look at those gums ; ;

ARMS World Theory Post!!

Hi, guys!  Mod Twintelle is back with another ARMS theory post. So for this entry, I want to focus more on how the ARMS genetic effects those who inherit them.

So from what we have seen from videos of the game and/or those who have played it for themselves. Is that the ARMS fighting is fucking brutal.  I mean, you have bombs that could electrocute you and set you on fire! Not to mention, that you have the option of using FUCKING ROCKET LAUNCHERS, GIANT METAL ELECTRIC THINGS, and LASER CANONS. I’m pretty sure those who have ARMS aren’t exactly human anymore.  (Well, not counting Mechanica, Byte/Barq, and Helix for reasons)

So here’s what I have to say about those who gain the ARMS genetic. I believe that once the ARMS mutation activates, the body gains some rapid healing boost. However, this only applies to external injuries to an extent. 

For example, When Spring Man gets shocked from the ARMS destabilizer machine(?) He does have any internal or external injuries from it and seems perfectly fine after battles. If anything, it feels as if he had received an electric shock from one of those gag machines that looks like gum. However, he can still get sick with the flu like everyone else who doesn’t have the ARMS gene. When fighting other ARMS fighters, he can receive damage enough to the point to knock him out but can get up after at least 5 to 10 minutes if it’s normal. He can receive serious injuries if say a fighter goes overboard with their attacks(?) and he isn’t immune to illnesses that affect normal humans. This also goes for all the other ARMS fighters who are human or a non-man made the living thing. 

Tell me your thought on this theory and what you could add or correct from this! Thanks for your time.

-Mod Twintelle


​❝ I need a nap and some dick.  ❞ 
​❝ Emotions are for ugly people.❞
​❝ I won’t admit it, but I’ll silently agree. ❞
​❝ BFFL? Burger french fry lemonade? ❞
​❝ Your head looks like a croissant, I wanna smash it! ❞
​❝ Your tone seems very pointed right now. ❞
​❝ Pomegranate? Girl, it’s fuckin’ pink. ❞
​❝ That’s some shady shade! ❞
​❝ Rock, paper, fucked up! ❞
​❝ You little weird elven Kate Blanchett bitch. ❞
❝ Girl, ‘forlorn’? That’s barely a word anymore. ❞
❝ Bitch better not say 'whence’. ❞
❝ I can clock a weave from across a county, bitch! ❞
​❝ I’m just trying to get a window seat on the way to Hell. ❞
​❝ Your hair is really damaged, I’m talking fucked at the ends. Not split-ends but like divorced-ends. ❞
❝ I wish your dog would bite your mouth off. ❞
❝ 'She’s got a lot of personality, guys love that.’ Yeah from behind. ❞
❝ Hold on, let me look in my bag and see if I can find a fuck to give.❞
​​❝ There are so many unanswered questions.This is like Prometheus. ❞
​​❝ See ya at the flu shot line, bitch! ❞
​​❝ I’m trying to bring attention to one of my favorite causes which is me. ❞
​​❝ Eat a whole bowl of fucks. ❞
​​❝ I have a very handsome face, and there’s nothing wrong with that.❞
❝ You would be really cute if you didn’t talk or have a face. ❞
​​❝ You put this on the internet? ❞
​​❝ Sweet potato my ass! ❞
​​❝ Never wear something you can’t run from someone in. ❞
​​❝ -coughs- Oh fuck, this is how Les Mis started.  ​​❞
​​❝ If you’re not pretty, flaunting your wealth is all you have.  ❞
​​❝ You need to learn about six colors. Red, blue… and four more. ❞
​​❝ And you’ll paint with all the colors of the hood! ❞
​​❝ Look at those gums! It’s like a whole pack of juicy fruits! ❞
​​❝ Redheads will die out by 2050, they’re a recessive gene. So get 'em while you can, and keep them under glass. ❞

here, look. those were the colors i wore once. peach and yellow, like i didn’t care who saw me. like i wanted to be bright. my hair is the same. something in between dirt and sand. 

there’s the baby. bigger now. his small hands clutching the sky like he could pull himself up into it. i think he’s chasing bubbles. look how his mouth is a slice of seedless watermelon. those gums full of teeth now. 

i’m squinting in the sun like i always do. it makes me look angry. am i angry? am i happy to be here, in the backyard of our summer months, watching the baby battle bubbles while mother’s camera turns a second into an eternity? i am trying to remember how it felt to be this girl whose face echoes mirrors but still reads like a foreign language. if i met her i would ask her what her favorite books are, how long it takes her to get to sleep at night, how it feels to ride a bicycle down a hill. i would ask her how she feels in this moment, locked for all time in those pink tennis shoes. i would try to know her, for once. 

sistersofthemoon  asked:

So I know I told you I've struggled to think of something, because I love your writing so much and wanted to request for ages.. but I don't know if this is anything you could work with, be honest - how about visiting Harry on tour and after a night of built up sexual tension you burst into the hotel room all hot and heavy, and then accidentally break the bed, which is shocking of course, but then totally hilarious and now I have boyfriend feels. If you do this, thank you and you're awesome xx

I’m so happy you were able to think of a request, thank you so much and I’m sorry it took so long for me to fill it. I hope you like it sweetie :)

The timing of your visit couldn’t have been more perfect. The boys had almost a full week off between shows, where everyone was enjoying the much deserved break amongst the chaos of constant traveling. 

When you got off the plane in Barcelona, exhausted but too pumped to see Harry to think about sleeping, he had immediately swept you up into his arms and into the beauty of the city. Since there was enough time to do so, Harry promised you he would show you a good time, and he had always been a man of his word. After a hearty and enthusiastic welcome from the rest of the boys and the members of the crew that you were familiar with on the first night of your arrival, Harry surprised you by discreetly whisking you away to a separate hotel, a smaller, cozier, more intimate and private place farther away from the noise and prying eyes.

True to his word, your doting boyfriend had allowed you to drag him out shopping and sightseeing, taking selfies in front of historical sites and trying out exotic cultural foods. The first couple of days are like that, breezing by in a blur of kisses and Instagram shots and being happily, blissfully, magnificently in love with Harry and your little private bubble of romance in Barcelona.

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anonymous asked:

may I ask you whap happen with Ryeowook? (regarding this post 146148808566/ryeong9-everyone-only-wants-to-listen-to-the)

160609 Ryeowook Twitter Update:

ryeong9: Everyone only wants to listen to the outcome and only knows what they want to know but! I don’t know why (people) have to speak like that when there is no confirmation. Really.. I cannot understand. I wish to talk after meet personally. I dislike those who chew gum behind others without looking and then spit out after the sweetness stops (i.e to talk behind others back irresponsibly for their own pleasure) Even up till now, it hurts.

ryeong9: I paid and went to ‘Mama don’t cry’ (musical) happily and i’m sorry to the audience seated behind me whose names i don’t know. During the performance, i understand (some audience) could not concentrate (on the musical) due to my movements, and as an audience myself, I think i will also pay attention and be upset if someone did the same. I an honestly very sorry.

ryeong9: But without proper confirmation based on any research, then leave it in a situation like as if i am just a liar really makes me feel upset even now. I am hoping that whatever method is used to deliver (this message), i also wish that there is no misunderstanding for anyone who read this part of the message.ㅠ [c]

About what happened with Ryeowook : [c]

And because of this he deleted his twitter account:

Even if ryeowook breathes people will complaining saying that his breathing Is louder than the actor’s voices ..” #려욱아사랑해