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A/N: Genuinely thanks for giving me this request, I’m one of those stupid fangirls who obsesses over Tom Hiddleston 24/7 so this was a joy to write!

You woke up in a cocoon of blankets, missing that familiar warmth which you would usually wake up next to. As sad as it was, the moment you woke up you knew what day it was. You couldn’t help how excited you were for today, because you were dating one of the most wanted actors of this century, you’d had to miss valentines day last year. Tom was too busy filming.

You heard the sound of feet passing through the room and you looked up to see your handsome boyfriend tying up the tie. He was wearing a suit and looking as dashing as ever, though you couldn’t help wonder why he was up so early and and dressed in a black suit no less? 

He looked down at the bed after noticing you moving around slightly and a gentle smile covered his face, “good morning, Love.” He greeted, kneeling down on the bed so that he could give you a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m afraid I’ve got to go to work, Luke says there’s a script waiting for me. Sounds pretty good as well.”

“That’s fine, what time will you be back?” You asked back, sitting up in bed and using the sheets to cover your chilling body.

“Pretty late, you shouldn’t wait up.” He said nonchalantly, which shocked you. Did he not know what day it was?

“Haven’t you got any other plans for today?” You hinted, giving the normally too-perfect man a chance to redeem himself just in case he had actually forgotten. But he just frowned, shaking his head and wondering as to what exactly you were hinting towards. You hid the pain in your heart well, sending him a tight smile, “okay then, I guess I’ll just clean or something.” You said, the bitterness coming out slightly.

He continued to act confused, just leaning down once again and kissing you, on the lips this time. It wasn’t passionate, you forced it to be short and emotionless. 

And just like that he left, and you stayed in bed for a little bit. But you just became more angry at Tom for forgetting one of the days you’d been most excited about, even before Christmas, you were a sucker for the whole idea behind showing off your love towards the person you cared dearly for. And Tom was that person to you, the only person you will ever compare this much for. 

You couldn’t allow yourself to just sit and steam like this and so you got up and cleaned, and around 12.30pm you got a phone call from Tom, you’d be lying if you said you were expecting some sort of apology for forgetting how important the day was. But no. He just needed you to go deliver a letter which he’d accidentally forgotten when leaving, the envelope was large and brown, abandoned on the kitchen table. He’d sent over a taxi to take you where you were and though you became just more enraged you went along with it.

In the taxi you planned what you were going to say, this entire speech was formulated and it included a lot of foul language. You eventually arrived but you were confused by what you saw, you were in the middle of an airplane landing and outside the window was a jet, and Tom, stood with the most annoying smirk you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

As soon as you stepped out he put his arms out and shrugged, “sorry, Love.”

“To- I don’t- what’s happening right now?!” In reply he just told you to open the envelope and when you did you found two tickets for a trip to Paris. “How stereotypical.” You snorted, walking over closer and punching him in the shoulder.

“Ow!” He hissed.

“That’s for making me stew in anger all day!” You said, and then moved in, finally giving Tom a passionate kiss. All your anger being replaced by pure passion and love. When you parted from him you smiled, “and that’s for being too god damn perfect.”


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Ok :) two with separate or together. "I ain't scared of no ghosts" and "I am the one hiding under your bed" :) thanks xo

(thanks to repmet for the gif!)

“…And then the Ghost of the 2nd Earl JUMPED OUT OF THE CLOSET!”

Marigold gave a screech and buried her little face against her cousin’s shoulder.  Sybbie gave an annoyed look to her other cousin as she attempted to soothe poor Marigold.  “It’s alright, George is just telling stories.”

“It’s true!” George insisted.  “The 2nd Earl haunts Downton!” he grinned wickedly and made a menacing motion with his fingers.  “And likes to scare little girls—!”

“Well he’s not scaring me!” Sybbie insisted.  “I ain’t scared of no ghosts!”

George rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to say more, but the nursery door opened then, causing all three children to gasp, before sighing with relief at the sight of their mothers.

“Why are you still awake?” Mary asked, her question pointedly at her son.

“It’s All Hallow’s Eve, Mama!” George explained.  “Sybbie told us—”

“Another ‘Irish tradition’?” Mary turned to her baby sister who was kissing her daughter’s cheek.

“It’s not as if it’s unique to just Ireland,” Sybil insisted.  “Why, the celebration descends from the ancient Celts, so it more than likely began in Britain, up in Scotland—”

“Save me the history lesson,” Mary groaned, kissing her son on the brow and then urging him to get under his blankets and go to sleep.  

As for Marigold, she whimpered a bit and clung to Edith, who seemed reluctant to leave her.  “I’ll keep her safe, Auntie Edith!” Sybbie promised, noticing her cousin’s distress.  Sybil smiled proudly at her daughter, and Edith looked grateful.

“Come along!” Mary urged.  “Our husbands are probably wondering what’s keeping us.”

Another shadow illuminated the doorway just then, causing the three children and their mothers to gasp, and then groan as Sybbie squealed, “Daddy!”

“What are you doing up here?” Mary asked.  “I thought the three of you would be waiting downstairs—”

“Matthew and Bertie are,” Tom explained, winking at Edith who was blushing still at the reminder that she was now a married woman as well.  “But I had to sneak a kiss myself, otherwise I’d be jealous of Sybil the whole night!”

Both Sybil and Sybbie giggled and Sybbie held out her arms for her father, who stepped in and did just that, smothering sloppy Branson kisses on her cheeks, before tucking her into bed.  He then turned and gave a rather sloppy kiss to his wife, earning groans of disgust from the children, though Sybbie was used to it.

“Is the party up here now?” came another voice from the door.  

“It might as well be,” Mary groaned, before smiling at her husband and new brother-in-law who were now entering the nursery.

Both men went to their respective children, giving each a kiss on the brow before murmuring “goodnight”, and Marigold seemed to brighten considerably after this (she was very fond of Bertie).  

“George is telling them ghost stories,” Sybil whispered to Matthew.

“Ah, I see,” Matthew gave his son a stern look.  “I hope you’re not trying to frighten your cousins and give them nightmares…”

“No, Papa, it’s just All Hallow’s Eve, and Sybbie said—”

“So this is your fault?” Tom asked his daughter, before giving her a little wink to show he wasn’t serious.

“George says the ghost of the 2nd Earl haunts Downton.”


“George…” Mary groaned before turning to the rest.  “Children, there are no such things as ghosts.”

“But there such thing as a dragon, which is what your grandmother will become if we’re late,” Bertie observed to his wife.

“True,” Mary confirmed, agreeing with him.  “Alright, all of you get some sleep—good night!”

The children murmured their goodnights once again and watched as their parents exited the nursery.  However, before the Bransons left, Tom did whisper into his daughter’s ear, the special blessing her Irish grandmother had taught her to scare away anything that tried to frighten her.  With nothing but the soft, orange glow of the fire burning in the fireplace, the children were left alone.

Quiet filled the nursery then…though George swore he heard something making a “thumping” sound.  He sat up in bed and looked over at his cousins.  “Do you hear…?”

Marigold gave a little squeal and leapt out of bed, before flying into Sybbie’s.  “It’s the ghost of the 2nd Earl!” she screeched.

“Don’t be silly,” Sybbie assured her, before turning to George.  They heard the sound again, and George swallowed the lump in his throat—it was coming from UNDERNEATH HIS BED!

Sybbie glared at the bed, ignoring the petrified expression on her cousin’s face, and shouted the blessing her father had whispered to her in the language of their homeland, and the thumping suddenly came to a stop.

They all waited, holding their breath…


“It’s gone…” George whispered.

“Can I stay with you?” Marigold whimpered, looking up at Sybbie with large, imploring eyes.  Sybbie just smiled and kissed her cousin’s forehead, before pulling the blankets up around them.

“Maybe I should join you?” George offered, trying to sound braver than he felt.  “Just to protect you girls.”

Sybbie rolled her eyes, wondering what her mother would make of that if she heard George, but knew all too well that it was his back-handed way of admitting he was scared.  “Fine,” she sighed, scooting over and making room.  Soon, all three cousins were huddled together in Sybbie’s bed, the blankets pulled up to their chins, and after a moment, they were all soon asleep.

A few hours later, when the party had ended, Robert (or “Donk” as he was now known to all his grandchildren) decided to peek in and see them.  Sybil accompanied him, and when they reached the nursery, she gave a groan and a sigh at the sight of them together in bed.  “Just as I had feared, I think the ghost stories got to them.”

Robert frowned.  “Why are they all in Sybbie’s bed?”

Sybil smiled proudly.  “Well she is the oldest, so perhaps she’s also deemed the bravest?”  She shut the door then, and proceeded to tell her father about the so-called “ghost of the 2nd Earl”, the story which George had been telling to spook his cousins.

Robert frowned.  “There’s no ‘ghost of the 2nd Earl’.”

“Exactly, Papa.”

“If anything haunts that nursery, it would be Pharaoh!”

Sybil frowned.  “What?”

“Don’t you remember?  Pharaoh was always trying to get into that nursery when you and your sisters were children.  He especially liked to get under Mary’s bed and she would complain about the loud sounds his tail made when thumping against the floorboards.”

“I honestly don’t remember, but maybe I was too young?”

“That might be…” he recalled.  “Yes, you were barely a year old, when Edith and Mary got into a terrible fight—” Sybil rolled her eyes.  “—because Mary tried to spook Edith by telling her there was a monster in the room that lived under her bed, but then Pharaoh got under Mary’s and frightened the both of them—”

“Perhaps Pharaoh’s ghost remains?” Sybil offered.  “Thumping his tail under the bed of Mary’s son?”

Robert chuckled at that, though it was clear he didn’t believe it.  Sybil, however, wasn’t entirely convinced.  After living among the Irish, both in Dublin and now in Boston, she wasn’t as skeptical to tales of the supernatural as she might have been before marriage.  Though of all the ghosts that were out there, the ghost of a friendly Labrador hiding under one’s bed was rather sweet.


That’s the chosen one. The story goes that before He disappeared our father planted a single seed of hope. A baby. In a world ravaged by war, a world where angels would attempt to exterminate man, that baby was the last pure heart. He would grow into a man and be tested. If he could overcome those tests he would become the healer of angels and mankind. And if he couldn’t, he would become their destroyer. As he is judged, so shall all others.


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Jonathan Pine

I don’t know if it was quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks who unknowingly flipped on up the Elfpunk beacon or if it was reaching that particular page in the Night Manager before bed last night but this has been in my head all day. Do enjoy responsibly. I don’t want anyone getting hurt… especially my dear Jonathan :D

*btw one of the funniest things running through my head when looking for an image was ‘need a pic of tom, short hair, blonde… with his murder face’ hehe*

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Inktober #31: Final Inktober!!
One last Phantom of the Opera drawing to end it off with.  Tried to pull out the stops with this one. Dunno if I succeeded, but it’s 6 am so to hell with it. XD  I am, at least, quite chuffed with his eyes.  (Everybody always draws his irises as the glowy part, but really it should be eyeshine, shouldn’t it?  Erik and his creepy cat eyes…)

Used a shot of Tom Hiddleston in Crimson Peak for the pose, but points if you can name who I modeled his face after.

Erik looks unusually calm for not having his mask on. :P

I know that you are strong

“Taylor, you need to push one last time, just push one last time before your baby girl is here” the nurse said but Taylor shook her head “I can’t” she whispered weakly while her tears mix with her sweat “of course you can Taylor!” Tom said and whipped Taylor’s sweaty hair out of her face “you’ve been so strong already, just push one last time and you made it” he said but she shook her head again. The nurse looked at Tom, telling him that the baby has to get out right now “Taylor, you can do it, take all your strength together and we’ll see our little princes in a few minutes” he said and looked in her eyes “okay” she whispered and nodded. Tom smiled and kissed her head “the next contraction in coming” the nurse said and Taylor nodded before she pushed while letting a loud scream out.

Soon after they heard their daughters screams fill the room and they smiled at each other “I love you so much” Tom whispered and leaned down to kiss Taylor. Taylor smiled weakly and reached her arms out to take her daughter “she’s so beautiful” Taylor whispered and kissed her daughters head “she is! She’s as beautiful as her mother” he said and kissed Taylor’s head while he caressed the little girl’s cheek.
“I’m so tired Tom” Taylor whispered weakly “take her please, I don’t want to drop her” she whispered, Tom nodded worried and took the baby in his arms without taking his eyes from Taylor “stay awake Taylor! You’re so pale… Taylor…” Tom said worried “Mr. Hiddleston, please leave the room now, we will take care of your wife” one of the nurses said and pushed him outside.

“Tom” his mom said happily and walked over to his son “are you okay?” She asked when he saw his expression, he shook his head while tears ran down his cheeks. He walked over to one of the chairs and sat down while he pressed the small bundle in his arms close to his chest “she said she was tired and then she was pale and she… Then she was unconscious and then send me out” Tom told his family “oh my god” Andrea exclaimed and broke down in tears and collapsed in Scott’s arms, Tom watched them, crying “give me the baby, I’ll hold her okay?” His mother said and he nodded while he gave his daughter to her grandmother.
“Family Swift-Hiddleston?” A nurse asked and came over to them, Tom nodded and got up “I will bring you all in a room so it’s warmer for the baby” the nurse said before Tom could ask something “what about Taylor? What’s happening with her?” He asked worried “I will bring you to the room and send you someone who can give you more information” the nurse said without answering his question.

Soon after they all sat down a doctor came into the room, Tom saw her and jumped up “where is Taylor? What happened with her?” He asked immediately “during labor her uterus started bleeding, that’s why she was so extremely powerless. She got blood infusions and is in surgery now, we are trying everything to stop the bleeding.” The doctor answered “is she going to be okay?” He asked with tears running down his face “we are doing everything to stop the bleeding” the doctor repeated Tom nodded and sat down again “I will inform you again when there is something new” she added and left the room.

The little girl started crying after a while, Tom took her from his mom and hugged her close to him while he kissed her little head. She soon calmed down calmed down in his fathers arms “I’ll go and see if I should change the diaper” Tom said and walked out of the room.

After Tom changed her diaper a nurse gave her a bottle to feed her “Did you decide on a name?” The nurse asked while the baby was drinking, Tom shook his head “I’ll wait for Taylor! We’ll decide together!” He said without taking his eyes off his daughter.
He stayed with his baby alone for a bit after he burped her. She started crying softly and Tom pressed her closer to his chest “You miss her right? I miss her too but I promise you, she won’t leave you. She’ll make it!” He said while tears ran down his face “your mom is the strongest woman I’ve ever met. I already knew that I was going to marry her after the first time we met. And then it happened and I am the luckiest man alive because I have her as my wife and now I have you. And soon we’ll be together again” he finished.
When he realized that she fell asleep he walked back to his family.

“Was someone here and told you something new?” Tom asked the second he entered the room “no” someone answered, Tom nodded sadly “as long as they didn’t tell us something they are still in surgery and nothing bad happened yet” Austin said hopefully, Tom nodded and sat down again.
“Sir?” The doctor from earlier asked, Tom got up and walked over to her “your wife lost a lot of blood, we are trying to compensate it with infusions but her body won’t take it any longer. We will still try to stop the bleeding but you… you should start to prepare yourself” she said and left.
Tom broke down crying and shook his head repeatedly, his sister got up and walked over to him, she rubbed his shoulder and tried to calm him “I can’t do this” he whispered “I know… but you can’t give up yet. You can’t giver her up yet. They are still trying to save her. And you have to be there for your daughter. Even… even if… She wants you to stay strong for your daughter” Emma told him. Tom nodded and shook his head “you are right… But I can’t believe this is happening” he said sadly “I know” she said and hugged him.

He waited impatiently until the doctor came back again “follow me please Mr. Hiddleston” she said without further explanation and left the room, he followed her until she stopped in front of another door. “We could stop the bleeding but we can’t say when and if she’ll wake up again. And we can’t say what damage the bleeding caused” the doctor explained, Tom nodded slightly relived “can I see her?” He asked, the doctor nodded “she’s very pale and there are many machines connected to her, be prepared to see that” the doctor said before she opened the door to let him in.

Tom slowly walked into the room and saw his wife laying on the bed. She looked like a ghost, with her white skin. A tube went down her throat to help her breath and caused her chest to moved up and down mechanically. Next to her stood a monitor that showed her heart rates and beeped in the rhythm of her heart beat. Serval tubes where connected to her arms.
Tom walked over to her and sat down next to her, without saying a word he took her hand in his, he kissed her hand softly and laid his head on her hand before he started crying again.

Tom never let her hand go, he held her hand when the doctors came to check on her, he held her hand when her family came.
Andrea walked over to Taylor and started to caress her arm while tears ran down her cheeks
“I know that you’ll come back to us” she whispered after a while.
It was late at night when they left. Tom, who still didn’t say a word since he came into the room, stayed with her.

“You can lay with her if you want that” a nurse said to Tom, he nodded and she left the room. He hesitated for a while before he carefully climbed on the hospital bed and laid down next to Taylor, careful not to move her. He whipped her hair out of her face and kissed her temple softly.
“I miss you” he whispered “it’s just been one day and I already miss you so much” he said “I can’t live without you” he said and kissed her temple again. He tried to stay awake but fell asleep soon, without letting go of his wife.

The next morning Tom sat next to her again and held her hand when a nurse came in, she carried their daughter “I thought you want to see her, I fed her and changed the diaper so she should be okay for a while” the nurse said, Tom nodded and took her in his arms “thank you” he said before the nurse left.
He looked at his daughter and smiled when he saw her staring at him with her dark blue eyes “hey princes” he said and kissed her forehead, she smiled and yawned before she fell asleep again
“I wish you could see her Taylor, she’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, she’s perfect” he whispered and caressed Taylor’s hand softly “you will wake up soon” he whispered and smiled sadly.

The baby girl started to cry in his arms, he held her close and tried to calm her but she kept crying. He started to sing for her but that couldn’t calm her. He sight desperately “where are you Taylor? You could calm her” he whispered and sighed again. He carefully placed the baby on Taylor’s chest, she immediately stopped crying and snuggled up to her mother “she needs you Taylor” he whispered and caressed her hand with one hand while he held the baby’s back.

“She’s breathing alone again” a doctor said when he checked on Taylor a few days later “we can remove the tube today” he said and smiled at Tom, Tom smiled back with happy tears in his eyes. The doctor pulled the tube out of her throat and left the room with the machine. “I knew that you’re strong, you will make it, I know it, you won’t leave me and our daughter” he whispered and kissed her hand.

Tom fell asleep late at night, his head laid next to her hand, while he still held her hand. He woke up when he felt her finger twitch, his head moved up quickly and he looked at her “did you just move you finger?” He asked, her finger moved again before the grip around his hand tightened “oh my god” he whispered happily and laughed “take the time you need” he whispered and caressed her cheek, she opened her eyes and looked at him, he smiled at her and just looked into her eyes.
He laid down next to her and pulled her close to him “I..” She started but stopped again “shh you don’t have to say something” he whispered and whipped her hair out of her face and kissed her cheek “I love you” she whispered weakly, he smiled and kissed her “I love you so much” he whispered with tears running down his cheeks. She smiled and looked around the room “do you want to drink something?” He asked softly, she nodded and tried to sit up but screamed out in pain “don’t sit up yet, the surgery wounds aren’t healed yet, that’s why it hurts like this… I’ll help you” he said and sit down next to her with a water bottle and helped her to drink “thank you” she whispered, he smiled and kissed her head “surgery?” She asked then, Tom nodded “there was a bleeding in you uterus, you lost a lot of blood but they could stop it” he explained “when was that?” She asked then “fife days ago” he answered, Taylor nodded sadly “I wanna see our baby” she said then “now?” He asked and laughed softly, she nodded “you should sleep, we’ll see her tomorrow morning” he said “I want to see her now” she mumbled tiredly “you would fall asleep before she’s here” he said and took her hand “go to sleep” he added, she nodded with closed eyes “lay down next to me please” she whispered, he nodded and laid down next to her “I’m so happy that you’re back” he whispered and kissed her head before she fell asleep.

“Morning sleepyhead” Tom said when Taylor woke up, she laughed when she heard him and looked at him “you already brought her here” she said excitedly when she spotted their daughter in his arms “we were just waiting for mommy to wake up right?” He said and looked at the baby, the little girl giggled and Tom got up to place her in Taylor’s arms “we should decide on a name” Tom said and caressed his daughters head while he held Taylor’s hand “you didn’t yet?” Taylor asked surprised “of course not!” He said and looked at her, she smiled at him and looked at her daughter “do you have an idea?” She asked and smiled at him “do you like Serena?” He asked and caressed the baby’s head, she looked at him and giggled “seems like you like it, now we have to ask mommy” Tom said and looked at Taylor, Taylor laughed and nodded “I love it… What about Serena Lucia?” She asked and smiled at him, Tom nodded and leaned down to kiss her softly “Our Serena Lucia” Taylor said and kissed her little head.