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It Wasn’t Just A Dream


Here is the long awaited SPIRIT GUIDE! AU.

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It’s in Thomas POV since it’s just an introduction. 

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Word Count: 3,120

Summary: He knew it wasn’t just a dream. He just didn’t know how to explain it.

Warnings: None! Only bad dreams.

Pairings: None! (Yet? Not sure. Probably not)

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When you saw him with your newborn in hands, every bad thought or decisions about the future disappeared and all the responses about him being a good father were answered by just looking with devotion eyes the little piece of meat. With tired eyes, the white tank top plus those boxers of old men captured you a small grin.
“I think you’re doing so great so far…”
“Shh… little Thomas is sleeping. You should go back to bed darling. I take care of this.”

The Lair of the Beast is a Tricky One

A/N: I’ve been working on this fic for over a week now and I’m really excited to share! Hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Self depreciation, someone being a jerk, and lying.

Word count: 4,638

Beta: @madly-handsome

Summary: Thomas and the sides travel into Deceit’s room.

“What is up… no no I can’t do this today.” Thomas reached over and turned off the camera.

Roman shot up with a distressed look on his face, “Um Thomas!?”

Thomas sighed in response, “Yes Roman?”

“You can’t do this today? And umm why is that??” Roman pushed. “I gave you a perfectly good idea for a video and this-“

“Roman!” Thomas shouted.

Roman instantly shut his mouth. He dropped his head in shame. He had another dramatic outburst. Those seemingly happened more and more recently.

Thomas brushed a hand past his hair, “It’s not about your idea I… just can’t do it right now.” He spoke softly.

“Is this like- a motivation issue again?” Roman questioned cautiously not wanting to cause Thomas any stress.

A roaring groan could be heard as Logan rose up, “I always say emotions are the bane of my existence… But I take it back, MOTIVATION ISSUES TRULY WILL BE THE END OF ME!” He yelled, quickly regaining his composure. Logan went back to his usually calm tone. “Thomas, may I ask what or whom is making you feel this way?”

“Am I really getting anything out of these videos?” Thomas unhappily said.

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Prompt Idea: (Platonic) Roman, Patton, and Logan all are feeling depressed and anxious but don't want to worry anyone else. So they keep it to themselves and none of them know that the others are dealing with it too. Virgil can tell something is off with all of them. After being summoned by Thomas they get in a fight and Virgil has to pick everything up and fix it because he's the only one who knows how to deal with it. Title suggestion: Getting Through The Day.

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

Getting Through the Day

Warnings: Depression, anxiety, fighting

Patton didn’t know where it began. All of a sudden all the colors in the world felt muted, his emotions felt more dull, he was happy less and less. And looking back he realized he didn’t know when this had started, just that it had, and had been going on for a long time now.

Logan didn’t know where it ended. He had pinpointed the exact moment in time his feelings had started going haywire, making him question all the logic he had held dear. But he had been…ugh…feeling like this for weeks now, and he didn’t know when it was going to stop. Or if it ever would.

Roman didn’t know what was wrong. He threw his heart into everything he did, and he enjoyed it! He was good at what he did and he never let anyone down if he could help it. But suddenly his heart wasn’t in anything anymore and he couldn’t find passion for his projects and he was questioning his whole purpose. He didn’t know when this started, where it ended, or what it was. And he wasn’t even sure he cared.

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The Five of Us (Poly!SMFDR x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Sadness??

Time Period: Modern

Notes: This is more of a drabble. Whoops.

Requested: Yup, 

Anon: Could I request a Poly!SMFDR x reader where the reader is pregnant and she doesn’t want to tell them bc last time she got pregnant she miscarried and she’s scared it will happen again? Are your requests even open? Feel free to delete this if no. Thanks!

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

You gripped the pregnancy test in your hand as you tried to calm your breathing. Panicking wouldn’t help anyone. The test was positive, you were pregnant, and honestly, you felt like crying. It was a rush of emotion, happiness, and sadness.

Calm down, it might be wrong. Just breathe and try again.

You put the test back onto the counter in the bathroom next to the other two. There’s still a chance it could be wrong. You didn’t want to have another miscarriage, you wouldn’t be able to take it.

It had been almost a year since your miscarriage, but the three of you were still too nervous to have kids. The miscarriage had hit James most of all, he was the father, but Thomas and Aaron acted as if it was their child as well. The three of you had planned everything, you had brainstormed names, and even started getting a room ready. The miscarriage broke your heart, you and James would spend hours in the baby’s room. Thomas and Aaron tried to stay strong for both of you, but you could hear them talking with each other, sometimes they cried. You didn’t know how they would react, maybe they’d be happy.

You backed against the door and slid down, one of the tests was still in your hand. You could feel tears fall down your face, but you couldn’t tell if they were tears of joy or not. You tried not to get your hopes up again, but you had gone through all of your tests and they were all positive. You couldn’t help but feel excited.

You heard a knock on the door behind you, as you tried to clean the tears off of your face.

“Y/n? Are you alright? You’ve been in there for almost an hour.” You heard Aaron’s voice on the other side of the door.

You weren’t sure of how to answer him. You decided not to tell him yet, it was still early on a Saturday. You had spent the morning in the bathroom, throwing up and taking pregnancy tests.

“I’m fine Aaron, just give me a second more.” You knew your voice had sounded much shakier than you intended, and Aaron noticed.

“Y/n? Are you sure you okay?” Aaron’s voice was a bit more urgent this time, you were sure James and Thomas could hear him. You grabbed the tests, throwing all but one in the trash can next to the sink.

You stood up, quickly checking the mirror to see if there were still tear streaks on your cheeks and shoving the test into your back pocket.

You swung the door open, putting on a smile and looking at Aaron. He looked concerned, he placed his hand on your cheek, stroking it a bit. You were almost certain he thought something was wrong, you just leaned into his hand. You had to wait until Thomas got back, he had to be there too. You just hoped they would all be happy about this.

“Aaron. I’m serious, I’m just tired I guess.” You continued to walk past him, not stopping to see his reaction.

You took a deep breath and walked towards James in the living room.

As soon as you walked into the room, James looked up off his phone.

“Hey Y/n, Thomas just got back, you hungry?” You nodded, not trusting your voice. You were hoping to have a minute to pull yourself together before you told them.

“C-can I tell you guys something?” Your voice faltered a bit, and you cursed yourself for being so nervous.

James looked back at you, a concerned expression on his face.

“Of course you can. Something wrong sweetheart?”

The nickname calmed your nerves a bit as you continued talking.

“You know how I’ve been sick recently?” You paused to look up at them, all three nodding in response.

“Well, I might have took a pregnancy test. Well, more than one.” This time you looked down at the floor, you were too nervous to meet their eyes. “They were all positive, I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to do.”

You didn’t look up until you felt a pair of arms around you. Aaron had walked over to hug you and you could feel James hugging you as well.

“What, did you think we’d be mad? This is amazing!” Aaron said, pulling away to kiss you on the cheek.

Thomas laughed a bit, his signature smirk across his face.

“Y/n, it’ll be okay. We have each other, we’ll be alright.” You looked at the three of them, Thomas was coming over to hug you as well.

“Y/n, this time, we’ll be a perfect family. The five of us.” You heard James whisper into the crook of your neck.

You could feel your shoulder getting wet, you weren’t the only one crying anymore.

“Yeah.” You smiled as your boys pulled away from you, and you put your arms on your stomach. “Just the five of us.”

Thomas Dropping Clues

Spoilers ahead for the ‘Can LYING be good?’ video, posted in Feb 2018. So be warned because I’m not sure how to put the 'Read More’ feature in posts.


Thomas uploaded the Lying video the night before I flew to Poland for a few days on family business. Now I’m sick probably thanks to someone on the plane. So how better spend my time in bed, hating life, than rewatching Thomas’ videos? I tried to watch Patton’s behaviour to find clues. This is what I was able to spot.

*He randomly pops up instead of rising like the other sides do, even causing Thomas to make a comment about it*

“Oh look, Logan, everyone’s favourite character!” First of all, how dare you.

“You should have no trouble at all explaining that to them.” *in a fake supportive voice*

There’s probably something in his explanation of Immanuel Kant but it seems helpful enough. Maybe the pronunciation of Kant, even though that’s just Joan trying to toe the age restriction line.

“Well, I’m Morality, I gotta know my stuff.” Morality? Yeah right.

“What’s more important, Joan’s feelings or honesty?” *Knowing full well Thomas will pick Joan, especially after the outburst*

“Brilliant!” *In response to Thomas suggesting he’ll give the Mother’s Day gift once it’s 'resurfaced’*

“High marks here. You’re all putting on quite the show.” *Another supportive lie*

*Looking very happy during the Vase scene because he’s loving all the deceit and lies being acted out.*

“I’m just thinking about Patton. All of this definitely has to be a little bit strenuous on him. Isn’t that right, Patton?” *'Patton’ does not appear negatively affected by the experience. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite.*

“Virgil, it’s me, aren’t we friends?” Virgil knows what’s up.

“Thomas, I know this sounds backwards but lying is good.” In certain occasions. Patton would specify that and later does.

D: “I know what I said. In this situation, it is the right thing to do. Period.”

T: “Patton, no.”

D: “YES!” *Aggressive tone, which Patton never has, even when loudly proclaiming stuff*

*Generally encouraging Thomas to lie throughout the video*

The next 80 seconds makes it clear it’s not Patton. He’s snide, sarcastic and honestly, a bit of a asshole. Then Deceit shows up without his disguise, clearing the matter up.

I know I’m pretty late with all of this and loads of people have already made a ton of theories on The Dark Sides. But here’s my contribution. Tell me if you noticed more hints in the video.

Legacy- Jeffmads- Chapter one


James was a poet, now that didn’t mean every word he said rhymed, but every word that danced from his lips struck a chord. He was usually silent, but stealing his breath was quite hard to do. He had seen the showy performer on TV, never was quite impressed, I mean sure he had a fantastic voice and he could rap incredibly fast, but James was never into his genre, which was weird for the singer was known for switching genres. Maybe it was Thomas that the poet didn’t like? Unlikely. But as the man came out from the stage, his shirt, as usual, somehow missing, probably in the hands of a screaming fangirl, James felt all his breath leave his lungs. He let out an incoherent sound, the other male smirking. “You must be James Madison then?” He asked with a grin and 

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The Others. Part II

Nevermind, I give up on the titles for every chapter this shit’s exhausting and I never know how to title idk why I decided to do that in the first place ignore this pls
Okay so here’s the part two, hope you enjoy! The next part won’t be written for the next two weeks for sure, because I’m in France lol, just letting you guys know. Also, I’m so happy that you guys were so interested in the story! It really gives me so much motivation, I love you Warnings:
 Still none I think, if you want something to be put in here, please let me know
Word count:1799
Ao3 Link
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(If anyone wants to be tagged or doesn’t want to be tagged anymore in the chapters to come, just let me know
A huge thank you to @littlemissbennet for proofreading, I love you and you’re wonderful Enough of this talking, enjoy! ^.^

‘The Others?’ Roman asked, horrified. ‘Out here?’
‘Only one so far,’ the dragon witch raised her claw.
'Still, this is bad,’ Virgil looked nervous, 'they should stay in the void or… whatever that place was.’
'Exactly, you were there too at the beginning,’ Patton said, 'and you’re not all that bad. Maybe we can-’
'No,’ Virgil shook his head, his eyes wide. 'No, we can’t.’
'Okay, we need to find him,’ Roman looked around. 'Do you know where he went, Becky?’
She sniffed the air.
'I think he’s near the entrance to the forest, where you came from,’ she looked at Roman. 'I think.’
'Alright, let’s go,’ Roman picked his sword up from the ground and ran back where they came from. The rest of the sides followed him.
The trees didn’t look so sinister now, when they learned it was all an act. In fact, they seemed to move out of the way somehow, to get them to the end of the forest faster.

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Sing Me a Song Chapter 1: F Sharp Expedition

: Pokemon related violence

Description: His first expedition. And first contact. 

Notes: Hello! Guess who rose to actually write another chapter! In case you are wondering why I took so long, I was actually trying to nail down EXACTLY how I wanted this to go, which basically froze my fingers entirely! But here it is! With a clearer mind I should be able to get the next part out faster! (note I might change One of the Pokemon’s names later, I was out of ideas)


Let me know if you want to be tagged or if you don’t want me to tag you! I will always appreciate feedback! Also if you have any questions direct them to the askbox!

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His first assignment for the Professor. Its incredible! Its exciting! Its….stressful and he wished he was inside.

Thomas had been wandering around this forest for what felt like forever. The sun was beating down on his head as he carried around a backpack that seemed to grow heavier and more logged with sweat as time went on. The longer he was out here, the more he missed TV.

Yes he knew that on the job research can take time, and that Pokemon can be hard to find, and that he should be patient…. but… ahhhhh it was so boring.

Just a general survey of the area the Professor said. Just take note of any changes in the habitat. Yeah, like that was any direction. Just what was he suppose to look for?!?!

Maybe I would know if I actually read the briefing my professor handed me. Wait… why haven’t I looked at that yet?

He sighed as he took his backpack off and sat down, glad the weight was off his shoulders for a little while. Reaching onto his belt, he pulled out two poke balls and threw them forward. With a flash of light,  a Rattata and a Growlithe appear.

“Pizza! Foster! I’m taking a break! Take some time to relax and stretch out your legs, okay?”

Pizza chattered her teeth before wandering up to the nearby trees and sniffing, probably for food. Foster woofed before bounding off between some trees.

“Foster! Don’t go too fa- oh forget it, she always comes back.”

Thomas reached into his backpack and took out the briefing he probably should  have read before this point and flipped it open.

The  Burning Forest is a flourishing ecosystem that hosts a variety of types of Pokemon.


Thomas’s head snapped up to see Foster running towards him with a stick in her mouth  with a pointed end. She sat down in front of Thomas wagging her tail excitedly. Thomas smiled before he took the stick from Foster and threw it while yelling for her to fetch it. She ran off as he looked down to read again.

Its situation next to a sleeping volcano provides ample fertile soil for an assortment of plants to grow and environments for Pokemon to inhabit.

Not that I have found and luck finding anything other than Pidgeys to take notes on.

At this point Pizza had decided to curl up by Thomas’s  side and fall asleep. Thomas smiled at her and stroked her head with one hand as he read.

The Burning Forest is also host to a lake by the sleeping volcano. This lake feeds several stream systems that run through the forest, providing an ample source of clean, fresh water.

Guess that’s where I am getting more water if I should need it.

Woof! Woof!

Without looking, he held out his hand for Foster to drop the stick into. He then threw it again between the trees slightly harder. She bounded off again.

There are several Pokemon that live in communities throughout the region. One of the most prominent is th-


Thomas held out his hand but nothing fell into it. He looked forward to where the noises were coming from.

“Foster? Are you okay, girl?”


“I’m going to take that as a no,” he hurried onto his feet.

“Pizza! Get up! Something’s wrong!” He said as he ran forward. In response Pizza opened her bleary eyes and slowly got on her feet to follow.

Thomas ran through the trees towards where Foster was clearly growling and putting up a fuss.

“Foster! Whats wro-”


If you are wondering, Foster was fine. She was however, holding onto one end of the stick with a great amount of effort. The other end was being held onto and dragged away by the thing that made Thomas pause.

A white Igglybuff, reddish eyes steely with determination, pulling with all their might.

Thomas couldn’t help but stare at the scene before giggling.

Foster looked toward him, looking confused. The Igglybuff took the chance to pull on the stick, dragging Foster forward,  before pounding Foster in the jaw, making her let go while also causing her to be knocked down

Aroooooo! Whimper, whimper!


The Igglybuff inspected their stick before turning their gaze towards Thomas. Thomas shut his mouth as their gaze narrowed. The Igglybuff held up the pointed end of the stick towards Thomas, gave a short nod, and ran away, as Thomas stared off in shock.

Foster started to get up and make a run for the wayward Igglybuff when Thomas yelled at her sharply to stay close. It was then that Pizza wandered up, looking around with sleepy eyes.

Thomas sighed before bringing out the two poke balls again and opening them.

“Sorry guys. I need to straighten some things out.” He said as they disappeared inside their poke balls.

He went back to where he left his backpack and sat against the tree. He quickly pulled out his Poke-gear

and looked through his contacts.



“Hello Professor. Its Thomas.”

“Why, hello Thomas! How are you? Is the forest treating you well?”

“Yes, yes it is… ummm, I saw something a little strange.”

“Ahhhh, find something interesting?”

“You can say that. I just saw an Igglybuff fight a sharpened stick away from Foster, point it towards me menacingly, and run off. Is that normal?”

“Hehehe, I don’t doubt that you came across an Igglybuff, Thomas. A significant population does live in that forest.. Foster probably just took a stick it particularly liked… though I have never heard of an Igglybuff or its evolutions holding a weapon…”

“I didn’t see any others though!”

“Really? Huh…. maybe they were lost…was there anything else notable about the one you saw?

“Well, they were white.”

“… Thomas… Why didn’t you say that first?”

“I don’t know!”

“You should know that is a very particular Igglybuff… Thomas, did you read the report all the way through?”

“Ummmmm… yes?”

“*Sigh* I’ll address that later. Thomas! Are you absolutely sure that this Igglybuff was alone?”

“I’m pretty sure!”

“You didn’t see a Wigglytuff anywhere? One didn’t help out? You don’t hear anything that sounds like his group interacting?”

“No! To all of it! And how do you know that Igglybuff is a boy?”

“You would know if you read the report! That’s not just any Igglybuff! Prince should be with Queen!”


“Oh for the love of….. HIS MOM! THE LEADER OF THE GROUP!…. Thomas, I need you to look into something.”

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Clark is looking through Bruce's desk for something when he finds evidence that Bruce has been writing checks to various people, paying for apartments, school, etc. At first he's worried that Bruce has a secret second family somewhere, but when he asks Bruce, it turns out that Bruce has been funding several other orphans who don't actually live with them. Harper and Cullen Row, Duke Thomas, Olive Silverlock. Bruce is just the world's biggest softy. Clark is relieved and wants to meet them all.






I can imagine Bruce walking in and seeing Clark looking at his check books and getting really nervous because this wasn’t suppose to happen but yet it did and now Clark won’t stop asking Bruce a million questions about the kids.