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So uhm… I’m not that big of a Starco shipper but I still appreciate the @starcoweek3. So I thought I could edit some stuff, ya know… I mean I already drew something and I’m too lazy to do two drawings per day
I haven’t edited in a while so this looks a bit rough but it hopefully gets better during the week.
Marco pics will still be uploaded everyday

a psa on whitewashing in the soc fandom

this post could apply to everything, but i’m going to focus on whitewashing in the six of crows fandom bc i’m most active in that one. you’re all probably tired of hearing about this from me but it’s an important issue that’s becoming more and more obvious.

lately i’ve been seeing a lot (and i mean a LOT) of whitewashed inej edits. pretty much everyone is using neelam gill (an indian model), but severely lightening her skin. i hope that most everyone is just applying psds and not realizing how light it makes her skin, but truthfully i don’t know. it also might be the whole grayscale/pastel theme that’s all the rage rn. but either way, it’s not an excuse. i’m not going to link or post specific examples as i don’t want to single anyone out bc this isn’t one person’s problem. it’s a problem with a lot of the soc fandom and other fandoms too.

i’m going to be frank, and this is probably going to come off as rude but whatever. stop whitewashing people’s skin to match your edit’s theme. look at how your psds affect people’s (especially poc’s) skin. i honestly don’t understand why this is such a problem?? just lighten the background to match the rest of your edit. you don’t have to change someone’s skin. sorry if dark skin doesn’t match your aesthetic, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to whitewash.

and another thing, don’t use pics of white hands/legs/other body parts for pocs?? that’s blatantly whitewashing, and while you can’t find as many stock photos without white people, it’s not that difficult to find at least a couple of other photos you can use.

here are some links for further reading/info:

and if you’re questioning whether you edited someone’s skin too much, feel free to message me. i’ll most likely respond in 12 or fewer hours. again, sorry if this post came off as rude bc that’s not what i was intending, but pls, just stop whitewashing bc you won’t look at your psds. just stop whitewashing in general tbh. i also ask that if you see an edit, and it’s clearly whitewashed, don’t reblog it bc then you’re supporting this whitewashed edit, and then other people reblog it. i’ve seen a lot of these edits gain more notes than an edit that isn’t whitewashed. instead, reblog those edits that aren’t whitewashed. whitewashing is harmful and furthers the belief that dark skin is not as beautiful as light skin. don’t do it.

someone asked for a pic of my skin a while ago, today i took some. My nose area used to have the biggest pores because im so oily, but thanks to The Ordinary’s 5% lactic acid and my skincare routine they look invisible now. I have no makeup on here (except for mascara), this pic was taken with my back camera in daylight with flash on, no editing (i know i cant believe this either).


She felt his knuckles slide against hers. Then his hand was in her hand, his palm was pressed against her own. A tremor moved through him. Slowly, he let their fingers entwine.

For a long while, they stood there, hands clasped, looking out at the gray expanse of the sea.

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Is it just me or do some old Mia/rren pics look like manips?

Hi anon. Thanks for the ask and sorry for making you wait!

You are in the right track, but not far enough.

There is a lot of trickery involved in everything we see. Like we always say, we see what they want us to see. It is as true now as it has ever been.

Photomanipulation is not limited to pics of Darren with the Beard. There is e.g. a pic of Chris with the PA that is manipulated much to the amusement of my friends and I and a few other curious pics that feature neither PR couple. And as someone who talks more behind in the secret dark corners of Tumblr, I can say that we spot more than we mention out here. While some are better manips than others, it’s not really too difficult to spot many of them if you known what to look for.

The trickery is not limited to editing pics though. They use pretty much every play in the book to make us think what they are selling is real. There’s a lot of staging. A lot. It happens all the time, even or especially when PR couple is not together in the pic. Staging isn’t just about the seemingly clever product placement or anything we might see in the pic though. It’s also about the details attached to the pic, when, where and by whom the pics are posted. Remember, this game is played by insinuations.

The deception is not just a thing of the past. It’s still happening. Darren isn’t more together with his beard now than he was years ago when she elbowed her way into his life. The need for manipulation and staging hasn’t magically disappeared.

And something to keep in mind: Even if a pic is real, it doesn’t mean what they are selling is real.

12x22 and 23 thoughts

Okay from the new teaser (shaving people punting things “Two in One”) I feel like we’ve learned a few things, this got really long so more under the cut (speculation in italics): 

1.  They use a spell to try to get out of the bunker. After trying and failing to brute force their way out of the bunker’s concrete garage with a shovel. And some form of alcohol. Also, some right handed person (based on their watch) cuts their hand, which we all know is code for spell or sigil. Maybe for the get-out-of-the-bunker spell?

2. Toni is handcuffed and monitoring Dean’s brain for some reason.

3. There’s a house in a very desaturated color graded environment where a bunch of stuff goes down. We see an inside shot of the stairs (presumably of the same house), where there’s an old picture of a married couple on the wall. I think it’s the same house where we the first crib, based on the colors and the old tech in the room. Kelly is in full pre-baby mode, presumably staying in this old off the grid house, and Cas watches her (based on a vague silhouette) painting the baby’s (seemingly named “Jack” by what the wall says, did we already know that and I forgot?) room. Cas raises a finger to someone while outside the house too. Of course there’s the “Cas’s hand touching Dean’s head and glowing” snipit people are screaming about. This looks like it is in Kelly’s place at night, Sam is also there. There’s a bunch of other Kelly shots at night while she’s in a nightgown, but they don’t tell us much other than she’s very pregnant.

4. Cas standing at the edge of a lake in a mountainous region (looks like the same area-ish Lucifer is at at the end of 12x21). Probably near where the house is. (Reminds me vaguely of 6x20 when Cas talks about the ocean and his earliest memories).

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Kenneth Gangnes edit / requested by @kennymyhero

No, I didn’t forget about that one! It just took me a while until I got an idea I actually liked. Looking up his name origin was actually really interesting and in my opinion his name couldn’t have been chosen better. Of course I hope you like it, it really cost me some nerves to scroll through all these too-hot-for-me-to-stand-it-pictures.

I took the pictures off tumblr so if you see a pic that is yours, please credit yourself!

If you also want an edit or lockscreen, request here.

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You must teach me the ways of the picture taker ;u; Your SSO pics are always amazing ahh

aaah thank u thank u !!! I use bandicam and then I just spin the camera around while pressing print screen.., since I only take pictures when I want to edit I often have an idea in my head beforehand and that makes it easier too since i know how I want the pic to look ! but idk experiment w angles and backgrounds, I like to use a frog perspective (as if the camera is a frog looking up to the horse) and v empty backgrounds that makes u focus on the horse n rider! I hope some of this is helpful hah

More swaggy swag third year icons! 

I’ve been seeing some Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete pics around, so I wanna try and make icons for the first year (It’ll take a while, waiting for the BD to come up to watch the final live myself).  

Bonus minute edit:

Cool Nicos don’t look at explosions.

(It’s labelled as ‘lmao oops’ in my pics file)

So, trying to sum up all the theories about the new IG picture:
1) the pic is an authentic pic, probably part of an actual photoshoot that was taken a while back and meant to be released week by week as a prof of Louis’s presence in Freddie’s life.
2) the pic is the edited result of a few pics taken during said photoshoot to show us the best product, not like they ever cared about genuineness. Same goal as point 1.
3) the pic is part of a grander scheme that includes fizzy’s recent Twitter incident and it’s meant to sparkle more speculation and raise some eyebrows for how off it looks in more than a way.

While I’m still not sure what to believe, what I find incredibly telling is that whatever option you tend to find more likely, the conclusion stays the same: this is so staged, orchestrated and overall FAKE. Fake fake fake. Fake.

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Do you agree with Harley and his opinion on cleanbodyfreshstart? Are you going to make a video about it? Also, do you think essena should lose weight too?

At the festival I found out that cleanbody girl (not sure of name) was slamming me online after not doing a thing to her. She is mentally unstable & jealous of my social media reach. I’m a bad influence apparently yet she is the one who admits to putting up food pics on Insta then throws it in the bin instead of eating it?? 🙎Edit some facts: (if you don’t believe she said that then ask Essena and Bonny who watched the snap). I don’t give a flying fuck who you are, that is a disgusting thing to do as a privileged westerner while we have over 20,000 children dying EVERY SINGLE DAY from starvation. When there are literally 2.8 billion people living on less than $2 a day we simply cannot afford to be that selfish and irresponsible. She is making veganism look like an eating disorder instead of the most abundant lifestyle in the world! Strangely in private we’ve exchanged messages in the past on Insta where she was nice as pie. Another undercarbed flakey nobody I don’t have time for and no def not worth making a video about. Essena doesn’t *need* to do anything but If I was her personally I would up the fruit & cut back on the vegan junky food but hey she is 18 & quite a new vegan so she is probably excited about trying all the new flavours 😁

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cudrage aiight so lemme fuck you up real quick
I went through your /tagged/mine and /tagged/my edit and the only picture that we both have posted is this one, so I looked into it






Oh, wonderful. A generous helping of glitter spills out of the document. You have been getting absolutely creamed with sparkly powder from eccentric alien broads lately. What’s up with that?

There are some other documents in here, and a photograph paperclipped to the folder. Looks like she is outlining a task for you to complete while you are in prison.

Wait. She wants you to do WHAT?

photograph / super serious cosplayer

i cannot be the only one who noticed this right?

look at the promotional still from 1x13 

now look at the clip from the promo

notice something? in the pic Barry is wearing his mask while in the promo clip he isn’t. does that mean we are getting two scenes of barry carrying caitlin or is it some sort of editing error? 

thoughts anyone?