look at those perfectly shaped eyes and eyebrows


Justin POV.

I roll over and I’m greeted by my best friend of 10 years beautiful sleeping face. I smile and stroke her cheek with my thumb admiring God’s beautiful chocolate creation. Her plump chocolate lips , perfectly shaped almond eyes , full round face , high cheekbones ,long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows. And her eyes? Man don’t even get me started on those big brown eyes.
They touch your soul without her even looking at you.
They lighten up the darkest room just like her smile.
I’ve seen them loose their color when she’s sad. I’ve seen them turn the darkest shade of black when she’s angry.
I’ve seen them glisten when she’s scared.
I’ve seen them in every type of emotion and I still them. I love her.

As I’m laying my head on the pillow admiring her wonderful features her eyes shoot open.

“Woah Justin back the Fuck up kid. You act like you’ve never seen my face before. ” Y/N says sitting up off the bed.

“Sorry I guess I woke up close to you. ” I say lying getting off the bed. I stretch my legs out . “Hungry?” I ask her and she nods vigorously

“Dumb ass question your fat ass is always hungry .” I say. She chucks a pillow at me.

“IHOP?” I suggest knowing she wouldn’t decline. Her smile grows wide.

“Yes!” She grins widely.

“Alright get showered and get dressed.” I say walking to my other bathroom. I smile at the fact that I get to spend all this time with her now. When I was on tour I felt so far away from her. Since we were kids I’ve spent almost everyday with her.


“We’re ready to order” Y/N says calling our waitress over.

“Yes I want the blueberry pancakes with eggs and bacon. I want my eggs scrambled with mushrooms,spinach and cheese . Oh and can you add 2 more pancakes to that plate.“ She smiles at the waitress. “Don’t you think that’s a little much for-” I cut her off “Don’t say shit about her appetite please. Now I’ll have the short stack with hash browns and eggs with grits” I say closing my menu. The waitress takes them and walks away. “You saved her ass Justin cause I was about to snap” Y/N says opening her snapchat to take pictures. I look to the dude because someone screamed my name. Soon enough our food came out. “There’s this carnival I want to go to tonight. Can we go!?” My best friend ask excitedly. I laughed. She’s such a child at heart. “Sure but I’ll have to sign a few things and take pictures” I say. “Yay!” She screams stuffing her cute face with eggs. ——— We walk-around the carnival eating a funnel cake “Y/N…so I was thinking maybe we could go out of town together.” “What like Alabama?” She ask ripping a giant piece of funnel cake. “No…like Barcelona, Hawaii, Jamaica.” I say looking at her. She stops in her tracks and looks at a big black bear. “Eeek I want that!” She screeches. She grabs my hand running to the booth. “What do I have to do to win the bear?” I ask pulling a 20 out of my pocket. The man explains the game. I roughly throw the baseball knocking down the glasses in all the rows. Y/N jumps up and down screaming. I grab the bear and walk away. She looks at me with her big brown eyes that I love so much . “What?” I ask looking at her. She smiles “Nothing. I’m just really glad you’re my best friend” she says grabbing my hand. We walk to the tilt a whirl. We hand someone the bear and get on. Y/N is laughing as we spin around in the air. I grab her hand tightly closing my eyes. “Fuck no. I’ll never do this bullshit again.” I scream . We get off and she’s still laughing at me. I push her playfully as she grabs her bear. “Can we get on the big wheel?” She ask me smiling. I nod. We step into the basket and put the between us. We take off. “Y/N I really need to tell you something.” I say looking in her eyes. “I know we’ve been best friends for so long…and we’ve done just about everything together. Well what I’m trying to say is I like you…I want to be with you.” I ramble. She smiles at me “Justin I want to be with you too but our friendship. Wbatvhaoons if we break up. I don’t wanna loose you as my best friend.” She says “You won’t and we won’t break up. Because 4 years ago….” I pause. “4 years ago I noticed that I was in love with you.” Those brown eyes that I loved lost there color once more. “What’s wrong” I ask her She smiles “I love you too.” She says wiping her eyes. I lean in and grab her face pulling her in and kissing her. She kisses back as we reach the top the ride jolts to a stop. “Justin I’ll be your girlfriend. And yes we can go on vacation together. Anywhere you wanna go.” I smile “I love you”