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Kitty Cursed - Part 3 - Gladio x Reader

A/N: This one has been on the burner for awhile, and my muse was like:

Muse: OK! This one.
Me: *blinks* Oh whoa, we’ve been meaning to write that one for awhile.
Muse: *snort* Don’t get cheeky with me.
Me: *grins a bit* Welcome back, Doll.

So the original prompt came by way of @momokitty27

Prompt: Person A gets turned into a cat. Person B is allergic to cats, but they still try to take care of Person A until the curse wears off because that’s their soulmate.

I’m slowly working my way through all the boys - I’ve gotten Dino and Prompto already on deck. Now, it’s time for the shield to get all sniffly. =3

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Cat-aplexies [ Gladio x Reader ]

“Babe? Y/N?!”

Your head turned, hearing your name, and you called out to him in return, a loud burbling meow emitting from your throat as you were oh so happy to hear his voice. Your body turned instinctively in his direction, bounding forward when you saw him go wide eyed, and take a step back. You felt your ears perk forward before they turned back against your head, and you mewled, pathetically.

You watched Gladio’s brows raise and he went slightly wide eyed, those amber eyes looking confused. With another sad pathetic mewl you moved closer, only to watch his hands raise up, palms out, and he took a step back.

“N-Nice Kitty…S-Stay over there.”

You paused, your eyes wide. Why was Gladio acting like that? You huffed a little, and sat down on your haunches before you meowed to him again, your tail wrapping demurely about your paws. Your eyes stared at him as you lowered your head, ears perked forward before he seemed to put two and two together.


You mewed again as you got back to your feet, and began to pad forwards toward him only to watch him take a step back for every one you took. You paused, once more your ears turning slightly, as your head tilted to the side, before your ears shot forward. Was Gladio…afraid?

At least that’s what you were thinking, till you heard him sniffle.

“Y-Y/N? If-Iffff….” he sniffled again. “I-if that’s really you, c-can you s-step back a-a liiii-HHECKSHEW!-ugh, little bit?”

Your eyes went wide, your ears remaining forward as the tip of your tail flicked back and forth. He wasn’t afraid. Oh astrals, he was allergic!


When he sneezed again, you instinctively jumped, your fur fluffing up on end as you turned and scrambled away from him, your claws trying to gain purchase on the floor beneath you, as you took off at a full run back to where you had fallen to your current predicament.


You dove under your clothing, grunting softly as you rooted around under them, trying to hide yourself. You trembled a little, looking down at your paws as the last thing you wanted to do was cause your soulmate any trouble. Your tail tip flicked once before you rested your chin on your paws, and huffed out a soft sigh.

“If you wanted to hide better Babe, you should have made sure your t-*sniffle*-tail was hidden too.”

You lifted your head, eyes going wide as you attempted to dart off, only to feel his large warm hands wrap about you as you got tangled up in your clothing. You meowed loudly, flailing about as your feet left the ground as you felt him wrap the cloth about your hind legs, then move to hold you against his chest. You lifted your head to stare up at him, only to let your ears splay out as you noticed his eyes were already red and watering.

“Ya know, you’re ki-iiiiii-nnnnngh.–” he paused and shook his head. “Kinda cute like thi-iisss….HECKSHEW!” he turned his head to sneeze.

You mewled sadly, front paws pushing hard against his chest, your claws creating bright pink marks along his chest, as you tried to squirm away, meowing loudly in complaint. He sniffled again as his large hand gently petted over your ears and the back of your head causing you to pause. You trembled then against him as his light petting continued.

“Shh…Babe. I-gah-gotcha. Don’t worry. Let’s get outta here, and see if we can find the–the oth–HECKSHEW!–ugh, others.”

You mewed again and tried pushing against him once more, only to feel him hold you tighter against his broad chest. He cooed to you softly, in between his sniffles.

“W-what kinda soulmate wou-wouuu…” he paused, sniffling loudly, to the point of snorting. “–would I be if I didn’t help you out, no matter what kind of trouble you were in…?”

When you looked up at him, you were greeted with a soft, teary smile, and your heart broke. You felt so bad for what you were putting him through right now, but couldn’t stop that soft bubbling purr that rumbled from your chest as he gently stroked your ears.

“I’m sure Iggy, has a way of fix-fiiiix..” he paused looking at you, his eyes squinting. “HEEECKSHEWW!” he half bent over with his loud sneeze, clutching you to his chest, before he righted himself, and shook his head. You mewled again softly, ears splaying out once more.

“Ugh, fixing this. He always does,” he looked down at you, and gave you a smile, your ears turning as you noticed that his left eye was starting to swell shut. “I’ve got…a-llllerrr—*sniffle* allergy meds in the car, I’ll be fine Babe.”


He paused, and sort of staggered a bit, causing you to meow softly in alarm.

“Right. P-Pills first. Remove curse, after.”

"Here.  Lemme see."  (a Walking Dead Ficlet, Caryl + Judith).

Post Series Fluff.  Nothing but sugar here, lovelies. 


Kid’s all big brown eyes and sass, always running ninety to nothing around this place like she owns it, and today?  Well, it ain’t no different. 


From his vantage point on the shaded porch, one hip propped against the peeling porch rail, Daryl’s been watching her.  Been growing more suspicious with each pass she makes between the house Carl’s done moved into and claimed as his own in a show of teenaged impulsiveness and this one.  And on her last trip, when she comes scuttling up those steps again with her Hello Kitty rainboots clomping around little feet that still haven’t grown into them, he decides to do a little light investigating.  So.  Quick as an ornery old cat, one long, lean arm darts out and his blunt fingers snag her belt loops, use them to reel her in.  When he has her, snared in his trap and looking none too happy about it, he affects his most intimidating scowl.  “Hold up.  Hold up.  Where you think you goin’?” 


Course, Ass Kicker doesn’t look threatened in the least.                                                                                                    


No.  That proud little chin goes up, and she looks so much like her mama in that moment, a small shiver makes it way up Daryl’s spine, seeps right into his bones, and he loosens his hold.  Softens his voice, too, because he’s got a sixth sense about these things—comes from being observant.  It pays off, because that’s all it takes for the little girl to let down her guard, just enough, and a slow smile crawls across his face. 


Kid’s got a big pocket across the front of them denim overalls she’s taken to wearing night and day—they’re too big, too—and that flicker of a toothless smile of hers sinks her because she’s got crumbs sticking to the corners of her mouth.  Cookiecrumbs


He holds out his free hand, palm up, and wiggles his fingers at her.  “Here.  Lemme see.” 


Torn between denial and a blurted confession, Judith finally sighs and digs one worse for wear cookie from her pocket, reluctantly drops it into his palm.  Even her frayed pigtails look resigned as she scratches a dirty fingernail over the end of her freckled nose and tilts her head at him.  “Carl was hungry.”


Daryl bites back a bark of laughter ‘cause Carl ain’t the one standing on his porch with the evidence all over his person, but he reckons it’s not a complete lie.  The boy may want his independence, but there’s a reason he picked the house across the street and not one clear across Alexandria.  “Just Carl?” 


Skinny shoulders lift in a noncommittal shrug and those big brown eyes look anywhere but at him. 


Seems ‘Chonne’s lectures on honesty have taken a little bit of a foothold in the kid—he supposes a nose that grows and grows with each lie ain’t too big a stretch in a world where the dead roam the earth—and he waits for her to break.  Course, he helps her along.  “What would Carol say, huh?” 


That little mouth pinches and guilt furrows her brows. 


Kid looks like she wants the ground to swallow her up, and maybe she does because Daryl ain’t never been a fan of disappointing Carol himself, hates it more than almost anything, and it looks like maybe Jude’s the same.  Letting go of her belt loops, he tugs at one of her pigtails to regain her attention.  “Hey.” 


The little girl meets his squinted gaze with some difficulty, her own eyes welling with something akin to remorse. 


“Might could put in a good word for ya,” he offers. 


“Really?” Judith asks hopefully.  Her fingers gravitate to one of her long braids, and she brushes the wispy tip against her lips, back and forth.  Back and forth while she stares up at him. 


“Yeah,” Daryl nods.  “Yeah.  Could do it.  You’d have to do the apoligizin’ yourself.  Carl, too.  M’pretty sure, though, I could convince her to go easy on you two.  If…” 


“If what?” the little girl presses impatiently. 


“I’ll tell you,” Daryl lowers his voice.  “But you have to do exactly what I say.”  It don’t take long for him to whisper his instructions in Ass Kicker’s listening ear.  Takes even less time for her to hurry her way back down those steps and scoot across the street, disappear behind her big brother’s door.  He smirks as he imagines the scene unfolding, and he’s still smiling to himself when he hears the door creak open behind him.  Feels her arms slide around his waist from behind.  “Found your Cookie Monster.”


She laughs softly, drops a kiss to his shoulder before lifting his arm and curling into his side.  “I heard.”  Her blue eyes dance as he nuzzles kisses into her silver hair and she tips her head back. 


“Knew who it was all along, didn’t ya?”  He strokes the rough pads of his fingers down the line of her neck, lets them dip beneath the scooped collar of the shirt she’s wearing to tickle over an enticing trail of freckles and delights in the stutter of her breath, the shiver she doesn’t even attempt to hide from him. 


“We never would have gotten married if I wasn’t observant,” she quips as she raises on her toes to kiss the corner of his mouth, traces her own fingertips across his cheeks and the blush that stains them.  “Not too many women left in this world can read the Dixon signs.” 


“Signs are those?” he asks gruffly but he don’t need no answer ‘cause he knows.  Knows he’s damn lucky it was her he fell in love with.  Her that figured it out even ‘fore he did.  He takes her smiling mouth in a kiss before she can answer, gentle and deep.  Lingering.  When he pulls back, her eyes are still closed, and he can’t resist stealing one more taste of her lips. 


“Oh, you know,” she murmurs.


One corner of his mouth lifts in a tiny smile as he allows her to capture his hands, weave their fingers together and tug.   “Do.  Reckon I do.”     


“C’mon, Pookie.  Something tells me cookie monsters eat a lot for dinner.”