look at those roars

Imagine you are the trainer of baby triceratops and loves them more than anything, until you find out that Owen likes you....

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

You always wanted to work with dinosaurs since you remembered, but somehow you never thought that could be possible. One day, your cousin Claire called you. “Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Claire asked. Her voice sounded excited, something that wasn’t normal. You took a deep breath and cleared your voice.
“Hmm…hi Claire. I’m okay, why-” She cut you off before you had time to continue.
“Listen, I know we’re not close anymore, but I have something for you. I think you’re gonna like it. Well as you know I’m working with dinosaurs and we need a person to train some baby triceratops and…I thought of you!” Claire dropped the bomb and you let your body fall onto the bed. Your relationship wasn’t the best, well, there wasn’t a relationship at all. You remained silent.
“(Y/N) are you there?!” Your cousin asked worried. She probably thought you had fainted.
“Okay.” You said and looked out the window.
“Is that a yes? Omg, thank you so much!” Claire was being really nice to you and you were a little concerned about that. Not that she was never like that, but since so many years without seeing each other, you really thought that she had something up her sleeve. You said yes though, you couldn’t go back with that decision.
You talked a few minutes. She wanted to assure you that it was totally safe. You have agreed with everything she said, after all she was related to you and you kinda trusted her.
After two weeks, you were finally packing your bags. You were super anxious, but at the same time you felt happiness in your heart. It was your dream to work with that wonderful creatures and it will come true really soon.

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