look at tony goldwyn just look at him


Kerry Washington on ET 9.23.15 [x]

I mean, it’s tricky. If Olivia is doing what she’s doing in the promo, what the heck is happening over at OPA?


Did he change so quickly? No more jacket, shirt is not fitted etc? Pants don’t look the same either. Guess though there could have been a much longer interval in between the two photos than tweets make it look like.

Either way… another still of Tony because he’s the only one thefandom is interested in seeing. And they know it. And mind you, Verica is responsible for none of it, since the tyrant at the helm listens to no one and just writes what she wants. So I’m not blaming him.

Tony Goldwyn Embraces The Outdoors For “Man of Style”: InStyle September 2013 Shoot!

From InStyle Magazine Instagram: Our #ManofStyle @tonygoldwyn embraces the outdoors in our September issue.#makingseptember

Gladiators, did you get this issue yet?

Fitz’s look of utter destruction as Andrew hands him the video of Olivia’s kidnapping :( - Can this man just get a hug, please? 


Promo for Tony Goldwyn on Who Do You Think You Are? airing Sunday April 5th at 10pm ET on TLC [x]


First shot in OPA with #Scandal episode 22 director Tony Goldwyn. I cannot wait to see this episode! Fingers crossed that some of the guaranteed amazing BTS footage from this episode makes it onto the DVD! #ScandalDVDWish