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You know bnha was on my watchlist but I was just meh about it and I've been deprived of wifi for the longest time but after coming across your art I'll probably binge watch all the aired stuff because it gave me a floofy heart that hardly fits in my chest *heart eyes*


oh hELLLOOO– BOII You’re in for one hell of a ride once you meet these young shounen n see their actual relationship lmaoo fcghjkf

nahh but for real, if i had to compare HQ ships, bakudeku would be closer to Kagehina…but like worse lmao ;;; bUT the fluff be still there ;7; least I like to think so ahaha… OTL
and Kirideku would come closer to daisuga/UkaTake

as Kiribaku with IwaOi/KuroTsuki ….on some level just cuz Tsun Baku

rip I dunno if it’ll turn u around cuz of Bakugou’s canon treatment towards Deku in the beginning but personally I love how much more complex their relationship goes beyond what they first appear to be. There’s like…as many layers in their relationship as there are layers in my painttools SAI drawing lmao ;;;; 

tho whichever ship side you land on, I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have or at least enough ;;7;; i’ve enjoyed it so much as to fall into BNHA hell so i welcome you from down below–!! ^q^


art collab with @lumieremorte !!

lined the first one and colored the second one


With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are team mates, at some point we have to be rivals.” – Javier Fernandez

Javi is like a very thoughtful elder brother for me” – Yuzuru Hanyu

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saw all those Yuzu and Javi posts and just couldn’t stop myself

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Danny’s life touched many people and we’ll be looking at all those connections. If you or someone you know has any information, has noticed anything unusual, please come forward now. I’d urge everyone, don’t hide anything… because we will find out. If a member of your family or a friend or a neighbour has been behaving differently in the past days or weeks, please tell the police immediately. There will be no hiding place for Danny’s killer. We will catch whoever did this. — Broadchurch, Season 1

I tend to fancy flowers too much. That is how I met him. I could see him through the window, watching as he sat outside of a shitty café shop I was in smoking a well finished cigarette. Snorting, I watch as he throws it into a rose bush beside him. This man wasn’t the known stereotyped bad boys that people read on a screen with face piercings and inappropriate tattoos on his body with vibrant eyes that looked into your soul as he held a smirk across him lips. No, this unnamed boy dressed with some sense of fashion, folded sleeves and slacks. He held emotion, only one which was madness.

This man, a indescribable human that was so unbearable that reached inside my body and ruined my soul breaking my heart in the process just by the snap of fingers. How we met wasn’t in a cliché way, not in the one that they show in movies where their hands accidentally touch and look into watch others eyes feeling all those sparks or something bullshit. Hell, we felt something alright when I orgasmed in his bed. I would always worry what people would say if I was seen with him in public, but he never gave a fuck about what others said about the boy. His motto was fuck everybody and be you. He was always blunt and honest even you never asked for his opinion. The way he did me, he’d make you realize who you’re and that nobody is really important so why give a flying fuck? I always disagreed and that’s what he liked about me.

One night when he found me drowning my sorrows in alcohol and smoking only god knows. That man shook something in me that sticls with me today. Instead of caring for me, he slapped me across the face and told me to stop being such a shitty baby.  He told me that if I didn’t like the way I was living was for me to go run away. He told me to find a city where nobody wouldknow who I was and to stop worrying about everything fucking thing that’s happened to me and to grow a pair to just get over it and to just start living life. To create something that only the people around us can remember. That we didn’t have to be famous to be remembered just be remembered for the people you love.

The boy that had eyes of autumn leaves and skin so smooth. Lips so soft I don’t think I could bare I could kiss another. Then man that stole my humanity and left like I was garbage. I didn’t want to believe that happened I’d feel this way. To feel something for a guy that I knew would never live a forever with me like I fantasized. I have and still will deny the fact that I was in love with him. I don’t think I was ever in love. I was just in love with the idea of him.

The thought of him is was ruined me. He burned a piece of him, scarring inside of my mind to never forget about him. I never had the chance for it to rub across his tongue and hear it feeling the vibration of my own voice from the back of my throat looking into his eyes to find his reaction, but never had the gut to admit it in person because the fear of his reaction would’ve killed me.

So I’m just have the memories. He never laughed much, but when he did he laughed like god. When he’d squeeze my knee I’d always jump at the odd feeling, I never got use to his touch, other than him pleasuring me. Sometimes he’d get me high before we fucked. Whispering in my ear that he’d fuck me silly. . I I’ve spent so many times in his bed I’ve lost count.

He always told me that I was changing him and maybe that was the way of him saying I love you? Who knows. He can’t tell me now, can he?

—  A chapter, from book Ultraviolence written by me, motelflowers on Wattpad.
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Imagine falling in love with Jensen while working on the set of Supernatural.

Only You

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, mention of Danneel

Warnings: angst, fluff, language

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This is the SIXTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for @blacktithe7 I really don’t know where this came from. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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Feedback welcome and appreciated

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What I love about BTS ships

Jikook: Power couple! Those fond looks! The subtle touches (not that subtle)! THE BACK HUGS!

Namjin: The parents! How they always blow kisses to each other! They look like such a power couple!

Yoonseok: The sun and moon! They always are laughing when they are with each other! So much happiness!

Vmin: So soft! So much caring! So much love!

Taekook: Energetic cuties! The gaming couple! The teasing! Puppy 1 and puppy 2!

Taegi: The subtle shoulder touches! The fond smiles! Opposites attract!

Vmon: Lil intelligent cuties! So nice to each other! You can see the gratitude in their eyes!

Sugakookie: Soft cuties! They fit like puzzle pieces! The way jk looks up to suga! Lamb skewers dates!

Vhope: Sunshine couple! So happy! The hugs! *cough THEY KISSED cough*

Jihope: The doting! The teasing! The smiles! The shoulder leaning!

Junghope: Always so close! Cuddle attacks! Hyung doting on his dongsaeng!

Jinkook: Work out couple! *coughButt Touchingcough*! The bickering!

Minjoon: Rapmon always callin Jimin cute and sexy! So smiley with each other! Koalas with each other!

Yoonmin: So soft for each other! Smol and smoller! Lil goofy smiles!

And don’t forget about all the rare pairs! All the ships are great! Spread the bts shipping love!

Falling For You

Summary: You are tired of denying your feelings, and after having to watch Dean with another woman who isn’t you, the pair of you finally come to blows.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sammy

Warnings: angst, fluff, lil’ jealous reader & dean 

“Hey, where you off to?” Sam asked as you made your way through the bunker at just gone 7am. It was unusual for you to be up and dressed on a morning where you didn’t have a case to work.

“Just going to pick up some breakfast.” 

Sam raised his eyebrow. “You want a ride?”

“It’s alright,” you pulled the car keys for baby out of your pocket, a smug grin across your face, “I snagged these from Dean last night.”

The younger Winchester let out a soft laugh, shaking his head to himself.

“See you later, then,” he called as you made your way up the stairs to the door, giving him a wave as you left.

Dean finally emerged from his room almost an hour later, sleepy eyed, hair dishevelled with a look of confusion over his face. “Where’s my keys? I need to drop Lynne back home.”

Sam raised an eyebrow. “Pretty sure her name was Janice, Dean.”

Dean clicked his tongue, pointing a finger, “right, yeah, Janice.” He shuffled over to the table, taking a swig of Sam’s coffee before he could protest.

“So, my keys?”

“Uh, they’re in the car.”

“What? Why would I-” Dean cut his sentence short as the realisation dawned on him. 

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Young Trust sketches.

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.

exo reaction to you trying to hide the hickeys he left on you last night (I)

“Requested by anon… (I’ll do three members each post)

Put only two members in this post, my mind stopped working suddenly lol


Chanyeol always admires his art work on you. Sitting on the bed, he watches you struggle to hide up the love bites he showered you with the other night, with a smirk on his face. 

“Stop staring at me.” You say, looking at him through his reflection in the mirror. 

“Why? It’s so cute how you are trying hard to hide them.” Chanyeol says with a pride. You roll your eyes. 

“I have to go to work.” You whine, pouting to the mirror as you wrap a scarf around your neck. But it isn’t hiding everything. 

“I know.”

“Yah! Next time, don’t do it this high, it’s hard to cover.” You say, touching those under your jaw line.

Chanyeol shrugs, looking away from you. It does not really bother him. He wants everyone to know that you are already taken. 

“Yes I did that. What an art work”

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Lay sees you trying covering the hickeys will be an enjoyable sight for him. Because he just will not stop teasing you. 

“I told you it’s not going to work.” 

“Don’t say it’s my fault, you also left some on me.” 

“Just take the day off if you don’t want people to see it. Maybe I can leave more on you.” 

Groaning, you glare at lay who presses his lips into a thin line, looking away from you. 

“You shouldn’t be angry.” He says again, looking at with wide eyes. “They look cute on you.” 

“Lay, I’m already late.” 

“Just use makeup, or say it was a mosquito. My stylist uses make up a lot to hide those things you put on me.” 

You blush madly, whenever he reminds you that you did the same for him. Frustrating you just do as he suggested and magically it works well. 

“They are cute though.”  

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Harry’s a Pilates Teacher and He Likes Bambi. A lot.

“James is never angry, thank you very much. He is the most content of all cats, actually. The vet says she’s never seen a more comfortable cat.”

“What sort of a name is James for a cat anyway?”

“I love Gavin and Stacey.” Harry stared back her, his face blank, willing her to go on. “James Corden.”

“You named your cat after James Corden?”

“Got a problem with that?”

“No,” he smirked. “Not at all.”

8500 words, be nice. I tried.

A big thank you to my home gals @islareeveswriting and @harrysmeadow for once again being true angels and reading this one several times for me, and spotting all the things that didn’t make sense which I’d missed. Where would I be without them?

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