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I'm sad you finished the Bokuroo week, you draw them so rarely now and I just miss my boys so much

anon please don’t try to guilt trip me into drawing more bokuro that’s kinda very rude I realize no one really reads tags so I’m gonna just say it here again - as I mentioned before, this period is really damn busy for me because for whatever reason all my fandoms and ships have decided to hold their ship weeks all together in the span of 20 days and I’m a sucker for this kind of events which means I wanna participate in everything and end up being unable to put actual effort in everything else for a while

THAT SAID how productive I am with a specific ship depends a lot on how much they’re appearing in the main story (currently in the bokuros’ case it’s a very pretty round zero), how responsive/respectful the fandom is when I do post about them (the bokuro fandom is amazing!!! Everyone around it that still keeps on trying to make it about other ships and turn my art into something it’s not supposed to be, not so much) and how much content for said ship I can consume through the fandom/how easily accessible it is (there’s very little content for bokuro in general and try and look for stuff in the tags it’s all about other ships/ot3s or ot4s/unrequited or past-relationship/tagged-but-only-as-brotp)

I really, really, really love that ship a whole damn lot still, trust me, but when I have so little inspiration coming from anything that could give it to me and at the same time I got other ships making me super creative, I’m naturally bound to produce less for it. I’m not abandoning it, I’m just asking you to be patient when my creativity doesn’t happen to be focused on them for a while


Final designs of characters from my fake game school project that I love so much that I forgot to post them!

The first one is the player character (you!) Shadow, then your questionable Guide (who has ponytail tied with vertebra which makes me envious) and then leaders of each of the seven parts of the city - Dura the doghead guy, Onos the short but tall merchant, Endur the despot who is cold like a freezer, Kama the spider lady, Yolaksha who is actually like 5 meters tall and really weird, Mashda the fish guy who is MY FAVOURITE and also completely crazy and Suna who has five arms growing straight out of his coat, which sure is…handy

Since I wasn’t very pleased with my former human version of Virgil I thought I’d try and improve it a little/make a new one and WOO I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS :D
and I hope that you do too! fyi I didn’t check if any of the ideas that I used had been used before and therefore all possible similarities to other fans’ designs are unintentional

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Hi Bev, I really admire your work so I was hoping to ask for some advice. I’m a studio painting major at a liberal arts uni, not an art-specific school, though my goal is to go into character design/illustration or color work. I don’t really have the same resources at my school as compared to a place like RISD, so I was wondering if you had any advice for constructing a portfolio or finding freelance work after college that can help make connections towards what I really want to do. Thank you!!

thank you! first, it’s important to think about what kind of professional work you imagine yourself doing and want to work towards. look at the people in those fields and their portfolios. for character design and illustration, the most important factor is communicating with the audience through the design. 

a good character design portfolio shows a wide variety of characters with different shapes, personalities, mannerisms, and moods. i’m not an expert but in an imaginary world where i hired people, i like seeing expressions and poses that indicate personality, character interaction, and character lineups.  it’s always a good idea to include storytelling moments too - think about what the character is doing, feeling, and thinking. 

 as for illustration in general, whatever kind of work you want to do, make sure to show clearly in your portfolio that you can do it. 

some tips to get freelance work - make a portfolio website. only display work you would want to get hired to do.  make your links easily accessible/your contact info easy to find for clients/recruiters, etc. other than that, i’ve gotten a surprising amount of freelance work through people finding my work on tumblr, twitter, and behance, so don’t underestimate the power of simply putting yourself out there and being friendly.

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I'm sorry but Mephistopheles reminds me of Lynsdare from Pokemon so much so I have to ask, did you kinda base Mephistopheles design of Lynsdare? (I might have spelled both of those names wrong and I apologize)

No, Mephistopheles was designed years before that game came out, but I do get that comment a lot!  Nowadays it’s shifted to Jonathan/Guzma looking similar, but again, these characters were designed way before those games came out.  (W2H was posted online in 2013, but the characters have been on my old deviantart account since like, 2007-ish.)

So it’s either just a crazy coincidence, or Ken Sugimori is actually out to get me!  Haha.


hey! :) i’m going to post actual scanned pages soon, but here are a few very early developmental sketches that i’ve tweeted so far. (nancy bobofit, ares, percy, annabeth, grover) these are not the final designs. character design is a very long, gradual process :) you know those disney early character designs that look nothing like the final product? these are probably like that. i’m still trying to get a feel of the characters. i’ve made a lot of sketches after this and have done some changes (made grover look a bit younger, etc), which i’ll be posting in another time. feel free to give constructive criticism though!

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

i know this is super super old news but the battleborn/overwatch shit if anything just proves how important design and marketability is for a game because the character designs in battleborn are absolute garbage and overwatch’s designs are legendary. i know i wouldnt have cared about it nearly as much if i didnt see the characters and go “ooo those look fun to play”


Self portraits I’m super pleased with! Usually I don’t quite feel like I have a good grasp on drawing myself, but I think I finally got it 👌✨



(Idris Elba on the Dark Tower set in NYC)

Anyone remember the famous Hanna-Barbara adaptation of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web? The one that has a loyal fan following despite being hated by the author for the jolly Sherman Brothers songs?

Did you know this film got a direct-to-video sequel 40 years later?

Is it any good? Just look at the fucking DVD cover.


Oh, Watson. No one made me. I made me.

Sherlock Special trailer + my favorite bits