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That Voice (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Summary: You’re best friends with Peter Parker and you can feel yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with him, without his knowledge. What happens when you get rescued by Spider-Man and you happen to recognize his voice? 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Slight swearing

Disclaimer: gif by softtroublemaker

part 2


You mindlessly picked at the crust of your sandwich during lunch. You weren’t hungry, and you were mostly trying to ignore the gushing that was happening in front of you. 

Your two best friends, Ned and Peter, were watching Liz Allan across the cafeteria with literal heart eyes. Usually you didn’t care, but lately you started to feel different around Peter…

Your chest would tighten and you would lose your breath in your throat and your heart would just try to beat right out of your chest. You found yourself admiring every small detail about him from the way his nose crinkled when he laughed to the enthusiasm in his eyes when he would talk about science and robotics. 

Every time you looked at him you felt dizzy as if he was sucking the oxygen right out of your lungs. And when he smiled, that damn smile, it made you weak in the knees. You didn’t know how long it had been happening, but you found yourself falling deeper and deeper into the love-sick world that revolved around Peter Parker. 

And he liked Liz. 

Just the thought made your heart sink into the pit of your stomach, thus leading to your loss of appetite. 

“(Y/N)? You alright?” Peter asked before taking a bite of his own sandwich. 

You nodded with a weak smile. 


Peter always met you at your locker after school to walk you home. You lived in the apartment complex a few blocks before his own so you always took the same train from school. Today, however, you were both going back to his house to work on a chemistry project. 

Except when you shut your locker door and looked for Peter around the corner, you couldn’t find him anywhere. 

“I swear, if he blows me off for that stupid Stark inter-”

“(Y/N)!” you saw Peter rushing over to you. He smiled from down the hallway, and just the sight made your heart leap out of your body. 

You clutched your books to your chest and waited for him by the doors. He was breathing heavily from running over to you, but the look in his eyes instantly made you frown. 

“You’re not coming with me, are you?” you asked sadly. 

Peter’s shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry. Mr. Stark-”

“I know,” you sighed. “It’s okay.”

Peter pursed his lips, and he looked at you with those damn puppy dog eyes, and you felt like you were melting despite the hurt in your heart. It made it difficult to be mad at him. 

“I can start the project,” you offered. “Just come by after the internship, okay?”

“I feel terrible,” Peter sighed. 

Sirens went off in the distance, and Peter looked out at the street in alarm as if a sudden switch had gone off in his head. He began to back away from you, looking from you to the street in a panic. 

“I’ll see you later! I promise!”

You sighed and watched him run around the corner, disappearing into the crowd of students leaving the school for the day. You turned on your heel and headed home. 

But Peter never showed up that night. You waited, and you got most of the project done out of boredom. But as you looked out the window, the sky got darker, and the city lights illuminated the sky, blocking out the stars. 

You texted him and called him, and stared at your phone waiting for some sort of response, but it never came. You even texted Ned and asked if he had heard from Peter. He hadn’t. 

You considered calling Peter’s aunt May because your nerves were just getting the best of you, but your parents ordered you to get some rest. You wanted to fight them, arguing that Peter could be hurt, but they were having none of it. 

That night you fell asleep with your phone by your head, hoping for some sort of message from Peter. 

“Parker!” you spat as you approached Peter and Ned at their lockers the next morning. You hadn’t slept well at all, as you had nightmares of Peter never coming home all night. You were exhausted and you had bags under your eyes and seeing Peter alive and well at school made your blood boil. 

Peter turned, and looked horrified at the angry expression that was painted on your face. You glared at Ned as a silent order for him to leave, and he quickly grabbed his things before scrambling away. 

“Hey (Y/N)…” Peter said nervously while scratching the back of his neck. “I’m so sorry, I know I messed up, but-”

“I can’t believe you,” you snarled. “I was worried sick!”

Peter blinked and stared at you with wide eyes. “You were worried?” 

“Yes! You idiot! I waited up for you and when you never answered my texts I started to assume the worst! I almost went over to your house but my parents wouldn’t let me. I can’t believe you- wait…why are you smiling?”

Peter was staring at you with a small smile dancing on his lips. There was a twinkle in his eye that made the anger melt away in seconds. You blinked in confusion, and cocked your head to the side. 

“What is it?” you asked, your tone much softer and gentler now. 

“Nothing,” Peter shook his head and looked down at the ground. “I just didn’t think you of all people would worry about me.”

You were taken aback by this. “Are you kidding me? You’re my best friend, Pete. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Peter looked up and smiled at you once again. This time, you returned it. 

Peter promised that he would walk you home because he felt so bad for missing out on your chemistry project. He said he would make it up to you, but you didn’t think he would become so attached to you. He began walking you home everyday for the next week. 

He rarely left your side. You’d be lying if you didn’t say he made you blush with almost every comment and remark that he made, and you wished you weren’t so transparent, but damn you were falling for this boy and you couldn’t stop yourself. 

By the time school let out, it was pouring rain and you groaned as you looked outside. You didn’t bring an umbrella with you to school or a sweatshirt as it had been a cloudless morning. You should have checked the forecast.

“Here,” Peter said, placing his sweatshirt over your shoulders before you stepped outside. 

“Peter, no,” you shook your head, trying to give it back, but Peter was relentless and he refused to take it back until you put it on your shoulders. 

“You’ll freeze,” you pointed out.

Peter shrugged. “I’ll survive.”

Your heart fluttered as you looked at him. You wanted to thank him more, but you didn’t know how so instead you walked close to him as you two rushed through the rain towards the train station. 

However, both of your apartment complexes were a few blocks away from the station, and it was quite a walk. You rushed through the streets, laughing like children as the water splashed your feet and legs. You ran ahead of Peter and turned around, breathing heavily with a smile on your face. The water was pelting down, and Peter’s sweatshirt was soaked. At least your hair was dry, but Peter’s was sticking to his forehead and he had to push it out of the way to see you. 

You giggled when he approached you. 

“Are you cold?” he asked, over the loud water. 

You shook your head. “Are you?”


“I’m sorry!” you cried. 

Peter laughed and shook his head before pulling you into a tight embrace. You hadn’t been expecting it, and your heart leaped into your throat as you hugged him back. Each of you were soaked to the bone as the rain fell around you, but you had never felt warmer in his arms. 

When you reached your apartment, you went to unzip the jacket, but Peter stopped you with his hand. 

“Keep it,” he said with a small smile.


He shook his head. “I have plenty of sweatshirts.”

You didn’t know what came over you, but you felt a surge of confidence, and you leaned forward and kissed Peter on the cheek. Instantly, his cheeks flared up with a bright blush and you smiled as you turned to walk up the stairs to your floor. 

“I’ll see you later,” you said with a small wave.

Peter was standing in the lobby of your apartment complex with a red face and wide eyes, but he managed a wave back with a goofy smile planted on his lips. 

The next day at school he didn’t even bat an eye at Liz.

Once again you waited for Peter by your locker, but he never showed up, only saddening you and causing your heart to sink. After last night, you felt like your heart was beating louder and faster all day. You had texted Peter and talked to him as you normally did, but he was acting different around you. 

Oh, how the tables have turned.

His cheeks would flare up every time you talked to him, and when you bumped shoulders in the hallway you felt like sparks had run up your shoulders. You had hoped to talk to him more about it on your walk home, but instead you got a text from him that read:

Hey, I’m so sorry but I have to catch up with my internship. I’ll see you tomorrow xx 

You sighed and began your lonely walk home. You had been walking with Peter every day for so long that you had to be lying if you hadn’t been accustomed to it. You missed walking by him with your arms brushing and his jokes to keep you entertained. 

However, as you began to walk home from the train station you felt an unusual chill run down your spine. Something wasn’t right. 

You glanced over your shoulder and saw a tall man dressed from head to toe in black with a hood over his head. He was walking briskly, as if he was trying to keep in pace with you. Your breathing became uneven as you struggled to think of a way to get away from him. 

Quickly, you pulled out your phone and called Peter. It went to voicemail immediately so you whispered into the phone, hoping the man wouldn’t hear. 

“Peter, I need you now. There’s a creepy guy following me and I’m scared. Please help,” you whispered-cried into the phone. 

You sent him a few texts as well, but the man was getting closer to you so you began to pick up your pace. However, as soon as you started walking faster so did the man. Your heart was beating so fast that you felt light-headed, but you forced yourself to stay focused. You couldn’t let him know you were afraid. 

You began to run, seeing it as your only option. You were a pretty solid runner, and you felt as though you could get away from the man. You began to outrun him, losing him a few feet behind. But as soon as you thought you were in the clear, you were tackled to the ground and dragged into the nearby alleyway. 

“Let me go!” you screamed, trying to kick at the man, aiming for his balls. He held you down by your wrists and pulled out a knife. 

“Scream again and I’ll kill you,” he growled. 

“You don’t scare me,” you spat before spitting in his face. 

“You bitch!” he cried before raising his knife. You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact when suddenly webbing covered the knife, and pulled it out of the man’s hands. 

“Hey buddy I think you’re lost! The douche-bag convention is the next block over!” 

You looked up in alarm at none other than Spider-Man clinging to the wall of the closest building. He held the webbed knife in his hands, before sticking it to the wall in a new webbing. He shot out two webs from his wrists, pulling back the man’s hands and lifting him into the air. He shot him over to the wall of the building, and the man groaned in pain as his back cracked against the bricks. He fell to the ground, unconscious. 

Spider-Man jumped down from the wall and rushed over to you. He held out his hands and helped you to your feet. 

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked frantically. 

You felt a little shaken, but other than that you were fine. 

“I’m okay,” you said while rubbing your wrists. Spider-Man took one of them in his own hands and ran his fingers over it. 

“Are you sure? I can bring you to a hospital. Or-”

You knew that voice. 

How could you not know the voice of your best friend and probably the love of your life?

Spider-Man stopped talking and looked at you. 

“What is it?” he asked. 

“Peter,” you whispered. “Is that you?”

Lies and Make ups ~ Peter Parker

Summary: You find out Peter is spider man, angry and disappointed you try and ignore him, but you can’t stay away.

Word count: 1,396

Warnings: minor swearing, and a short make out

Ned and I were sitting on Peter’s bed waiting for him to get home from his “Stark internship”. Which I think is actual bs. It may be true he’s working with Stark but there’s something else to this. He’s lying about something. Ned was holding the death star he had just finished, fiddling with the lego characters as I sighed and laid back.

“Do you think Peter’s going to be back soon?” Ned asked me as moved around trying to get comfortable.

“Who knows when he’ll be back from his stark internship” I replied my voice laced with annoyance. We sat there a couple minutes longer until we heard the window opening. Ned was about to say something, but I sprung up covering his mouth. I was thinking it might be a robber or something because who would come through the window, but all of the sudden Spiderman was on the ceiling of Peter’s room. Ned’s mouth was practically on the ground. Mine was the same as his as spider man took off his mask revealing my best friend since age 3. Peter fucking  Parker. Peter closed the door and both Ned and I were both speechless until Peter turned around his mouth even wider than Ned as he dropped the death star on the ground.

“You’re spider man” Ned exclaimed

“No, I’m not” Peter Panicked

“Peter you were literally crawling on the ceiled” I squealed.

“I can’t believe this is happening right,” he said under his breath taking off his suit and standing in only his boxers. I mean I wasn’t complaining because he got ripped. I definitely was staring too long because I saw Peter blush and bow his head. The shock soon turned into anger. I grabbed my bag about to leave until out of nowhere May burst into this very awkward situation and told Peter they were going out to dinner and quickly telling him to put clothes on. Ned was freaking out and I just kind of stood there silent. Peter quickly told us we needed to leave obviously not in the mood to deal with this. Ned was still attacking Peter with questions and got up quickly leaving the room not wanting to deal with this either. I felt Peter’s eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. He knew I was angry with him. I was feeling a huge mix of anger, sadness, anxiety, and annoyance. I wasn’t really that mad I was more upset that he didn’t trust me and that he had been ditching me and lying to me constantly. I was also upset that as a 15-year-old boy he was putting himself in dangerous situations where he could easily die. I lived in the same apartment as Peter and Ned I just lived 2 stories above. I opened up the door to my apartment and practically ran to my room and plopped into my bed. I turned off my lamp immediately going to bed. To be completely honest I didn’t want to think about this anymore.

The next morning I woke up wishing last night was a dream, but I had to face reality, but I didn’t have to deal with it directly. So I rushed and put clothes on and texted Ned I was not going to walk to school them today because I had to get there early to talk to a teacher. Which was bullshit because I didn’t want to deal with Peter at all today, but that was going to be a challenge since I had 4 classes with him, sat by him in 2. Good thing I brought my headphones. Today was going to be a long day. Of course, I had the first hour with him. Plus we were doing a lab in chemistry and he was my partner.  I decided it would be best if I walked in last minute with both my headphones in thinking he’d possibly take the hint, but knowing Peter I doubt he would leave me alone. I walked into class as the bell rang and ducked my head down a bit thinking no one would notice me.

“Y/N you look pissed” Flash laughed

“Shut it asshole” I spat, Flash is a grade A douchebag and hate him more than I hate Peter right now and to be completely honest that’s saying a lot.

“Damn girl you’re feisty today,” he said with a raspy tone, I rolled my eyes, and took my seat next to Peter who was fidgeting and looked like he was about to jump out of his seat.

“Y/N listen I’m sor-”

“Peter I don’t want to hear it, your secret safe with me”

“Wait Y/N bu-”

“Peter we can talk about this later let’s just get this lab done please, I don’t want to deal with this right now”  I argued, it almost sounded like I was whining. It got Peter to back off though and that’s what I needed. I wasn’t truly mad anymore. I was just upset he didn’t trust me.

The bell finally rang after an excruciating 49 minutes of Peter staring at me with puppy dog eyes. This kid knew exactly how to get me to forgive him. I’m a sucker for those damn puppy eyes. What sucked is the rest of the day he looked at me like that, but it was different from the times he used them when we were just play fighting. He actually looked like he was in so much pain. He looked like he was suffering, and I felt horrible. It was the end of the day, and I saw him moping by his locker. I honestly suck at holding grudges and the more I think about I understand why he didn’t tell me. He turned around and made eye contact with me and the world began going in slow motion. His brown orbs made me feel as if I was melting into the ground. I could literally see tears form in his eyes and I couldn’t be even slightly angry anymore. I just began walking towards him.

“Y/N please don’t hate me, I can’t lo-” I cut him off pulling him into a hug. I had my hand around his neck and I buried my head into his neck breathing in his scent. I think I took him by surprise because it took him a second to wrap his arms around my waist and hug me tighter that I was hugging him.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you Y/N, I just wanted to keep you safe” he whispered, I pulled from the hug and held his cheek.

“Hey look, Peter, It’s okay  I’m not mad anymore, I seriously overreacted,” I said wiping a single tear from his cheek.

“No it’s not okay I feel ho-” I cut him off grabbing the collar of his shirt and planting my lips on his. I don’t know what the hell had gotten into me, but his lips felt amazing. My eyes were closed, but if they were open I knew his eyes would be wide open. It took him a couple seconds to comprehend what was happening, but after a good 10 seconds he started to kiss bad and placed his hands on my hips. I removed my hands from his collar and wrapped them around his neck and started to tug on his hair causing him to groan into my mouth, making me smile into the kiss. I felt his tongue swipe my bottom lip and I gladly let his tongue slip into my mouth. He squeezed my hips making me moan into his mouth which makes him chuckle. I pulled him even closer to me than humanly possible, but eventually, I had to pull away for air resting my forehead on his.

“Wow,” I said breathlessly.

“If I knew that was gonna happen if you found out, I would have told you way sooner,” he said still shocked at what had just happened

“Oh my god Peter” I giggle pushing his chest. He grabbed my hand and we began walking home. I honestly have no idea what I just did, but this was gonna change everything, and think for the better.

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A/N: So, this is my entry for @caplansteverogers and her ‘Caplan’s Song Fic Challange’. I have chosen ‘Toxic’ - by Britney Spears. I hope you will like it because it’s my first time that I have written for Steve.

Words: 11K (11.979 the complete number. I know, but it got a little out of my hands and I don’t want to cut it, tho)

Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Reader

Warnings: NSFW (smut, oral sex male and female receiving, some light swearing)

[GIFs aren’t mine]

You weren’t an Avenger like the others. You were…

… a thief, a spy, a liar, a bitch, a femme fatale, an evil mastermind, a maneater…

You had heard all of that in your life and all of that was more than fitting and you were proud of your reputation, but nevertheless, you were an Avenger. Now. You got wounded during a mission, it was an accident, no one knew you would be there. It was a secret Hydra base, and you were just there to steal something.

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Secret Sensations. Casifer.

Cowritten with @scribble-me-wordless .

Summary: Lucifer has a spell that he needs the Winchesters help with. He discovers Castiel’s secret lover and takes a liking to her.

Triggers: Bit of angst. Smut. Lucifer being Lucifer.

Word Count: 3495

Lucifer made a mistake. Well, less of a mistake and more of an….oversight.

He was looking for a spell to take down Amara and found an ancient one called “The Spell of Light.” Drafted by some of the first Seraphim, it’s said to hold the Power of God…but you need a Hand of God to amplify it.

Now he doesn’t have one, nor does he know where one is, but he has a strong inkling of some people who might.

The Winchesters.

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🐘  n0 n00dz 4 u (feat. a complimentary dik-dik pic)
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It doesn’t help that you’re seat-mates. 

As Mr. Choi warbles on about something irrelevant, Hansol keeps his eyes trained on you, and you struggle not to give in and look his way. You’re still embarrassed and annoyed at your best friend’s actions, especially with the way he tried to make it up to you later that night. The texts ranged from the pathetically cute, “I promise I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow,” to the immediately succeeding, “If you really want, I can send you nudes,” at which point you had made a show of blocking him. And now he was staring at you with those big puppy-dog eyes, looking as if he was the innocent one in this situation. And though you hated to admit it, you knew just how this would turn out: you would give in, turn to him, and eventually end up buying him food because he just looked so damn lost all the freaking time. Besides, who could say no to those eyes?

Really, it was just another day. 

Quicksilver x Reader

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based on a prompt by @the-modern-typewriter however I cannot find the post rn.


*month ago*

“And that I stole from the fun fair” Peter said pointing at some teddy bear in the corner of the room. You giggled and hugged onto his side on the bed you were laying on.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here, listening to you tell me about all the shit you stole.” You played with his grey locks.

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Words: 1101

Description: Archie begs the reader to join his and Jugheads road trip, and then ditches last minute.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

A/N: A part 2 will be coming, I just didn’t want part 1 to be exceedingly long. This might be more than a 2 part fic as well! Hope you enjoy! 

You were friends with Archie first. It was the summer right before third grade, and you had moved into the house right next door to the red head. You had seen him playing outside with another boy whilst you were unpacking, hearing their grunts and yells from your open window. They were covered head to toe in mud, a product from the heavy rainstorms the night prior.

“Why don’t you ask them to go play, (Y/N)?” your mom says, catching you staring outside “It would give you a chance to make some friends before the school year starts.”

You nod, gathering up the courage to make your little legs carry you outside and to the backyard. You nervously walked up to the boys, and cleared your throat.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N)” you said, not knowing how else to start “I just moved in next door.”

The red head nodded, sticking out his muddy hand “I’m Archie” he said. You glanced at his hand, not wanting to shake it, but not wanting to be rude. “Oh, sorry!” he say’s “You don’t have to shake it.”

The other, raven haired boy rolled his eyes “Surely you can’t be afraid of a little mud?” he says, somewhat rudely. Archie punched his arm.

“Jug, knock it off.” He says. You furrow your eyebrows.

“Sorry, what was your name?” you ask the boy. He turns his attention back to you.

“My name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third. Or you can just call me Jughead” he said, crossing his arms and smirking at the sophisticated sounding name. You just giggled.

“Jughead?” you asked in between breaths “I’ve never heard that one before.”

His face gets red from behind the layer of mud, and you frown, realizing you struck a nerve. Before you even have a chance to apologize, Jughead grabs a handful of mud and chucks it at your chest. It splatters everywhere, getting on your new baby pink t-shirt. That would definitely leave a stain.

Your eyes fill with tears, and you run back into your house, hearing Archie yelling at Jughead as you were leaving.

It was now the summer before your junior year of high school, and your friendship with Archie was going strong. That being said, ever since the mud incident with Jughead, you two have been at each other’s throats every chance you get.

“I know you want me to go, Archie, but I’m not going if Jughead is.” You say, referring to the road trip that Archie had been begging you to join for weeks.

“But why (Y/N)?” he asks, resting his head on the table at Pop’s Diner. You sigh.

“I’m not going if Jughead is going. You should know this by now. We don’t get along.” You said, taking a sip of your milkshake. He sighs, pulling out the puppy dog eyes he knew you just couldn’t resist.

“Arch, no.” you said, looking away. Looking at anything, really, besides those damn puppy dog eyes. He just kept looking at you though, and you just frowned. “Fine. But I’m not happy about it”

“Awesome! So, you come over to my house tomorrow morning and then Jughead will meet us there, and then we’ll all just go from there.” Archie says, and you nod, sliding out of the booth.

“I’m just going to go before I change my mind.” You explain, and leave the red headed boy alone, smirking.

You sat outside on Archie’s front porch, frowning. He was supposed to meet you and Jughead outside 30 minutes ago, but still is not answering his phone or the door. You stood up, walking around to the garage, to see his car wasn’t even there. You groaned in frustration, getting ready to go back to your house and curl up in bed. The fact that Archie blatantly ditched both of you made your blood boil.4

“This is ridiculous” Jughead said, standing up from the porch. You just stomped past him, your suitcase following close behind you. “Wait, where are you going?” he asked.

“Home.” You snapped “I only agreed to this because Archie wanted us both there. He ditched us, Jughead. And I’m going home to lay down and forget I ever agreed to this.”

“Woah woah wait,” Jughead followed you, grabbing your arm and stopping you. “You do realize he already paid for his share, right?” he asked, and you sighed.

“So? That just makes him an idiot.” You say, starting to turn around.

“No. Well, yes that does make him an idiot. But you know what else that makes him? A sucker. Let’s just ditch and go together!” He exclaimed and you laughed.

“Like hell I’d ever go on vacation with you. We can’t even stand to be in the same 20-mile radius of each other, let alone being in a car for a few days with each other,” you said harshly, and something flashed in Jugheads eyes. Sadness, maybe? Hurt? Before you could even feel sorry for him, you turned back around, ready to just go home.

“Look, I’m just as pissed with Archie as you are, but this isn’t my fault, don’t take it out on me.” He said, and you turned around, ready to rip him a new one. But before you could think of doing that, you realized that he was right, in some odd sense. Jughead really didn’t do anything wrong, and you shouldn’t be upset with him.

“Sorry,” you sighed “I just didn’t get much sleep, and I wasn’t looking forward to this trip that much anyways. So to put in the time and effort just made me feel shitty.”

“Why weren’t you looking forward to it?” he asked, and you shrugged.

“We don’t get along Jughead. You and I both know that. It would’ve been exhausting arguing with you. I don’t understand why Archie had to invite both of us. But I guess it’s a whole moot point now because he’s ditched us.” You said, and sat down on his porch.

“I mean, we can still go,” he said, and you open your mouth to say something but he continues “We can at least pretend we enjoy each other’s company. I don’t know about you, but it’d be a slap in the face to Arch if we went and used his prepaid reservations.”

You sit, thinking quietly. On one hand, Jughead is right. Archie pulled a dick move and you wanted to get back at him. But on the other hand, it meant spending five continuous days with Jughead. Could you do it?

“Let’s go.” You say, sighing “Before I change my mind”.

It’ll All Be Okay

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky recently broke up with his girlfriend and now its your job to pick up the pieces 

Words Count: 687, just a lil drabble

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

So my last fic actually got notes! thought i might as well do another one :) Also, I’m still super new so if y’all have fic ideas, don’t hesitate to request fics! Don’t forget to follow like and reblog, I’m loving all the notes<3

 not my gif but oHMYgOd how cute is he in this gif??

   You woke up to the sound of cupboards slamming down the hall. As you flip over onto your side, you look at your alarm clock and groan. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Who in the right god damn mind is slamming cupboards in the middle of the night??

You sit up and stretch out your back, ready to give whoever it was a piece of your mind. You stand up and mentally prepare what you’re going to say as you walk down the hall to the tower’s kitchen, but what you find there shocks you.

“Bucky?” you ask alarmed, “what the hell are you doing on the floor covered in corn flakes? I thought you were staying with Clair tonight?”

He looks up at you with eyes full of tears,”(y/n)..” 

Shit, not again. 

 “she broke up with me, she said this time for good” he said turning his head to the refrigerator. They had been like this for over a year. They would be on and happy for awhile, then the fights would start, and then you would find him distraught and pick up his pieces just in time to watch him run back to her arms. It made it all the worse that you were madly in love with the man, he couldn’t see it and if the rest of the team did, they did one hell of a job hiding it.

You lean down, “’comon buck, lets go. Get up, we’re going to the couch.” He wasn’t drunk but he might as well have been, he was too upset to function. You finally get him on the couch then ran out of the room only to return with two glasses and a bottle of scotch. You sit down and pour him a drink.

He takes a sip the starts,”I don’t know why the hell I put up with this, she obviously doesn’t love me, so why do I keep going back to her” he mumbles.

Funny, you thought, I was just thinking the same thing…

You didn’t say anything, just grunted and leaned back. “(y/n), your a girl right?Why are girls like this? No one is here for me like you and Steve are. God I miss her, but she just didn’t understand! Hydra and the Winter Soldier  aren’t something I can just forget and move on from!” 

I understand.. You think.

“I don’t know.. Was it my fault? Was I to difficult to deal with? Maybe I talked too much, she said I do that a lot..” he said. You grab his chin and made sure he was looking in your eyes.

“James Buchanan Barnes, don’t you dare let me hear you say that again. This is not your fault. If she cannot handle your past, she doesn’t deserve your future. Someone who actually loved you would stick by you, faults and all, as long as you needed them. Sure you talk a lot, but I have never found it annoying have I? No. You know why?” Because I love you! “Because I’m your best god damn friend and those flaws she saw are just the different strokes that make up the masterpiece of you. She didn’t deserve you before and she sure as hell doesn’t deserve you now,” I do… “You got that?” you ask.

He looks at you with those damn puppy dog eyes that makes your heart melt and smiles, “Thanks (y/n), you’re a true friend. Wanna turn on some friends and forget that tonight happened?” 

You smile lightly back, “yeah Buck, sure. you set it up and I’m going to clear up your attempt at cereal of of the floor, I’ll be back.”

“thanks doll!” he said back, seemingly forgetting the moment you both just shared.

That night, you stayed up all night and ranted about the world. The next morning Bucky got a call from Clair and they made up as always. He forgets the pain she caused and You try to bury your feelings down as far as you can.

Because, I’m just a true friend right? Who would I be to tear them apart with my selfish desires…

BTS as Kingsman (Yoongi)

Originally posted by sugasuite

-Okay before i even start yoongi in a suit


-If thats not enough to make you want to pounce on  this man then what is

-Okay okay okay min yoongi

-Codename: Percival

-Yoongi was just a normal guy when he was recruited into kingsman like he had a 9-5 job and a small apartment and he just lived his life

-When he was recruited he was always quiet and distanced himself from the other trainees

-Not because he wasnt good at making friends or anything


-Like during training he always volunteered to go first and passed with flying colors and nobody expected that from a regular guy so when it was announced that he was top of the class everyone is just like ‘wth lol who even is he’

-WHEN THEY GET TO CHOOSE their doggo companions since hes top of the class he gets to go first and everyone expects him to choose the german shepherd or the rottweiler or even the doberman but when yoongi grabs the little brown toy poodle everyone laughs but yoongi doesnt care because LOOK AT HIS CUTE SON

-Yoongi justifies his choice by telling the others that he doesnt need a dog to back him up because he can take an enemy out blindfolded with one hand behind his back (he’s done it before)

-So when they get down to the last two and yoongi is faced with having to shoot his son holly or leave the kingsman hes in a state of inner turmoil

-Like thats his son

-But also kingsman

-But yoongi makes a decision and he clears his mind and hes holding this gun in his hand and his heart is beating so fast and he points the gun and his hand is on the trigger AND SUDDENLY YOONGI IS POINTING THE GUN AT ARTHUR!!!!!

-The room is so quiet bc there is yoongi standing with the barrel of his gun pointed at arthur and arthur is just standing there with his arms crossed completely calm.

-Yoongi is now smirking and arthur is like ’umm what’ then yoongi points the gun at holly and pulls the trigger and BANG

-Its a blank

-Yoongi tosses the gun at arthur and picks up holly while shaking his head because ‘you could have at least reacted to having a gun pointed in your face if you wanted to trick me. When you didnt react i knew it was a blank.’

-And arthur is dumbfounded bc did he just get outsmarted by a trainee lol

-Okay okay so anyway Yoongi is given Percivals spot

-Weapon of choice: cigarette lighter hand grenades

-You will never catch him without one

-I have this headcanon that yoongi is really good at negotiating and gaining control of situations hes not in control of so here we go

-Min yoongi a whole meal walks into this airport and of course the kingsman have their own planes and stuff but today he isnt percival hes min yoongi a man trying to go on vacation with his cute fluffball son.

-But i also feel like yoongi would get lost easily in a huge airport so here we have lost baby yoongs like yeah i can climb through the vents in the lotte world tower and find my exact target but this airport is new so im lost??

-He somehow wanders down a hall with a few doors and theres some god awful screaming and sobbing and yoongis like should i check that out or get an americano

-Americano it is

-Insert a loud cry for help and suddenly yoongi is bursting through the door he thinks he heard the cry of help from

-BEHOLD you, an ordinary citizen tied up to a chair with tears streaming down your face and 4 men surrounding you

-Yoongi is confused. What is going on. Why are you being adultnapped. Who. what. When. where. Why.

-Your eyes widen because fuck your screaming actually worked and you didnt think youd get this far but oh fuck he is a single ordinary hot man and these 4 guys are ripped now you might have someones blood on your hands

-Yoongi looks down at holly because hes growling and he gets a lil distracted because look at his son being all tough but oh shit if hes growling that means there are drugs in this room somewhere oh no there are bad guys right back to the situation at hand

-These 4 guys are suddenly like umm lol i guess we have to kill this guy because hes seen our faces and-


-Like maybe hes quick on his feet and he can bolt out of this room and find some police or maybe he can fight a little bit-

-‘Oh come on guys do you really think the boss is going to think she has the looks for being a drug mule? Shes not pretty enough to get passed tsa’ what a twist of events. This man you thought was here to help is also a bad guy??!!!!

-The other 4 guys are also confused because who the fuck is this guy

-Yoongi knows these guys. Hes seen their file before arthur accidentally deleted it. Theyre from a wanted drug cartel notorious for their body count and ruthless methods

-Hes pretty sure he knows enough to talk his way out of this or at least get this girl to safety before fucking shit up

-Youre crying again because you thought you were going to somehow get out of this but now it looks like youre being doomed to a sad life full of drug smuggling and sadness

-IN YOONGIS HEAD ‘oh no she is sad i must make her not sad i must help her i must protect her and make sure she grows up happy and healthy oh my gosh pls dont hate me’

-He lets holly’s leash go and the smol doggo runs over to you and just sits at your feet quietly waiting for his dads signal bc theyre gonna get you out of here

-‘I bet my dog could get more drugs on a plane than she can. How about your four find a decent girl while i dispose of this one and i wont tell the boss about your almost royal screw up.’

-These guys literally still dont know whats even going on but somehow they believe yoongi?  Hes just that good. Like this is his specialty. Hes got control now.


-The other guys are cutting you loose and they pull you up roughly and your legs feel like jelly bc this is it youre dead.

-You take literal baby steps over to yoongi and holly is trailing behind you after every step and wow why do bad things happen to good people. You pay taxes. You volunteer your time at animal shelters. You donate to charity. You work in a hospital making sick people not sick where did you go wrong.

-Yoongi grabs hollys leash off the floor and grips onto your arm tightly but not enough to hurt you it looks worse than it feels really.

-‘Why dont you guys take a quick smoke break before heading back out there. Hopefully we wont have to get rid of any other girls today. Pick a good one this time.’ yoongi just casually tosses a pack of cigarettes and a lighter at these guys before pulling you and holly out fo the room

-THOSE GUYS ARE STILL JUST NOT SURE OF WHATS GOING ON but theyve got cigarettes and a lighter so why not

-As soon as you guys are out of the room yoongi is literally sprinting away while dragging you like dashi run run run girl

-You are completely lost like why does this guy seem so panicked. Why are you running with him. Why IS HE SO HOT. when is he gonna kill you.

-You guys exit that hall somehow and yoongi is just mumbling things and trying to catch his breath.

-But then he starts whispering to you

-‘Okay theres going to be an explosion in a few seconds because that lighter i gave them was actually a hand grenade so just act the way you normally would during an explosion. Dont look suspicious’

-You just ???????

-Umm what.

-Yoongi has caught his breath and hes holding hollys leash in one hand and walking next to you casually.

-He just kinda intertwines your hands together before he begins a causal conversation but youre still flabbergasted but he needs you to be calm and casual and not suspicious

-But also When is the death part

-Like is he gonna kill you or

-‘So what did you want to do first when we land?’

-You dont get a chance to respond because umm

-Theres an explosion

-Just like he said

-And yoongi turns in that general direction with a shocked expression on his face like the other people in the airport and you do the same bc he told you to

-Everyone is panicking and running bc there was an explosion in the airport umm

-Yoongi is pulling you away in the middle of all the chaos and he pulls out a phone before punching in a few numbers and holding the phone to his ear

-‘Galahad, its Percival, i need you to delete the last 30 minutes of Incheon’s security footage. All of them. Also tell arthur the somin cartel has been kidnapping girls from airports to use as mule’s theyre getting bold. We’ll have to deal with them soon. Thanks.’


-‘What kind of a name is percival?What just happened?’

-Yoongis still holding your hand and you kind of want an explanation as to whats going on but his hand is also surprisingly soft and warm like you want to kiss these hands but they can also choke you bc look at those veins man DAMN

-‘So long story short i saved your life and now you get to continue living your normal life’

-He lets your hand go reluctantly bc youre beautiful and he just wants to protect you but he knows he cant because hes a kingsman and even his presence is a threat to you but oh god what he would give to make sure no tears ever slipped out of your beautiful eyes and no sobs ever left your kissable looking lips

-And youre looking at him with the cutest little pout and puppy dog eyes and hIS HEARt almost beats STRAIGHT OUTTA HIS CHEST

-‘Can i at least pay you back for saving my life? Do you like coffee?’

-He hesitates a little and shakes his head before trying to walk away but holly is literally refusing to leave your side so yoongi agrees

-And thats kinda how you started dating a kingsman bc he saved your life and everything

-But like

-‘You know i almost opted to get an americano rather than saving you’

A/N: okay so these are all completely unedited bc i just wrote them like in the moment type thing.

Also this was supposed to post earlier but somehow it ended up at 11 pm instead of 1 but when i noticed it didnt post i posted it sorry.

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@deanssweetheart23 tormented me with this gif and most of the dialogue, so now I’m torturing back. Let’s call this a joint effort.

You leaned back in your chair with a yawn, stretching your arms up above your head. God you were exhausted, but you had to get this paper finished. It wasn’t due until tomorrow afternoon, but you knew that if you kept putting it off it would just get worse. Besides, despite your phenomenal procrastination abilities, you really hated rushing to finish things at the last second. You were more of a get-it-done-the-night-beforehand even-if-that-means-an-all-nighter girl. 

You squinted at the word document open on the screen, watching the little cursor appear and disappear at an almost hypnotizing rate. Writing it really shouldn’t be that hard, and you were making steady progress, it was just a lot slower than you’d like it to be. You risked a glance at the digital alarm clock across the room and immediately regretted it. It was far beyond late at night and had become early in the morning. When you looked back at the screen, your eyes began watering and you wiped at them tiredly. God the screen was bright… why the hell didn’t it dim anymore than that? 

“Sweetheart?” Dean’s low voice cut through the silence, making you jump. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, peeking up over the top of your laptop to look at where he had propped himself up on an elbow on the bed. “Sorry, is it too bright? I can go to the other room,” you said quickly, worried that you had woken him. 

“No, no it’s not that,” Dean said, his voice thick with sleep, “why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“I’m a little busy, D,” you reminded him with a small smile at the sight of his bedhead. Dean huffed out a sigh and collapsed back against the pillows. “I really can go outside if I’m bothering you,” you said in concern, but Dean just shook his head.

“S not that,” he mumbled, making you arch an eyebrow.

“Does the mighty Dean Winchester want to cuddle?” You teased, a full blown grin spreading across your face now. Dean groaned again, rolling his eyes as he flipped onto his side to face you.

I do not cuddle,” he informed you with a scowl. 

“Sure you don’t…” you chuckled, glancing back to your computer screen. 

“I just sleep better when you’re here, alright?” Dean admitted, rubbing his face and then running his hand through his hair. “Now come to bed already. It’s- shit, Y/N it’s two in the morning!”

“One more paragraph,” you bargained, blinking a few times as you tried to refocus on the page in front of you.

“Nope,” Dean mumbled, “need to hold you. C’mere.” When you looked up again, Dean’s eyes were bright from where he watched you, his head resting against the pillow. You had more to do, but dammit he looked so comfy.

“I gotta finish this, D…” you said, but he heard the hesitancy in your voice, saw the weakness. And god damn that man, he pouted. Those perfect lips combined with his puppy dog eyes completely did you in. You just couldn’t say no to him. With a little groan, you flipped the screen shut, making Dean’s face light up in a grin. You pushed out of your chair and made straight for the bed, where Dean had scooted over and pulled back the covers for you. 

A little sigh escaped your lips as you hit the mattress, letting the exhaustion finally wash over you. Dean pulled you in against him immediately, tangling his legs with yours and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled as he nuzzled against your neck, but your eyelids were already so heavy you couldn’t keep your eyes open. You barely felt Dean plant a soft kiss against your hair before you were asleep.

Into You

Jeongguk x Taehyung

Words: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff, for now

College AU

Chapter I-Into You

Cause I’m so into you

I can barely breathe…

Jeongguk wasn’t someone who you’d want to make friends with just for the sake of it. Jeongguk wasn’t someone who looked approachable. Jeongguk wasn’t someone who would even acknowledge you if you dared to approach him.

Jeongguk just wasn’t that type of person.

Usually when someone tried to approach him, he’d glare at them until they realized their presence wasn’t welcome. There were only a select few that Jeongguk let into his circle.

One was his adoptive older brother Yoongi, who was actually his cousin. He’d known Yoongi damn near all his life, and if it weren’t for him, Jeongguk didn’t know where he would be.

Namjoon, Yoongi’s friend, was another. He only let Namjoon in because he was Yoongi’s friend, but hell, Jeongguk liked him just as much. He was like the dad he never had, you know?

Except Namjoon liked to participate in the illegal activities that they liked, and more encouraged them then tried to put a stop to it.

Jimin somehow managed weasel his way into Jeongguk’s life too, despite being short, clingy, and annoying. Jeongguk rarely called him hyung, to tease the latter. Despite always teasing each other, Jeongguk could always go to Jimin for advice that didn’t concern avoiding the police.

Other than that, Jeongguk didn’t trust a soul.

Jeongguk often skipped class, but when he did come, he would always sit towards the back, picking at his nails or writing on desks. There were always eyes on him no matter what, that he chose to ignore.

You couldn’t deny that Jeongguk was smoking, of course Jeongguk knew this himself and didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse. He always got stares from boys and girls alike, he’s had his one night stands with those who were brave enough to approach him, too many to count actually, and some of them were somehow still clingy and claimed that Jeongguk was ‘the one’, or that they had something ‘special’.

No matter how bomb his dick game was, Jeongguk knew it couldn’t make anyone fall in love.

It was early in the morning. Like, early, you’d usually never catch Jeongguk in the hallways at this hour, but he just had to get out of that girl’s apartment before she woke up. He was hoping she wouldn’t remember him, or what they did last night. Jeongguk had barely had enough time to get back to his dorm and clean himself up, much less time to respond to his friends’ texts of ‘Where the fuck are you?’  and ‘I’m beating your ass when I see you’.

Now he was at his first class, which he almost never went to, twenty five minutes early. For fucks sake, the teacher wasn’t even there yet, and here Jeongguk was, sitting in the back of the class.

Five minutes later, another male walked in the door, not seeming to notice him at first. Ah yes, Jeongguk knew this boy. He saw him around all the time, it’d be hard not to. He was bubbly, loud, and friendly…everything Jeongguk wasn’t. Jeongguk sometimes wondered what it was like to be as friendly as him. But what was the boy’s name? Jeongguk never remembered names well.

“Woah, what the fuck?

Jeongguk was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard that deep baritone voice spew profanity. The boy was staring directly at him, mouth open in an ‘O’ shape, eyes widened in awe. Jeongguk suddenly felt self conscious. Was there something on his face? Did he still have lipstick on his neck? Why was he worrying about these things all of a sudden if he’s never worried about them before?

They had an intense staring contest for the longest before the boy spoke up.

“Did I scare you?” Not even close.

 “Sorry, I was just…surprised,” the boy continued. Jeongguk quirked an eyebrow, as if daring the boy to continue. Which he did.

“It’s just that I never see you in class, much less early. It’s kinda scary to have someone be here before you when you’re always the earliest person, ya know?” he rambled, not bothering to check if Jeongguk was listening or not. Then he stopped all of a sudden and turned to Jeongguk again.

“Why are you here?” Jeongguk gave a mildly offended look at that, and then remembered to keep his hard exterior. “What’s it to you? I can’t come to class?”

The boy didn’t seem phased by his words.

“It’s just that I never see you. You’ve missed a lot you know. How the hell are you going to catch up? How in the hell are you going to pass?

“Who are you to be concerned?”

“I’m Kim Taehyung.”

Jeongguk let out a bitter sounding laugh. How could this kid just tell a stranger his name with no hesitation?

“And since you know I’m Taehyung, I think I have the right to know your name.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes, but for some reason gave in anyway.

“Jeon Jeongguk.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened incredulously at that. Jeongguk assumed that the boy-Taehyung- would finally leave him alone at hearing that. His name was pretty known around campus, people would run just at the sound of it.

You’re Jeongguk?” Here it comes.

“But you’re not scary! Or mean!” Jeongguk’s head snapped up, lips slightly parted. Did Taehyung not have eyes? Or ears? Was he not intimidated by Jeongguk’s presence alone?


“In fact, you kinda look like a bunny. Yeah, a bunny. Hey, smile for me, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk immediately frowned upon the request. “Who the hell do you think you are, ordering me around?” He demands, still wondering why Taehyung hasn’t run off yet.

“I’m somebody who wants to make you smile. So can you do it please?” Taehyung pouted and batted his long, thick, pretty eyelashes (not that Jeongguk was paying any attention. Of course not).

Somehow laughter bubbled up in Jeongguk’s throat and escaped through his mouth, making Taehyung smile a bright, boxy smile. Jeongguk stopped laughing when he heard the sound of a picture being taken.

When he looked at Taehyung again, he saw that the boy had his phone out, still smiling. Taehyung came closer, closer than he needed to be to show Jeongguk the picture he took. “See? You do look like a bunny?”

The first thing that hit Jeongguk wasn’t the picture, it was Taehyung’s scent. He smelled like tangerines and honey, and a little bit of vanilla. Jeongguk almost moaned. Jeongguk unconsciously leaned in to get a better whiff, but Taehyung pulled away all too soon. Jeongguk frowned when the boy pulled away, and Taehyung giggled.

“You look like you like that one, you want me to send it to you?” Taehyung asked, his big brown puppy dog eyes staring right back at Jeongguk’s darker doe eyed ones. Was Taehyung indirectly asking for his number? Was he just trying to get into his pants too? The thought made Jeongguk sick to his stomach.

He didn’t want to think Taehyung was like that.

“Sure,” he said without thinking. He almost slapped himself right there. Taehyung brightened up and leaned forward. “Okay! What’s your number, Jeonggukie?” Jeongguk got another whiff of Taehyung’s lovely scent. That wasn’t lovely at all. Nope.

“Gimme your phone,” Taehyung complied with no hesitation. Jeongguk quickly typed in his number and name. When Taehyung was handed back his phone, he frowned.

“Really, Jeonggukie? That’s so lame.”


“Your contact name! It’s just… Jeongguk.”

“Yeah, so? That’s my name isn’t it?”

Taehyung huffed. “My contacts can not have names like that! I’m changing it,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes at the brown haired male’s childishness. “Don’t do anything stupid, Taehyung-ssi. Let me see when you’re finished.”

“You can call me Taehyung, ya know,” He said without looking up from his phone. “Actually, how old are you, kid?”


“You’re 19?! I’m 21! You’re supposed to call me hyung!”

“Sure thing, Tae.”

Taehyung only pouted at Jeongguk’s blatant disrespect, but made a noise of excitement when he shoved his phone in Jeongguk’s face.

Jeongguk’s name was officially changed to Jeonggukie with a sparkly heart and bunny emoji.

“Do you like it?”

“I-” Jeongguk doesn’t get to answer because people are starting to file in. “Oh, I guess I should get back to my seat.” Taehyung pouted.

Jeongguk for some reason felt like he didn’t want the other to leave him, and the words came out on their own.

“Taehyung wait-” He sputtered, face flushing when Taehyung tilted his head at him.

“Y-You..you can..sit with me if you want,” Taehyung smiled brightly at his words, and Jeongguk couldn’t look directly at him in fear of being blinded. Or maybe it was just because Taehyung was way too cute for his own sake.

Nope, definitely the first one.

Taehyung retrieved his things from the front and made his way to the back, plopping down in the seat to Jeongguk’s right. Soon almost all of the students had arrived.

A few minutes before class was supposed to start, another student approached Taehyung’s desk, apparently not in the mood to be messed around with.

“Hey, dipshit, that’s my seat. Get up.”

Jeongguk’s head turned so fast he almost got whiplash. Who was this and who did they think they were? Talking to Taehyung like that, the fucking nerve of this guy. What did Taehyung ever do to him? Jeongguk had only known Taehyung for all of 20 minutes, but he knew, or at the very least had a feeling that Taehyung was one of the nicest people he’s ever met.

Jeongguk had the sudden urge to protect.

“O-Oh, s-sorry I’ll-” Taehyung started and moved to get up, but Jeongguk’s hand shot out to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder and push him back down.

“You can stay, Tae.” Jeongguk growled, eyes trained on the student. The student’s eyes widened when he looked at Jeongguk, and he immediately backed down with an ‘Alright, whatever man’ and found another seat.

Jeongguk retracted his hand and crossed his arms. He couldn’t look at Taehyung. Jeongguk knew his face was beet red and if Tae saw, he would laugh.

“ Jeonggukie..?” he heard Taehyung whisper.

Don’t look. Don’t look.

“ Jeongguk. Jeonggukie.”

Damn it.

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, only to find him staring directly at him with those huge puppy dog eyes of his.

“Thank you,” he says with a boxy smile and a faint blush spread across his gently curved nose and round, tanned cheeks.

Jeongguk thinks his heart may burst at the sight. Taehyung was just too cute for words.

“Y-Yeah. You’re welcome.”

And all I wanna do

Is to fall in deep…

Where villains spend the weekend

REQUESTED by @isamaegreenleaf​:
I know your so busy but if you can can you fit in my request? Can I get a Clark Kent/Superman request where reader is a rookie reporter and is working with Clark and she goes off on a lead and gets in trouble? Clark senses something’s wrong and goes and rescues her as Superman. Then when he drops her off at The Daily Planet-or hospital whichever you like he quickly changes and goes rushing in fretting over the reader and then scolds her for not being careful? But he’s fallen in love with her?

WARNING: Anxiety rising, being hit in the face, bruising and mild blood, clubs, loud music and flashing lights; little mention of alcohol intoxication; mild profanity, mysterious masked man using stuff animals. No teddy bear was harmed in the making of this story.
Notes: Thank you for requesting! And yes I’m still working on other requests, not exactly in order so they’re going to be at random. Enjoy!

clarkkentxreader supermanxreader

“Hey Clark!” You greet the cute man with a little wave as you pass his desk. He looks up with a smile, eyes as blue as ever.

“Good morning (Y/n),” he stands to hug you. You accept it as always, you loved the way he would hold you close to him. Of course you never told him that or the fact that you have the biggest crush on him in the world. He’s older and is into Lois, obviously, he could never go for a younger naïve rookie that’s still learning the ropes.

So you kept your feelings doorment, hoping they would just fade away…. but only if you knew that the cute man himself fell for you as well, if not, more.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiii~ headcanon where mc's addicted to the dab and the rfa + minor trio's reaction?

A/N: *constant dabbing* (it’s almost like I can hear 626 shouting at me in the distance to stop) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a college student, he should know what the dab is

           - if not then he’s gon’ learn today

           -He’ll laugh when you do it unless the two of you are in an extremely crowded place

           -If strangers start staring, he gets really embarrassed!!

           -MC pls, those old people are judging us ;A;

           -He’ll join you every now and then for a pose, but usually just smiles at you

           -Sometimes you like to climb up on things and do the dab just so he can take a picture

           -But every time you do that though, he gets so worried?? Like what if yOU LOSE YOUR FOOTING WHEN YOU GO TO POSE AND FALL???

           -Honestly started to pick it up from you- meaning just out of nowhere, if something cool happens that he likes, he’ll dab



           -WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

           -After the first few times, he realizes what you’re doing

           -That’s that weird meme thing, isn’t it!!!!

           -It doesn’t bother him that much, but every now and then he’s like??

           -Stop it MC, I want to see your face

           -Give him the puppy dog eyes and he’ll do it with you

           - damn those eyes

           -You took a picture of him doing it once and he decided, “Hey, fuck it, I’m gonna post it”


           -No longer cares how often you do it because you’re the one who got him to do it in the first place, so thanks to you, he got even more attention from fans <3


           -“God bless you”

           -This precious girl thought you were sneezing

           -But?? Were you just quiet about it??

           -Until she realized that….that’s a very odd position to sneeze in

           -Didn’t understand it was a meme thing until Zen explained it to her

           - because you and Saeyoung refused to explain it and threatened Yoosungs rank in LOLOL if he told her

           -MC please don’t do that in public;;;

           -Hopes holding your hand will make you stop please you’re going to hit someone in the face one of these days

           -Will not do it with you, stop begging, she’s strong-willed, will not give in!!!

           -Judging you every time you do it in front of her because? Really MC? I don’t see the appeal


           -What the fuck are you doing

           -Genuinely concerned for your health

           -Are you allergic to something????

           -You have to explain to him for a solid hour on what the dab is

           -Still doesn’t understand



           -You don’t post it anywhere though because you wouldn’t do that to JuJu

           -When you said anywhere, you didn’t mean the chatroom though



           -You thought YOU were addicted to dabbing


           -The two of you have a competition on who can perform the dab in the coolest place

           -Y'all are so extra, climbing up to extremely high and dangerous places

           -He has you beat though because hello he’s not about to lose this competition so he never tells you the cool places he knows


           -STOP DABBING

           -Always takes the pictures of you two dabbing and edits it to be aesthetic

           - fuckin meme lord

           - MC, can we dab in our wedding photos



           -What’s a meme?

           -That pose is a meme?

           -He has a photo album labeled “MC + DABBING” because??


           -“MC! Say cheese!”

           -Instant dabbing pose

           -He’s so used to it, he’s surprised if you go through an entire day WITHOUT doing it

           -In public he just disregards it, like I said, he’s so used to it now

           - secretly you feel bad so you try really hard to not pose like that in pictures from now on


           -oh no

           -pls don’t do this to me MC

           -It’s bad enough he has to deal with Saeyoung and his memes but!!!

           -YOU TOO?????

           -Groans every time you do it

           -Straight up, leaves the house when both you AND Saeyoung do it

           - he’s not gonna have it

           -CAN and WILL restrain you in public. Only he doesn’t hold your hand to do it

           -If his death glare isn’t enough to deter you, he will hug you from behind and make sure your arms are against your sides



           - nO


           -DID SEVEN CORRUPT YOU??????????

           -THEY’LL KILL HIM!!!

           -Literally face palms every time they catch you doing it

           -It’s some stupid fucking internet thing, isn’t it?


           -Hates it, absolutely hates it

           -If they can, they’ll catch you before you do it and physically restrain you

           -“JUST S T O P”

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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Disrespect - Part II

Word Count: 1624

Player: Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

feat. Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars)

Warning/s: mild swearing, mentions of death by bus, gif by @tylerseguin-starsPart 1, Part 3

This is a repost of my own work!

The car stopped roaring, the engine was off. Your death sentence.

“Is there a specific reason why you picked me up? Without Katie?”, you asked, eyeing the younger Benn brother suspiciously as he made no intention to leave the car.

“You know Tyler has been pretty upset about you leaving.”, he started the conversation. 

You weren’t sure if it could be counted as out of the blue since you had seen it coming when he had insisted on picking you up on his way to the restaurant, but still, it was the first time that day that Tyler had been mentioned.

“And that’s why Jordie is my favorite Benn.”, you scoffed. 

Crossing your arms in front of your chest you turned to stare out of the windshield, too stubborn to look at Jamie. And damn those ‘Benn puppy dog eyes’ always worked. Although Jamie didn’t use them as often as Jordie did.

“Ouch, that’s unfair. I was just saying.”, Jamie insisted.

“No, you weren’t just saying. You’re trying to make me feel bad about the whole breakup thing. Don’t you think I know that’s why Katie has been bugging me about this evening for three weeks?”

Four days. That’s all you got. That was your Tyler-free time. But after that Katie had started to tell you about time that had to be made up for because you were both too busy to meet up all the time. She had a point. You had been spending less time with your best friend in the last year, but you knew it wasn’t what Katie was going for.
She had talked about a Girl’s night.
Then it became a Best Friends night.
And all of the sudden: Hey, okay I know you’re probably gonna say no but how about a best friend night with both you and me and Jamie and his best friend.
A trap. Because everyone knew Jamie’s best friend was Tyler and you said no for two weeks but it all got too much.

“Then why did you agree in the first place if there’s not some part of you that wants him back?”

“Wanting him back? I was the one that dumped him, remember? And I have my reasons! The only reason I agreed to this is because I’m a grown up. Katie’s my best friend. She is your better half. Your best friend is Tyler. I gotta deal with that at some point so why not know? I will not take him back, though.”, you insisted.

“But I’m serious, Y/n. I know that he acted like a total ass but he knows that too. And he misses you. He is angry at himself for not taking you seriously. Just give him another shot.”, Jamie pleaded, forcing you to look at him.

“You can’t ask me to do this Jamie. You’re a great friend and I appreciate what you’re trying to do but this is off limits for you. Hell, this is even off limits for Katie.”

You lowered your gaze, resting it on your hands.

“This is personal. And I know Tyler. Maybe he’s sorry. Maybe he misses me. But it won’t change anything. That’s just the way he thinks.”

“Then look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t miss him too.”, Jamie challenged.

“We both know I can’t.”

Dinner was weird. After a hug for Katie and a weird greeting with Tyler, Jamie and Katie proceeded everything the way they had planned out. They were sitting opposite to each other, so you and Tyler had to do so too. They were bringing the conversation to topics like, hey, what have you been doing the last few weeks?

What is someone that just got out of a long-term relationship supposed to say? 

“Oh, I found out that I cry less if I distract myself with a jumbo sized strawberry milkshake and a new Netflix series?”

So you dodged every single topic having to do with you and or Tyler and prayed for the evening to be over. You just wanted to go home, snuggle up in bed and try to forget the way Tyler looked at you as you were staring at your glass of water.

“How about we call this a night?”, Katie said, interrupting the two guys in a short talk about their next opponent.

“Great!”, you blurted out, embarrassed you really said that. Jamie shot you a disappointed look. All you could do was lower your gaze in embarrassment and mouth ‘sorry’ at him.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”, Tyler muttered.

You quietly thanked the universe for having paid already and downed the last bit of your glass, quickly standing up to grab your coat. Waiting for everyone to be ready was like waiting for Jaromir Jagr to quit hockey. Your inner dramatic-self felt yourself age and die in front of your best friend and your ex, leaving only a tombstone in the middle of the restaurant. But when everyone was finally ready, you strolled out of the restaurant directly behind Jamie.

But the universe wasn’t nice.

“Hey Y/n, Jamie and I still have to get some stuff done tonight, would it be okay if Tyler drove you home?”, Katie asked as you stopped in front of their car. And she asked loud enough for all of you to hear.

Everyone was staring at you. You couldn’t say no without being rude but you’d rather get hit by a bus and dragged home tangled in the tires than spending fifteen minutes in a small sports car with Tyler.

You positioned yourself directly between Katie and Tyler, so the latter couldn’t see the way your eyes were practically killing Katie. You were dead serious. It was a clear no. But Katie was trying to get you to say yes. You exchanged a look with the Captain next to her, making it clear that they were crossing the line. Jamie thought back to your talk from the car earlier that evening, clearing his throat to get Katie’s attention.

They were having one of their famous telepathic talks

“You know, I could drop her off at home and then join you.”, Jamie proposed.

It was a good thing you still had your back to Tyler. Because the Stars’ forward was looking at his friend mouthing ‘what the hell’. It had been the plan to let you drive with him. Why change it? It was his chance!

“Sorry, but it’s really important to be there on time. If you’re late we can’t do this… stuff tonight.”

“Katie…”, you warned.

“Sorry. But you can just drive with Tyler.”

You knew from the look on her face that she was feeling guilty, but she was trying to get the two of you back together. It would cost something. And maybe you would be angry at her for a few days, but if it worked it would be worth it.
Another look was exchanged with Jamie who just shrugged slightly and already mentally apologized.

“Oh god, you gotta be kidding me. No, I won’t. Good night.”, you snapped as you knew there was no getting out of this. 

Actually, it hurt you that your friends couldn’t just accept your wishes. You were angry. You wanted to scream at them and you mentally swore to never drive with any of them ever again. You didn’t care where. You would never get into one of their cars again. You would always drive on your own, in your car, the keys with you.

You started walking away from the group, taking fast and long strides. There was nothing wrong about showing how angry you were. They sure as hell deserved to know that they were terrible friends.

“And how are you gonna get home?”, Tyler asked quietly. 

You were almost unable to understand him, but it was clear that he was disappointed. No. He had absolutely NO right to be. You whipped around at the speed of a freaking meteor and shot him an angry look that he could even see from the distance you had in between of you.

“Calling a friend. Taking a Uber. Or getting hit and dragged by a freaking bus. Anything. Just not with you.”, you yelled in pain. 

And you had to admit, you loved the fire burning inside of you when you saw Tyler turning his face away from you as if you had just given him a mental slap to the face.

“Y/n.”, Katie gasped.

“Don’t! You’ve done enough tonight Katie. This could have ended differently. But you just had to disrespect my point of view and drag me here. It’s actually pretty funny. Because disrespect is the fucking reason why Tyler and I broke up in the first place!”, you laughed sarcastically.

“Y/n, it’s enough.”, Jamie said, using his captain voice. 

He didn’t sound angry, he knew that the whole evening had been a giant provocation against you and he didn’t realize how they couldn’t have foreseen this outcome.
Putting you and Tyler together, making you talk and spend time with each other. It turned you into a time bomb that exploded in their faces.

“Whatever.”, you groaned.

You turned around swiftly, disappearing in the dark.

“No, she can take it, Jamie. Please just set up a meeting, Jamie. We won’t take it too far, Jamie.”, Jamie muttered to himself, unlocking the car.

“Why can’t we just go have dinner like normal people for once?”, he asked himself.

just a little headcanon

I like to think that sometimes Iruka says things that sound REALLY dirty but its 100% unintentional, and Kakashi loves and hates it at the same time bc Iruka always has a habit of saying those kinds of things at the worst times!

Ex) they’re in the Hokage’s off eating lunch together, which is normal for them both. Kakashi isn’t able to go home for lunch on the weekends so Iruka will bring him lunch and they’ll eat together. They’re both really busy during the week, but always try and find time for each other. Iruka had always been quick to finish his food, even as a child, and is usually still hungry by the time he’s done (Iruka always forgets to pack extra for himself, but Kakashi doesn’t mind sharing his own lunch with him)

“Do you want the last few bites of my chicken?” Kakashi asks, already knowing the answer. “I’m already full.”

“Yes.” Iruka reaches for the chopsticks but Kakashi playfully smaks his hand away.

“I’ll feed you.”

And Iruka doesn’t have it in him to argue when his husband looked at him like that. Those damn puppy dog eyes were going to be the death of him! But it’s Kakashi and he likes to tease! He pretends to aim for Iruka’s mouth but backs the chopsticks away, and after the fourth time Iruka is pretty pissed.

“Will you just put it in my mouth, Kakashi?! I need it!” He yells, and yanks the utensil from Kakashi’s grip. But just as he yelled, the hokage’s doors opened and Yamato was standing at the threshold.

“You two are so weird.” Yamato just shakes his head and walks away. That was the third Time this week..

Iruka just shrugs it off, he’s way past the age where he blushes about stupid things such as that, but the tips of Kakashi’s ears were bright red. He was embarrassed, but didn’t comment on it.

“I’ll make it up to you tonight, don’t worry.” Iruka assured him after he finished eating. “Dessert will be on me.”

“I hope you mean that literally.”

“Only if you continue to behave yourself.”

“Of course, sensei~”

Originally posted by anbu-kakashihatake

He works hard the rest of the night to make it home in time for dinner and the dessert he was promised!

Spoliers, they’re both old and fell asleep before anything could even happen. 😂


Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Fandom: Avengers

AUs: Headcanon

Warnings: Fluff, angst, Tony being a little shit, kissing, threat of cheating, love triangle of sorts, protective Steve, OOCs

Word Count: 1,503

A/N: I love Tony, he is my baby, he was my first obsession and he will be my last. Not Dean, not Hannibal, Tony. This is my first Avengers fanfiction. This was meant to be short and sweet. The gif is not mine

Originally posted by marvelgifs

  The clicking of your heels on the lab’s smooth steel floor was a warning. He missed date night yet again, too busy working on a frayed wire in one of his many Iron Man suits. That’s how you found him, his head close to the armor’s chest plating, cutting and intricately connecting each delicate wire, while AC/DC blared in the background. 

   This was where he was every day, casually missing ever important thing then brushing it off when you asked him. He was a little better than he was before, at least he didn’t go out and party all the time. The Avengers changed him, he had something to do instead of drinking away his worries. He still drank, he still had that problem.

   “Anthony Edward Stark!” You cried. A small yelp was heard as Tony banged his head on the red armor. He hated when you did that, showing up without announcing yourself and then proceeding to yell at him. You were as bad as Pepper. 

   “Why, woman, why?” Tony asked as he rubbed his injured forehead. That was going to leave a mark, you injured his beautiful face. He costs money, he basically just went down in value. 

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