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I Don’t Enjoy This 2/3


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Two beautiful teens with tight bodies. One blonde and one brunette. The brunette looks fun to bend over, but the blonde has stunning tits and legs. Id love to get a taste of them both personally. They both have some very nice asses that need to be smacked around a bit.

His companion nods, her expression trying for a somber pathos that is just a cover for satisfaction, in a way that stokes the irritation in John. It is mostly at himself… he never should have taken her number in the first place. He doesn’t believe the I-don’t-usually-do-this-sort-of-thing-game for a second. She’s probably heard this story countless times before. The emotionally-estranged couple. The poor man, a victim of circumstance, just looking for a shoulder and a nice pair of tits.

Perhaps it is, more than any new-found verbosity, simply his disgust at the lie of this that forges him on. “But I’m not really interested in you,” he says, plainly… almost meanly… almost enjoying the subtle way her eyes dim. “The fact of the matter is that there isn’t actually anything terribly wrong with my wife. Well… maybe for most, there might be some deal-breakers there,” he admits, “but for me it isn’t any of that. It isn’t her. It’s just that I’m in love with someone else. I have been for ages and I sometimes I wish that I weren’t, but I am. And that’s all there is to it.”

i’m losing my fucking mind.