look at ur cute little face

no but imagine you’re like a worker at a coffee shop and this week it’s your turn to decorate the chalk board outside
so like you go out there with your messy hair and apron on before the shop opens and Shawn comes up and stops when he sees what you’ve made.
‘damn i love bobs burgers.’
hearing the voice u turn around to see his lanky figure standing in front of the sun. you laugh n turn back to ur art
'you’re blocking my light’
Shawn giggles his little giggle n steps aside and then crouches down next to u n like does that annoying little fucking nose scrunch and says something cheesy like,
'wanna get some coffee’ or 'who wants cawfee’ like something stupid
and you look at his cute smiley face and say fuck it and once you’re done w your first shift u have coffee w Shawn
damn I hate myself

anonymous asked:

i saw ur face cause im an annoying curious little kitten but you're so cute?!1 you remind me of lovelyz kei o mG wOW

first of all….

second of all…

and third of all thank you so much but I really do not look that good haha Kei is a beautiful creature. I don’t look as good as my selfies in person either just so you know. That’s all angles and lighting and what not. In person you’d be more like…

but thank you so much you are so incredibly sweet and this has made my terrible day just a little bit better

bronzehood asked:

Yo you're such a cutie!!! But I ship you with Ashton 💖

aw thankyou sweetie! (p.s i’ll just have u know that i was nearly finished replying to this and then i somehow closed the tab.)

ship: luke!!

best friend: michael

likes you: calum

2am binge eating talking about chris pratt friend: calum

cute compliment: you’re so gorgeous!! bless glorious melanin for creating beauties such as yourself! you’re extremely pretty and i love your blog and everything but wow give me ur FACE.

advice: maybe consider changing your body font. it is a bit hard to read and looks a little bit messy x

following? no i am now yes always!

fake tweet:

fake imessage conversation:

song on shuffle: gold- imagine dragons

anonymous asked:

I think I look cute like anon with my eyes all wide and shit but in reality I look like I have some bitchface/smug little shit grin going on, I sent a nice face pic once 2a guy &he said "why do u look like ur gonna eat me..why is this hot????"

omg it’s the greatest. i accidentally intimidate people and it’s sad but on the other hand it’s never stopped me from getting laid soooo :P

anonymous asked:

You only think ur cute bc other people who you've never met confirm it. But guess what, your face is hideous. Body 10, face 2. That's the truth baby

Somebody is feeling a little ugly and jealous over the fact that I love my self and that my confidence is amazing. Nice try though. Look in the mirror baby and give yourself some love. You need it.

anonymous asked:

hey princess. even if you dont like the way you look i just want you to know that i think youre super beautiful and would kiss ur cute face

Oh my god u little angel, thank u so much!! Aw ily 💘💘

anonymous asked:

omg i don't wanna be weird but i just looked at ur face tag for the first time and oh my god you're adorable and cute and i'm crying a little how can someone be so aesthetically amazing

no no it’s not weird at all it’s made me very happy thank you !!! dont cry though omg bless you you little star ☆

angeluslumine asked:

Hi Megan, you look really pretty:3 I wish I could give u some of my happiness so you would want to live but idk how :o I wish I could show u the chance u have to be alive and living in a developed country like the UK, some people would love to be in your place with your opportunities... but i know that doesn't make things better and sadly i can't send u here pictures of cute little kitties and doggies to make u smile >.> anyways hope this somehow brought a tiny smile on that pretty face of urs:3

You did make me briefly smile a small smile so thank you :)