look at those flames!

I don’t really think that’s what Sans meant, Pap, but you take that comment however you want to buddy.

…But seriously just imagine Underfell! Papyrus in his own “cool dude” outfit


sasuke shinden goods at j-world these will all be released on december the first: I want the phone case and the dessert, look at those swirly chocolate flames and the f*cking chocolate cat. also check the cat on the t-shirt, why are they so obsessed with the cat.

edit: that ain’t a mobile case, it is a portable mobile charger 60.97 aus, 45 american dollar (5000 yen)


Legend of the Guardians 

-“Legends are myths that people thought to be unreal.But to Erza these “stories “ were more than just myths.”-

Fanfic created by @markedmage  @erza-fairy-queen   @killtitanswithcake

“Never saw this ending any other way, princess.”

seth/kate au, seth is killed by the boss of a cartel and kate goes on a rampage for revenge.


First collab with the awesooome jen-iii ! WOOH!
I drew the sketch and did the lineart, while she used her magical coloring skills and brought it to life!

The idea was born after I read rhinocio‘s fanfic Tenacity: A Traveler’s Dissertation on Distorted Truths and Separation Anxietyoriginal and after rewatching Godzilla (2014) during which there’s this particular scene (not gonna spoil though!). Thus, I combined this two things and BAM!

Sooo, welll, hope you can enjoy it! >:D

people be like ‘oooh people are made out of stardust’ but do you look up at those faraway skytwinklies and think ‘look at those giant flaming balls of people ingredients’ i dont think so