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ideal girl | junmyeon

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  • a pretty girl! 
  • a soft looking pretty girl not only to match his looks but thats what he likes
  • long hair probs cos hes traditional like that
  • u got dimples? HES IN LOVE!
  • short cos he probs got a complex about his height


  • nerds it your time to shine
  • he’d b WILDIN if u read them books and have wild ass facts about everything 
  • i just realised in the gif his chest is showing i thot it was a light shiRT HAHA MY BOY PALE AF
  • u know those deep ass 2am convos u have with ur friends? 
  • well those are about to become am to the pm funk convos 
  • to him they wouldnt be just conversations, theyd be like…entering a new dimension called junmyeon is in love
  • he’d want someone who is very traditionally wifey material 
  • someone who sees the value of everything and thinks deeply on matters rather than taking the easy way out like callING HIM SUHO WHEN HE SEES SO MUCH LOVE AND VALUE IN THE NAME JUNMYEON BUT AINT NO WET WIPE CALL HIM THAT!!!
  • rather than wanting someone who’s weird he’d just be happy with someone who can have a good time and let him enjoy himself 
  • pls laugh at his jokes they r actually funny if u stop being a bih ass
  • someone who is confident in their relationship and in him because soft jun has a lot to worry about so if ur confident in him and the relationship hed feel better
  • motherly cos he needs to be mothered after mothering such wild people for 5 years pls help him
  • she’d have to be willing to hear him out on everything and all his problems!

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Whats a boy meets girl and they fall in love kinda book that's not like tfios or looking for Alaska or one of those ? Or movies or tv shows im up for anything at this point

Here are some links to them;




The best one are: beautiful disaster, always you, the boy who sneaks in my bedroom window! Try them all I have cried for hours with some of these books xxx