look at tophs face

2 am

Title: 2 am

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Zutara, Taang

Word Count: 1,971

Summary: Whoever set off the fire alarm at 2 in the morning is on Katara’s shit list. Even if he is hot and shirtless.

(Part one of the late nights/early mornings series) (Part 2: 11:45)

AN: A zutara college au (with added Taang thrown in for good measure) inspired by the tumblr prompt “the fire alarm goes off at 2am, and one of your otp is in their underwear when they leave their room.”

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Do you think Zuko and Toph ever bonded close enough for her to get a real “look” at his face? Did Zuko ever trust Toph enough to let her feel his face for his scar? Toph couldn’t have understood how intense the burn was otherwise and she must have always been curious about it so there had to be a point where Zuko humored her. Even if it pained him to watch his friend’s face as she slowly realized how bad it was the more she gingerly felt around.