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the one in which sanha accidentally changes their entire house (and knk's too)

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for @goddammitdanyul - buddy ur post it’s canon now~~~

It’s the hottest day in the whole history of ever, MJ swears. It’s the kind of sluggy day where all the energy in the world has been absorbed into the weather and nobody has any motivation to move or do anything at all, much less MJ. He’s been slumped over in the armchair by the window for the past hour, trying to seek coolness from the three Cooling crystals he stole from Bin earlier in the day.

Perhaps he should steal another one, a small voice at the back of his head says. It sounds a little like Sanha, so MJ chooses to ignore it. Also because going upstairs to Bin’s charms room requires Getting Up, though, something MJ’s unprepared to do.

And anyway he’s pretty sure if he moves from his spot in the armchair an MJ-copy made purely out of sweat would peel away from his body and remain in the exact same position he’s in now, twirling its salty, sticky finger around (increasingly ineffective) crystals.

Perhaps he could ask Sanha to do it… MJ tilts his head a single degree to the left and is greeted with the sight of Sanha, Soggy Noodle Extraordinaire, sprawled out nearly unconscious on the floor, kind of like that one soggy noodle that falls out of the colander by accident when you’re trying to drain a pot of pasta.

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for those curious, here’s the whole “mothvari” look

(the dyes are cocoa, glint’s isolation, and imperial red)