look at those flowing red locks

Rock You Like a Hurricane- Part 1

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*Y/SH/N = Your Superhero Name (Yeah, that’s right, I’m making this a thing- personally mine would either be Della Terra or Harpie)

Fandom: The Avengers
Warning/s: Age of Ultron spoilers? (Only one scene, and it was in the trailer anyway)
Rating: Teen+
Pairing/s: Some flirtation between the reader and most of the Avengers
Requestor: bmmrw

Summary: You are the Avengers’ latest recruit, with the power to harness and control the elements. But at one of Stark’s famous parties, the team and you find out that that’s not all you can do…

Words: 2,990


“Everyone,” Coulson announced, directing the room’s attention to himself and the new face stood somewhat behind him, “I’d like to introduce you to our newest recruit, Y/N. Or you may know her as Y/SH/N.”

A bubbling murmur erupted around the Agents of SHIELD present, as well as the Avengers lounging in the chairs in the corner.

Of course they would know you by Y/SH/N.

Everyone did.

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His One:Imagine Fili telling you about the life he wished you two would have had as you laid dying after protecting him during Battle of Five Armies.


Everything seem to happen so quickly. One moment fear shook her very core watching with her very own eyes the near demise of her loved one. She didn’t think of the consequences or the sheer horror of Fili’s face when she came to protect him from the fatal blow.

A single piercing sound rang through her ears following by a painful gasp. Her lips parted in shock, brows furrowed in shock at the pain and barely believing that a sword has gone through her. Not for a single moment did she feel her body fall back, landing in heap of her own blood.

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Petyr x Sansa week day 2: Gold

There were many golden things that could have caught Petyr’s eye. The blazing summer sun, the curls flowing from the heads of Tommen and Myrcella Baratheon, a school of fish whos scales occasionally surfaced upon the Blackwater Bay. But nothing commanded his attention more than the golden strands that were weaved into Sansa Stark’s red locks. How had he never noticed that before? The gold that highlighted her hair was more beautiful than any stupid school of fish that Varys was currently fascinated by.

“Look at those colours, Lord Baelish,” Petyr heard the eunuch praise, “truly I’ve never seen such beauty upon the Blackwater Bay.”

But really, the Spider could be entranced by ridiculous fish for as long as liked, it wouldn’t distract Petyr’s attention from the golden highlights in his new wife’s hair. Perhaps it was the sun that was shining down, causing everything below it to glitter, that brought out the previously unnoticed colour intertwined in her curls. Either way it was a true thing of beauty, the way it seemed to glisten, and Petyr could not tear his eyes away.

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