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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

it never really stops being amazing to me how so many super talented people can draw the pineseses and especially the stan twins in a more realistic (as much as u can b with a nose like that) style and make it lok so good ??? bc like, this is what the men looks like in canon

how do people even manage to do this??? how do you know how to stylize what and what to change and what translates into a more human face??? im amazed and a little threatened by the skills even after the show has been over this long

Dating Kai Would Include

Just a lil’ thing I felt like doing and I am genuinely surprised I hadn’t done Kai yet wow. Enjoy ~

THIS BOY RECENTLY. sit him in a corner out of my eyesight tyvm.

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ok but momma-ran wrote an amazzziiinggg fic called “All I see are stars” (go read it!) and their Bill loves his deer plushy so much its sO CUTE 


 the love for the deer plush reminded me of my bill a lot so i drew some messy doodles of him in some scenes


its 3 am

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>non-otp:</b> *looks each other*<p/><b>me:</b> wow. cool. so? i dunt get how do u guys think this is a big deal.<p/><b>otp:</b> *looks each other*<p/><b>me:</b> OMG DID YOU SAW DAT? THEY LOVE EACH OTHER I KNOW THEY GONNA GET MARRIED FOR SURE YESSSSSS<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
popsicle! mark

-you’re walking down the street to get ice cream

-it’s a super sunny day but it’s kind of windy so the moment you see the supermarket you run as fast as you can!

-but you’re not looking so you almost run into this person and instead you stop like inches away from his face

-and there’s this kid with wide eyes!! looking straight at you with a pink bowl cut and you’re just like what.

-ur mesmerized by his hair and you just stare at it and this kid starts trembling and you notice his whole face is crimson

-so u take a few steps back and ur like SRY SRY SRY bc u were rude af

-and you expect him to get angry but instead he calms down and is instead like.. do u…want to touch it

-and u say…o…k and ur just patting his head up and down

-his pink hair is super fluffy and he just is bending down with the most flustered expression as you pat him

-after like… an hour u finally stop and he stands back up super straight

-so u two just are kind of silent and u realize that under his fluffy hair he actually has the most precious little face

-he looks uber tense and purses and licks his lips and just goes like uh…..UMmmm..POPSICLES

-he takes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine grape popsicles.. and he shouts TEN! abruptly

-ur like wtf so u look over… is this kid counting out loud lol

-this kid continues muttering …TEN TAEYONG JAEHYUN.. one for JAEMIN… how many….CHENLE WANTS TWO…WINWIN WANTS THREE……uhhhh and just keeps naming random names and staring at his popsicles while they’re all spilling out of his arms and he’s just panicking and sweating and he has the most hopeless and freaked expression bc this task is way too difficult for him to handle

-so u offer to help bc ur dying he’s so funny

-hes like THANK U SO MUCH U REALLY DONT HAVE TO even though hes clearly having a breakdown and ur just chuckling because he’s too cute u cant handle it

-u look down and ur like wow i guess u guys all like grape huh! to break the tension

-and he realizes and his face shifts to absolute terror

-omg…..flavors….. haechan likes orange… no he’ll kill me,,,,, what do i do… these are melting…. taeyong strawberry? that should be ok…….

-ur dying lol this kid is making no sense

-so u help him take a few of each flavor and give him a lil pat on the back to calm him

-finally he calms down and is like HI IM MARK super rigidly

-and ur like OK R U ALRIGHT

-this kid laughs to himself first and then very unnaturally says NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT… I AM MARK and just looks at the floor grinning ridiculously to himself because he’s a weird kid

-u dont even react to this failure of a joke because omg… u just want to die that was the worst ever

-and then he holds up the metal door of the fridge and says…I AM IRON MAN bc he feels the need to drag this horrible joke further

-u guys r just both staring at each other blankly at this point before u hysterically laugh

-suddenly he jumps up and goes like OMG THEYRE MELTING and just runs to the register and pays and runs to the door just to have half of them fall onto the floor

-he gives you the most hopeless glance and just is like ..umm….can you… help…pleasee….can u

-so ofc u cant leave this incapable kid alone so ur like sure!

-u guys walk to his dorm and he explains his pink hair (ITS CHEWING GUM THEMED) and tells u that he’s in a group called NCT and that he’s a rapper

-ur like thats awesome! can i hear some

-so he is shy at first but then makes this mega focused face and he gets in the zone and starts gesturing and goes like UH to start his rap and its really good and he’s really into it and starts bouncing the bag of popsicles on his wrist as he gestures and then just lets the song trail off

-but you cant help but laugh because he’s just so FRICKEN CUTE and into it

-hes semi-offended like um..y r u laughing

-ur like no! ur awesome I’m going to look u up for sure and smile

-he turns red again……its like his default state now and he just covers his face with his hand bc UR FLATTERY IS TOO MUCH

-u two just walk down the street and its so nice

-u look over and he has a drop of cherry popsicle on his upper lip and he’s just sticking his tongue out to lick it off and he looks SO FUNNY bc he’s focused and he’s squinting one eye so his tongue is out and he’s just winking intensely

-when u reach out to wipe it off for him with ur finger he flinches and glances at u and turns away because his heart skipped a beat

-hes so cute u can’t

-then u look down and… theres cherry all over his t-shirt and when he realizes he looks so disappointed and thinks ..omg I’m such a failure i hate myself….

-u laugh so hard bc everything he does is just so adorable

-u guys arrive at his dorm and the door opens in one second bc everyones awaiting the popsicles and mark took forever bc he was flirtingb being dumb in front of u

-the guys swarm over and are just digging through the bag and they realize.. all of them are either melted or broken

-they all glare at mark and literally they are all jumping on him and squishing his face and ruffling his hair and even the ones younger than mark are giving him a hard time and pinching him and its so cute they are all bullying him and he’s just taking it and looks dead

-u let out a lil chuckle and they all stare at u bc…. GIRL

-they shift their attention to u and they’re like OH MARK THIS IS WHY U WERE LATE

-HI IM HAECHAN UR MOTHER IN L—hi I’m yutaaa nice to!!—thanks for taking care of our mark—how do you two know each oth—OMG OUR CHIL—what were you two doing you naught—

-you look to mark for help and he grabs ur hand and brings u upstairs and gives u a lil grin as u guys run all the way upstairs

-in his room you guys are just laughing bc u guys are silly and u realize he’s still holding ur hand and he realizes too and turns cherry red again

-he loosens his grip but your hands are a lil sticky bc of the popsicle fiasco

-he has to like wave ur hands up and down to get them to separate LOL

-but the moment they do you grab his hand again bc he’s so warm and just hold it bc he’s so comfy

-and u look down and look at ur hands and his is so much bigger than urs and suddenly u r very aware of the fact that this boy is cute and you guys are in his room on his bed just holding hands in silence

-u look up at him and he’s just ogling u and he looks so cute and genuinely just amazed at u with him and his heart is beating so fast and u can feel it between ur palms

-so this time ur the one to turn away and he just tightens his grip around his hand and kisses ur forehead and asdfnsdjf ur dying bc u didn’t expect it

-afterwards he just leans on ur side and pushes his lil cheek on urs and u guys r just cheek to cheek and smiling sheepishly to yourselves shyly

(sorry this is kinda shit but i wanted to write a summer themed mark) 

also requests are open for NCT!! (all members) please i need practice :-)


the true face of our leader-nim everybody 

source: 1 + 2

bonus: soohyun’s costco card lol

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((That anon is tbh disgusting and I REALLY hope they don't follow me (@anon unfollow me pls if u do) because wow look guys it's the literal human embodiment of trash :0 Also!!!! You don't deserve those messages! Draw for yourself and don't do it to please anyone else. It isn't your obligation to update 24/7 and produce quality art every few hours. A tree isn't in bloom all year round, and neither is an artist. ))

//im gonna cry im sooverwhelmed with you guys and your positivity oh gosh 😭😭😭

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hey! i feel like you know a lot about studyblr and the community (i watch your videos, and love them) and i thought maybe you were the right person to ask this, but does studyblr actually help people with their studying? i wanna focus more on my school work and i was wondering is it worth it to make a studyblr? and if it does help; how does it help? is it just for motivation, or do people learn more and better studying techniques?

hihihi! being part of the studyblr community has been so rewarding for me!! im gonna list a bunch of things ive gotten from the studyblr community!


  • new note taking methods
    • reading strategies
    • cornell notes
    • mind maps
    • digital note taking
    • annotations
    • cute summaries
    • sketchnotes
  • ways to manage time
    • bullet journaling
    • different layouts
    • types of journals
    • adorable planners
    • short sessions
    • pomodoro method
    • using sticky notes
    • forest app 
  • motivation!!!!
    • my studyblr friends
    • seeing pretty pics
    • reminds me to work
    • supportive community
    • ppl tell me ive inspired them
    • everyone cheers up others
  • study tips and advice
    • on online classes
    • back to school
    • advice for college apps
    • what not to do
    • types of learners
    • dealing with stress
  • quality stationery recs
    • muji, staedtler, etc.
    • pen comparisons
    • color swatches
    • honest reviews
  • resources
    • lots of apps
    • ap cram packets
    • scholarships
    • google differently
    • calming websites
    • masterposts
    • subject specific stuff
  • other communities
    • bookstagram
    • appblr
    • plannercommunity
    • studytube
    • langblr
    • booktube
    • medblr
    • studygram
    • planneraddict
  • +probably more omg

tbh im honestly so so grateful i randomly stumbled across studyblr in march at 2am bc its definitely changed my life for the better and i have a healthier mindset towards my education and learning!!! i owe a lot to studyblr!! lov u guys!