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It’ll All Be Okay

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky recently broke up with his girlfriend and now its your job to pick up the pieces 

Words Count: 687, just a lil drabble

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

So my last fic actually got notes! thought i might as well do another one :) Also, I’m still super new so if y’all have fic ideas, don’t hesitate to request fics! Don’t forget to follow like and reblog, I’m loving all the notes<3

 not my gif but oHMYgOd how cute is he in this gif??

   You woke up to the sound of cupboards slamming down the hall. As you flip over onto your side, you look at your alarm clock and groan. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Who in the right god damn mind is slamming cupboards in the middle of the night??

You sit up and stretch out your back, ready to give whoever it was a piece of your mind. You stand up and mentally prepare what you’re going to say as you walk down the hall to the tower’s kitchen, but what you find there shocks you.

“Bucky?” you ask alarmed, “what the hell are you doing on the floor covered in corn flakes? I thought you were staying with Clair tonight?”

He looks up at you with eyes full of tears,”(y/n)..” 

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🐘  n0 n00dz 4 u (feat. a complimentary dik-dik pic)
Request: ✔  (eatyourveggiesz) || Masterlist

It doesn’t help that you’re seat-mates. 

As Mr. Choi warbles on about something irrelevant, Hansol keeps his eyes trained on you, and you struggle not to give in and look his way. You’re still embarrassed and annoyed at your best friend’s actions, especially with the way he tried to make it up to you later that night. The texts ranged from the pathetically cute, “I promise I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow,” to the immediately succeeding, “If you really want, I can send you nudes,” at which point you had made a show of blocking him. And now he was staring at you with those big puppy-dog eyes, looking as if he was the innocent one in this situation. And though you hated to admit it, you knew just how this would turn out: you would give in, turn to him, and eventually end up buying him food because he just looked so damn lost all the freaking time. Besides, who could say no to those eyes?

Really, it was just another day. 

Quicksilver x Reader

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based on a prompt by @the-modern-typewriter however I cannot find the post rn.


*month ago*

“And that I stole from the fun fair” Peter said pointing at some teddy bear in the corner of the room. You giggled and hugged onto his side on the bed you were laying on.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here, listening to you tell me about all the shit you stole.” You played with his grey locks.

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@deanssweetheart23 tormented me with this gif and most of the dialogue, so now I’m torturing back. Let’s call this a joint effort.

You leaned back in your chair with a yawn, stretching your arms up above your head. God you were exhausted, but you had to get this paper finished. It wasn’t due until tomorrow afternoon, but you knew that if you kept putting it off it would just get worse. Besides, despite your phenomenal procrastination abilities, you really hated rushing to finish things at the last second. You were more of a get-it-done-the-night-beforehand even-if-that-means-an-all-nighter girl. 

You squinted at the word document open on the screen, watching the little cursor appear and disappear at an almost hypnotizing rate. Writing it really shouldn’t be that hard, and you were making steady progress, it was just a lot slower than you’d like it to be. You risked a glance at the digital alarm clock across the room and immediately regretted it. It was far beyond late at night and had become early in the morning. When you looked back at the screen, your eyes began watering and you wiped at them tiredly. God the screen was bright… why the hell didn’t it dim anymore than that? 

“Sweetheart?” Dean’s low voice cut through the silence, making you jump. 

“Hey,” you said quietly, peeking up over the top of your laptop to look at where he had propped himself up on an elbow on the bed. “Sorry, is it too bright? I can go to the other room,” you said quickly, worried that you had woken him. 

“No, no it’s not that,” Dean said, his voice thick with sleep, “why aren’t you in bed yet?”

“I’m a little busy, D,” you reminded him with a small smile at the sight of his bedhead. Dean huffed out a sigh and collapsed back against the pillows. “I really can go outside if I’m bothering you,” you said in concern, but Dean just shook his head.

“S not that,” he mumbled, making you arch an eyebrow.

“Does the mighty Dean Winchester want to cuddle?” You teased, a full blown grin spreading across your face now. Dean groaned again, rolling his eyes as he flipped onto his side to face you.

I do not cuddle,” he informed you with a scowl. 

“Sure you don’t…” you chuckled, glancing back to your computer screen. 

“I just sleep better when you’re here, alright?” Dean admitted, rubbing his face and then running his hand through his hair. “Now come to bed already. It’s- shit, Y/N it’s two in the morning!”

“One more paragraph,” you bargained, blinking a few times as you tried to refocus on the page in front of you.

“Nope,” Dean mumbled, “need to hold you. C’mere.” When you looked up again, Dean’s eyes were bright from where he watched you, his head resting against the pillow. You had more to do, but dammit he looked so comfy.

“I gotta finish this, D…” you said, but he heard the hesitancy in your voice, saw the weakness. And god damn that man, he pouted. Those perfect lips combined with his puppy dog eyes completely did you in. You just couldn’t say no to him. With a little groan, you flipped the screen shut, making Dean’s face light up in a grin. You pushed out of your chair and made straight for the bed, where Dean had scooted over and pulled back the covers for you. 

A little sigh escaped your lips as you hit the mattress, letting the exhaustion finally wash over you. Dean pulled you in against him immediately, tangling his legs with yours and wrapping an arm around you. You giggled as he nuzzled against your neck, but your eyelids were already so heavy you couldn’t keep your eyes open. You barely felt Dean plant a soft kiss against your hair before you were asleep.

Into You

Jeongguk x Taehyung

Words: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff, for now

College AU

Chapter I-Into You

Cause I’m so into you

I can barely breathe…

Jeongguk wasn’t someone who you’d want to make friends with just for the sake of it. Jeongguk wasn’t someone who looked approachable. Jeongguk wasn’t someone who would even acknowledge you if you dared to approach him.

Jeongguk just wasn’t that type of person.

Usually when someone tried to approach him, he’d glare at them until they realized their presence wasn’t welcome. There were only a select few that Jeongguk let into his circle.

One was his adoptive older brother Yoongi, who was actually his cousin. He’d known Yoongi damn near all his life, and if it weren’t for him, Jeongguk didn’t know where he would be.

Namjoon, Yoongi’s friend, was another. He only let Namjoon in because he was Yoongi’s friend, but hell, Jeongguk liked him just as much. He was like the dad he never had, you know?

Except Namjoon liked to participate in the illegal activities that they liked, and more encouraged them then tried to put a stop to it.

Jimin somehow managed weasel his way into Jeongguk’s life too, despite being short, clingy, and annoying. Jeongguk rarely called him hyung, to tease the latter. Despite always teasing each other, Jeongguk could always go to Jimin for advice that didn’t concern avoiding the police.

Other than that, Jeongguk didn’t trust a soul.

Jeongguk often skipped class, but when he did come, he would always sit towards the back, picking at his nails or writing on desks. There were always eyes on him no matter what, that he chose to ignore.

You couldn’t deny that Jeongguk was smoking, of course Jeongguk knew this himself and didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse. He always got stares from boys and girls alike, he’s had his one night stands with those who were brave enough to approach him, too many to count actually, and some of them were somehow still clingy and claimed that Jeongguk was ‘the one’, or that they had something ‘special’.

No matter how bomb his dick game was, Jeongguk knew it couldn’t make anyone fall in love.

It was early in the morning. Like, early, you’d usually never catch Jeongguk in the hallways at this hour, but he just had to get out of that girl’s apartment before she woke up. He was hoping she wouldn’t remember him, or what they did last night. Jeongguk had barely had enough time to get back to his dorm and clean himself up, much less time to respond to his friends’ texts of ‘Where the fuck are you?’  and ‘I’m beating your ass when I see you’.

Now he was at his first class, which he almost never went to, twenty five minutes early. For fucks sake, the teacher wasn’t even there yet, and here Jeongguk was, sitting in the back of the class.

Five minutes later, another male walked in the door, not seeming to notice him at first. Ah yes, Jeongguk knew this boy. He saw him around all the time, it’d be hard not to. He was bubbly, loud, and friendly…everything Jeongguk wasn’t. Jeongguk sometimes wondered what it was like to be as friendly as him. But what was the boy’s name? Jeongguk never remembered names well.

“Woah, what the fuck?

Jeongguk was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard that deep baritone voice spew profanity. The boy was staring directly at him, mouth open in an ‘O’ shape, eyes widened in awe. Jeongguk suddenly felt self conscious. Was there something on his face? Did he still have lipstick on his neck? Why was he worrying about these things all of a sudden if he’s never worried about them before?

They had an intense staring contest for the longest before the boy spoke up.

“Did I scare you?” Not even close.

 “Sorry, I was just…surprised,” the boy continued. Jeongguk quirked an eyebrow, as if daring the boy to continue. Which he did.

“It’s just that I never see you in class, much less early. It’s kinda scary to have someone be here before you when you’re always the earliest person, ya know?” he rambled, not bothering to check if Jeongguk was listening or not. Then he stopped all of a sudden and turned to Jeongguk again.

“Why are you here?” Jeongguk gave a mildly offended look at that, and then remembered to keep his hard exterior. “What’s it to you? I can’t come to class?”

The boy didn’t seem phased by his words.

“It’s just that I never see you. You’ve missed a lot you know. How the hell are you going to catch up? How in the hell are you going to pass?

“Who are you to be concerned?”

“I’m Kim Taehyung.”

Jeongguk let out a bitter sounding laugh. How could this kid just tell a stranger his name with no hesitation?

“And since you know I’m Taehyung, I think I have the right to know your name.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes, but for some reason gave in anyway.

“Jeon Jeongguk.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened incredulously at that. Jeongguk assumed that the boy-Taehyung- would finally leave him alone at hearing that. His name was pretty known around campus, people would run just at the sound of it.

You’re Jeongguk?” Here it comes.

“But you’re not scary! Or mean!” Jeongguk’s head snapped up, lips slightly parted. Did Taehyung not have eyes? Or ears? Was he not intimidated by Jeongguk’s presence alone?


“In fact, you kinda look like a bunny. Yeah, a bunny. Hey, smile for me, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk immediately frowned upon the request. “Who the hell do you think you are, ordering me around?” He demands, still wondering why Taehyung hasn’t run off yet.

“I’m somebody who wants to make you smile. So can you do it please?” Taehyung pouted and batted his long, thick, pretty eyelashes (not that Jeongguk was paying any attention. Of course not).

Somehow laughter bubbled up in Jeongguk’s throat and escaped through his mouth, making Taehyung smile a bright, boxy smile. Jeongguk stopped laughing when he heard the sound of a picture being taken.

When he looked at Taehyung again, he saw that the boy had his phone out, still smiling. Taehyung came closer, closer than he needed to be to show Jeongguk the picture he took. “See? You do look like a bunny?”

The first thing that hit Jeongguk wasn’t the picture, it was Taehyung’s scent. He smelled like tangerines and honey, and a little bit of vanilla. Jeongguk almost moaned. Jeongguk unconsciously leaned in to get a better whiff, but Taehyung pulled away all too soon. Jeongguk frowned when the boy pulled away, and Taehyung giggled.

“You look like you like that one, you want me to send it to you?” Taehyung asked, his big brown puppy dog eyes staring right back at Jeongguk’s darker doe eyed ones. Was Taehyung indirectly asking for his number? Was he just trying to get into his pants too? The thought made Jeongguk sick to his stomach.

He didn’t want to think Taehyung was like that.

“Sure,” he said without thinking. He almost slapped himself right there. Taehyung brightened up and leaned forward. “Okay! What’s your number, Jeonggukie?” Jeongguk got another whiff of Taehyung’s lovely scent. That wasn’t lovely at all. Nope.

“Gimme your phone,” Taehyung complied with no hesitation. Jeongguk quickly typed in his number and name. When Taehyung was handed back his phone, he frowned.

“Really, Jeonggukie? That’s so lame.”


“Your contact name! It’s just… Jeongguk.”

“Yeah, so? That’s my name isn’t it?”

Taehyung huffed. “My contacts can not have names like that! I’m changing it,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes at the brown haired male’s childishness. “Don’t do anything stupid, Taehyung-ssi. Let me see when you’re finished.”

“You can call me Taehyung, ya know,” He said without looking up from his phone. “Actually, how old are you, kid?”


“You’re 19?! I’m 21! You’re supposed to call me hyung!”

“Sure thing, Tae.”

Taehyung only pouted at Jeongguk’s blatant disrespect, but made a noise of excitement when he shoved his phone in Jeongguk’s face.

Jeongguk’s name was officially changed to Jeonggukie with a sparkly heart and bunny emoji.

“Do you like it?”

“I-” Jeongguk doesn’t get to answer because people are starting to file in. “Oh, I guess I should get back to my seat.” Taehyung pouted.

Jeongguk for some reason felt like he didn’t want the other to leave him, and the words came out on their own.

“Taehyung wait-” He sputtered, face flushing when Taehyung tilted his head at him.

“Y-You..you can..sit with me if you want,” Taehyung smiled brightly at his words, and Jeongguk couldn’t look directly at him in fear of being blinded. Or maybe it was just because Taehyung was way too cute for his own sake.

Nope, definitely the first one.

Taehyung retrieved his things from the front and made his way to the back, plopping down in the seat to Jeongguk’s right. Soon almost all of the students had arrived.

A few minutes before class was supposed to start, another student approached Taehyung’s desk, apparently not in the mood to be messed around with.

“Hey, dipshit, that’s my seat. Get up.”

Jeongguk’s head turned so fast he almost got whiplash. Who was this and who did they think they were? Talking to Taehyung like that, the fucking nerve of this guy. What did Taehyung ever do to him? Jeongguk had only known Taehyung for all of 20 minutes, but he knew, or at the very least had a feeling that Taehyung was one of the nicest people he’s ever met.

Jeongguk had the sudden urge to protect.

“O-Oh, s-sorry I’ll-” Taehyung started and moved to get up, but Jeongguk’s hand shot out to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder and push him back down.

“You can stay, Tae.” Jeongguk growled, eyes trained on the student. The student’s eyes widened when he looked at Jeongguk, and he immediately backed down with an ‘Alright, whatever man’ and found another seat.

Jeongguk retracted his hand and crossed his arms. He couldn’t look at Taehyung. Jeongguk knew his face was beet red and if Tae saw, he would laugh.

“ Jeonggukie..?” he heard Taehyung whisper.

Don’t look. Don’t look.

“ Jeongguk. Jeonggukie.”

Damn it.

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, only to find him staring directly at him with those huge puppy dog eyes of his.

“Thank you,” he says with a boxy smile and a faint blush spread across his gently curved nose and round, tanned cheeks.

Jeongguk thinks his heart may burst at the sight. Taehyung was just too cute for words.

“Y-Yeah. You’re welcome.”

And all I wanna do

Is to fall in deep…

Where villains spend the weekend

REQUESTED by @isamaegreenleaf​:
I know your so busy but if you can can you fit in my request? Can I get a Clark Kent/Superman request where reader is a rookie reporter and is working with Clark and she goes off on a lead and gets in trouble? Clark senses something’s wrong and goes and rescues her as Superman. Then when he drops her off at The Daily Planet-or hospital whichever you like he quickly changes and goes rushing in fretting over the reader and then scolds her for not being careful? But he’s fallen in love with her?

WARNING: Anxiety rising, being hit in the face, bruising and mild blood, clubs, loud music and flashing lights; little mention of alcohol intoxication; mild profanity, mysterious masked man using stuff animals. No teddy bear was harmed in the making of this story.
Notes: Thank you for requesting! And yes I’m still working on other requests, not exactly in order so they’re going to be at random. Enjoy!

clarkkentxreader supermanxreader

“Hey Clark!” You greet the cute man with a little wave as you pass his desk. He looks up with a smile, eyes as blue as ever.

“Good morning (Y/n),” he stands to hug you. You accept it as always, you loved the way he would hold you close to him. Of course you never told him that or the fact that you have the biggest crush on him in the world. He’s older and is into Lois, obviously, he could never go for a younger naïve rookie that’s still learning the ropes.

So you kept your feelings doorment, hoping they would just fade away…. but only if you knew that the cute man himself fell for you as well, if not, more.

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Disrespect - Part II

Word Count: 1624

Player: Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

feat. Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars)

Warning/s: mild swearing, mentions of death by bus, gif by @tylerseguin-starsPart 1, Part 3

This is a repost of my own work!

The car stopped roaring, the engine was off. Your death sentence.

“Is there a specific reason why you picked me up? Without Katie?”, you asked, eyeing the younger Benn brother suspiciously as he made no intention to leave the car.

“You know Tyler has been pretty upset about you leaving.”, he started the conversation. 

You weren’t sure if it could be counted as out of the blue since you had seen it coming when he had insisted on picking you up on his way to the restaurant, but still, it was the first time that day that Tyler had been mentioned.

“And that’s why Jordie is my favorite Benn.”, you scoffed. 

Crossing your arms in front of your chest you turned to stare out of the windshield, too stubborn to look at Jamie. And damn those ‘Benn puppy dog eyes’ always worked. Although Jamie didn’t use them as often as Jordie did.

“Ouch, that’s unfair. I was just saying.”, Jamie insisted.

“No, you weren’t just saying. You’re trying to make me feel bad about the whole breakup thing. Don’t you think I know that’s why Katie has been bugging me about this evening for three weeks?”

Four days. That’s all you got. That was your Tyler-free time. But after that Katie had started to tell you about time that had to be made up for because you were both too busy to meet up all the time. She had a point. You had been spending less time with your best friend in the last year, but you knew it wasn’t what Katie was going for.
She had talked about a Girl’s night.
Then it became a Best Friends night.
And all of the sudden: Hey, okay I know you’re probably gonna say no but how about a best friend night with both you and me and Jamie and his best friend.
A trap. Because everyone knew Jamie’s best friend was Tyler and you said no for two weeks but it all got too much.

“Then why did you agree in the first place if there’s not some part of you that wants him back?”

“Wanting him back? I was the one that dumped him, remember? And I have my reasons! The only reason I agreed to this is because I’m a grown up. Katie’s my best friend. She is your better half. Your best friend is Tyler. I gotta deal with that at some point so why not know? I will not take him back, though.”, you insisted.

“But I’m serious, Y/n. I know that he acted like a total ass but he knows that too. And he misses you. He is angry at himself for not taking you seriously. Just give him another shot.”, Jamie pleaded, forcing you to look at him.

“You can’t ask me to do this Jamie. You’re a great friend and I appreciate what you’re trying to do but this is off limits for you. Hell, this is even off limits for Katie.”

You lowered your gaze, resting it on your hands.

“This is personal. And I know Tyler. Maybe he’s sorry. Maybe he misses me. But it won’t change anything. That’s just the way he thinks.”

“Then look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t miss him too.”, Jamie challenged.

“We both know I can’t.”

Dinner was weird. After a hug for Katie and a weird greeting with Tyler, Jamie and Katie proceeded everything the way they had planned out. They were sitting opposite to each other, so you and Tyler had to do so too. They were bringing the conversation to topics like, hey, what have you been doing the last few weeks?

What is someone that just got out of a long-term relationship supposed to say? 

“Oh, I found out that I cry less if I distract myself with a jumbo sized strawberry milkshake and a new Netflix series?”

So you dodged every single topic having to do with you and or Tyler and prayed for the evening to be over. You just wanted to go home, snuggle up in bed and try to forget the way Tyler looked at you as you were staring at your glass of water.

“How about we call this a night?”, Katie said, interrupting the two guys in a short talk about their next opponent.

“Great!”, you blurted out, embarrassed you really said that. Jamie shot you a disappointed look. All you could do was lower your gaze in embarrassment and mouth ‘sorry’ at him.

“Uh, yeah, sure.”, Tyler muttered.

You quietly thanked the universe for having paid already and downed the last bit of your glass, quickly standing up to grab your coat. Waiting for everyone to be ready was like waiting for Jaromir Jagr to quit hockey. Your inner dramatic-self felt yourself age and die in front of your best friend and your ex, leaving only a tombstone in the middle of the restaurant. But when everyone was finally ready, you strolled out of the restaurant directly behind Jamie.

But the universe wasn’t nice.

“Hey Y/n, Jamie and I still have to get some stuff done tonight, would it be okay if Tyler drove you home?”, Katie asked as you stopped in front of their car. And she asked loud enough for all of you to hear.

Everyone was staring at you. You couldn’t say no without being rude but you’d rather get hit by a bus and dragged home tangled in the tires than spending fifteen minutes in a small sports car with Tyler.

You positioned yourself directly between Katie and Tyler, so the latter couldn’t see the way your eyes were practically killing Katie. You were dead serious. It was a clear no. But Katie was trying to get you to say yes. You exchanged a look with the Captain next to her, making it clear that they were crossing the line. Jamie thought back to your talk from the car earlier that evening, clearing his throat to get Katie’s attention.

They were having one of their famous telepathic talks

“You know, I could drop her off at home and then join you.”, Jamie proposed.

It was a good thing you still had your back to Tyler. Because the Stars’ forward was looking at his friend mouthing ‘what the hell’. It had been the plan to let you drive with him. Why change it? It was his chance!

“Sorry, but it’s really important to be there on time. If you’re late we can’t do this… stuff tonight.”

“Katie…”, you warned.

“Sorry. But you can just drive with Tyler.”

You knew from the look on her face that she was feeling guilty, but she was trying to get the two of you back together. It would cost something. And maybe you would be angry at her for a few days, but if it worked it would be worth it.
Another look was exchanged with Jamie who just shrugged slightly and already mentally apologized.

“Oh god, you gotta be kidding me. No, I won’t. Good night.”, you snapped as you knew there was no getting out of this. 

Actually, it hurt you that your friends couldn’t just accept your wishes. You were angry. You wanted to scream at them and you mentally swore to never drive with any of them ever again. You didn’t care where. You would never get into one of their cars again. You would always drive on your own, in your car, the keys with you.

You started walking away from the group, taking fast and long strides. There was nothing wrong about showing how angry you were. They sure as hell deserved to know that they were terrible friends.

“And how are you gonna get home?”, Tyler asked quietly. 

You were almost unable to understand him, but it was clear that he was disappointed. No. He had absolutely NO right to be. You whipped around at the speed of a freaking meteor and shot him an angry look that he could even see from the distance you had in between of you.

“Calling a friend. Taking a Uber. Or getting hit and dragged by a freaking bus. Anything. Just not with you.”, you yelled in pain. 

And you had to admit, you loved the fire burning inside of you when you saw Tyler turning his face away from you as if you had just given him a mental slap to the face.

“Y/n.”, Katie gasped.

“Don’t! You’ve done enough tonight Katie. This could have ended differently. But you just had to disrespect my point of view and drag me here. It’s actually pretty funny. Because disrespect is the fucking reason why Tyler and I broke up in the first place!”, you laughed sarcastically.

“Y/n, it’s enough.”, Jamie said, using his captain voice. 

He didn’t sound angry, he knew that the whole evening had been a giant provocation against you and he didn’t realize how they couldn’t have foreseen this outcome.
Putting you and Tyler together, making you talk and spend time with each other. It turned you into a time bomb that exploded in their faces.

“Whatever.”, you groaned.

You turned around swiftly, disappearing in the dark.

“No, she can take it, Jamie. Please just set up a meeting, Jamie. We won’t take it too far, Jamie.”, Jamie muttered to himself, unlocking the car.

“Why can’t we just go have dinner like normal people for once?”, he asked himself.


Written for @idreamofhazel and @impala-dreamer follower celebration/Sammy Says challenge. This thing has been a pain to get online. Tags below the cut as always if you want on or off the list drop me an ask.

 Word count-1147 

 Pairing-Sam x reader, Dean

 Warnings-pranks, fluff.

     You wrapped the towel around yourself and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a smaller towel to dry your hair.  After squeezing the excess water out of your hair and giving it a quick rub you tossed the towel on the counter and reached for the comb.  A flash of color on the towel caused you to glance up at the mirror.  What you saw made anger bubble up in you and you stormed out of the bathroom towards the kitchen, intent on murder.

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiii~ headcanon where mc's addicted to the dab and the rfa + minor trio's reaction?

A/N: *constant dabbing* (it’s almost like I can hear 626 shouting at me in the distance to stop) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a college student, he should know what the dab is

           - if not then he’s gon’ learn today

           -He’ll laugh when you do it unless the two of you are in an extremely crowded place

           -If strangers start staring, he gets really embarrassed!!

           -MC pls, those old people are judging us ;A;

           -He’ll join you every now and then for a pose, but usually just smiles at you

           -Sometimes you like to climb up on things and do the dab just so he can take a picture

           -But every time you do that though, he gets so worried?? Like what if yOU LOSE YOUR FOOTING WHEN YOU GO TO POSE AND FALL???

           -Honestly started to pick it up from you- meaning just out of nowhere, if something cool happens that he likes, he’ll dab



           -WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

           -After the first few times, he realizes what you’re doing

           -That’s that weird meme thing, isn’t it!!!!

           -It doesn’t bother him that much, but every now and then he’s like??

           -Stop it MC, I want to see your face

           -Give him the puppy dog eyes and he’ll do it with you

           - damn those eyes

           -You took a picture of him doing it once and he decided, “Hey, fuck it, I’m gonna post it”


           -No longer cares how often you do it because you’re the one who got him to do it in the first place, so thanks to you, he got even more attention from fans <3


           -“God bless you”

           -This precious girl thought you were sneezing

           -But?? Were you just quiet about it??

           -Until she realized that….that’s a very odd position to sneeze in

           -Didn’t understand it was a meme thing until Zen explained it to her

           - because you and Saeyoung refused to explain it and threatened Yoosungs rank in LOLOL if he told her

           -MC please don’t do that in public;;;

           -Hopes holding your hand will make you stop please you’re going to hit someone in the face one of these days

           -Will not do it with you, stop begging, she’s strong-willed, will not give in!!!

           -Judging you every time you do it in front of her because? Really MC? I don’t see the appeal


           -What the fuck are you doing

           -Genuinely concerned for your health

           -Are you allergic to something????

           -You have to explain to him for a solid hour on what the dab is

           -Still doesn’t understand



           -You don’t post it anywhere though because you wouldn’t do that to JuJu

           -When you said anywhere, you didn’t mean the chatroom though



           -You thought YOU were addicted to dabbing


           -The two of you have a competition on who can perform the dab in the coolest place

           -Y'all are so extra, climbing up to extremely high and dangerous places

           -He has you beat though because hello he’s not about to lose this competition so he never tells you the cool places he knows


           -STOP DABBING

           -Always takes the pictures of you two dabbing and edits it to be aesthetic

           - fuckin meme lord

           - MC, can we dab in our wedding photos



           -What’s a meme?

           -That pose is a meme?

           -He has a photo album labeled “MC + DABBING” because??


           -“MC! Say cheese!”

           -Instant dabbing pose

           -He’s so used to it, he’s surprised if you go through an entire day WITHOUT doing it

           -In public he just disregards it, like I said, he’s so used to it now

           - secretly you feel bad so you try really hard to not pose like that in pictures from now on


           -oh no

           -pls don’t do this to me MC

           -It’s bad enough he has to deal with Saeyoung and his memes but!!!

           -YOU TOO?????

           -Groans every time you do it

           -Straight up, leaves the house when both you AND Saeyoung do it

           - he’s not gonna have it

           -CAN and WILL restrain you in public. Only he doesn’t hold your hand to do it

           -If his death glare isn’t enough to deter you, he will hug you from behind and make sure your arms are against your sides



           - nO


           -DID SEVEN CORRUPT YOU??????????

           -THEY’LL KILL HIM!!!

           -Literally face palms every time they catch you doing it

           -It’s some stupid fucking internet thing, isn’t it?


           -Hates it, absolutely hates it

           -If they can, they’ll catch you before you do it and physically restrain you

           -“JUST S T O P”

Juice Ortiz - Jealousy at its Finest


You break up with Juice because you’re tired of his jealousy.

“I’ve had it Juan!!”

Those were some of the last words you’d yelled at the man in anger. Juice had gotten upset because you were sitting at the bar and laughing with Kozik. You dunno what had gotten into the man lately but you were completely done the moment Juice got in Kozik’s face and told him to stay away from you.

You couldn’t and wouldn’t take anymore of this jealously from him.

At least that’s what you thought at first.

“I’m sorry [Name], please!”

Juice begged as he followed you around the club bar. He was hurting and lonely without you around. He couldn’t keep doing this living without you.

“Juice, it’s been twelve damn hours and you mean to tell me you already want me back?”

You snorted listening to him saying how he never wanted you to leave in the first place. You took the rag you were using to clean the bar counters and smacked him in the chest with it, causing a suprised look to come to his face.

“Then stop being a jealous prick!!”

You shouted seeing those large puppy dog eyes come to play.

“I will baby! I will! Please just – just come back home with me? Please?”

He asked as he was hesitant to get close to you while you still held the rag. You sighed and dropped it down on the bar.

“I’m serious Juan. I won’t have it.”

“And you won’t. I promise babe.”

You took a minute but nodded, giving into that look he gave you. He smiled and leaned in kissing you.

Happy you were coming home.

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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kittcatdoesartstuff  asked:

Gonna challenge you a bit, 67 and 73~ Mwahahaha

“Listen, it’s just for the corporate party I have to go to, nothing else.” Baekhyun threw his hands up in defense, as though trying to subdue a cornered animal. “All of the big heads of the company have to be there with their families.”

You growled, refusing to lower the lamp you held like a baseball bat in defense against him.

Baekhyun had just presented his ‘gift’ to you to wear to the dinner party. A sleek, glittered tulle dress that left little to the imagination and definitely would not be friendly to your curves.

Somedays you loved the fact that your boyfriend was the CEO of a national conglomerate, other days you hated it. 

Today was one of those days.

There is no way I am wearing a dress,” You narrowed your eyes on the gown hanging off the kitchen chair. “Especially one that looks like that.”

“Just this once, babe, please.” Baekhyun gave you his biggest puppy dog eyes as he begged.

Your grip on the lamp faltered and you relented, setting it back down on the coffee table.

“Fine, but I’m taking this thing off the second we get back home.”

“Curse this damned piece of polyester and synthetic cotton.” 

Your complaints did nothing to help the fact that you spent the last twenty minutes struggling to put on the dress Baekhyun had gotten for you at the last minute. You stumbled out of your walk-in closet and into the bedroom where Baekhyun was waiting for you. You nearly fell like a drunken person as you attempted to unzip the back, walking towards him.

Before you could trip he caught you in his arms, holding you upright.

“I-” You were gasping for air as the bodice of the dress began to constrict too tightly around your rib cage. “I can’t breathe, Baekhyun.”

The urgency in your eyes spread to his own and he immediately sat you down on the bed. He sat behind you and hurriedly attempted to yank the zipper back down your spine, but it was permanently rooted in it’s place, as though mocking the both of you with how much power it held in its small, metallic body.

“Just wait here, I’ll be right back I promise.” Before you could protest, Baekhyun ran through the bedroom door and to an unknown location in the penthouse.

You wheezed and did your best to focus on getting air to your lungs, but it wasn’t working.

Baekhyun stumbled into the room and before you would register what was happening you felt cold metal against the nape of your neck.

“Don’t move, (y/n).” Baekhyun warned, his low voice calming you despite your confusion of the situation.

A definitive, inconsistent ripping noise sounded from behind you, and you felt the dress’s suffocating grasp release itself slowly, one inch at a time.

You gasped as air finally filled your lungs, gripping the sheets of the bed for support as you leaned forward.

“Ah!” You heard Baekhyun curse behind you. “Damn it!”

You turned around and saw crimson blood trickle across his palm onto the floor. In his other hand was a hefty silver knife from the collection in the kitchen.

“What did you do, Baekhyun!” You reached out to his hand, observing the thin slice across it.

“I didn’t have much time to think so I just grabbed whatever I could think of to break the zipper.” Your boyfriend panted from the adrenaline pumping through his veins, setting the blade down on the bed sheets.

“You idiot, you’re bleeding all over my carpet,” You scolded gently before leaping up and running into the master bathroom for medical supplies.

You returned a few moments later, shredded dress hanging limply from your shoulders, and sat down next to Baekhyun as you dressed his hand.

“Next time, I’m picking the dress, okay?”

Baekhyun nodded dejectedly, guilt washing over his features.

“Hey,” You cupped his cheek comfortingly, “It’s not your fault, okay? There was just some very, very faulty designing with that one.”

He smiled up at you, “Do you think we can still make it to the party?”

You gave him a slight grin back, leaning in to give him a peck on the nose.

“I’m sure I can find one or two dresses around here that won’t suffocate me like a boa constrictor.”

Originally posted by exoturnback

Hope you liked it, kitty (EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE BEING SO EVIL) I dunno if it flowed well but otherwise I don’t know how you fit blood and dresses together. IF YOU SENT IN A REQUEST I AM WORKING ON IT NOW PLEASE HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER~ Thank you so much for sending them in y’all!!


Preference No. 3: The First “I Love You” (Part 2)

A/N: Guys, I’m so sorry if this caused your things to crash. I didn’t even realize it would do that so I split it in half. The first part is Altair, Ezio, Connor, Haytham, and Edward. This will have the next five. Sorry again!

Shay Cormac:

“Shay,” you ground out, glaring at him.

“(Y/N),” he replied, watching you cautiously.

“We’ve gone over this before.” He smiled sheepishly, a hand rubbing his forearm. He looked absolutely ridiculous, standing in your doorway, covered head to toe in blood, and asking if he might bunker at your place for the night. And sadly, this wasn’t a rare occurrence for the Assassin-turned-Templar. He was always getting into trouble in some form or another, coming to you for a place to stay afterwards.

Of course, you’d never turn down your longest known friend, but that didn’t mean you had to be entirely happy about it. He stained almost everything with blood, often inviting in a few of his new friends. It really was annoying but you never had the heart to tell him when he looked to you with shining, dark eyes, thanking you. The man could even look cute in blood! You sighed, opening the door wider for him to saunter in.

“Thank you.” You only nodded to him, shutting the door with a little more force than required. You couldn’t help it, the man had a way with frustrating you. Or perhaps it was because you couldn’t deny him anything. He could come to your door asking you for your arm with those damned puppy dog eyes and you’d give in.

“You better not stain anything with blood, Shay Patrick Cormac, or so help me,” you warned. He nodded respectively.

“I give you my word.”

“Good,” you replied tersely, walking towards your own room.

“You’re not going to ask me what happened?” He questioned, a scarred eyebrow raised inquisitively. Sighing dramatically, you leaned one shoulder against the wall and crossed your arms.

“And what exactly happened this time, Shay?” He smiled deviously, launching into an incredibly detailed story of what had happened since the last time you saw him. Had it not been for his gorgeous voice wrapping around your tired form, you would have shut him up long before. However, it was too hard now, the excitement in his voice alighting happiness in yours. He talked particularly fond of the Morrigan, speaking of the crew with high amounts of respect. He had been continuing on talking about something about Haytham and an Assassin when you finally realized it; you were in love with Shay.

Your mouth dropped open, your eyes widening. You were in love with Shay Patrick Cormac, the man who had stained your things one too many times, who had always come to you when he needed a place to stay, the man who trusted you.

“What do you think, (Y/N)?” Shay asked. You, however, were too busy with your revelation and all it entailed. Sure, you’d found Shay attractive, but look at the man! Who wouldn’t find him attractive? And of course he had an alluring personality, but that was just another fact in this world, as true as the sun in the sky. “(Y/N)?” You blinked.

“I love you.” Your voice was surprised and entirely unsure, the realization shaking something deep within you. His eyes blew up, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Wordlessly, he moved closer to you, looking deep within your eyes as if searching for deceit. He seemed satisfied with his findings, a soft smile gracing his lips.

“It’s about time,” he chuckled. “I love you, (Y/N).” You returned his smile. Your initial shock had worn off, giving way to something much sweeter. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing that you loved the man.

Arno Dorian:

To say you were bored would be an extreme understatement. The haughty lights blinded you, the obnoxiously loud music assaulting your ears, every man and woman drowning themselves in ridiculous amounts of perfumes or colognes, the stiff feel of French aristocracy fresh in the air, and the bitter taste of false pretenses all working together to drive you insane. You were an Assassin, for fucks sake, not a spoiled girl waiting for the right suitor to come along. Your jaw was clenched as you wrapped a hand tightly around the overly-flashy dress you’d been required to wear. You were so far lost into your hatred that you hadn’t noticed Arno’s presence until he reached out for your shoulder, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin.

“Arno,” you whispered, your body relaxing from its fighting stance.

“No need to attack,” he smirked, holding both hands up in surrender. “I was only hoping for a dance.” Rolling your eyes goodnaturedly, you wrapped your arm around his.

“Lead the way.” And he did, bringing you to the middle of the dance floor and wrapping you comfortably in his arms. He was so gentle, so sweet, his eyes shining with nothing but adoration as he spun you gracefully around in a neverending circle. Had you been allowed, you never would’ve left the safe confines of his arms. His embrace was warm and safe and something that you now craved at every moment. You could never get enough of his sweet words or his gentle touches, wishing more than anything that he was yours. But sadly, he wasn’t. You sighed softly into the crook of his neck, wanting him more than anything.

“Something on your mind?” He asked, his eyes trained on the crowd around you. You took another step, following his lead in the dance.

“It’s nothing,” you muttered. His gaze dropped down to you, concern etched on his gorgeous features.

“That doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“I’d rather not talk about it.” You stated, avoiding his eyes at all cost. You knew that one look into the soulful orbs and you’d be lost, spilling every one of your secrets to him. He pursed his lips, pulling you out of the dance by your hand. “Arno?” You inquired, following him without hesitation. “Where are you taki-,” You were cut off as he pulled you into a dark room, shutting the door against the assaulting sounds and smells.

“Now, would you please tell me what is going on?” His voice held a note of irritation, obviously upset that you weren’t telling him everything.

“I,” you paused, watching him.

“You,” he echoed, waiting for you to finish. You sighed, deciding a direct approach was probably best. Besides, you just wished he’d stop looking at you like that.

“I want you,” you stated in one breath, your heart not beating as you watched emotions flicker through his eyes.

“(Y/N),” he whispered. A hand reached up for your cheek, resting softly against the skin. He had the sweetest of smiles playing on his lips, his body moving closer to yours. “I love you.” And like that, his lips were on yours. You couldn’t do anything but melt into his body.

Jacob Frye:

Most days were like this; spending the night blissfully with Jacob and leaving in the early hours of the morning before he woke up. It was dissatisfying, not being able to stay in the warm embrace of his arms until the two of you woke up, but it was just how things were. At least until today, you mused, looking up at the peaceful expression strewn across Jacob’s face. There was no other way to put it, he was beautiful.

Every so often he would let out a small noise, the smell of mint and leather rolling over the two of you. Sure, you’d had nights with him before. Hell, you even woke up to him, but this was something entirely new. And you must admit, you absolutely loved it; you absolutely loved him. His strong arm wrapped tighter around your side, smooth skin sliding across smooth skin as he pulled you closer, dropping a soft kiss on your forehead.

“Morning, love.” He murmured, his voice laced with exhaustion. You could almost laugh, looking out at the shining rays peeking in through the curtains; it was hardly morning.

“Good afternoon,” you replied cheekily, smiling up at him. He groggily returned your smile, snuggling into your warmth. “Comfy?”

“Very much so.” He whispered against your bare skin, prompting a shiver. You could feel his smirk, his ego growing at your reactions. It’s not like you could help it, the man was everything a woman could ask for.

“I think it’s about time to get up, Jacob.” You said, running a hand through his soft, dark locks. He leaned up into your movements, not entirely unlike a kitten.

“Not yet,” he muttered, a hand massaging the skin on your hipbone.

“Jacob,” you repeated, looking into his eyes. His hand abandoned your hip in favor of holding your cheek, his gaze filled with sleep.

“Just a few more minutes, love.” He promised, pulling you back into his arms so your head rested on his chest, his heart beating beneath your ear.

“Fine,” you relented, too distracted by the mixture of smooth skin and strong muscles beneath you to care about getting up.

“I win,” he replied triumphantly.

“You wish,” you scoffed, ghosting your finger over his ribs. He laughed loudly, attempting to pull away from your hands. Scrambling for some sort of escape, he ended up falling to the ground in a heap of pillows and blankets. You couldn’t stop laughing at his adorable pout, looking up to you with mischief in his eyes. Before you could question it, he pounced, attacking your abdomen with gentle caresses that sent you into a fit of laughter.

“Sto-op,” you begged, pushing him away. “Jacob,” you shouted, kicking your legs. He finally gave in, his bare legs on either side of you as he gazed down lovingly, both hands intertwined with your own. His stare was sobering, the smile fading from your lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, nudging your neck with his nose. You moved in closer to his heat, reveling in the feel of him.

“I love you too, Jacob,” you replied, his smile soft against your skin. You’d never felt more satisfied in your entire life than you did in this moment.

Desmond Miles:

He’d been silent for the past half hour, choosing to watch you. Nothing had changed much, of course, just the soft click of keys as your fingers moved effortlessly along the keyboard, a tired yawn every once in a while.

“You should get some sleep.” He finally stated, scaring the hell out of you since it had been silent for so long, his voice even louder in the quiet of the night.

“I can’t, I’ve got work to do.” He went silent once more, staying that way for a few more moments. After watching you make mistake after mistake, exhaustion getting to you, he finally tore your hands off the keyboard, making you turn to face him.

“(Y/N),” he said seriously, “You need sleep.” You wanted to tell him that you needed to finish but the concern in his golden eyes was enough to make you sigh, turning the computer off.

“Fine,” you relented, stretching your stiff limbs as you stood. It surprised you how dark it was, the ever present glow of the monitor causing you to forget reality. You shivered. And boy was reality scary. You preferred to be immersed in your work, that way you wouldn’t have to face the very real, very serious issues presented by Abstergo.

“Is something wrong?” Desmond asked. You paused, looking to him with tired eyes.

“Yes,” you admitted weakly, tired of pretending that everything was alright, that you were alright. He was by your side in seconds, holding you close to his chest.

“What is it?” He inquired. Sighing heavily, you prepared yourself to admit your fears. It wasn’t exactly easy for you, used to keeping it all inside.

“I’m afraid,” you stated seriously, pleading for him to understand. “Everything that’s happening, it’s so much bigger than us. You guys are so calm about it but it’s tearing me apart. Do you understand how many people are relying on us to succeed, even if they don’t know it?” Desmond hushed you, placing a feather of a kiss on the crown of your head.

“It’s okay to be afraid.” He chuckled with no real humor behind it. “We’re all fucked, no matter what happens. It’s better to just accept it.” He shrugged. You laughed softly.

“You’re really shitty at pep talks.” He smiled back to you.

“I suppose I am.” He nodded to your smile, “But I think it’s working.” Rolling your eyes, you snuggled further into his chest.

“I’m only laughing because that was the worst answer ever.” His hand stilled on your back, almost as if he was debating something in his mind. He finally seemed to come up with a verdict, continuing to rub your back.

“You don’t have to be scared alone. You have all of us,” he pulled back, looking deep within your eyes. “You have me.”

“Des,” you inquired, curious as to why he was acting so strange.

“And I love you.” Your lips fell open, surprise in your eyes.

“Des,” you whispered, a hand stroking his soft cheek. He closed his eyes, nuzzling into your hand. “I love you too.” You admitted, smiling softly. You may be scared, but at least you had Desmond by your side.

Shaun Hastings:

“You’re such a dick,” you growled, looking to him sharply.

“Oh, I’m a dick?” He yelled at you, “Just because I’m the only one who’s willing to admit the truth?”

“No, you’re a dick because you yell at everyone.” You replied back, venom lacing your tone. “Just because you happen to over exaggerate the truth only seems to add to your already charming personality.” Each note was dripping with sarcasm, doing nothing to deter Shaun’s fiery anger.

“We’re all going to die,” he shouted, his accent thickening with each word. You swore you were going to kill that man if he didn’t shut up. “It’s as simple as that. I’m going to die, you’re going to die, we’re all going to die.”

“Shut the hell up!” You screamed, your voice echoing in the desolate lands surrounding the two of you.

“Oh, great argument.” He said with false congratulations. “If I had a metal right now, you’d be the winner!”

“Now is not the time for your damn apocalyptic speeches, Shaun!” He looked to you strangely.

“What, because we’re lost? Or because we’ve got half the Templar order on our tails?”

“Because both!” You shouted, your chests rapidly moving up and down as your breathed heavily, all your yelling exerting you.

“Maybe if you had listened to me when I explicitly told you t-,”

“Not this shit again,” you groaned, cutting him off. “I did exactly what you told me, it just didn’t work!”

“It worked perfectly fine for the others!” He argued loudly, the cool breeze doing nothing to snuff the flame out of the flaring tempers.

“Then it doesn’t really matter what happens to us, does it?” You questioned, knowing that would shut him up. Had you not been so angry, you would’ve smiled as he shut his mouth with an audible click. “They’ve got the apple and Desmond, they’re safe. As long as it’s like this, we’re expendable. So why does it matter if I messed up or you messed up? None of this arguing is going to save either one of us.”

“Because I love you,” he yelled, his eyes blazing. “And I want you to be safe.” He added, his voice much quieter than it was before. Silence hung over the two of you like a cloud, your mind still in shock from his revelation. Of course you’d grown to like the man over time, maybe even loved him when he was acting like a complete asshole, but you’d never thought he’d seen you as anything more than an annoyance. Hell, you never thought he’d seen anyone as more than an annoyance.

“So now you’re silent,” he grumbled, crossing his hands over his chest.

“You love me?” You parroted, almost as if the concept of him loving you was alien. And it was to a degree, especially from Shaun.

“You heard me,” he replied, no real heat behind his words.

“You love me.” You swallowed down that bit of information, a hesitant smile growing on your face. He didn’t respond, watching your expression with professional stoicism. You almost wanted to roll your eyes at him, repressing the urge to move closer to him instead. “I know.” You smirked, only inches from him.

“Did you just…?” He asked, the slightest hint of annoyance on his face.

“Han Solo you?” You teased. “Why of course I did, Shaun.” You moved tantalizingly close to him, your breath intermingling. “But, hey, at least that way you get the girl.” You smirked, however, he didn’t look nearly as amused.

((anyways kon strikes me as the type of person who can watch 3 hours of ancient aliens and forget everything he knows about the world))


It feels like everything Tim has ever known has been suddenly turned on its head.

Which, okay - granted - might be an exaggeration just because he’s actually going to bed but Kon is staying up and mindlessly staring at his laptop. But the scene makes him stare and he has to rub his eyes twice to make sure he’s not hallucinating.

It takes a minute before he finds his voice. And when he does, it sounds just as confused as he feels.

“Kon?” he asks, like he’s questioning if Kon is actually Kon. (And, like. Given the sheer number of times heroes have been brainwashed or replaced by an exact copy… He’s sure it’s warranted.) It takes him a minute to realize he hasn’t asked anything relevant, and thus hasn’t acquired his boyfriend’s attention. He clears his throat. “Kon. Um. Explanation?”

“Just a couple more?” Kon asks, and Tim doesn’t even know what he’s asking for; He can’t even see the screen. All Tim knows is those are puppy-dog eyes. And that he’s weak against puppy-dog eyes, damn Krypto.

–Or, they were puppy-dog eyes, until Kon is distracted by his laptop again and turns back to look at it. The effect still lingers, and Tim finds himself wary of taking away something that’s clearly holding his boyfriend’s attention.

So he doesn’t argue. But, he is still confused. 

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Almost Lost You

a/n: alright, so here’s another nick clark x reader. I liked writing this one. I wasn’t sure how to write it out, I didn’t want to be super dramatic so, I just did something simple. I liked how it turned out though! So, I hope you enjoy and I apologize for any errors o:

prompt: you and nick are out looking for supplies when a walker almost gets him. you were so scared you were going to lose him, that you confessed your love for him

Originally posted by commanderofnerds

“We should get getting back, Nick.” Glancing around the abandoned tents gave you intense chills. You wanted to leave….this place was so empty and quiet. The only sounds you heard were those of the tent flaps flapping against the sides of the tents, the occasional ruffle from some trash on the ground, and the birds that chirped every few minutes. Oh, and the sound of your and Nick’s shoes scrapping against the ground.  

You didn’t like being here….on land. You felt much safer on Strand’s goddamn boat, but your group needed supplies and since Chris was having this weird angry phase and Alicia being…a bit distant and snappy, it was best if you and Nick went. Nick somewhat had a clear mind, although you doubted that. You, well, you had a very calm personality and rarely let things bother you. Your father had been working for the government for years. He had taught you what he knew in order for you to prepare for anything, and thank the God he did. All those sessions with him that you thought useless had never been so handy. Those types of skills were definitely needed when the dead came to life and began eating the living.  

You weren’t sure if your father was alive or your mother. They had both been in Vegas when shit hit the fan one evening. It seemed like a lifetime ago but in reality, eveything had happened in a short month. You wanted to be positive and say that your parents were indeed alive, your father’s training and your mother’s good instincts made them a force to be reckon with. They could overcome anything…maybe even the end of the world.  

You shook your head. Those thoughts of sentiment and wonder would only get you killed. Nick didn’t seemed bothered by the lack of noise. He seemed content to get off the stupid boat. It seemed when the world lost its shit, Nick took it in stride convinced that everyone else had caught up with his world of madness. You couldn’t agree more.  

You had been best friends with Nick and Alicia since you moved into the neighbor so many years ago; you were only five at the time. Nick was seven and Alicia was five. Madison was the aunt you never had and always wanted. You were grateful towards the Clarks. Most of the time, your father was off doing secret shit for the government and your mother working in the local F.B.I building in Los Angeles. Madison was always happy to take care of you though.  

“Just a few more minutes, Y/N.” Nick easily brushed off your worry.  

You both had already filled your packs to the max. You both managed to get everything on the list Madison gave you; even medicine for Ofelia’s wound. It was getting dark soon and you did not like being out in the open, in an unknown area, with the dead lurking. It was a disadvantage that was obvious. It was one of those scenes in those terrible zombie movies that had the audience groaning that the characters were stupid for being out in the open and were bound to get eaten.  

“What are you looking for?” You questioned hoping your frustration didn’t show.  

Nick was looking for something, you could tell; despite his best attempts at trying to look casual. Nick’s wide, brown eyes glanced at you. For a moment, you felt your heart stutter at the puppy dog look on his face. He knew you couldn’t say no to that damned faced! You tried not to bush and avoided his gaze by taking interest in some blood on the ground.  

“I am looking for something for a certain someone.” He says mysteriously and his eyes give a playful twinkle. Your stomach flips.  

Then you frown at the puddle of blood, “For who?” Your mind automatically heading towards Ofelia. You had seen Nick and her exchanging laughs and smiles lately. You liked Ofelia, she was incredibly sweet. You just didn’t like her looking at Nick. Okay, so, you were in love with the boy, you had been since you were five. Nick, like always, was completely oblivious. Well, you couldn’t exactly blame him. When you wanted to hide your emotions, you could. You were very good at hiding certain emotions around certain people.  

But the fact remained, Nick had no idea that you were in love with him, and it frustrated you to no end. You wanted to tell him, God, you did but with everything going on…it was a lot harder then you anticipated.  

“Someone.” You glance up to see him grinning cheekily at you.  

It reminded you of the old Nick…the Nick that didn’t have relapses or overdoses on drugs. Your eyes traveled back down to the puddle of blood as Nick took your silence as acceptance that you two would continue searching for a few more minutes. Nick was glancing into tents nearby as you stared at the puddle of blood…wait, is this fresh blood? You instantly lean over and brush your finger over the very top and cringed when the velvet liquid coated your finger.

“N-Nick.” You called a bit worriedly.

Nick leaned away from the tent he was peeking in to and looked at you, “What?”

You jogged over to where he was whilst wiping the blood off your finger, “I don’t think we’re safe here.” You had a bad feeling in your stomach.  

Nick waved off your worries once more, “We’re fine. We haven’t seen any of those things since we got here.” Nick breezily stated as he began walking away from you.

“What the hell are you looking for, Nick? Is it really that important?” You asked with furrowed eyebrows.  

Nick didn’t answer right away but glanced over at you with this strange emotion in his brown eyes. The sun hit his eyes just right…turning his eyes this brilliant shade of golden brown. “Yeah, it is. Just…give me a few more minutes, okay? If I don’t find it in five minutes, we can leave.” Nick answered turning away from you once more.  

You sighed and just trailed behind him looking around for anything of use. You briefly wondered what had happened here…there were so many tents and evidence that people had taken sheltered here but what happened to those people? There weren’t any signs that the dead had ambush them besides the occasional blood stain here and there.  

You did take note that personal belongings still lingered in the tents. Perhaps they were evacuated without much warning. For some reason, you thought back on what happened back in your old neighborhood just a few weeks ago. Madison had gone out past the fences and came shaken up with fear. Apparently, the uniforms meant to keep you safe had gone around shooting innocent people without much care.  

It just showed you how corrupt the Government could be.  

Your daddy always told you never to trust the Government; especially when things went to hell.  

“Hey, Y/N, come here!” Nick’s voice broke you out of your thoughts.  

You rubbed your head feeling annoyed with the sun beating on your back. You just really wanted to get back onto the boat, where it was safe, and go take a nap. This was seriously way too much adventure. You walked over to where Nick was shuffling through a tent, “Did you find it?” You dragged out the question lazily.  

Nick shook his head, “No but I found a few comics!” He leans out of the tent with an excited grin and waved around the pile of comics in his hand. You rolled your eyes amused by his child-like expression.  

“Nick, you’re losing minutes here.” You sang glancing around to make sure nothing crept up on you or Nick. Everything was frozen in time. The only thing disturbing the area was Nick and you.  

Nick jumped and glanced towards small empty boutique, “Right there! It has to be there!” Nick’s eyes were wide with desperation before he bolted off carelessly.  

“N-Nick, what the hell! Get back here!” You called after him trying your best to keep your voice low, just in case there was anybody around.  

“I have a feeling it’s in there!” Nick called over his shoulder before disappearing into the dimly lit store.  

You quickly scrambled after your friend, “Nick, you better be careful!” You called out before groaning in frustration. “God damn it, whatever the hell you’re looking for better be fucking good.” You seethed crankily.  

“Stop bitching and stand guard.” Nick laughs from inside. You could hear shuffling and things being thrown around. You sigh and turn your back against the store. Your eyes ran over the road packed with tents. Further down you could see the pier that was crawling with the dead but luckily they were trapped behind the iron gates that the military must’ve put up.

Further out, in the water, you could see Strand’s boat floating peacefully. You could imagine Strand’s impatient face. Madison’s worried expression. Travis was probably arguing or trying to get his own kid to talk to him. Daniel was probably being aloof and mysterious.  

“You’ve been acting kind of weird, Y/N.” Nick said from inside.

“Have I?” You questioned with a frown.  

“Yeah, you’ve been kind of down and sad looking.” Nick stated as he broke something.  

You frowned down at the ground. You didn’t think you were acting weird or sad. You were a bit on a quiet side these past few days but that was it. “You’re crazy.” You scoffed not really believing him.  

“Thanks.” Nick laughed before there was a loud crash and shout of shock, “Holy shit!”  

You immediately ran inside with a racing heart and found Nick being pinned to the ground by one of those…things. Nick was struggling to maintain the weight of the large monster while the mindless creature snapped and snarled hungrily. You jumped over the fallen racks and avoided stepping on crushed glass to get to Nick. You immediately grabbed the pocket knife hidden in your back pocket as Nick called your name whilst struggling with the undead monster.  

Your heart was racing and you felt sweat drench down your back. You leaned over ignoring the disgusting smell of rotting flesh, and plunged the knife into the creature’s head. The monster snarled once more before slumping against Nick’s body.  

The adrenaline in your body was pumping through your small body as you shakily pushed the once again dead body off of Nick. His eyes were wide and there were splashes of blood on his clothes now. “Are you okay?!” You demanded gripping his shoulders and looking for any visible injuries.  

“I’m fine, Y/N, I’m fine.” Nick assured quietly.

“I told you to be careful!” You snapped angrily already feeling the familiar sting of tears gathering in the corner of your eyes. You almost lost Nick. He almost died. If you would’ve arrived a few seconds later…he probably would’ve been dead.  

Nick, like always, didn’t seem to realize how grave the situation could’ve been. He chuckled…the bastard had the nerve to chuckle, “I was being careful, Y/N.”  

“Seriously?!” You snapped angrily shoving at his shoulder.  

“What is your problem?” Nick frowned not understanding why you were so angry.  

“You almost died, you asshole, and all you can do is laugh!?” You almost yelled as your heart pumped angrily.  

“But I didn’t die, you saved me!” He points out looking like a sad puppy being scolded by its owner.  

“That’s not the point!” You cried getting up and wiping at your damp eyes. Why was he such an idiot!?  

“Then what’s the point? Why are you getting so worked up about this?” Nick demanded and you could picture the frown on his face.  

You whirled around and shoved at him again, “Because I love you, damn it!” You didn’t even think about saying those words, they just fell out of your mouth. You shut your mouth immediately and froze as Nick’s eyes were on you. His mouth hanging open in shock and his eyes widen with disbelief.  

“W-What did you say?” Nick stuttered looking a bit flustered.  

You swallowed harshly and looked away, “N-Nothing. Let’s get going.” You mumbled hurriedly rushing out of the store with Nick calling after you. You picked up the two packs you had dropped and began making beeline for the shore where the small boat was.  

“God damn it Y/N!” Nick yelled after you, “Slow down!” Nick had to practically tackle you down just to keep you still. You wiggled in his grasp demanding he let you go or else you would knee him in the balls.  

“Y/N, will you just stop?!” Nick growled in frustration.  

“Get off!” You whined.  

“Say what you said in the store!” Nick pinned your hands down above your head while applying most of his weight on his loser body so that you couldn’t squirm away. He was leaning towards you with this intense look in his doe eyes.

You felt a blush blossoming on your face, “N-No!”

“Then we’re aren’t leaving.” Nick said indifferently.  


“Y/N.” Nick gave you an impatient look but you both knew very well that Nick would not move unless you told him what he wanted to hear.  

You sighed and figured you had nothing to lose, “I love you.”

His expression softened and his eyes seemed to melt at your words, “Say it again.” Nick murmured leaning closer.  

Your heart raced stupidly to the point where you feared that Nick could hear your poor heart, “I love you, Nick.” The words were soft and tender. Nick closed his eyes as if he was savoring the sound of those words before leaning away, reaching for his backpack, and digging through it.  

“Nick?” You murmured a but tentatively unsure what he was doing.  

“Here.” In your face was a stuffed tiger.  

You blinked taken back and looked up at Nick, “You did all of this just to give Ofelia a stuffed tiger?!” You almost shrieked angrily. Although, the stuffed creature was super cute.  

Nick gave you a bewildered look, “Ofelia? No! I got this for you to cheer you up.” Nick mumbled a bit shyly.

“What?” You asked stupidly.  

Nick gave this mischievously grin that did wonders on your body, “I love you too.” He said quietly before pressing his lips against yours.  

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a/n: Ta-da! I hope you enjoyed! It was a bit longer then even I thought but it’s better that way, yeah? Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I’ll be getting started on my next Nick Clark Imagine which will contain some smut :D


Award Worthy

(Whats good yo it’s shay back at it! Here’s a new imagine. This one was pretty fun, and challenging, which is awesome. Just wanted to say i don’t own these gifs! And as always feel free to leave any comments/concerns! Thanks for supporting!)

Paring: Barry x Reader

Word count: 1656

You pushed your shades up on top of your head as you stepped into the heart of STAR Labs. As you walked in, the first thing you saw was Cisco’s back, hunched over his keyboard. Barry was looking at his screen over his shoulder.

“Hey, (Y/N).” They said in unison.

“What?!” You exclaimed in disbelief. “You never turned around to look!”

“You come in seven minutes early, every day. I bet you’re holding your phone in your right hand and coffee in your left.” Barry said turning to face you. As soon as he made eye contact with you, his smile grew twice its original size. Turns out, he was right about your daily routine, which made you smile. He slowly walked over to you, “I know you pretty well,” He said, snatching your coffee out of your hand, and in the blink of an eye he was casually sipping it in Caitlin’s chair, “I deserve an award.”

“Hey! You can’t use your powers for evil! Give it back!” You said as you took back you coffee from a giggling Barry.

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Normally when the bell rang for the end of the day, Velvet was ecstatic to be free from the oppressiveness of the educational system. Normally, she would be rushing out to pick up her brother and then they would hang out with her friends somewhere.

But not today. Today she was fighting against the crowd of students fleeing the building, trying to get to the science room.

Why did Laphi have to keep getting ideas anyway?

And why was she so damn weak against those puppy dog eyes? She could just hear him.

You need more friends Velvet. Magilou and Rokuro and Eizen are nice but they aren’t very good influences you don’t even have anything to put on your resume for college and hey look at this poster I found for the GSA you should totally go after school Velvet

And then he did that thing with his eyes.

Velvet wasn’t even technically out. She’d never said anything about it to Laphi or any of her friends. But Laphi was very observant. He’d cornered her when Arthur and Silica were both out.

Silica would be fine with it, Velvet knew. Arthur was… the problem.

But this was the Gay-Straight Alliance, so she didn’t have to say anything about her preferences if she didn’t want to.

And it was only for a year anyway.

Go ahead and pass as straight, get some kind of leadership role, tough it out for the year and then college. That’s the plan.

And then she got to the science room and the whole plan went out the window.

The girl was as different from Velvet as she could have possibly been. Where Velvet was always in black and shredded jeans, this girl was dressed cleanly in a nice dress. Velvet’s hair was a constant mess because she kept loosing her comb, but this girl had her hair pulled up in two pigtails with the cutest ribbons Velvet had ever seen in her entire life. She wouldn’t be caught dead in anything like that.

It was love at first sight.

“Oh! Hello!” the girl said as she turned around. “Are you a new member?”

She smiled and Velvet’s heart fucking fluttered.

I am so screwed!

“Y-yeah,” Velvet finally got out after a minute. “I saw one of your posters…”

“Great! We can always use more members. Well, my name is Eleanor and I’m the president of our club. And you are?”


“Oh. I’ve… heard of you.” Eleanor’s gaze had suddenly gone a lot cooler. “You were one of the ones who destroyed all of the Spirit Day decorations, weren’t you?”

Velvet was. The Spirit Assembly had originally been announced as a celebration of all “student athletes” and Rokuro had been slated for some kind of school award as the representative of the martial arts team, but someone had pushed for more focus on football and the award had gotten dropped.

Velvet, Magilou, and Eizen could not let that stand.

“I was,” Velvet said. “And?”

“Do you have no sense of school spirit? To destroy all of the decorations all of the homerooms worked so hard on? Right before the biggest football game of the season?”

“Was it?” Velvet said. “I couldn’t care less.”

“Why you-!”

Her eyes flashed and her cheeks flushed and it just made her more beautiful.

Velvet was so fucking screwed.