to talk, and you became curious as to why your three best friends were being so secretive and writing angrily on the parchment. 

“Y/n! Wait! You don’t need to look-”

“No! I want to see what’s so interesting that you can’t pay attention to your best friend!” You responded, smiling a tad while holding the note out of Sirius’s grasp. Sirius was halfway on top of you now, not that you were complaining, and you were leaning over the back of your chair, you head turned so you could read the note while keeping it out of Sirius’s reach.

“Y/n, really! You don’t need to read the-”

“Is this true?” You had a serious look on your face now, the smile gone, and you were holding the note to your chest. 

“W-well, I,” Sirius’s voice faltered, realizing he was still very close to you.

He took a deep breath and sat back a little, which only allowed you to move closer to him.

“I-I… yes.”

You closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him, within seconds he was kissing back with just as much passion.

You pulled apart and looked at his face, his cheeks red and his face flushed with nervousness and embarrassment. 

“Why didn’t you bloody say something!?” You questioned, smiling.

Sirius grinned, “I thought you would think I was out of your league.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ha ha.” 

He pecked your lips again and whispered, you feeling his breath on your lips, “Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t love me back.”

You gave a small smile, “That could never happen.” 


It came out kinda short, but I really like it :)

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dating kim seokjin

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dating kim seokjin would include:

- imagine that one time you received a gift out of the blue

- thats what him asking you out feels like, bc he hid it?? so well??? uh?? jin hoW did u hide this

-he would b pretty casual, not expecting u to literally scream ‘YES’ bc he wasn’t even sure if u liked him in that way

-gosh first date goals

-hed take u to ur favourite restaurant and just like, let u order what u want and encourage it bc he’d never admit it but u look so cute when u eat food u enjoy like ur face lights up n u look like a little content bunny wah!!

-he’d follow it up with a walk around the city, aimless most likely but you were the aim and he just wanted to hear about your life and how it was going are you eating and sleeping good did your neighbours move or are they still being noisy because he can most definitely tell them to shut the f-

-he’d look so cute rambling you might just happen to uh,, kiss him, softly and just with enough pressure to remind him you’re real

-he’d reply to it with a grip on your hips and a fierce kiss back, willing it not to end but goddammit seokjin oxygen is sadly and essential

-he’d be so happy and blushy pulling away and maybe even a bit emotional?? idk he’d just be so in awe of your perfection

-random dates, you swear he’s always planning someway of showing you he loves you

-and he would be so patient and not rush into things, like he’d just wanna enjoy his baby

-somedays he wouldn’t wanna get up and you’d just end up in his arms wearing his oversized hoodies

-petnames are his shit

-his favourite is angel, and he would call you it in front of everyone without an inch of shame

-the boys would tease him but secretly just coo over jinnie and his love for u and they agreed u are pretty angelic 

-not the type to get jealous but would occasionally step in if someone hit on you t o o much

-fighting would be more emotional than anything

-he’d be sick of acting nice all the time in front of the cameras and he’d suddenly just snap and start saying things he really didn’t mean

-nothing too bad just, jabs at life and you and work and everything in general

-sometimes he would just, hit a sore spot

-for example the night he comes home and you’re wearing his t-shirt he planned to sleep in and he goes off at you and asks why you feel the need 2 steal his clothes all the time

-ur kinda dumfounded and u know it isn’t his intention nor is it him bc this literally has happened one time before so you know how little he gets like this

-you just go to bed, and lie there and sorta, cough and cry, ripping off the shirt and leaving it in the hallway

-he would realise his mistake quickly, making his way toward where you are 

- he’d pick up the shirt abandoned in the hall, and his heart would clench with shame

- he’d wordlessly pick u up and sit you on the edge of the bed, carefully putting the shirt back on you

-he’d apologise genuinely, and curl you against him and sing to you softly

-ask you to always wear his clothes, because you’re his angel and he’s blessed to even have you in his presence

-youre his angel

-and he’d never ever wanna lose you

-gosh I’m soft 4 this concept

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boyfriend jungkook
  • okokok lets DO THIS
  • i have a soft spot for little jungkook he was my very first bias
  • the softest cutest little man child
  • would fall for u within the first few months of knowing u and one day he just sees u laughing and his heart flutters and hes like “shit jungkook”
  • asks u out by standing at ur door at 9am on a saturday morning with flowers and a cute little teddy bear
  • laughs as u start blushing and freaking out bc ur in ur fucking pj’s w bed hair and a clean face damnit get it together
  • ever since then he thinks u look the cutest when u just woke up
  • does little things to make ur day a little better
  • sends u cute texts
  • tries to pull cheesy shit
  • “hey jagi lets count shoulders… 
  • *taps his own shoulders* 
  • “1..2..” 
  • “taps ur shoulder and then wraps his arm around u to tap ur other shoulder*
  • “3..4!”
  • whines when u slap him bc why is he like this
  • probably such a good kisser mm but u didnt hear it from me
  • likes when u play with his hair
  • cuddles!!! so many cuddles!!!!
  • likes when u wear his clothes
  • plays piano and sings songs and cooks for u
  • does anything for u
  • tries to make u laugh bc he thinks ur laugh is cute
  • lowkey the jealous type i feel like
  • favorite pda is holding hands or wearing something small that matches
  • beats u at every imessage game
  • wont let u win 8ball even out of pity
  • reaches things on the top shelf for u
  • pets ur hair when ur sad or sleepy
  • rly stubborn after fights but usually apologizes first after a fight unless u were rlly in the wrong and he knew he was right
  • ur moms wants u to marry him but doesnt say that out loud
  • such a good boyfriend honestly

Ok I’ve decided to combine these cuz they are kinda similar and I AM HAVING IDEAS

- he would lean against ur shoulder while walking to class and being a cute little bug tbh
- he would be so affectionate at times like this
- ‘You know babe, I really love you.’
- 'The sun doesn’t amount to how much you brighten up my world.’
- he gets really cheesy
- ok so he would invite u to his place and when u guys got there Soda and Darry were at work and he has never been happier to have the place to himself
- he literally drags you to the couch, plops down, and plops u down directly on top of him
- 'This is actually really uncomfortable.’
- 'Yup.’
- let’s pretend it’s a Friday night and he don’t got school tomorrow, y'all would be watching any and every movie out there
- even when the tigers came home y'all went to his room and watched movies while being a the cute love sick couple y'all are
- he would complain about the day to you and tell you what 'Jason’ did and how mush of a dick 'Jason’ was being
- he would lay his head on ur chest and with a squished lip and the pouty voice and he would rant to you and it would be so cute
- dance parties
- Elvis
- Paul Newman
- so many of the disgustingly cute couply cute kisses
- later in the night he would be so giggly and happy and would twirl ur hair and like put it on his face like a mustache
- Pony’s body is cuddly AF
- ok he is the type to fall asleep mid sentence
- if u mention anything about school or homework he would give you 'the look’
- he is a cute little cuddle bug fight me on this

Assassin! Wonwoo

inspired by K2 and Healer

  • a assassin who is highly trained in combat and technical skills so like not only can he kill you he can easily hack the govt office???
  • worked for your dad who is a highly important govt official and like never spoke a word except scan the room and look deadly.
  • lethal and silent af.. honestly the only words you’ve heard him say are “yes sir and no sir” and occasionally “i apologize, i’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again”.
  • has been training since he was a child so he doesn’t get worried about killing or hurting anyone, and is super good at getting rid of evidence no wonder he hasn’t been caught and no body dares to mess with him either.
  • he has a few rules which he works with and that is kill only the bad people, no innocent people will be harmed. and no hurting women and children. if they doesn’t agree he doesn’t work for them. simple as that.
  • he started to protect you after the elections came up which meant that you could be the target for ur dads enemies and stuff so he followed you everywhere even if you went to the bathroom he’d be outside keeping guard. 
  • so no matter where you were whether it was to go to your classes or to go for a walk he’d be trailing you and you’re scared of him bc he’d never say a word except bow when you met and when he dropped you off at your house.
  • he attempted to talk but he’d answer back very monotonously?? and you’d be defeated.. bc?? how long can you keep this on? he won’t even look at you just sit by you reading a book or talking on his headpiece making sure everyone was on guard around the area. 
  •  sure he doesn’t talk but you enjoy his company bc he’s nice enough to offer his jacket those few times and he listens to you if you have to practice your foreign language and at times you’d see a hint of a smile creep on his lips but it’d be gone soon enough. 
  • one day he doesn’t show up and u’re worried bc you knew ur dad probably sent him to kill someone or something?? the entire day you’re hella worried and thinking what might have happened. and for the next few days he’s still not there.
  • finally he does show up and he has these little bruises and a bandaged hand and u’re like!!!!! “WHAT HAPPENED?! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!!” he looks a little surprised at you but then his face relaxes and he says in a low voice “my injuries are none of your concern miss please don’t fuss about it” 
  • and u’re like??? “excuse moi?? but it is my concern bc you’re my….” you trail off and he raises his eyebrows. u clear ur throat and say “what i mean is that i’m worried that my bodyguard went missing and now that he’s back is a little hurt”. this time he is really surprised and lost for words bc no lie u’re hella cute and he snakes looks at you at times..
  • but like???? he shouldn’t…? you make him sit and bring the first aid kit and clean those small wounds and he keeps looking at you and u can feel the blush creep up on ur face. 
  • then you make him sit on the sofa and say that if he moves a muscle you’ll kick his ass and he chuckles bc you’re tiny fist couldn’t hurt a fly but sure he wouldn’t mess with you rn. lol
  • so you both just chill and you force him to open up and he’s so smart?? he talks how much he loves reading and what all he enjoys and you both like stay up all night laughing and talking and you end up falling asleep on his chest and he just lets you drool on him and admire your sleeping face on him.
  • the next day onwards you greet him with a hug and the rest of the guards are like?? woah.. wHAT?? waIT? wUS happenin??” and from then onwards y’all are friends and he never leaves your side and is always laughing at your attempts to make a joke or you snorting bc he just made fun of your dad’s hair. lmao
  • so eventually you’re like his lady and he doesn’t let anyone come near you and everyone is even more careful not to go near you bc wonu won’t spare him if he notices a tiny scar on you. 
Languages Lessons w/ Kun
  • i’m so happy omfg
  • i miss him a lot, is he alive i don’t even know
  • but i need him
  • i want to see how much his korean has improved
  • shoutout to anon for requesting this, this request is adorable
  • but let’s start shall we!!!
  • i really miss him bro
  • so, you and baby kun actually would have lessons to learn his mother language
  • like twice a week or smth
  • yall started your relationship like a month ago or something
  • and both of you were still knowing each other and everything
  • but he really really wanted to present you to his family
  • and you were so nervous
  • you wanted to give a good first impresion and also be able to comunicate with them u know
  • so you would ask him to teach you 24/7
  • “kunn!!! how do u pronounce this??”
  • “did i wrote that well??”
  • “that means dog, right? rigHT??!!”
  • lmao he was low-key starting to hate you
  • but he loved how dedicated you were being to learn chinese just for him and his family
  • he really appreciate it
  • “y/n? really for todays lesson?”
  • “ah~~ yeah, i did the homework you told me to and I have been studying in my free times"
  • “you’re adorable y/n”
  • he would giggle at your cuteness and hug you
  • and the lesson starts okay
  • he was actually a rlly good teacher??
  • i mean he could be mine whenever he wants ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • but like, he would explain you everything really slowly and would constantly ask you if you understand of if you need him to explain again
  • also he would be an angel, giving you kisses in your cheeks when you pronunce or wrote something well
  • and when you couldn’t he would be so comprehensive towards you
  • “no, baobei, it’s 我愛你 (i love you)”
  • “no, babe put your lips like this”
  • and he deadass grabs your cheeks and tries to give ur lips the right form to pronunce it
  • and you look at him, your heart starting to beat faster
  • he was so beautiful, he was right in front of you touching your skin in such a delicated way without knowing how weak it was making you feel
  • “我愛你?”
  • and he just laugh because you look so confused and adorable and your lips looks weird because of how he’s pressing your cheeks lmao
  • he would cup your face and smile at you, his cute little smile taking all your attention
  • “感謝一切, y/n, 你是天使 (thanks for everything, y/n, you’re an angel)”
  • and you just can’t take your eyes of his lips
  • “現在做 (do it now)”
  • you got even closer to him and pressed your lips over his
  • they felt so soft
  • just like me rn
  • and oh my jESUS CHRISTT
  • honestly
  • best first kiss ever in the story of the best first kisses ever
  • also this isn’t related to the story but
  • i just saw a pic of kun and sicheng and he was doing that thingy of grabbing his cheeks!!! lmao
  • when you separate, he looks at you, still smiling
  • “looks like the lessons are giving good results, you understood perfectly everything i said”
  • and you’re there all blushy and giggly because of how embarrased you are
  • “閉嘴, 锟 (shut up, kun)”
  • and he hugs you dsfhhgfd
  • “let’s take a break, baobei”
  • “wanna cuddle?”
  • “of course i do”
  • so yeah
  • you spended the rest of the day cuddling and talking chinese to each other
  • and the rest of the china line was looking at yall like aw
  • <3
  • “i don’t know about yall but i ship it” -zhong chenle, 2k17
  • lmao
  • did you like it? this was honestly so cute
  • it ended better than i expected

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circus themed aus?

  • I’ve made my peace with being ‘the hideous monster’ for my act but seriously if you don’t stop showing up to my shows whenever I visit this town and look at me with pure awe and fascination instead of disgust I mIGHT JUST HAVE TO Look away and blush cause I’ve never experienced anything like that before
  • my fav part of walking the tightrope is the collective mass of concern in the audience, but you–your face i literally cannot handle, its making me laugh and i cant walk straight like that and “shit”
    • not rly worried though, i sort of have an anti-gravity ability that might help me out a little with balancing so dont worry ur cute lil face ;)
  • i was practicing breathing fire out of my mouth when you came and swooped in for a kiss but now you regret it cause i just burned the hell out of your tongue oops
  • “damn babe what that mouth do??”
    • *swallows sword silently*
  • for the circus act they have decorated bodyguards that come by the pews to intimidate the audience before the lights turn on fully and ive made it my life purpose to crack a smile out of you for the entirety of this two hour show
    • i can see you forcing down that smile, cmon dont even try to deny im not cute
  • you were dragged up on stage to do some bit that involved heights, which was totally safeguarded, but oops our safety line snapped and i had to drop down from my aeriel/ceiling silk dance to come catch you
    • “so, some finale huh?”
      • “please dont sue us”
  • i work in some low tier traveling circus and you and a few of your sketchy friends somehow found me to offer a job in some giant scheme that apparently you cant do without a professional acrobat
    • “you want to me walk a tightrope. across two skyscrapers. in the pitch black. with no net. and not get shot down by bullets all the while.”
      • “what, you cant do it?“
        • “of course i can do it. it’ll just be the first time i wont have an audience to awe at me and i dont know how i feel about that.”

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when I was at the movie theater to watch homecoming, that ad where tom's wearing glasses and a blue shirt (you now? the one where he looks like a cute little nerd?) came up before the trailers and I actually gasped so loud some people turned to look at me, my face was probably as red as my spider man t-shirt


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honestly at least ur committed to ur craft so what if people don’t understand Art