look at those legs man

I Suppose I’m A Tad Bit Evil.

When he laughs, it’s so contagious.

This is Rob’s impersonation of his spirit animal Scrat from Ice Age. (Not really, but I could imagine that is exactly what it would look like).

Dad!Rob. Why the hell isn’t this a fan fiction yet?

Those legs. Damn. Sassiest man that looks better in heels than me.

Sorry. Spamming his ass is my favorite past-time.

I will ALWAYS post a picture of Rob sticking his tongue out.

This endearing look is EXACTLY how I want my future husband to look at me. With that same hair cut. Shirt. Eyes. Smile. Maybe I should just be Mrs. Benedict..

I’d be 115% alright if my husband walked down the isle looking like this in converse. And looking like Rob Benedict.

Oh My God Becky, look at how he takes that shirt off. Hells yeah.

I wasn’t there for this, but I can give you a 95% guess that he is singing the song “Eskimo” because he ALWAYS points during the beginning of the song to the lyrics “he says he likes it here but not over there.” I’m ridiculous. I should go home. Eh. Nah.

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