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Based on a post that I can’t seem to find by @incorectspnquotes.

(The book Sam is reading has the peculiar name of “Stuff”, only in Aramaic.)


Then Rhodes’s eyes widened, and his body stiffened. “What the hell-” He dropped down next to Stark and pulled at his shirt. His face literally was lit up as he looked down at the radiant circle on Stark’s chest.

“Those bastards,” whispered Rhodey. “How much time-?”

Stark shook his head, uncomprehending.

“How much time until the bomb goes off, Tony!” His voice was rising with urgency. “Is there a cut-off switch?” Quickly he was uncorking his canteen and was trying to ease water down Stark’s throat. “I’m not abandoning you now, buddy! Not after all this! But we gotta disarm that thing, and if-”

Stark coughed up water, but it wasn’t because he was choking. It was because he finally realized what Rhodey was reacting to, and it was damned funny. He tried to speak and his voice was barely a croak as he said, “Not… a bomb, not a bomb.”

Rhodey stared in confusion at the miniature Arc reactor implanted in Stark’s chest. “Then what the hell is it?”

It glowed softly in the darkness. A beacon of light.

“A reminder,” said Tony Stark.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series

cleanup in aisle 7 | (m)

☆ pairing: jungkook x reader

☆ genre: smut, cunnilingus, slight overstimulation, fluff

☆ word count: 2.9k

inspired by a dream @oh-no-its-mo had

⚠️caution: wet floor⚠️

“Staaay,” Jungkook whined. His fingers interlocked with yours, trapping you in his grasp as he sat on your shared mattress and you stood. He was clingier than usual—needier. You had shit to do, though. You didn’t have time for this.

“You want to get fed, right?”

Yeah,” he sighed, yet a shit-eating grin formed on his lips as his eyes downcasted to your skirt, “but there’s only one thing I’m really craving to eat right now.”

His smirk ignited a fire in you, and it wasn’t arousal (although maybe just a tad). Irritation flooded you and you freed yourself from his grasp.

“Stay at home to work on your little problem then. You have two hands.”

“Baaabe, just give me 20 minutes!”

You scoffed at his persistence and instead made your leave to the supermarket, slamming the bedroom door behind you. That was the problem with having a horny boyfriend. Sure, the sex was fantastic, but sometimes he was a little…overbearing. And he always gave you what you wanted, but you still felt like something was missing. You decided to bring it up sometime soon.

“These eggplants look like dicks.”

You scoffed. “You wish yours was even remotely that size.”

“Hey!” Jungkook frowned, clearly offended by your remark. You were right but he wasn’t going to admit it. “Should I compare my dick to this eggplant right here, right now?” His fingers hovered over the zipper of his jeans.

An exasperated sigh escaped your lips, “You should have stayed your ass home.” You walked away from him and resorted to pretending you didn’t know him so as to save yourself from embarrassment.

“No way, I would have missed you too much,” he said, catching up to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You pinched his arm in return.

After Jungkook’s constant indiscreet squeezes of your ass and his constant back hugs while you rummaged through food items on shelves, all of the necessary items had been retrieved from the aisles and all there was left to do was pay. However, as you were on your way to the check-out area, you were welcomed by the hard-hitting sound of rain over the supermarket rooftop.  

“Shit, I didn’t bring my umbrella.” You groaned.


“So our asses are staying in here until the rain subsides.”

Jungkook knew you would refuse walking out of the supermarket and risking getting your hair was out of the question, so he didn’t bother coercing you to head back home with him despite the heavy rain. Instead, the two of you hauled the shopping cart with the unpaid items to the back of the store where you both found an employee resting area. While the two of you entered and waited for the rain to subside, he took your hand and placed it on his crotch to feel his raging boner.

You pulled your hand back quickly and glared daggers at him, “I didn’t feel anything, just a little meat,” you laughed, but as soon as the words left your lips, you knew you had made a grave mistake.

His expression was discernible and it all happened too fast. He walked up behind you and his arms snaked around your waist, a hand sliding underneath your shirt to grasp your breast while the other remained on your hip holding you flush against him. You felt his boner against the small of your back and you gulped down the urge to pounce on him. His mouth hovered over your ear, his breath tickling you as he spoke into it with a deep, gravelly voice that was laced with arousal and desperation.

“You already know what it is, so don’t act like you don’t like this ‘meat’. You know I have you screaming.” He lightly sucked on your earlobe and groaned as he rubbed his boner against your ass, his agonizing desire quite apparent in his jeans. You didn’t have to see his face to know his face was contorted into that stupid ass smirk of his. Yet, your heartbeat was quickening and you were sure he could feel the vibrations against his chest and in his hand as he kneaded your breast. After all, you were both still at the fucking supermarket and were at risk of being caught.

You freed yourself from his grasp and put some distance between you two. “I have to pee,” you lied, “wait here.” He clicked his tongue as you walked towards the employee bathroom a few feet away. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have sex with Jungkook. Quite frankly, you wanted him to fuck you raw until you burst under his touch, especially after his persistent attempts in seducing you throughout the duration of your grocery shopping. The aching between your legs felt almost unbearable, but it just wasn’t the time and place to do that.  

As you opened the bathroom door, the electricity blew a fuse in the supermarket and everything went pitch black.

You felt Jungkook’s body behind you. “Perfect,” he whispered and pushed you into the bathroom gently, following behind you and locking the door behind him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked, but you knew where this was going.

He quickly turned on the flashlight on his phone and scanned the bathroom before placing his phone face down so that the light could illuminate the room. Surprisingly, the room was fancy for being an employee bathroom in a supermarket. The walls were white with salmon colored accents and the counter was made of white marble with salmon-colored swirls with a large mirror over the counter. The floors were made of marble too, but the decór of the employee bathroom wasn’t what was important, though. What was important was that Jungkook was looking at you from the counter, eyes hooded with lust and a grin you wanted to smack off of his face.

“Come here.” His voice was low and rough and you attempted to hold yourself from melting into a puddle right then and there. Hesitantly, you approached him, already knowing what would ensue once you closed the distance between the two of you.

Immediately, his lips collided onto the crook of your neck like magnets. His hand slipped underneath your shirt and traced circles on your back as he began leaving hungry trails of kisses from your neck to your shoulders. You fought the urge to moan, your lips pursed as he kissed your collarbone and moved upwards to your neck, then, your cheeks, and finally, onto your lips. His kisses were soft at first and you reciprocated them just as softly, but his hand began to glide dangerously low on your body, lifting up your skirt and sliding underneath your panties. He groaned upon feeling your warmth on his fingers as the pads of his fingers stroked your bud roughly and at a slow pace.

Your moans quickened and he swallowed each and every one of them as he kissed you, his kisses beginning to grow desperate and ravenous, matching the motions his hands were making between your legs. Your hands clutched onto his arms, fingers digging into his bicep as he continued his ministrations.

You were disappointed when his hand had suddenly left your heat and he turned the two of you around so that your ass was pressed against the counter. His hand lifted your skirt as he kneeled on the marble floor and you looked down at him, perking up a brow. He pulled down your panties so that they rested on your calves after spreading your legs apart. His mouth latched onto your pussy quickly and without warning, his tongue sweeping your outer and inner lips in slow motions, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from you. He sucked on your nub and released it, trailing his tongue down towards your entrance and slurping up your arousal, all while slick sounds echoed in the bathroom.

“Damn, boy. If you’re that hungry we have groceries right outside. You’re eating me out like a mango and shit.”

“Mmm, no,” he hummed, mouth still attached to you which sent vibrations straight to your core. “Your pussy tastes much,” he teased your clit with a single lick, “better than mangoes.” Your breath hitched in your throat and you whimpered as his tongue returned to your clit and began attacking it ferociously, moving it in circles while looking up at you with those hooded eyes you both adored and felt annoyed by.

His tongue flicked against your clit steadily without pause and your nails dug into his soft, brown locks when you began to feel butterflies fluttering about in your lower belly. He moaned into you, both by your touch and because he was savoring every moment he spent between your legs, happily lapping at his girlfriend’s arousal. A hand went up to grab and play with your ass and the other massaged the inside of your thighs.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Your voice was shaky, every lick and suck pushing you further to the edge.

With one final lick you began writhing and rocked your hips against Jungkook’s mouth desperately, riding out your high as he continued to lick you. When the overstimulation became too much, your hand dropped to Jungkook’s cheek and you gently pushed him away, his lips making a slurping sound when he separated himself from your pussy.

Your breathing was still labored from your orgasm when he stood and took your face in his hands, capturing you in a swift kiss.

He chuckled against your lips. “Good?”

“Yeah,” you said, breathless and in a daze.

“Good, ‘cuz we’re not finished yet.” And before you could process what he had said, he turned you around so that your front was facing the bathroom counter and he kissed your cheek before pushing you down so that your body was over and against the counter.

“Can we?” he asked, and when you nodded yes, he pulled out a condom from the back pocket of his jeans and pulled down his pants until they reached around his knees.

Your head turned around to look at him. “You brought a condom to the Supermarket?”

“I always bring a condom with me when I’m with you; you never know what’ll happen,” he winked and quickly unwrapped the condom, sliding it onto his full length.

You rolled your eyes at him and waited anxiously for him to finally enter you, to finally raw you like you’ve been secretly wishing for the entire time you had been shopping.

He lifted your skirt to reveal your ass and pussy and he stared down at your ass in admiration, “So cute.”

Your breath hitched when he suddenly rubbed his dick against your wet core, the slippery sound of your wet folds rubbing against his dick lighting a salacious grin on Jungkook’s face. He rubbed himself against your still sensitive bud and you swallowed, clutching onto the counter with both hands and biting down on your lip upon feeling your rekindling arousal.

You felt irritation prickling your skin. “Weren’t you horny off your ass all damn day? Why are you taking so long to shove your dick in this pus—” Suddenly, he entered you, eliciting a surprised and more than pleased gasp from you and a deep, blissful groan from him after finally coming into contact with the heat he had been craving all day long. Finally, he was surrounded by your delicious warmth.

He began slowly, allowing you to adjust and caressing your lower body with his warm hands. When you gave him the okay to move faster, he did not hesitate. Jungkook wasn’t kidding—he truly was holding back for a long time, his pent up arousal evident in his powerful and rushed but determined thrusts. They were more powerful and desperate than you had ever seen in him, every thrust hitting your spot swiftly and flawlessly, rendering you a moaning mess underneath him. He knew every nook and cranny of your body, so he was quick to locate the spot that would soon make you unravel. Your hold on the counter tightened as his hands gripped around your hips and he thrusted into you fervently while your eyes were shut. You felt his hand lift up your chin gingerly, contrary to his ruthless and fervid thrusts.

He tilted your head so that you would look at the two of you in the big mirror over the sink. “Look at you…my baby,” he panted.

You took a peek and began lowering your head, but he clicked his tongue and lifted your chin once again, tilting your head towards the direction of the mirror. His lips hovered over your ear. “Put your head up and look at yourself,” he commanded, voice low and husky. “I want you to remember everything.”

You exhaled shakily as his words sent electricity through your veins and sent pulsations between your legs. You were embarrassed, but something about watching yourself getting fucked by your boyfriend over the Supermarket’s employee bathroom counter with nothing but the flashlight of his phone illuminating the room excited you, your adrenaline skyrocketing like never before. It was exhilarating knowing that the two of you were at risk of someone barging into the employee restroom and catching the two of you in the act. As Jungkook continued ramming into you and squeezing your ass, you stared at your reflection in the mirror while his eyes bore into yours with a wicked expression before throwing his head back and letting out contented guttural moans. The room was filled with echoes of skin slapping against skin, as well as the cries and groans shared between the two of you and Jungkook’s continuous grunting of your name.

You wondered if something had possessed your man—no, you were sure something had possessed him because he had never gone to such an extreme like this during sex, pounding you mercilessly and taking on an almost completely different personality. You were thoroughly enjoying this diversion as opposed to the regular sex the two of you had, even if it meant your man had been possessed, but the thought flew right over your head as you finally reached your peak, coming for a second time in the employee bathroom. Feeling your delightful contractions around him, Jungkook reached his high a few seconds after you had reached yours, moaning out your name and jerking his hips a few more times before the two of you were satisfied and came down from your highs together.

He pulled out of you and quickly caught your arm after seeing you lose your balance upon his freeing you of his hold. Your legs had grown weak and wobbly from the position—not to mention his pounding into you—and you turned around to stand facing him. You held yourself up on the counter as he moistened a paper towel and cleaned you up before depositing his used condom in the trash, pulling your panties up for you and adjusting your skirt, and then picking you up to sit on the counter after fixing himself back into his jeans. Your muscles felt like they were on fire, so he massaged your legs for you and then kissed you chastely.

He noticed your hair was disheveled, so he fixed your hair for you, too, while you stared at him, perplexed.

He cocked his head to the side and laughed. “What?”

“Don’t you ‘what’ me. Where the hell did you learn that? What porn did you watch?”

“Porn? You know I don’t need to watch porn when I have a sexy girlfriend,” he teased and you kissed your teeth, but he continued, rubbing the back of his head and avoiding your gaze. “I don’t know, I just—I’ve been wanting to try having rough sex with you and you seemed to like it?” His eyes quickly rose to meet yours. “You did like it, right?”

He was right, you fucking loved it. He fucked you so good, but now your weakened body had to pay the price. You sensed his anxiety and you softened.

“I liked it. And I would more than not mind if we did that again,” you admitted.

He beamed, pleased with your response as he pressed his lips onto your forehead tenderly and engulfed you in an embrace, which you returned and then pinched his cheeks.

The power went back on and the bathroom lights lit up.

“Let’s go the fuck home, I’m tired as shit,” you said, and Jungkook hooked an arm around your waist to assist you in hopping off of the counter and walking.

When the two of you opened the bathroom door, you were met by a pair of stern eyes. The man wore a security uniform. “Someone said they heard screaming coming from the bathroom. Why were the two of you in there? There’s a sign that says ‘No Trespassing’. What were you two doing?”

You and Jungkook looked at each other at the same time. Coming up was an excuse was futile—it was obvious what the two of you had been doing in there. Instead, Jungkook nodded towards the shopping cart that had been left by the two of you by the employee resting area entrance and you both made a run for it. You hopped on the cart, hands on the handlebar and feet on the bottom storage and Jungkook placed his arms around you to push the cart. The two of you roared in laughter as he ran as far away from the security guard as possible with you riding on the shopping cart.

Yeah, sometimes Jungkook was annoying and overbearing, but you couldn’t have asked for a better guy to call your man.

Brighter than a shooting star, shine no matter where you are~

I worked on this dress for ages last fall, and finally had a chance to shoot it! The skirt is a NASA accurate map of the northern hemisphere, complete with a rhinestone where every major star should be. It was super cool to shoot this at a real observatory too!

Photography by Daniel Chen

So You Want to Write About Witches and Magick: Some Advice

Hi everyone; hope today is going well for you! Today, I’m going to be talking about witchcraft and magick in fiction from the angle of writing it. I realize many witches (including myself) have a burning desire to see more realistic portrayals of magick and the Craft, and there’s no better way to go about it than for us to take pen to paper ourselves! 

This short series of tips is designed for those who want to write a story with characters who practice magick in a more realistic fashion than seen in novels like Harry Potter. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Harry Potter, of course, but there’s room in the genre of magick for realism, too! Hence, why I’m writing this. I’ll be using examples both from my own writing and from novels I enjoyed that featured realistic magick.

Why write realistic magical fiction?

So, why a realistic portrayal of magick? Obviously, most novels and stories that feature magick are of the fireballs-and-glowing-spells variety, and not very realistic at all. That makes for good reading, too, but more realistic portrayals also have a place insofar as they’re incredibly unique and interesting! Why not stand out from the crowd a bit? 

It’s also worth noting that most witches, I think, if given the choice, would prefer to read something more realistic fiction-wise over an equally well-written fantastic portrayal. I know I would, and I feel like it’s important for magical practitioners as a community to write and create their own magical narratives, providing role models and other hallmarks of good media. 

There’s also the not-so-small matter of how magick actually operates in the real world. I don’t know about you, but my Craft is intensely personal, and exploring it (or a character’s equivalent) in fiction makes for strong characterization. Furthermore, real-life magick is more nuanced than just “she throws fireballs,” and is bound to entice your fellow witch readers who love subtlety and delight in detail.

So, those are some reasons I, as a witch, would like to read (and write!) more realistic portrayals of magick in fiction. How do we do it, though? What sorts of tips can be offered? Let’s begin by discussing the hallmark (I think, anyways) of excellent stories - characterization! How do you create compelling witch characters and interesting magicians? 


The first important thing to note is that, as you no doubt know, witches and magicians are an incredibly diverse lot. Witchcraft in and of itself is only one of many magical styles, and others exist, including things like conjure and ceremonial techniques. 

Within many broad categories, you find a wealth of smaller traditions. What kind of magick does your character practice? Sweep, by Cate Tiernan mixes real magick with fantasy, and in that series, most of the characters are Wiccan, but participate in a variety of different styles of magick, ranging from herbal casting to spirit work. Realize, too, that your character will probably work with a variety of techniques, so keep that in mind, as well!

Secondly, ask yourself what your characters believe. How do they conceptualize their magical experiences? Do they believe in a deity or worship a godform, such as the Wiccan goddess or an older pagan deity? Are they Christian? Jewish? Taoist? Views on how magick works and why are as diverse as practitioners themselves, so you need to consider what sort of paradigm your characters are working and living within, as well as why. 

I want to note that I’d be careful writing about practices that are foreign to you (the writer). If you know nothing about Christianity, don’t make your character a Christian, for example, unless you’re willing to do a lot of research to create a sensitive portrayal. As to myself, I’ve experimented with a lot of magical paradigms (such as chaos magick and Thelema) and I tend to draw from those when I write. 

I’ve had characters who were Wiccan, chaotes, and Thelemites in past works. It’s usually best to write what you know. Don’t feel as if your story needs to be full of characters from many different paths or religions to be realistic. Such a story would be realistic, but there’s nothing technically unrealistic about, for example, a story focused solely on chaos magick. Err on the side of caution here to avoid inaccurate or trite portrayals of actual practices. Again, write what you know.

One thing worth avoiding is stories where the main character or characters discover they’re the “chosen ones” and realize a great destiny. I suggest avoiding it because it has become relatively cliche in fiction as a whole, but also because it’s unrealistic in the world of realistic magick. It’s tacitly conceivable that someone might somehow find themselves in such a position, but very cliche in fiction. 

Mostly, it’s unrealistic because magick rarely works that way, and while that shows my own bias (I don’t believe in destiny as such), I’d avoid it just for the cliche factor. I’ll admit in one of my stories I did feature a character who was the reincarnation of a famous folk hero and had a certain “special destiny.” This was a very low-level thing and didn’t feature everyone treating them differently because of it. It was also balanced out with other characters having similar situations, thus making the “special” character relatively ordinary.

One of the benefits of writing more realistic magical fiction is that characters can literally be anyone. There’s no need for them to have been raised by arcane wizards in a windswept castle, because, in real life, witches and magicians come from all walks of life. We could be your neighbor, or a friend. The most important thing is that you work out what your character does magically, why, and what they believe about it. This is, of course, in addition to normal guidelines for good characterization.

Plots and Telling a Good Story

Now, let’s talk about plots? What makes a plot suitable for realistic magick? What plots don’t work within this genre? Which are cliche? Let’s dive in.

Since the keyword here is “realism,” plots can be taken easily from real world experiences and inspiration. Just like me and other real-life witches, witches or magicians in realistic stories will have normal, everyday hardships and joys, and you can explore this. That approach is, in my opinion, much more interesting than just focusing on the magick itself. A story where magick is the main driving force of the plot is rarely going to work well; something else must be there to drive the magick instead! 

As an example, I’m currently working on a short story called Curse Your Local Heroin Dealer. It’s gritty and very much a NSFW thing, but it features a coven of folk witches who find themselves at odds with local drug dealers who’re literally poisoning the community. The main conflict has no real magical aspect; rather, magick is a tool used to solve problems for the characters. It also draws a lot from my experiences living for a while in an area with a serious heroin epidemic, and I think it’s turning out to be a compelling and meaningful story.

As another example, look at the Circle of Three series by Isobel Bird. In those stories, the three main characters are burgeoning Wiccan witches. While magick is present, it isn’t a means to an end itself. The girls deal with all the normal struggles of high school students, but face them with a magical twists. Plots include relationship drama, dealing with the death of loved ones, and local mysteries. All of the stories could conceivably have been written without magick, but adding magick creates depth and shifts the story into interesting territory.

In particular, avoid situations where magick is the sole solution to the character’s problems. Just as, in real life, a witch can’t wave a wand and fix a problem, your characters shouldn’t be able to just do a spell and have their world set aright. Instead, the magick can be a vehicle for them moving forward, but also cause for introspection and character development. This is done particularly well in the Witches Chillers series, where the main character’s social awkwardness is underscored by her feeling less adept magically than her peers.

Building a World

A few notes on worldbuilding: you wouldn’t think it necessary when you’re going for realism, but it absolutely is. Anytime you have witches and magicians in a story, they’re going to interact with the wider society just as we do in the real world. Pay attention to the way society treats the occult as a source of inspiration. How will characters handle being feared (or laughed at) for their practices? How will they handle the increasing fascination of society? 

Another thing to consider is magical social structures in the story. Will your character belong to a magical Order, secret society, or coven? In most cases, it’s a bad idea to use real-life organizations in a story. Instead, you should invent your own fictional ones. This isn’t difficult, because you can crib a bit from real life, just not too much. In one of my stories, I created a secret society similar to (but distinct from) the Ordo Templi Orientis as a backdrop for a story about a character’s struggle with depression and how it affects their magick. In other stories, I’ve written about fictional covens and traditions of magick.

Finally, as a last tip, do not slander real paths or traditions for the sake of creating a villain. It won’t be believable if you do it, and will, furthermore, anger people. Why do that? It’s pointless to create a villain who’s a super-scary LaVeyan Satanist, because five minutes of research will tell your readers that LaVeyan Satanism isn’t all that frightening, let alone evil. 

I avoid this in my stories mostly by creating traditions and paths out of whole cloth for the antagonists. The villains in one story I’ve been working on, for example, worship an egregore that takes the form of rat, but doesn’t exist in real life. Another option is to just make the antagonist’s path or tradition irrelevant to their villainous activities, but that can be difficult to do well. In short, try not to play to stereotypes about occult traditions, and don’t slander large (or small) swathes of the community in the name of a villain.

I hope this was helpful and inspirational for budding magical writers out there! There is so much potential in this genre, and I would love to see more of it. If you’ve favorite stories that use this approach, do share them with me, so I can enjoy them, too. If you, yourself, have written any realistic magical fiction, why not share it? I know I look forward to reading more in this genre!

bearlytolerable-deactivated2017  asked:

For DWC: Human Emma explaining gravitation to Solas. Bonus if she provides examples.

For @bearlytolerable and @dadrunkwriting sorry if this little drabble was less sciencey than you were hoping for, but character wise I don’t think Emma would know a lot of the technical and in depth explanations, not about that at least.  So I went with a way she could show him that I figured most people in our world would be aware of ;).  

Emma crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back on the corner of his desk.  At least he was sitting so she didn’t have to stare up at him as she spoke.  She always managed to hold her ground well enough but that didn’t mean it was particularly easy when he was towering over her.

“Solas, why would I lie about this?  I’m telling you if you drop a ball of steel and a ball of wood that are the same size they will both land at the same time.”

He gave that huff of indignation he did so well, “That is preposterous.  You are… what is the term you use?  Pulling my leg.”

“It’s gravity.”  

“You can make up as many words as you like—”

“Ugh, I am not making up words.  If I were to jump down from where Dorian is—”

“Why would you—”

“I wouldn’t just… I’m giving you an example.  So, shut it.”  She waited to see if he would resist but he simply leaned back in his chair, steepling his hands before giving her a nod.  “If I jumped from where Dorian is I would fall and land here right?  I would not simply float, correct?”

She paused and when he didn’t speak she raised a brow.  He copied her expression before saying, “Oh I apologize, I thought I was to shut it.”

“You. are. Impossible.”  She straightened and started out of the rotunda.  “I’m going to talk to Ivy before this turns into a thing.”

There was no more talk of it until several days later, at which point she had completely forgotten the conversation.  Emma was out working in the herb garden when a shadow fell over her.  She looked up, covering her eyes with her hand, to find the familiar lank of Solas looking proud of himself.

“What’s with the—”

“I have the balls.”

She paused, tilted her head, “I’m sorry, you have the what now?”

“Your balls so that you may show me this theory of yours.”

“My… what?”

The smile fell and his brows furrowed, “You have forgotten already?  One wood and one steel.  This thing you were talking about… gravity, was it?”

“Ooohhhh,”  Understanding dawned on her and she stood, wiping the dirt on her leggings, “You actually had them made?”


She couldn’t help when the corners of her mouth twitched up, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Come, let’s find somewhere to drop them where we won’t hit someone in the head.”

They found themselves up on Skyhold’s fortress walls in a corner without any traffic.  They would go unobserved and not risk hitting anyone in the process.  Solas glanced down as he felt the weight of the balls in his hands.

“You want to drop them or shall I?  Either way it is key they are dropped at the same time.”

His eyes came up to meet hers and he smirked,  “What shall we wager?”

She laughed and shifted putting a hand on her hip, “Oh I don’t think you want to do that on this one.”

“I believe I do.”  He played at thinking on it for a moment before he said, “Loser will be bound and winner may do what they wish to them tonight.”

She raised a brow, “You want to tie me up?  Or do you want to be tied up?  Either way, this seems like it is a wager where we both win no matter.”

He continued to smirk, but his attention shifted to look down at the ground below, “It is agreed then?”

“I agree.  Are you dropping them then?”

“Why?  Would you rather my balls be in your hands?”

At least she managed to keep the giggle down that threatened to bubble out, “This is science and should be taken seriously, now get to it.”

“Eager to lose are you?”

“No.  Eager to win actually.  Then I can have my way with your balls as much as I like.”

A chuckle as he held both hands out over the edge, “Impatient, woman.  On the count of three then?”

“Very well, one. Two. Three.”

He opened both hands at the same time and they both watched as the two balls fell to the earth.  At the same speed.  Directly next to each other.  Until they both fell into the dirt giving out little puffs into the air on impact.  At the same time, as she knew they would.

“Well,” a pause, “that was… unexpected.”

He was looking down at the ground still and she reached out.  Her fingers brushing along his jaw and forcing him to look at her, “Tell me Solas.  Should I use leather bindings or silk?”


So Happy I Could Die :

❝ I love that lavender blond. ❞
❝ The way she/he/they moves the way she/he/they walks. ❞
❝ I touch myself can’t get enough. ❞
❝ And in the silence of the night. ❞
❝ Through all the tears and all the lies. ❞
❝ I touch myself and it’s alright. ❞
❝ Just give in don’t give up baby. ❞
❝ Open up your heart and your mind to me. ❞
❝ Just know when that glass is empty. ❞
❝ That the world is gonna bend. ❞
❝ So happy I could die. ❞
❝ Yeah I’ll love you forever. ❞
❝ Up in the clouds we’ll be higher than ever.  ❞

The Cure :

❝ I’ll undress you, ‘cause you’re tired. ❞
❝ Cover you as you desire. ❞
❝ When you fall asleep inside my arms. ❞
❝ May not have the fancy things. ❞
❝ But I’ll give you everything. ❞
❝ You could ever want, it’s in my arms. ❞
❝ So baby tell me yes. ❞
❝ And I will give you everything. ❞
❝ And I will be all yours tonight. ❞
❝ I will be right by your side. ❞
❝ If I can’t find the cure. ❞
❝ I’ll fix you with my love. ❞
❝ I’m gonna heal you anyway. ❞

Diamond Heart : 

❝ Lookin’ to be somethin’. ❞
❝ Out of school go-go'n for a hundred or two. ❞
❝ Some asshole broke me in. ❞
❝ Wrecked all my innocence. ❞
❝ And this dance is on you. ❞
❝ One, five, ten, lay a million on me. ❞
❝ Before the end of this song. ❞
❝ C'mon baby, do you have a boy/girlfriend?. ❞
❝ I’m not flawless, but I gotta diamond heart. ❞
❝ I might not be flawless, but you know. ❞
❝ I gotta diamond heart. ❞
❝ A cruel king made me tough. ❞
❝ Daddy’s girl’s never good enough. ❞

Million Reasons : 

❝ You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go. ❞
❝ You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show. ❞
❝ You’re givin’ me a million reasons. ❞
❝ Give me a million reasons. ❞
❝ About a million reasons. ❞
❝ If I had a highway, I would run for the hills. ❞
❝ If you could find a dry way, I’d forever be still. ❞
❝ But you’re giving me a million reasons. ❞
❝ I bow down to pray. ❞
❝ I try to make the worst seem better. ❞
❝ To cut through all his worn out leather. ❞
❝ But baby, I just need one good one to stay. ❞
❝ Head stuck in a cycle, I look off and I stare. ❞

Dancin’ in Circles : 

❝ Tap down those boots while I beat around. ❞
❝ Let’s funk downtown. ❞
❝ Funk me downtown. ❞
❝ I lay around, touch myself to pass the time. ❞
❝ Take a breath and I picture us in a place. ❞
❝ I fell down, I wish you were mine. ❞
❝ Up full night tryin’ to rub the pain out. ❞
❝ Dancin’ in circles, feels good to be lonely. ❞
❝ I’m singin’ dancin’ in circles. ❞
❝ Swirl around as if I’m someone else. ❞
❝ Your hands are mine. ❞
❝ I fool myself.  ❞

Skipping Classes

Hannah Baker x Fem!Reader

Request: Hi could I request an imagine about Hannah x fem reader skipping school and having a really cute lazy day together!:)

A/N: Hi! This is purely fluff because Hannah deserves better! I hope you guys like it.  Also, any advice or suggestions is very much appreciated. Thank you for requesting guys!💕

y/n/n is Hannah’s nickname for you.

y/f/c is your fave color.

Originally posted by thirteenreasonswhy

Monday mornings were always unpleasant, it is the time when your sluggishness is at its peak. Getting started was always the hardest part after all. Today was your birthday and as much as you want to be vibrant, you just couldn’t with your sleep deprived state, which was thanks to your whimsical teacher. You had pulled an all-nighter the night before all because the teacher thought it was a clever idea to email in an assignment at the eleventh hour.

The bell rang indicating the end of the third period. Groggily, you walked the halls and thanked the people who greeted you. Reaching your locker, you heedlessly placed your books and got the ones that you’ll need for your afternoon class when suddenly soft hands covered your sight. It didn’t take you long to figure out who it was, so, you took the hands with yours and spun around to face your favorite brunette.

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God bless superduper dressage trainer found some time for us today. 
She’s such a perfectionist. Never lets me finish until we do every element of the exercise nicely. And for me that’s great, because I expect her to be demanding.

I so apreciate people like her. She’s very experienced as a rider and a judge. She has some nice achivements actually. Fairly said, she’s the best dressage trainer you can get in my city. She sees ever mistake I make (even position of thumb lol) and corrects me imiadetely. She explains those mistakes and tells me if I felt them (eg “this transition wasn’t fully engaged, did you feel you didn’t have his hinds with you?”).She’s very strict. Yet she’s so kind and willing to help. Never looses her temper (even if she’s to remind me about my wrist hundredth time in a row).

That’s what strikes me about her mostly. So often you meet those fancy trainers and they tend to be mean. But they barely explain things to you. They are so full of themselves. Finally, you end up more discouraged than willing to improve and try. I don’t question their experience and knowledge, but just wanted to point out how unusual good atitiude in this environment is.

So thank God for her hahah :D

omg can I please ask for a scenario of law and his female s/o having their first real huge fight? like he may say something hurtful and she’s just like… no longer smiling and usually really silent. no longer sleeping by his side. small stuff changes and it makes a huge difference. could it please have a fluffy ending? thank you very much!

A/N: So, turns out I wrote a hella lot and this is with 3k words my longest scenario… I hope you enjoy this, thank you for requesting!! (fluffy law anon this is for you too! Enjoy my dear!) 🌺

Law & his s/o fight + fluffy ending

It wasn’t the first time you felt uncomfortable on the submarine, but it definitely was the first time you had felt lonely. Negative thoughts kept scratching against the back of your mind, making you feel worse by the second. You couldn’t even go and tell someone about your worries, because the reason of your worries, the person who had broken your very heart was the captain of the submarine. But, of course, he was even worse; he was your boyfriend. Or at least he used to be, you’re weren’t so sure anymore.

You stare at the bowl of soup in front of you, barely registering what was going on around you. It was like a blur, figures kept walking, voices kept echoing but your thoughts? They stayed the same.

Again and again his words were ringing through your head, making fresh tears burn in your vision. You really couldn’t believe it, all this time you thought he was the one who wanted you to be a part of the crew, but after your fight? You sigh.

You remind yourself of a while ago; you sitting on a bench back at home, far far away from the sea when Law had asked you.

“Are you crazy?”, you had said, laughing without any humour in it. “I can’t join you, don’t be ridiculous.” You stood up, ready to leave him and this conversation, go back to home, when a hand on yours stopped you.

“What’s holding you back?”, he had asked. “Tell me. I promise you, I will give you a better reason. ”

“It’s me.” You turned around and stared at the man with dark hair in front of you. His eyes had something in them, something that lulled you deeper into him, no matter how hard you tried not to. “I am not made for the life as a pirate, Law. I will only be a burden for your crew, honestly- it’s a stupid idea.”

“A burden? You?”, he frowned, as if he was the one to be insulted. “You’re already a part of us, Y/N. I saw the way you acted with the others, they already love you. You can’t deny it.”

You gulped. “And you? What about you?”

He let go of your hand. “My feelings for you are…”, he had stared at the ground, but you still caught a glimpse of his eyes, how they seemed to be getting darker. But you might have only imagined that. “I will tell you another time.”

So you had joined his crew, without any experience in fighting, any knowledge of the sea- just a heart throbbing at the sight of your captain. It was careless of you, it was even careless of Law to do something as dumb as that, but he still believed in you. He thought you would be able to handle it, he was sure you could handle the life as a pirate.

You really tried your best the first few weeks, but, well, it was harder than expected. You really had no talent in the kitchen, cutting your fingers way more than the vegetables in front of you. You also had no talent at navigation. You tried it once and Bepo was very willing to help you, but you really just couldn’t. You had no idea what to do and every time the bear tried to teach you, it would become a mess in your head and everything seemed to break.

Night after Night your feet would drag you towards Law’s room, where he listened patiently to your complaints about yourself. Every night he would tell you the same.“Don’t worry too much.” or “You’ll find something, I’m sure.” or, your favorite: “Some things take time, Y/N. I still believe in you.” You would think it would get boring and unbelievable after some time, but it wasn’t like that. Law knew how to make you feel better, he knew how to make you smile again. He wanted to be with you as much as you wanted to be with him. Or at least, he used to.

The sound of your chair scratching against the floor cut through the small dining room. A few heads turned towards you, but nothing else happened. You figured, staring at your food would not make you any more hungry and just sitting would not get you anything. It would only take a seat for someone else, the last thing you wanted.

You walk out the room, when you see Penguin stop in front of you, a concerned look on his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?”

You tried to smile, you really did, but you knew it looked fake. “I’m perfect, no need to worry.” You tried to sound as happy as possible, but you sounded horrible. Hoarse voice, barely loud enough to listen to and just all in all, devastated.

“Are you sure?” You nodded and walked around him, not wanting to stay in this situation any longer. I might have been rude, but you really had no mind for that. You could hear him mumble something behind you, something along the lines of: “Well, alright then. ”

As soon as you left the others, your gaze shifted towards the clock a few metres away from you.

The ticking made you feel nauseous. It was mocking you, you were sure of it. The ticking, the damn ticking, the same sounds you had heard in Law’s room a week ago.

It was before everything went downhill, it was before you found out the truth about how he really felt.

You walk towards your room, and open the familiar door, that lead you to an unfamiliar room. After the fight of you both, you had decided to stay in your own room. The nights, where you shared his bed, shared your secrets and shared your heart were over.

You huffed. He didn’t even check on you after you had left his room, not even a day after, not even two days, hell, not even a week after!

You didn’t see him once this week and even though it hurt, you knew it would hurt more if you saw him.

The mirror caught your reflection as you walked towards your bed. You glanced at it but regretted it as soon as your eyes landed on it. Dark circles were seated under your eyes, which were red and puffy- a sight, that made you laugh humorless. With those dark circles you almost looked like him.

You let yourself fall down on your bed, staring at the ceiling in silence. Minutes pass and soon, your mind wandered back to a week ago.

“So you broke it?”, he had asked you, after you had told him about your disappointing day yet again. It was embarrassing for you to tell him, but now that he asked you another time, it was even worse.

“Well… kind of.”, you mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

You were seated on a chair a feet away from him, fiddling with your fingers nervously. His gaze was on some papers, but you still felt like a child getting scolded by their parents.

“What do you mean with ‘kind of’? Is it broken, yes or no?”, he had asked with an annoyed undertone, making you look up to him. That was unfamiliar.

Normally, he would grin at it, maybe tease you a bit, but he never reacted to you like this. You could feel yourself become hurt, but mostly, you felt angry. You did not WANT the thing to break.

“It’s not working anymore, so yeah, it is broken. ”, you frowned. The both of you were talking about some medicine thing Law had in his room. Earlier you had decided to help one of your crewmates tidy up a bit of Law’s utensils, but of course, you broke one as soon as you touched it.

“Nice job, Y/N. You could have been at least a bit careful. ”, he closed his eyes and shook his head, obviously irritated by your actions. “You don’t even know how important that was.”

You stared at him for a few seconds, speechless. Was he being really serious right now?

“Do you think I wanted that to happen? It was an accident, Law.” You huffed and crossed your arms over your chest. “I’m sorry, but you have a hundred of those things.”

“No, I don’t, Y/N.”, he said angrily. He glanced at you once and let out a long breath.

You grabbed the chair tightly, “What the hell is your problem, Law?”

He turned around in his chair, mustering you for a second and sighed. Nothing else happened, but you felt like that was already enough.

“So I’m your problem? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“I never said that, Y/N.”

You took a deep breath, you had to calm down. It was kind of your fault after all, right? You broke the thing. Not him.

“Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry.”, so you relaxed again and tried your best to keep calm, but it got even worse.

“What are you going to try now? You tried everything already: kitchen, navigation… you even tried to help me. ”, he whispered and scribbled something into one of his books.

“Don’t know, I might ask one of the crew to help me learn fighting. Might be a smart decision…”, you played with your own fingers again.

He huffed. “As if.”

“Excuse me?”

“As if that will work.”, he stared at you for a quick second. “You can’t fight. It will take ages.” Then, he whispered something to himself, something he probably didn’t want you to hear, but you still managed to get every word, loud and clear:

“You can’t do anything right, anyways.”

You were furious, insulted and hurt. “What the hell, Law!”

You stood up from your chair, not able to hold it back any longer.

“You were the one who wanted me to be a part of your crew! You were the one, who said all this stuff about me fitting into the crew! It was you, Law, do you remember?”, you yelled. You didn’t knew what had come to him, you didn’t knew what was going on and especially, you didn’t knew how to handle the situation. “Law, I don’t know what your problem really is, but either say it now or stop acting like a jerk!”

He turned around in his chair, glaring at you. “Just stop it, Y/N.”

“No, I won’t stop. Tell me, why did you want me to be a part of your crew, if I’m so useless?”

Tears were forming in your eyes, but you wouldn’t let them show. It would make everything worse, you were sure.

“I wanted you to be a part of the crew, because that’s where I thought you belongedd. And I still do, it’s just a bit-.”

“A bit what?”, you yelled again, voice louder than before. You were sure the whole crew could heard the two of you, but you couldn’t care less. “Tell me.”

“Nevermind, Y/N.”

“Are you serious? Nevermind, Y/N?” You sighed and pushed a hand though your hair, still staring at your boyfriend with wet eyes. “Do you regret asking me to join your crew?” This time, your voice was almost silent.

He huffed. “Just stop it now.”

“Answer me.”

He stared at you for a long second, then he turned around and took the book back in his hand.

“So, you do?”

Fresh tears flow down your cheeks at the memory. You still remember how you had felt in that moment. You never knew that sentence, one simple sentence could break your heart into many, many pieces.

You turn around in your bed and stare at the blank wall. Your normally comfortable bed felt like a bed made of ice cold bricks now, but you didn’t care. You didn’t care at all. Soon, everything went quiet. You figured, it must have been late, but you still didn’t move an inch, you don’t think you could, even if you wanted.

You felt stupid. Look at you now, laying somewhere crying, god knows where, under the the sea, without anyone to talk to. You weren’t welcome anymore, you felt it.

Again and again his answer echoed through your mind.

“With this drama right now, you won’t like my answer.”

You grab your blanket and hide underneath it, wishing to be invisible for the rest of your life.

Where would you go? What would you do? And something you had asked yourself everyday after the fight: Will you sneak out as soon as you go on land? Will you go back home?
You dry your tears with your blanket, still hiding underneath it.

Suddenly, a knock on your door cuts through the room, startling you. For a second, you get scared, but then you just decided to act like you are asleep. You didn’t want to talk to  anyone, no matter who it was.

Seconds pass, the knocking came another time, but again, you stayed quiet.

Then, you hear the door open slowly and quiet footsteps echo through your room.You freeze, you know who this was. It was just the feeling, it was the feeling of him and you were right, it really was your Captain.

“Y/N?”, he asks quietly. Law stood in the middle of your room and stared at your hiding figure underneath the blanket. “Are you awake?”


You don’t even care how you must look like. You would leave him and the crew anyways, so why bother? You tried your best to look like you were asleep, you even tried to breath evenly.

Law walks closer to your figure and for a second, you think he will put the blanket down and expose your tears covered face, but he didn’t. He simply sat down at the end of your bed, careful not to touch you.

“Y/N, listen, ”

You grimace. You were asleep, why didn’t he just leave? You were not interested in talking to him, you sure as hell were not interested in getting your heart broken another time.

“I’m sorry, that I only come now. I should have come earlier, I should have stopped you as soon as you walked out, but I didn’t. I regret my behavior Y/N. I know, nothing can excuse this, but I want you to know; I am sorry.”

You couldn’t believe your ears, after everything he had said last week… he still had the guts to lie at you?

“Everything I said was not true, you can do a lot of things, Y/N, believe me. I don’t know why I said that.”

Unbelievable. You did not believe a word. He probably wasn’t even affected by the fight anyways. He probably still looks the same as always, still hands-. You cursed in your head. You need to stop, you need to get a grip on yourself.

“I take my answer back, I do not regret asking you to join the crew. It was one of the best decisions for all of us. You bring happiness to all of our crew, you make us keep going, you make me keep going, when I don’t want to.”

His voice was weak, as if he had trouble getting them out and honestly, you could feel your heart ache. Was he telling the truth? You didn’t know anymore. You stay hidden underneath the blanket and don’t make a sound.

“Y/N, please forgive me.”

You bite your lip, heart aching even more. He sounded heartbroken, or at least as heartbroken, as Law could get. You knew it was a huge step for him to say those things, he never had his way with words and was the more silent one of you two. Confused, you were confused.

You could hear him sigh. “I know you’re not asleep.”

You froze again. Suddenly, everything felt tense. Slowly, you pulled the blanket down and sat up, staring into the face of the man, that had broken your heart seven days ago. He had, as expected, dark circles and to your very surprise, a faint color of red was swimming in his eyes, something no one else really could notice, but not you. You had stared too many nights into these very eyes, you knew them like the back of your hand.

“You hurt me.”, was the first thing you said, voice trembling. “You really did, Law.”

He nodded and glanced at the blanket. “I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Ever so slowly, he took your hand into his, squeezing them lightly. His hands were ice cold while yours were warm, it was the complete difference, but for some reason it fit perfectly. This was how it was supposed to be.

“Did you really mean what you just said? With me… making you guys happy?”, you knew you sounded pathetic, needing to hear him say those things another time. But you couldn’t help it, you had to, you just had to.

“I promise you, it’s the truth. You don’t even know how much you affect us, you might not be very good in certain things, like the kitchen… or cleaning…. or-”

“Okay, I got it.”

“I’m sorry. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to be good at them, because you being with us is already enough. Being with me, putting up with me is more than enough.” He was out of character, out of the character of Trafalgar Law the pirate but he was your Law, he was your very Law, the moody, silent, nerdy and negative Law. The man you had fallen in love with. “And I…”

He had visible troubles saying the next thing, suddenly scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I… loveyou.”, he mumbled fast.

You smile and squeeze his hand in delight. “And I love you, Law. I’m sorry for fucking up all the time.”

He shakes his head and grabs your head, pushing you towards him in a heartbeat. You find yourself in his chest, inhaling his scent and you can feel your heart gluing back together. He kissed the top of your head not once, not twice, three times. The both of you stay in this position for a while, just enjoying the missed company, when you hear voices muffled through the wall.

“Is everything okay now?” - “I don’t know, they’re not talking anymore!” - “Shhh, be quiet!” - “I don’t want them to fight anymore!!” - “Bepo, stop crying!” - “Thwey cwan’t bweak up!” - “Shhh! Stop it or else- oh, oh my god, where is this blue light coming from?! Bepo this is your fault!!” And then the wailing intensifies.

Meeting Pt.2 (Elorcan)

You guys I’m actually really really proud of this fic and I toiled long and hard for it so please give me your feedback :D Domestic fluff but also deep talks with Elorcan.

Find Part 1 here


Lorcan exhaled a heavy breath as he made his way up the castle steps. Marion still sniffed discontentedly but was now able to move her arms freely, currently she had fisted his tunic in a death grip as an attempt to get closer to the warmth his body provided. The front of her frock was still damp from the unfortunate ice-cold water that the garden pump had to offer.

He should have caught on when she started sneezing periodically, knowing that a curious baby and freshly bloomed flowers would not be a lasting courtship. He had noticed that Gavriel gave Nehemia a concerned look when she went rummaging in the daisy patch not far from the picnic table, and subtly shook his head when she glanced his way, warning her not to give such a potently pollinated plant to little Marion.

Thank the gods for his comrade’s quiet watchfulness, Lorcan didn’t like the idea of having to rush his child off to the healer’s ward…and even less of the wrath he would have faced when the explanation of the mess to Elide would arise.    

The air had started to cool since the sun decided to hide its bashful face behind a gathering of clouds. It was what they had taught Nehemia, and soon would teach Marion, to sate her inquisitive young mind. Originally, he scoffed at the notion of teaching the future of Terrasen that the sky had feelings; until Aelin had opened a schoolbook from the large (now restored) library of Orynth to the chapter of the water cycle and demanded Lorcan teach the princess all that was on the page. When Nehemia had looked up at him with excitement and curiosity in those large gold-circled eyes, he patiently told her the tales of the sun and its friends. Making up details as he went along.

He couldn’t look Rowan in the face for a week.

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