look at this while i edit some pics ;)


First row: the modern day outfits I draw them most frequently in
Second row: the ‘canon’ outifts, the ones that would be used for promotion or whatever if they were actual characters, or for anything drawn in the early 1900s (Although note: If early 1900s, Monte will actually have short hair, and tbh Koso’s ‘canon’ outfit would probably be her modern one as the early 1900s one doesn’t have her scar)
Third row: 70s outfits because any ask that involves the Yugoslavia-era will default there as the fashion is closest and other country-wise reasons

//this is… old. There are some things I’d like to edit (mainly the colors of some clothing, Slo’s hair in the last pic, Monte’s in the 2nd) but these are so far back in my drawing app, it’d probably crash while I look for them. But, it still generally holds up, so I’m not too bothered.

More swaggy swag third year icons! 

I’ve been seeing some Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete pics around, so I wanna try and make icons for the first year (It’ll take a while, waiting for the BD to come up to watch the final live myself).  

Bonus minute edit:

Cool Nicos don’t look at explosions.

(It’s labelled as ‘lmao oops’ in my pics file)

My Irving Plaza Pictures on flickr

I had been trying to decide if I wanted to share all my pictures from the concert or not but since I won’t be able to be at the Boston show I thought it would be nice to share mine and hope someone at Boston will take some and share so I can feel like I was there.  

So HERE is my flickr album with 450+ photos I took at Irving. I didn’t do any fancy editing or anything special so while I think most turned out pretty well there are some blurry ones that I kept bc I still thought they were good enough to see what was going on or how adorable and/or sexy Aaron was being haha. You can download/use the pics if you want just link the source if you do is all I ask.  Enjoy

So, trying to sum up all the theories about the new IG picture:
1) the pic is an authentic pic, probably part of an actual photoshoot that was taken a while back and meant to be released week by week as a prof of Louis’s presence in Freddie’s life.
2) the pic is the edited result of a few pics taken during said photoshoot to show us the best product, not like they ever cared about genuineness. Same goal as point 1.
3) the pic is part of a grander scheme that includes fizzy’s recent Twitter incident and it’s meant to sparkle more speculation and raise some eyebrows for how off it looks in more than a way.

While I’m still not sure what to believe, what I find incredibly telling is that whatever option you tend to find more likely, the conclusion stays the same: this is so staged, orchestrated and overall FAKE. Fake fake fake. Fake.


Oh, wonderful. A generous helping of glitter spills out of the document. You have been getting absolutely creamed with sparkly powder from eccentric alien broads lately. What’s up with that?

There are some other documents in here, and a photograph paperclipped to the folder. Looks like she is outlining a task for you to complete while you are in prison.

Wait. She wants you to do WHAT?

photograph / super serious cosplayer