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I’ve started a series where I wanted to do modernized!Shakespeare. I don’t think its finished but these are some of my favorite characters so far. A few things:

  • The men in Midsummer Night’s Dream are so awful.. @willy shakes set the women free please…. set them free. also let the ladies date
  • [looks at my half-dozen drawing of Benvolio/Mercutio vs. my single drawing for Romeo/Juliet] What do you mean Bencutio isn’t the main couple in R&J?
  • #LetBenvolioSayFuck2k17
  • I kept the soccer thing for Viola & Duke… She’s the Man is flawed but it’s also my childhood just let me keep the soccer thing
  • I demand more genderqueer Viola
  • Shoutout to anyone who picks up on Hippolyta’s outfit i know its rly obvious but just. shoutout
  • Hero deserves so much better than Claudio. Hence, the obvious Hamilton…. In fact there’s a lot of designs clearly inspired by certain actors…..
  • One old Mercutio designs is inspired by @crystallizedtwilight which im like 90% sure their design is also inspired by certain R&J production’s character design but anyways credit to them

read on AO3 // chapter one 

He blamed the way he could feel Eddie’s heart pounding under his thumbs on the adrenaline. “Shut up,” Eddie mumbled. He shoved Richie away, a bit too harshly, and adjusted his bag back onto his shoulders properly. “I have to go,” he said quickly, then got to running off again. Richie’s heart sank and he stared off after him.

“Dude,” Stan said softly. “What’s his problem?”

“I don’t know,” Richie replied, his lips barely moving. I did too much, he wanted to say. He didn’t.




WARNINGS: underage smoking, implied internal homophobia, implied abuse

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Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo goes on a date to a restaurant, only to be waited on by a jealous ex.

It’s baffling, really. As he sits in the small booth near the center of the restaurant, his eyes catch sight of his ex. Yes, sure, the man looks the same–those same long legs that go on for miles, the same broad shoulders that he used to stare at, that same dazzling smile with perfect teeth and tiny dimples piercing into his cheek. Kyungsoo doesn’t realize he’s staring until a shadow looms over his view for a second as his date enters the booth.

“Hey Soo,” he snaps from his reverie and smiles sweet, kind.

“Hey Baekhyun, how are you today?” there’s a smoothness in his voice with the deep tone of his timbre. He’s got this down pat, and isn’t going to allow Jongin’s presence to disrupt this date. Especially since Kyungsoo was the one who chose to leave the relationship. Apparently, he had to learn the hard way, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Regret prodded at his mind shortly after the breakup, but he overcame it eventually with the aid of friends to support him no matter how idiotic he was.

Now here he is, on their fourth date. Things are going well with Baekhyun, he likes to think. And maybe that scares him but, he’ll flow with life and go wherever it leads him.

“I’m fine. So did you read the latest article about that group Exo? They sold out a huge stadium, talk about Kings, right?”

“They’re legends,” he says as he reaches for his glass of water.

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Hello,” a voice comes from the side of their table and Kyungsoo knows that voice well–too well. It’s a reminder of the man whose voice would wake him up every morning and sing him to sleep every night. Everything about his voice is a memory Kyungsoo wishes would remain inside the abyss of his mind. Yet, when he sees Jongin more clearly now, it all comes back like a rush of water. “I’m Jongin, I’ll be your server today, what can I get you to drink?” he smiles. It’s fake. Of course, Kyungsoo could tell. With the plethora of Jongin photos saved in a folder inside of his phone, how could he not notice?

“Oh Kyungsoo, is that you?” he gives Kyungsoo a lighthearted nudge on the shoulder, “I mean, you were here not too long ago with that girl…what was her name again?”

What? Kyungsoo’s eyes widen. He throws a worried glance toward Baekhyun who has confusion plastered over his face.

“I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong–”

“No, no, I’m sure it was you. You bring all of your dates here,” Jongin turns to Baekhyun, “I mean, just two days ago he had another guy here, and they ordered the risotto. I personally recommended it,”

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whispers loudly, “I would like to speak with you over there,” he hurries to his feet and yanks Jongin by the arm. He hauls the tall man out of hearing distance, nose flaring with anger.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m ruining your date.”

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Saw this from somewhere but Saru getting a not sever surgery and the anaesthesia makes him forget and when misaki goes to visit him he temporarily forgets who he is and he's just swooning over misaki and misaki has to remind him that he's his boyfriend and saru is like we're dating? Hell yeah, jackpot

Poor Yata wouldn’t know if he should be flattered to find out exactly how physically attractive Fushimi finds him or weirded out because Fushimi is acting so very not himself. Like say Fushimi needs to get some mild surgery due to an injury while out fighting Strains but he has a bad reaction to the anesthesia and it gives him temporary memory loss. The doctors assure Yata that it’s only temporary and will probably wear off in a couple hours but in the meantime he shouldn’t have too many visitors because they don’t want to confuse him. Yata’s allowed to see him though, he’s all nervous because he’s not sure how to handle a Fushimi who doesn’t remember him at all. When he walks into the room Fushimi’s just there staring out the window, Yata gives him a nervous hello and Fushimi stares at him for a long moment before saying something like I assume you’re another person I’ll remember in a few hours. Yata’s like well, yeah and tells Fushimi that he and Fushimi have been best friends for years and they’re also dating now. Fushimi’s brow furrows as he’s like ‘wait. I’m dating you?’ Yata starts to feel a bit self conscious as he’s like ‘w-well, yeah,’ thinking that Fushimi’s probably so confused at how someone like Fushimi could ever be attracted to someone like Yata. Except then Fushimi gives this low whistle and is like 'damn, I must be smoother than I thought if I grabbed a guy like you.’ Yata’s all wait what and Fushimi continues on, all 'So I just hit the dating jackpot? Really? Look at those muscles. I bet I’m a  leg man because I just want to run my hands all over those.’ Yata doesn’t know who he should be more embarrassed for, himself or Fushimi or both, though he can’t deny that there’s something kinda nice about hearing Fushimi appreciate Yata’s physical assets so thoroughly, Yata’s always thought of Fushimi as being a good-looking person but Yata’s never really considered himself to be that attractive and suddenly hearing exactly how hot Fushimi apparently finds him is a nice confidence booster. (Then a couple hours later the memory loss fades and Fushimi is so mortified at the way he was just drooling over Yata, though he does grudgingly admit that Misaki does look…nice and Yata beams because in Fushimi-speak that’s basically admitting that yeah, Saru thinks he won the dating jackpot.)

How to spent a not so quiet night with your boyfriend.

day 4 of Malecweek  Greek Mythology 

Having very little knowledge of today’s prompt I had to think outside the box a bit for this one. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it, anyway!

It was a quiet night for Magnus and Alec. Neither of them felt like going out anywhere so after some thought Alec suggested for them just to chill out on the sofa and watch a movie.

“Sounds like a plan, but let me just add something to make it a little more fun.” Magnus said, with a cheeky grin.

He went over to the front of the sofa and with a click of his fingers and a wave of his hand, the coffee table disappeared and a mattress appeared, covered in various soft looking blankets and piles of pillows. When he saw Alec’s nod of approval, he clicked his fingers again, spreading a variety of flickering candles around the room and turning off the lights to give the room a welcoming glow.

“Wow, okay, I would have been happy with just curling up on the sofa but this is good too. Shall I make popcorn?” He asked.

“”OH, but I haven’t finished yet.” Magnus waved a hand over the front of his body before walking back to Alec and doing the same to him, replacing their clothes with satin pyjama pants and silky robes. Alec startled at the sudden change of clothes but had to admit they felt great against his skin.

One more finger click later and there was a large bowl of popcorn on the floor beside the mattress.

“When you do something, you do it properly, Babe.” Alec said with a slow smile, taking Magnus’ hand and leading him over to the inviting bed.

“Only the best for you my love.” Magnus crooned to him, putting a soft kiss on his lips.

“Now, let’s see what movies are on.” Alec picked up the remote and turned on the large flat screen TV while Magnus was curling into his side, one hand disappearing into the opening of the robe so he could thread his fingers through Alec’s soft chest hair.

“Hey, this one’s good, Clash of the Titans” Alec said and settled himself to watch it.

“Really? You can’t find something better?” Magnus gave him a questioning look.

“No, I like this movie. It’s really good.” Alec assured him.

Magnus started nuzzling his neck, rubbing his nose against his deflect rune.

“I think I prefer watching the way your skin gets pink when I kiss it.” He murmured, and he started putting tiny kisses over its surface. Alec let a giggle escape him and scrunched up his shoulder.

“Hey that tickles. You should be watching this. There’s lots of hot guys in it.” Alec said, trying to refocus Magnus’ attention. Magnus raised his head and looked at the screen, raising an eyebrow.

“Humm, I think you’re right. Especially him, who is that?”

“That’s Perseus, he’s the hero.”

“I have to say, the man has spectacular legs, look at those calves, yummy.”

“Yeah if you like that muscle bound look.” Magnus gave him a look.

“I don’t actually. You can’t snuggle into someone like that comfortably, it’s like hugging a rock. That’s why I love your body, it’s still muscled but just right for this.” Magnus wrapped an arm and a leg around him, holding him tight.

“I’m not even going to ask how you came to the conclusion about hard muscled bodies. I really don’t want to know.”

“Who’s the old guy with the long hair and beard?”

“That’s Zeus, Perseus’ father.” Alec told him. He was beginning to think that distracting Magnus from his previous activities was a bad idea if he was going to talk all the way through the movie.

“He looks more like father Time.” Alec gave him a questioning look.

“Don’t tell me you know who that is? He’s not even real.” Magnus feigned a hurt look.

“I can assure you he was, not that I ever met him in person. It was only a painting I saw of him once.”

“Yeah, I thought as much.”

“It belonged to his five times great Grandson. He had it hanging in his mansion. That was a very interesting weekend.” Alec looked disbelievingly at his boyfriend, shaking his head.

Magnus was actually silent for a while and Alec settled back into the movie, taking handfuls of popcorn as he watched.

“Huh, Medusa, nasty piece of work that woman was.” Magnus suddenly said.

“Now, you can’t tell me you’ve seen her? Besides, if you looked at her you turned into a statue.”

“Don’t be silly Alexander, how old do you think I really am? Of course not. I did have a couple of those snake’s heads from that hair of hers, however.’

“Seriously?” Alec was never sure if Magnus was telling him the truth about that sort of thing or if he was just teasing.

“It was a long time ago and I got rid of them. They smelt disgusting.” Magnus scrunched his nose up.

“So who’s that? The creepy guy there.” Magnus pointed at the screen.

Alec was starting to lose patience with all these questions.

“That’s Hades.” He felt Magnus give a shiver beside him.

“Yes, well, that’s getting a bit too close to home for me. That guy looks familiar, what else has he been in?”

“He was Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies.” Magnus gave a laugh.

“That silly movie about the witches and wizards? They were hilarious.”

“I don’t think they were meant to be comedies, but yeah, I have to agree with you about that.”

“Wow, that’s a nasty looking monster they’re fighting.” Magnus said, sitting up a little straighter.

“Please, that’s a house pet, I’ve fought demons scarier than that.”

“Of course you have my love, I’ve seen you do it. I love watching you work.”

“Now that’s the best thing I’ve heard you say since the movie started.” Alec bent his head and brushed his lips to Magnus’. It had only been meant to brief but somehow it quickly grew into something more and the movie was quickly forgotten.

Sometime later when the credits were rolling down the screen, Alec and Magnus lay in each other’s arms.

“Damn, we missed the end when he kills the big titan on Pegasus.” Alec said, but he was far from being disappointed about it.

“He had a flying horse? Lucky him. They are such beautiful creatures but very easily spooked.” Magnus commented. Alec looked at him. He had to be kidding, right?

“You’re not going to tell me you had one, are you. Because I refuse to believe it. There’s no such thing.”

“Alright, I won’t but once upon a time they said a warlock couldn’t fall in love with a Shadow hunter either, but, here we are.” Alec smiled and Magnus reached up to kiss him tenderly.

“Okay, so if you had one, what happened to it?”

“I had to get rid of it, way too hard to look after. You might say he was too, flighty?” Magnus couldn’t help the chuckles from escaping him and Alec started playfully digging him in the ribs, joining in his laughter.

“Next time, I’m picking the movie.” Magnus told him, when he got his breath back.

“And next time, I’m getting you a gag.” Alec joked.

“Sounds like a party to me!” Magnus smirked, and this time, Alec silenced him with his kisses.

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Graves has a clothing kink. I bet he'd like to see Credence in one of his shirts. And nothing but the shirt.


No? OK, cause that’s what I did.

Just before he gets Credence into bed, Percival feels ten years younger than he is. But he’s learning that the aftermath makes him feel ten years older.

He lays in bed and touches his mouth with one hand. Charms can wipe away semen and sweat, all the mess, but he finds he doesn’t wish to spell away the bruised feeling in his lips. If he had the energy, he might get up and inspect his back to see if Credence’s grasping hands left the marks Percival imagines are there.

The best that he can manage, at the moment, is to turn his head and inspect the red mark in the shape of Credence’s teeth on his shoulder. It looks like the smothered scream it probably was. He cannot help himself, Percival feels quite proud.

Also sore.

Credence sits up in bed, but uses his magic to pull a shirt from the dresser rather than slip out from under the covers. It’s such a simple thing, but Percival delights in it.

“Dearest,” he says, “I think that’s my shirt.”

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OK FIRST I JUST WANTED TO SAY YES @ THAT SCENARIO IT WAS AMAZING also how about some jealous shouto bb >:D either headcanons or a scenario, whichever you prefer!

Oh, thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it heh! Jealous huh? Dumb hot n cold boy…how could u possibly be jealous even?

The class 1 A had gone to quite an anfortunate adventure, resulting in a fight with unexpected real villans….again. You and Todoroki, being part of the group who got assaulted, had managed to knock down your opponents quite impressively. Your strategy was marvelous, your agility enviable, and the use of your quirks almost flawless. However, that didn’t mean everything turned out perfectly. The villans you fought weren’t weak at all and had given you quite a tough fight, resulting in some slight injuries, a bit of debris here and there, and what’s more…your hero costume getting totally ruined.

You didnt mind at first, since you hadn’t even designed it yourself. When it had been time of submitting the designs you were horribly busy, and prefered to leave it in hands of the experts. It turned out rather nice, so you didn’t even bother to suggest a design this time either.

However, that was a mistake. 

 You were going to have a class activity at Replica city-district, where All Might was supposed to give all of you a lesson but, as always, he was running late. The whole class was already in their costumes, kind of annoyed, as they waited for their teacher at the front gate. The whole class except for you. Todoroki was talking to Izuku, trying to kill some time, but he couldn’t help but constantly staring at the door in case you appeared. What was taking you so long? Were you ok? Being your boyfriend, even though it had been quite a short while since you two started dating, he was starting to get a little worried. He asked Yaoyorozu if she had seen you in the chanhing rooms to what se answerd you had a problem with your costume. A problem what kind of problem? 

 As soon as he saw you walk through the door, as soon as EVERYONE saw you walk through the door, he realized what kind of problem…a sexy as hell kind of problem…

 A slight blush creeped its way up to his cheeks as he stared at you walking in with an increadibly tight, revealing….and oh gosh such a pronpunced neckline. He felt like he was twelve all over again to that period of life when one can’t control their own sexual impulses, it was embarrasig. Hell, de didn’t know who designed that shit, but please give that man a promotion. You just looked outstandingly gorgeous.

 However, as soon as the initial wave of amazement washed off from him…he realized it wasn’t only him who was staring at you, but the entirety of the 1A class.

 “OH MY GOD” please no, no Mineta, someone please shut his mouth up “LOOK AT [NAME], SHE LOOKS SO HOT”

 “Don’t talk about her like that” Todoroki muttered, trying to sound as impartial as he could, since no one else knew you and him were dating.

 “Come on, Todoroki! Are you blind!?” this time it was Kirishima “look at those legs, man” 

“Shut up”

 “She certainly looks uhm…improved…in some aspects” Iida stuttered, playing with his glasses to distract himself from your image “in many aspects, in fact” 

“Yeah Todoroki, don’t you think she…-Kaminari had to stop talking middle track, before the image of a STEAMING Todoroki Shoto. His fists clenched, his teeth gritting and his nose twitching as a thin layer of steam escaped his left side without his consent. What was kidn of funny, actually, was than although it was obvious he wasn’t on the best of moods, he managed to look composed enough to pretend he was in his right mind when he really wasn’t. His heart was drumming in his ears, his thoughts were all scrambled inside his head and were unable to collaborate and make sense altogether. No matter how hard he tried to keep calm, never in his life had he felt his quirk trying to act on its own that way, he wanted to freeze all those brats into the ground. And he would have done it, if it hadn’t been for the fact he was able to melt his anger and pour it into the hasty act of grabbing you by the wirst and pulling you away from the group.

You were kind of scared, one second you were surrounded by all the girls in the class, getting all sorts of compliments, and the next Todoroki was gripping you arm so tight it was about to turn purple and exiting the room with hurried, vigorous steps. 

“Hey! What’s wrong with you?? The class was about to start!”

As he finally cooled down and realized he was being stupid and irrational, he let go of your hand and gave a step back, not wanting to commit another idiocy that would put in evidence just how desperate he was. He didn’t answer any of your previous questions, he didn’t know how, and he was starting to get utterly embarrased of his own irrational feelings. 

“Aren’t you going to answer me? I…” But you were interrupted by the sudden appearence of his mouth in yours. Your eyes widened by surprise, he had NEVER kissed you in public places before, even though you were alone it was still school’s property, and it wasn’t just a chaste, simple peck, but quite a open kiss with hungry lips and roaming hands. 

You pulled away, not unwelcoming to his proximity but indeed kind of confused and concernded. You couldn’t get why he was acting that way, it didn’t fit personality at all. 

“Where did you take that costume from?” his voice sounded drowned and groggy, so serious it kind of made you uneasy. Why was everyone making such a fuss about your clothes, anyways?? Yaoyorozu was basically naked and she was old news now?? 

“The supporting department did it for me” You answered, taking a look at your own body once again, still not getting used to the image. 

“Give it back”

“I can’t give it back! The department of support must have worked really hard on it!” 

“I don’t want you to wear it” 

“Why not?? I know it’s a bit….embarrassing, but I don’t have other option. I must wait till the next time it gets ruined” 

You were starting to get kind of pissed, you just couldn’t understand his actions and it was driving you nuts. However, the sudden, intense blush on his face and the way his gaze seemed to be hiding from yours forced you to make silence and wait for an explanation. 

“The…the other guys were all staring at you!” he was stuttering, also sweating nervously “And Mineta, he was so fuckin…!”

“Shoto” You interrupted him, a silly laugh tingling your lips as you finally caught on what was going on. He stopped talking to stare at you making such a huge effort not to laugh at him “Are you jealous?” 

If you thought he was blushing before, now his left ear wasn’t even visible between his red locks. 

“No, I’m not”

“Yes you are! Why are you acting this way, if not?”

In response, he just gave a quick sight and pulled you into a kiss once again, not as long as the previous one but equeally powerful and deep enough to lift your feet off the ground. 

“Just…don’t wear it again. Promise me” He was staring at you right in the eye, and sounded so dead serious you found it increadibly funny. 

“If you kiss me like that because of the costume…then I can’t promise anything”

If you wanted him to start steaming again, well then that’s what you got.


@veraandalyn made one of the prettiest ocs I’ve ever seen, the lovely Vera and I felt the urgent need to draw her and I must say it was so much fun and I really love how it turned out

I do not own the character

Hope you like it Taylor ^^

Request: Friends with benefits

Request: The reader and Tig are friends with benefits and they fall for each other, but are too afraid to admit it.

Hi everyone,

Sorry! It took me a while to finish this.

Oh God! I got emotional with this one. Damn you tears!

Enjoy! Love you all!

Originally posted by samcroimagine

Sun was sneaking inside the room through the blinds, touching your hair and back. Tig was awake, looking at you lying down on your stomach, peacefully sleeping. Soon the alarm clock would sound for you to start another day at work and for him to deal with something for Samcro; just like that, peace would be gone.

He didn’t remember when or how you became a friend of the club, but you had been for years now. He couldn’t set a date or moment for your friendship either, he only knew you were his best friend. However, he would never forget the first time you had sex, the moment when you started this thing of ‘friends with benefits’.

It took a while for people to notice what was happening, but when they did, the comments weren’t the best. Tig himself had his doubts, but you two were dealing with that arrangement pretty well. Share a beer at the bar, end the night at your house or in his bedroom at the clubhouse and leave each other in the morning after a cup of coffee.

However, this was not just about sex anymore, at least not for him. One day, Tig found himself looking at you sleeping, enjoying that peaceful morning before reality kicks in. In that moment, he realized that everything had changed, slowly, without him notice. Now, every morning he woke up right next to you was like that, he would be awake first, just to look at you sleep, wishing that the alarm clock was broke.

Tig was a fearless man, he would throw himself in front of a bullet for his brothers, but now he was terrified to tell you that he had fallen for his best friend, that he loved you more than anyone and anything.

He knew you weren’t looking for a relationship, but you weren’t seeing anyone else. That was supposed to mean something right? Those thoughts were driving him crazy, ‘cause in the next second he told himself he was wrong. You were too good for him; you could be his friend and his lover, but live with his demons between you two in the bed was different.

A buzzing dragged him out of his own head. You mumbled, hiding your face on the pillow for a moment, before roll on the bed, yawning and stretching. You looked at him and smiled.

“Morning”, you said.

“Morning”, he answered, watching you get up, naked, and then cross the room walking to the bathroom. You left the door slightly open. Tig took a deep breath and got up too.


You were on the shower, relaxing under the water. That was your favorite way to start you day… Well, second option. The first one was to have wake up sex with Tig. That wasn’t happening much lately though. One of you two would get up before the other could make a move.

You didn’t know about him, but every time you looked inside his gorgeous blue eyes and saw his smile, your heart skipped a beat. This thing of being ‘friends with benefits’ was going on for a while now, but it wasn’t just about sex anymore. At least not for you.

One night, you woke up and he wasn’t in bed. You got up and walked down the hallway, just to find him at the kitchen double doors, smoking. You knew he had a nightmare and was there trying to calm down before went back to sleep. He didn’t notice you, but you stayed there, looking at him, wanting to hug him and make the ghosts go away. In that moment, you realized that everything had changed, slowly, without you notice. Now, every time you slept together, you closed your eyes wishing to hug him and keep the nightmares away.

Tig was a guy who came from a failed marriage and he had the reputation of being a player. You knew that being attached to someone wasn’t his style, eventually this thing would get old, he would get tired and just like that, it would end. Maybe you would stay friends, but just the thought of losing him or see him with another woman made your heart beat faster and your mouth gets dry.

You also knew you had said you weren’t looking for a relationship, but the truth was that you weren’t a person made to be alone. You needed to be with someone, and you wanted Tig to be that person, but you were afraid to tell him you had fallen for your best friend, that you loved him more than anyone and anything.

You walked back to the bedroom and got dressed, taking a deep breath before walk to the kitchen.


Tig wasn’t there, he had left a note saying that the club had called and you had breakfast alone. It was Saturday, you didn’t had to work, but Gemma needed help with the party for that night, so you drove to her house.

You spent the whole day with Gemma and Chuck, getting everything ready for the party. Another Charter was visiting and it would be a big party, in the best Samcro style. You were back at your house, getting dressed. Your boots were waiting for you, and your favorite jeans, and… You stopped, looking at your clothes. You liked that style, and Tig liked that too, but your mood was so sad and blue that you decided that a little change would do you good.


Tig had been waiting for the party all day long. He was sad, confused and missing you like crazy. All he could do was to drink, so he sat by the bar and grabbed a bottle of beer. A crow eater was dancing in front of him, but Tig wasn’t looking at her, he was keeping an eye at the door, just waiting for you.

Another Charter was visiting and the clubhouse was full. Those guys weren’t the same people you were used to, so he wanted you to stay close to him, even if it wasn’t the healthier thing for your relationship or for his own feelings.

The crow eater had just come closer to touch him when you entered the clubhouse. His mouth hang open. You weren’t wearing the usual boots e jeans. The shorts were showing your beautiful legs and the heels made you sexier. Your eyes met his and you waved at him before walked to the kitchen where Gemma was.


A damn crow eater was all over him. That was all you saw when you entered the clubhouse. You knew that would happen, sooner or later, but now that you had saw it was the worst feeling possible.

Gemma was in the kitchen and raised an eyebrow to you as you leaned against the counter. “Are you okay sweetie?”, she asked.

“Yes”, you nodded, “I just need a minute”

“Tig?”, she said and your eyes widened, “Oh please! Did you really think this would be just sex and fun all the time? We all can see in your eyes, both of you…

“No, Gem”, you stopped her, “Don’t go there, please”

You left the kitchen, thinking that maybe have a cigarette outside would help you to clear your mind, erase what you had saw. Tig wasn’t in the bar anymore and the thought of him and the crow eater in his bedroom just made you sick. You barely notice Jax waving to you, he called out your name and you smiled, walking towards him and some guy you didn’t know.


Chuck needed help with some boxes, so Chibs and Tig were carrying them inside. They let them behind the bar, before grab new bottles of beer for themselves.

“She is right there”, Chibs said, noticing that Tig was scanning the room, looking for you. He looked to where his brother was pointing and saw Jax talking to you. That wouldn’t be a problem, but a Son from another Charter was smiling to you, looking at your body, clearly thinking about you naked or something.

Tig felt his blood boiling, but he had no right over you and you were just talking, Jax was there… The Son pulled you closer, his hand on your waist and his eyes full with lust. That was enough. Tig ignored Chibs’ protests and took large steps towards you.


“Brother…” Jax saw what the other Son was doing and warned him, as you pushed him away. The man let you go, quickly, his eyes were wide, looking at some point behind you. You saw his reaction as the same time you back collided with hard chest.

“What is happening here?”, Tig said, holding you by your waist, not letting you fall.

“Nothing”, Jax said, holding his cigaretter and giving Tig a meaningful look.

You held your breath as the man stared at each other for a second. Tig was tense, you could fell. “Come with me”, he whispered in your ear and you nodded, letting him guide you to his bedroom. Tig closed the door, resting his forehead against it. You looked at him for a second, trying to guess his mood.

“Tiggy”, you whispered.

“Jesus!”, he cursed, “What were you thinking doll?”

“What?”, that was not what you were expecting. Was he really blaming you?

“He is from another Charter, you don’t know him…”, Tig looked at you again, walking away from the door.

“Oh Christ!”, you throw your hands up, frustrated, “Jax was introducing us, we were just talking…He was the one who touched me! You can’t blame me!”

“Look at you darling”, he smiled, looking tired, “Where are the boots? Those pretty legs… No man can resist baby”

You stared at him for a while. Your blood was boiling, you were tired of that little game. You might lose your friend, but you had to said all you were thinking and feeling.

“Are you jealous Tig?”, you snapped. His eyes widened, his mouth ajar. You took a deep breath and a step towards him, “ ‘Cause I am! I walk in and there is a crow eater all over you. You were in MY bed this morning, you were moaning MY name last night… If you wanna be with the crow eaters it’s fine, but forget about me, ‘cause… I don’t wanna make love with the man I love and then see him with another girl like I was nothing”

You were crying by the time you ended you speech. You swallowed and looked at Tig through the tears. You saw him took a deep breath and smile, in the next second you were in his arms. Tig was holding you close, you face hidden in his chest and your feet left the ground.

“Say that again”, he whispered.

“I love you Tig”, you said. He laid you down on the bed, hovering over you and drying your tears with his fingertips.

“Don’t cry baby girl”, he smiled, “I love you too”


“I love you”, he would never get tired of listen those words coming from your lips. Tig smiled as he held you close, both ready to sleep after making love.

You were at your house, which was becoming his too, since that day at the clubhouse when you both finally confessed your feelings. He was sleeping there almost every night, his nightmares not hunting him when he was in your arms.

Tig looked at the nightstand, saw that the alarm clock was off and smiled, finally closing his eyes and relaxing against your body.