look at this stunning human being

I smile at her, she looks back at me and says “what?”… I reply “nothing.” But little does she know that she is the most stunning human being I’ve ever laid eyes on and I can’t help but fucking stare. God she’s just so beautiful. I adore her.

I’ll Wait (1/2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3,709

Summary (request): Bucky declares his love for Y/N on a day he shouldn’t. 

Warning: Angst, but some adorableness as well. 

A/N: So this was also a request by a darling who wishes to stay anonymous, she said I could write whatever I wanted and dedicate it to her, so here goes, darling. Hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, much love to you all! 

Part 2

“I’m in love with you,” Bucky said as confidently as he could. His steel blue eyes were boring into yours as his heart beat at a frantic pace.

You didn’t answer him, only stared at him with a blank expression. It was only because he knew you better than you know yourself, he could see your lower lip slightly trembling.

“I know I have no right to say this to you,” he quickly added, taking a small step towards you. You didn’t move, only looked at him with stern eyes and lips pressed into a thin line.

“Especially not now,” the sadness in his words lingered hard in the room as he looked at you from head to toe. His eyes met yours again, and he knew his eyes displayed the heart-wrenching sadness he was feeling in his chest.

“But I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t tell you,” he took another small step towards you and when you didn’t move, only looked at him with an unreadable expression, he slowly lifted his left hand to cup your cheek. The corners of his lips lifted in a small smile when you didn’t flinch or move. His hand was centimeters from your face when you abruptly stepped back, eyes never leaving his.

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Babysitter-Ashton Irwin

Originally posted by loserxhemmo96

Warning: obviously smut and language

Rating: R

Your phone buzzed next to you on your bedside table. Groaning, you rolled over in your bed and unplugged your phone. Your phone read 8:30am which made you whimper in exhaustion. Below the time was a text from your only babysitting client at the time, Ms. Irwin. You had only acquired the job because your mom had been childhood friends with her, but she was a kind woman nonetheless.

Ms. Irwin was probably the sweetest woman to have ever walked the earth, despite the hardships she had overcame such as her husband leaving her with three kids a couple years ago. But what puzzled you to no extent was the fact that such a kind woman could have the literal spawn on satan as her eldest child.

Ashton Irwin, also known as Hades by yourself and your best friend (Y/BFF/N), was probably the rude human being you have encountered. Despite his stunning looks and musical talent, he was probably the one person you admittedly hated. Although he was a kind child when the two of you where in lower school, right when he hit his teens he pushed you away and never explained his reasons for doing so.

Now, in high school, he never even spared you a glance. It wasn’t as if you were still mad at him, he had pushed you away so long ago but he only angered you when you were babysitting his two younger siblings, Lauren and Harry. It seemed funny how Ms. Irwin always had you babysit even though Ashton was right upstairs in his room playing on his drums, but you both knew he wasn’t capable of taking care of two young children. 

From: Ms. Irwin-8:30am

Hey (Y/n), I’m so sorry to be an inconvenience to you but I was wondering if you can possibly watch the kids starting from 11am today to 7pm tomorrow? Sorry my boss just told me I have to come for a conference this weekend.

You groaned and sat up, running your hand through your hair before responding.

To: Ms. Irwin-8:34am

I’d be happy to (: I’ll see you at 11.

Since you had already woken up you knew attempting to go back to sleep was going to be useless. Hesitantly, you placed your bare feet on the cold wooden floor and quickly scampered to the bathroom to brush your teeth and you went to your kitchen to eat something for breakfast.

Time seemed to fly by and before you knew it you were approaching the front door of the Irwin household with your small overnight bag by your side.

You knocked once and the door flew open seconds later. Instead of the bright and smiling face of Ms. Irwin, you were greeted by the irritated look on Ashton’s face. “Hey Ash,” you smiled, despite the uncomfortable look on his face.

He closed the door behind you, “Don’t call me that,” he mumbled before walking past you to climb up his stairs and probably sulk in his room.

“(Y/n)!” Lauren yelled before wrapping her arms around your legs, followed by Harry.

“Hey guys! Are you excited about this weekend?” you asked, ruffling Harry’s hair.

They nodded in unison and you detached yourself from them to find Ms. Irwin who was in the kitchen making them their lunch. “Hi Ms. Irwin, how are you?” you asked, leaning against the counter.

She jumped in surprise, “Oh hi dear! I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m okay,” you responded.

“Thank you so much for coming on short notice. I really appreciate it.”

You smiled, grabbing the plates from her that held the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she had made for them. “Of course, anytime. And don’t you have a plane to catch?” I asked.

Her eyes widened, “You’re right!” she rushed to grab her bags, “Again, thank you and I hope Ashton isn’t too much of a bother. He probably won’t leave his room anyways. Text me if there’s an emergency!” she yelled before running out to her car.

You let out a long breath before turning back to the two kids standing behind me. “So, what do you two wanna do?”


“That movie was so good!” Lauren yelled from the backseat of your car. The three of you had just went to the theater to see Moana and the kids were ecstatic about it.

You nodded and smiled, “Yeah it was great! What do you guys say? Ice cream when we get home?” They all nodded in excitement at your offer and practically bounced in their chairs until you arrived home.

Once you parked your car in the driveway they ran out of the car towards the house and flung themselves on the couch, awaiting their ice cream. You smiled at their excitement and went into the kitchen and pulled out the chocolate ice cream. 

You groaned when you realized the bowls where just about five centimeters from your reach even while you were on your toes. Suddenly, a body was pressed flush against yours. “You’re too damn short,” a voice said gruffly from behind you. You turned your head slightly to see Ashton’s bare, broad chest.

Before you knew it he had pulled down three bowls and placed them in front of you. “Thank you,” you whispered for no apparent reason, just because of the close proximity. 

His body lingered behind you for only a couple of seconds before he disappeared. You felt your face heat up but you quickly dismissed any thoughts of Ashton before scooping ice cream into the bowls.

“Who wants ice cream?” you asked, walking into the living room but you stopped in your tracks when the two toddlers were passed out on the couch. A soft smile spread across your face at the two softly sleeping. You set the bowls on the coffee table and picked up Harry to bring him to his room. 

After tucking both of them in you started walking down the hall to get to the stairs but you stopped in your tracks when you heard All Time Low blasting loudly from Ashton’s room.

You approached his door and opened it slightly, “Ashton can you please turn down your music? The kids are sleep-oh my god what are you doing!” you screeched when you saw Ashton laying naked on his bed, slowing pumping his length.

His face morphed into his signature angry expression and he pulled on his boxers before slamming the door in your face. You stood in front of his door, shell shocked for minutes until you finally processed what had actually happened and you ran downstairs to grab your bag and you shut the door to the guestroom down stairs.

Trying to get what you saw out of your head, you pulled out the book you brought with you and started to read. As you flipped through the pages you couldn’t seem to focus on what the story was telling you but rather on how hot Ashton looked, panting and grabbing his thick length in his hand.

A hard knock on your door interrupted your thoughts and you stood up from your bed, expecting one of the kids to be asking for the ice cream you promised them earlier.

But instead of the faces of one of the kids, when you opened the door you were faced with Ashton, and he looked more pissed then ever.

“Hey Ashton, I’m really sorry, I should’ve knocked-” your sentence was cut short yet again when Ashton flipped the two of you around and pushed you up against the door. 

You gasped when you felt his hot lips press hard kisses down the base of your throat. “Do you know what I was thinking about when I was jerking off?” he asked as he brought his face up to yours.

“What?” you asked.

His breath fanned against your face in uneven pants. “You,” he said before pressing his lips against yours.

It took you less than a minute to respond and you started moving your lips in sync with his. “Fuck I need you so bad,” he mumbled against your lips. All you could do was whimper in desperation.

“Where did this come from?” you panted, tangling your hands in his sandy curls.

He groaned when you tugged at his hair, “Fuck, I’ve liked you since we were crib mates.” With that his pressed his lips feverishly to yours again. You moaned when he shoved his tongue in your mouth.

His fingers slowly crept from your hips to your butt. He squeezed it lightly and pulled your body closer to his hips. He ground his rock hard erection against your clothed heat. “Fuck,” he drawled out. “I want to taste you so bad princess,” he mumbled against your lips.

He didn’t give you time to respond before he swiftly picked you up and sat down on the bed. With you straddling him, you pushed his chest back so you were on top of him. You tugged at his shirt, indicating you wanted it removed and he soon lifted it over his head. As he removed his shirt, you pulled yours over your head as well and you reached to unclasp your bra.

As soon as you had no clothes remaining on your top half, Ashton flipped you over so he hovered over you. “What do you want baby girl?” he asked, latching himself to one of your breasts. His tongue flicked over the sensitive bud and he grazed his teeth over it causing you to tug at his hair. 

“Anything, Ash. Please, I’m so wet.” 

A whimper escaped his lips as he left a trail of kisses down in between the valley of your breasts and he stopped right at the band of your sweatpants. He looked up at you for approval you merely nodded in response to his silent question.

Quickly, he pulled down your pants and continued kissing up your thighs from your knees. He kept stopping right where you needed him most so eventually you sighed in frustration, “Ash, please don’t tease-oh motherfucking shit!” you yelled wen he licked a long strip up your clothed heat.

He pulled down your underwear and left a kiss on your clit. “I love it when you call me that,” he mumbled before completely diving in.

His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking harshly causing your back to arch. When he added two fingers you almost lost it, “A-Ash, I c-can’t hold on much longer,” you whimpered, pulling his head closer.

He hummed against you sending vibrations that sent you over the edge. You let out a long moan as the knot inside of you exploded and you chanted his name repeatedly.

When he finally came up for air you pulled towards you and attached your lips to his. A hint of you could be tasted on his tongue which only made you more excited.

You dropped one of your hands down and slid it beneath his boxers. Grabbing his length, you slowly pumped it and with your thumb, you spread his precum around his tip.

He shivered, “As hot as you are doing this, can you please save this for next time because I’m literally about to burst and I really want to be inside of you when I do so.”

You didn’t stop pumping him which caused him to growl and grab both of your hands in one of his and he held them above your head. “Fuck you’re such a bad girl,” he groaned, pulling down his boxers with his other hand.

Out of anticipation, you rubbed your thighs together to try and create friction but he placed a hand in between them and spread them so wide you already knew walking would be an issue in the morning.

You felt his pulsing tip at your entrance and your mouth opened wide when he pushed his length all the way in. “Oh my-holy shit Ash,” you moaned, struggling against his grip because you ached to touch him.

“You’re so tight, princess,” he let out shakily.

You begged him to move and when he finally brought his length out and snapped his hips back into yours you could’ve sworn you saw stars. “Ashton, you’re so thick-fuck!” you arched your chest into his when he hit your g-spot.

He finally released your hands from his and brought his hand down to rub your clit. Instantly you brought your nails to his back and slowly dragged them down his soft skin. “Faster,” you moaned and tugged his lips down to yours.

He obeyed your wish and started snapping his hips harder and faster against yours. When he hit you g-spot again you clenched around him and he let out a strangled moan. “Fuck princess, please do that again.”

You clenched around him and without warning, he shot his load into you, making you cum around him as well. “(Y/n)!” he chanted as his thrusts got sloppy as he milked out both of your orgasms. 

Once the two of you had come down from your highs he turned and slowly pulled out and leaned on his side to face you. “I meant what I said.”

“And what was that?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That I actually have really like you since we were crib buddies,” he laughed lightly. “I just didn’t know how to talk to a girl I really like and I didn’t wanna fuck it up.”

You smiled and pressed your lips to his. “I like you too.”

A wide smile spread across his face as he pulled you closer so that your head was resting on his chest. He turned off the bedside table lamp next to him and he left a kiss on your forehead. “Goodnight princess.”

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Here's a thought for you, when Shiro comes back from wherever he vanished to, for him it's only been like an hour but for everyone else it's been like five years or maybe even a decade?

:3   I like a decade.

Immediately after stepping out of the Black Lion, something felt wrong.

Something was different.

Shiro stood in place, helmet on his lip until it clicked.  The hangar was rearranged.

Not that it had a lot of things in it already, but there was some equipment on the walls and shelving, and it was either switched out or moved around.

An odd thing to do, while he was flying around Zarkon.  Shiro found himself a little irritated at the idea - he was the one who used those tools most, after all, and someone else messing with it made him antsy.  But he shook that off.  It wasn’t like Shiro owned any of it, and Allura and Coran had every right to move it around as they pleased.

That settled, Shiro walked back out, head tilted.  Was he the first one back, somehow?  He didn’t remember anything after passing out during that battle until he woke up in the Black Lion, hungry and cold but otherwise intact.  Maybe Black had flown him back and he had just woken quickly?  

Shiro put his helmet back on, listening for the inevitable post-battle chatter, at least from Allura and Coran.


(read more below)

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Model Behavior

Summary: Jack is getting ready to do a photo shoot for Alicia’s friend.  Bitty comes along to keep him company, when Bitty suddenly becomes the model. Jack’s reaction to the photo is… interesting.  A quick little ficlet which takes place during Jack’s senior year.  Also on AO3

Jack hated photo shoots. Absolutely hated them, but Alicia had a favor called in and he found himself in a position of not being able to say no. And so, begrudgingly, Jack Zimmermann was on his way to Boston for a one-day shoot.

“Like an actual shoot shoot?” Bitty asked wide-eyed as he told him about it over some ginger peach pie the evening before.

“Yeah. It’s for some clothing line. They’re going to dress me up like a puppet and then I have to stand there, and smile like an idiot.”

“I dunno, it sounds so fun to me. I’d love to model!” Bitty said then sighed, “Alas, I am vertically challenged.”

“Euh… do you want to come with me?” Jack asked pushing his pie around the plate with his fork.

“Really? And like watch?!” Bitty practically bounced off his seat.

“I guess so, Bittle. Don’t make me take it back.”

“No! I’ll behave. I promise! It’s going to be so much fun.”


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mutantgurls  asked:

Part 3. Why do you even has to ask,that. Do,your thing.

I shall, do my thing ;) haha here you go!
Lance napped for a little while after that, and Blue carefully repaired her systems, slower because most of her Quintessence was focused on holding her human form together. She eventually managed to connect to the Black Lion, and shook Lance awake as Shiro’s voice came through the line, sounding panicked and frightened. “Lance? Lance! Answer me, please! Are you there? Lance!” Shiro called, and Lance shuddered awake, blearily blinking around before scrambling up to hit the respond button.
“Shiro? Is that you?” He rasped out, and the video feed to the Black Lion popped up, revealing Shiro’s face creased with worry. Relief flooded his leader’s features the second he saw Lance. “Lance! Oh thank God, you’re okay! Where are you? Pidge has been trying to track down Blue, but she can’t get a signal.” Shiro explained, and Blue popped up from behind the dashboard, nudging Lance aside to get to the screen.
“Well I wouldn’t be surprised! The ocean here is practically like the space version of your Earth’s tar! It’s probably blocking my energy, which is why Green cannot lock onto my signal.” She said, tilting her head at the stunned Black Paladin. “Lance, who is-” Shiro started, confused, But Lance had anticipated this.
“Oh, that’s Blue! In her human form, actually. She formed it to help me out while I was unconscious.” Lance clarified quickly, Blue dipping her head in agreement with a large grin. “The planet we crashed on looks like a giant sea of oil, basically. It’s literally below freezing, but I’ve concentrated all heating systems to the cockpit so Lance doesn’t freeze to death. The feeling of slowly being covered in ice is extremely unpleasant, I would know.” Blue frowned, but continued.
“It’s mainly all liquid, but thickens towards the core, which is just a giant ball of ice and dust. We stopped sinking about an hour ago, and I’m currently settled across the core. My metal body, that is.” She explained, and Shiro sighed. “Right. Oil planet. Got it. We’ll be there soon Lance, just, hold on okay? You don’t look too good there.” Again with the worried look. Shiro had barely talked to him all month, why does he get the right to suddenly be worried now? Lance thought bitterly, but he forced a smile. “Oh, yeah, got a little roughed up. It’s nothing too bad.” He lied, and Blue (the traitor) called him out on it by jabbing her finger into the giant slice to his side, just under his ribs. Yelping in pain, he twisted away as Blue held up her finger. Dark liquid was smeared across it, beading up at the fingernail and dripping, even though the wound had been heavily bandaged.
“Excuse my use of language, Paladins, but I call bullshit. That wound is capable of tearing further and spilling out your insides.” She growled, turning to Shiro who frankly looked quite horrified. “He needs the healing pods right away. I know human anatomy from studying during my years on Earth, and the laceration here is deep. Any more aggravation to it will result in the last layer tearing and spilling out the organs tucked behind it, possibly even rip his diaphragm. I don’t think I need to tell you what would happen after that.” She informed the Black Paladin grimly, Lance wheezing quietly off screen to the side.
Shiro paled visibly. “Okay, got it. Lance? You need to sit down and stay down. We can’t lose you, okay? We’re almost there, just, no moving.” He warned, highly concerned as Lance slid back into the pilot seat, shaky and a bit more sweaty than before. The Blue Paladin gave Shiro a weak thumbs up and a smile. “You got it boss. No moving. Couldn’t even if I wanted to, which I don’t.” He croaked tiredly, and Shiro attempted to give him a reassuring smile.
“See you soon, Lance.”
Shance if you squint ;)
Part 4 maybe?

Edit: there’s more where this came from! https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/160169071603/mama-blue-au-masterlist
Popping the Question

Just a quick one off of Liam helping his best bro, Jaal, prepare to pop the big question.


“Nervous?” Liam grinned at the fidgeting angara who was sitting on the other end of the couch fussing with his rofjin.

Jaal drew in a deep breath, stilled his hands, and exhaled slowly. “I admit,” he confessed, “I am feeling a bit apprehensive.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.” Liam leaned over from where he sat and punched the other man lightly on the arm. “We’ve gone over this scenario a hundred times. You’re going to be fine. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. You love her, don’t you?”

“Of, of course I do,” Jaal stuttered, looking slightly offended that Liam would even have to ask him such a question. “Have I not made it clear that my very heart beats for her? That I want nothing more than to remain by her side for the rest of my days?”

“Perfectly clear,” Liam chuckled. “And believe me, the feeling is mutual. Ryder lights up like a Christmas tree every time you walk into the room.”

Jaal looked confused, his mouth turning down at the corners. “Christmas…tree?”

“Never mind,” Liam waved off the question. “I’ll explain it to you later. The point is, you have nothing to worry about. She’s as smitten with you as you are with her. With things beginning to settle down with the Kett and the new colonies up and running, it’s time to look toward the future, you know? Make a home. Make a life…preferably one that doesn’t involve being shot at and traipsing around inside of Remnant vaults.”

Jaal nodded, “I suppose…I suppose you are right. I just…I want this moment to be as perfect as she is.”

“And it will be,” the human man assured. “Everything has been arranged just like you wanted it. I saw to it myself.”

Jaal let out a relieved sigh. “You…are a good friend.”

“I try my best. Which reminds me…” Liam leaned over the arm of the couch and dug around inside of a bag, pulling out a small, black box. “Here,” he pressed it into the other man’s hands. “I went ahead and picked this up for you…well…technically for Ryder.”

Jaal’s face lit up. Excited, he cracked open the box. His large, blue eyes drank in the sight of the small jeweled band nestled within. With slightly trembling fingers, he plucked the ring from its velvet confines to examine it closer. He’d come up with the design himself after learning that humans exchanged jewelry with one another as a symbol of their commitment and he’d wanted to give Ryder something as unique as she was. The angara had no such custom but if it was a part of his Darling One’s culture, he wanted to honor it, to show her the depth of his devotion in a way she was familiar with and would understand.

The blue and purple swirled stone he’d had harvested from his home planet of Havarl glittered from within its silvery setting, reminding him of the vastness of space his love had crossed to come into his life. He felt a smile tug at his lips. It was more than he had expected. Flawless. Almost as beautiful as the woman he hoped would soon be wearing it. His heart stuttered happily in his chest at the thought.

“Well?” Liam pressed, “Its good right?”

“Mmm,” Jaal rumbled. “It is perfect.”

“You want to run through it one more time?”

“Yes,” Jaal nodded. He felt slightly more confident with the ring actually in his hands. “If you do not mind.”

“Sure thing. So,” Liam pushed himself up off of the couch to stand. “From the top then. Just take a deep breath, relax, and pretend that I’m Ryder. You’ve got this.”

“Right. I can do that.” Jaal nodded and also rose from his seat and approached the other man. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing his beloved in his mind and instantly felt more at peace. More centered. He opened his eyes and gingerly took Liam’s hands into his own, imagining his love’s small, soft hands in their place. Yes. He could do this.

“Sara,” the angara began, swiftly taking a knee as Liam had advised him was traditionally custom for one asking their other half for their hand in marriage. “My heart and my soul, I feel as though I have always loved you…”

At that moment, without warning, the door to Liam’s little sanctuary slid open. Gil, the ship’s resident engineer, came striding in. “Hey, just came to invite you two to…poker…tonight…uh…” Gil blinked. The sight of the crisis specialist seemingly being proposed to by their angaran crew mate, ring and all, stunned him silent for a moment. “I can, uh, I can come back later. Sorry, uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Liam and Jaal stared after the man as he turned swiftly on his heel and disappeared back out the way he had come. Liam looked amused. Jaal’s expression, however, ran more along the lines of acute distress.

The human burst out laughing at the angara’s distraught look, “Better get a move on, mate, if you want to keep the element of surprise. With Gil’s mouth, I give it about a half hour before the whole crew knows something is up. You don’t want him blabbing to the Pathfinder.”

“Shit,” came Jaal’s muttered reply as he quickly rose to his feet and straightened himself. Just like that, the nervous fluttering filled his stomach once more.


Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

[Please click for better resolution]


Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are Rebekah Mikaelson’s best friend and, ah, a mermaid. She brough you home in a gesture act. What she did not expect was that her brother, Klaus, would fall for you and, whilst doing so, he win your heart over.

Warnings: swearing, kissing, some violent descriptions (not that big of a deal), mentions of sex, fluff

Word Count: 4250 (i think i broke my record with this one)

Patiently waiting for Rebekah Mikaelson, who happened to be your best friend for quite some time now, at a bar, you thought of how much your life had changed in the past year. All because you were forced to abandon your mermaid nature after one reckless night you spend at a forbidden cave; sure, your mother had warned you what would happen if you went there during a full moon, but you always thought she was just being an overprotective mum. Ultimately, she was not, for the next morning you woke up entirely naked. Oh, and with freaking legs instead of your blueish tail as well.

A gentle chuckle left your lips when you remembered the stunned looks the humans gave you once you managed to get out of the cave. Nudity can get them incredibly nervous.

“I presume you’re waiting for my sister, love.” A masculine voice, soaked in a marvellous British accent, said. “May I keep you company?”

“Suit yourself, Niklaus.” Your reply was short, straight to the point. “But I warn you she’ll be mad if she finds you here.”

“I know how to deal with Rebekah.” He smirked, sitting on one of the chairs and facing you with those deep blue eyes. “You know that.”

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Natsume Yuujinchou is beautiful and amazing and completely underrated. And since so many of my followers have never read (or even heard of) Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends), here’s a list of reasons you absolutely MUST read this manga (and watch the anime too because it’s amazing, but it does miss a few of the best chapters in the series):

The main character, Natsume Takashi has silver hair and eyes, and is also absolutely fucking stunning. He’s soft and warm and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, but he’s also ULTIMATE SASS MASTER. 

He has a very fat cat that can talk and also turn into a huge monster to eat people who try to hurt his human because he loves his human very much even though he likes to pretend he doesn’t.

Natsume is a foster child who has had so many horrible experiences with past foster families who only took him in to save face and who treated him horribly. But!!! He’s finally found his forever home! And they love and care for him and they’re literally the sweetest people in the entire world!!! (Yeah they changed his hair and eye colour in the anime to make him look more like his grandmother)

Originally posted by lazyfebruary

SPEAKING OF! Natsume can see youkai (spirits and monsters) and he had a very hard childhood because of it, because they’re not all friendly, and he sometimes can’t tell the difference between them and humans! In fact, a lot of them in his new town actually mistake him for his late grandmother, Natsume Reiko, who could also see youkai, and who went around being a badass, challenging youkai to fights and then forcing them to sign contracts to be her servants when they lost. She collected these contracts into the “Book of Friends”. She was just as stunning as her grandson, and her maiden name was actually Natsume. And she was Natsume’s maternal grandmother! Meaning that not only did Natsume’s mother take her mother’s surname, so did Natsume and his father!!

There’s a female youkai named Hinoe who is intimidatingly beautiful! And!!! She’s pan!!! She had a crush on Reiko!! And after getting to know Natsume, she feels the same way about him!!

Do You Miss Me (at all) 2 (Sherlock x reader)

A/N: HERE IT IS SORRY IT TOOK LONGER THAN SUPPOSED TO BUT HEY HERE IT IS!! Hope the gif shows (other vice I’ll fix it next week) Here, for you who asked @foureyedsiopao @presidentmaggie @emilypkuzu @kissed-by-white-wolf @awkwardlyfiona @eliselulu23 @libsybum @silvermisst @fandomlover03 @kpafb-love (sorry for the tags, I took awfully long to fix them)

Chapter one 


You were standing by the window, the view led to the quiet street. Only a car or two passing by in every fifteen minutes. It was unordinary for your corners to be so peaceful. You had just come from the shower, your hair still moist but not dripping water over your shoulders. You had a robe on, the right side sliding down your shoulder and you didn’t bother to pull it up. You weren’t paying close attention to the traffic or the people passing by your house with their umbrellas hold high above their heads, shielding from getting wet.

The day had been bright, the sky cloudy, hiding the sun that tried peaking through the fog. It had rained softly, not being able to wet you completely as you came home from work/school that day. You had suspected that morning that you probably shouldn’t go by bike, but did it anyways.

The second you got home you went and took a shower for your hair had tangled in the wind and rain as you rode home as fast as you could. You had got sweaty and had to change clothes, putting the ones you had worn earlier that day to the laundry. You didn’t feel like dressing up, knowing you only wanted to stay home, make something to eat and sit by the window, watching tv or going through internet on your computer or phone.

It had been four days now since you had seen Sherlock and that day was the one when you broke up with him. Or you had broken up. What ever. The memory still hurt you, your chest tightening as your mind went through the events and you shook your head, retreating from the window. You went and sat on a chair next to your kitchen table, your hands on the table, your fingers intwined. You found yourself wondering had you done the right decision. Had you ever even been meant to date the great detective in the first place?

You sighed. Your fingers fiddling over each other and you let your gaze fall on the table. Your phone was there, close to your reach but you fought against checking had you got any new messages or missed calls. You had kept it mute as you knew John and Mrs. Hudson would at least be the ones calling after you, but you weren’t on the mood to talk with them. You had witnessed Sherlock trying to reach you twice the day after your break up, but you weren’t ready to call back to him. You figured he had already given up, or wanting to just apologize for waisting your time, but leave it be.

You got up to check your fridge. You had nothing particular on mind what you would cook and to be fair, your fridge was usually empty and narrowed your possibilities of making anything too fancy. Your fingers wrap around the handle and open the door to witness the already familiar sight. There was a half empty ketchup bottle, butter, potatoes and some orange juice. You would have to go shopping. You slammed the door of your fridge and groaned in frustration to the thought of leaving your apartment. You had hoped you could just spend the rest of the day,

You stomped to your closet, muttering and growling at the thought of having to get dressed. You didn’t dry your hair, only combing it so it wouldn’t be all over your face and got dressed. You decided to put something comfy yet descent on so you wouldn’t look as bad as you felt. You already had your hair looking like a bird’s nest, or so you thought, and wearing a hoody and sweat pants would only make you stand out from the crowd. And not in a good way. A pair of black leggings, a long shirt that reminded more of a dress and a warm, long coat. You had decided to go by foot, probably just get some take away, not in the mood of cooking, taking with you your wallet and phone that you shoved in your coat’s pockets. You didn’t bother carrying umbrella with you. You wouldn’t go too far from your house. Just in case you still ended up putting water proofed shoes on and wearing a scarf you could pull over your head if it’d start raining cats and dogs. On your way to the closest coffee shop you started longing for something else. You didn’t feel like going to buy a coffee, bread and some muffins from the near coffee shop so you let yourself pass the boutique, walking further away from your comfort zone. Your home street. 

Sherlock stood close to the window with the view of the street in his living room. He had stood there for fifteen minutes now in silence, but it wasn’t anything he’d never done before. Sherlock had John as his company and even if the both men were there in silence it wasn’t bothering them. Quite the opposite actually, John enjoyed peacefully sitting on his chair as Sherlock kept to himself, doing and thinking what ever he would. John had, for Sherlock’s sake, stopped talking about you after the break which he had heard of. John had been informed of this by Mrs. Hudson and just trying to get a confirmation Sherlock was hard enough but he didn’t stop there. He kept pestering him by telling him why he should call you back, try to make up with you and questioning him why you had broken up in the first place to which he answered that it had been hundred precent your idea. To this John had admitted that maybe you had done them both a favor as it was clear that Sherlock wasn’t up to it. To this Sherlock reacted in a way which was both childish and stupid. He stopped talking. 

It had taken Sherlock only a day to get over what John had said to him, but still he kept quiet, only greeting John and answering if he asked anything. John on the other hand had come up with a solution of not bringing your name up in their two to three lined conversations. He knew he had in some level hurt Sherlock by what he had said and also knew he wouldn’t be up to discuss of you with him. For now at least. 

Sherlock let his eyes wander over the street. His hawk like eyes studying every passing by human while he deduced them from afar. He kept himself occupied all the while until his eyes fixed up on a person, person he knew. It had been too long for his liking since the last time you had been near and now that he finally saw you again he couldn’t stop himself from admiring how you looked. Of course he saw your wet hair, but it was nothing. You looked stunning by just being there. By only existing it was enough to make Sherlock’s mind race and there he understood, the realization hitting him like a lightning. He missed you more than he had known or let out. He needed to talk to you. Sherlock’s eyes had met yours. You had stopped to gaze up at his window, curiosity taking over you as you had tried not to make any eye contact with the house of your ex boyfriend’s. Your eyes went wide as you spotted Sherlock on the window, staring back at you intensively. He eyed you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. It was too intense and it made you feel vulnerable. 

“John, didn’t you say you were going for a walk today?” Sherlock didn’t let his eyes leave your form. You had been walking slowly enough for him to set everything ready. John lifted his eyes from the news paper he had been reading. His eyebrows furrowed he looked at his best friend’s back that was facing him. “No. I never said that.” He folded the paper and put it on the table next to him. “Oh right. You were supposed to go buy groceries.” Sherlock tried to act as if he really had heard John say that, but really he was just letting out the lines that appeared in his head. “Now off you go, take my card with you. It’s on the table.” He hurried his shorter friend and took his violin to his hands and before John could even think of protesting he started playing. 

Muttering, John got up, took the card and went to get his jacket. He was about to head down the stairs when Sherlock stopped playing to say, “Oh and no need to hurry back. Take your time. Something like an hour?” It sounded more of a question than an order. It wasn’t a question for John though, but to Sherlock himself. “A one hour?” John snapped. “Right. Three is more like it.” Sherlock nodded to himself, lifting the violin to his shoulder again and said, “Thank you, John.” and started playing again. 

John left the apartment in rage, thinking of being away over three hours just to bully Sherlock even if he wouldn’t even notice him being gone. When Sherlock heard the door slam close he put the violin away, his eyes still on you. 

You had been trying to avoid his stare for awhile, but not managing to keep walking. You were thinking of backing away, going back home and hiding under your blanket. You knew you were stronger than this, but the demanding state he had given you made you feel awkward and, for some reason, hurt. 

You stood on the other side of the street, opposite of the 221B apartment when you saw John exit the building you had been avoiding by your eyes. He looked pissed. As if he had fought with Sherlock and you were sure he had. He pulled at his coat, a frown on his face as he took the steps down from the doorway. He looked around and when his eyes met yours he smiled warmly. You couldn’t but smile back. A laugh that you couldn’t hear left John’s mouth and he shook his head. Now he understood why Sherlock had been so determined by kicking him out. 

John approached you on the other side of the street, he hugged you, still smiling. “Hello, (Y/n).” He said while his eyes took in your form. “Hey.” You said almost shyly. “So, what brings you here?” He supported his weight on his right leg, crossing his arms as he grinned at you, suggestively. “Just shopping. Thought of getting some fast food.” You kept the conversation clear, but couldn’t help it from getting awkward and making yourself seem distant. You hadn’t seen John in awhile too, and ignoring his calls made you feel guilty. The smile on John’s face vanished. “You’re not here to see Sherlock?” The sound of his name made your heart skip a beat. “No.” You said and looked away. 

Your eyes wondered to the window, taking a glance of Sherlock who impatiently tapped his foot to the floor, still staring at you. “You need to talk to him.” John tried to convince you, he sounded a bit desperate. “I’m not ready to see him.” You almost angrily answered, looking at John under your eyelashes. The sudden change of your tone made John unfold his crossed arms from over his chest. He looked at you with soft eyes. “He wants to talk to you, (Y/n). He kicked me out just so he could be alone with you.” He told you. You hesitated. You didn’t think you would be ready to face Sherlock or did you want to. Then again you knew you would need to if Sherlock had decided it to be necessary. 

“I don’t know, John.” You whispered. You looked away, your mind was drifting back to the day you left Sherlock, but before you got too deep your phone vibrated in your pocket. 



Your eyes widened at the rude text. You looked up to see Sherlock stuffing his phone to his pocket and his eyes to fix on you. “Then again I don’t think I have a choice.” You said and showed the message to John. “Guess you better hurry.” John said and waved you goodbye. He wished you luck and you knew you would need it. You see John walking to the direction where you came from, with a sigh you gaze up again and see Sherlock with an arched eyebrow. You wanted to snap at him and yell, “Alright I’m coming!!” But you would only embarrass yourself since he couldn’t hear you, so you settle for glaring at him and stomping inside the house. 

You get up the stairs, slightly surprised by Mrs. Hudson not peeking from her apartment to see who it is. She was probably busy or out. Sherlock was still standing by the window, but instead his eyes fixed out side he was turned towards you. His hands in his pockets, an unreadable expression on his face. “Took you long enough.” He ended up saying, his eyes fixed on the floor. 

You wanted to hit him or facepalm yourself. “That’s what the staring was about?” You groaned. “You tried to invite me in? I can’t read your mind, Sherlock.” You two stood in silence until Sherlock made eye contact with you. He cleared his throat to get your attention which he had lost for a second. “So how are you?” You couldn’t help but feel like being slapped in the face. “I’m good…” You answered, not sure was it a lie or a truth. “So, did you solve the case?” 

“I didn’t invite you in so we could discuss about the case.” Sherlock groaned. 

“You might not but ever considered I want to know?” You argued with a strong but calm tone. “Did you solve it?” You asked. 

“Yes, I did.” Sherlock muttered which made you curious. You eyed him playfully, him giving you a glare, hinting ‘Don’t you dare’ but it only encouraged you. So you asked, “How?” Sherlock tried to find the wall next to the fire place more interesting than you and your words, but you waited patiently until he sighed, “I waited for another murder…” “Would you look at that.” You chuckled. “Don’t say ‘I told you so’!” Sherlock pointed at you. “I wasn’t going to.” You put your hands on your hips. “It’s just nice to hear you’ve solved it. It was really getting to you.” Your voice was soft and shy by now. 

“Why are you always so understanding?” Sherlock sighed. “Sometimes it’s a blessing sometimes it’s a curse. I tend to follow decisions I make that only please others.” You had to admit, it pained you. Maybe you were sometimes just so shy to tell how you felt and what you wanted? Or you didn’t think you deserved to be heard? “You ever do anything for yourself?” You didn’t know the answer to that. Then you spotted an expression on Sherlock’s face, he looked at you, worried and bothered. The next question made your heart ache. “Is that why you broke up with me?” 

“It seemed to be the best solution.” You looked away. You were about to start crying and didn’t want him to see. You couldn’t break now. “Just tell me why I’m here. You invited me.” You stressed the word invited. “You didn’t answer my calls.” Sherlock said. “I wasn’t ready.” You admitted. In shame you looked away. “And if you had something important you could’ve texted.” “Would’ve you answered?” He asked and took a step closer. “No. I wouldn’t.” He knew you would say that. 

“Listen, I’m…” Sherlock’s voice died down. He was now right in front of you. You could touch him if you just moved your hands that had fallen to your sides. “You don’t have to say anything, Sherlock. It just wasn’t meant to be.” You were struggling to keep the tears in. “I don’t believe that.” And with that said he leaned closer, his hands on both sides of your neck, holding you gently. He kissed you, and you didn’t pull away. You let his soft lips collide with yours, your hands reaching for the back of his neck, fingers tangling in his hair. 

When Sherlock pulled away he kept close, his forehead touching yours. His eyes were looking at you in a gentle way, he was still holding you. “I missed you, (Y/n).” He whispered. “And I think I need to apologize for what I said and I understand why you left, but if there is any chance for us to try again-” 

“I missed you too, Sherlock.” You smile and lean in to kiss him, this time more passionately. “How long is John going to be away?” 

Sherlock looked away, as if he was trying to remember but shrugged, “I might have told him to be away for three hours.” You hit Sherlock playfully on the shoulder. He laughs and pulls you to him, his hands wrapped around your waist. “You thought convincing me would take three hours?” You giggle, your nose touching Sherlock’s who was about to kiss you again. “No, but what happens next may take a bit longer.” He smirks wickedly. You want to slap him again but he decides to kiss you. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull yourself closer to him. (I hope this doesn’t suck!!!)

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i'm cracking up imaging yoda and ben's ghost meeting luke's small stabby son

…………..yoda is not tall enough to be stabbed in the knees. Oh no, he is stabbed in the waist, and the thigh, and around the second stab he stops being stunned and starts fighting back. He lands two good blows on the things before it wheels away, screes Daaddyy in binary and Luke (who does not, as yet, speak Stabby’s strange bastardised binary; but understands that wail of pain and outrage.) “Hey!” he says, tucking Stabby safely behind one boot and glowering down, and in that moment Yoda thinks of Anakin, and CP30, and droids who pick up humanity like the contagion it is. Luke sets his jaw and glowers and tries to look imposing. He is not very good at it. Not yet. He could learn to be spectacularly good at it, and that is what frightens Yoda.

Yoda rubs his injured hip. The second stab had got tangled in his (filthy) toga, but the first has nipped, and though he’s not bleeding, his pride is wounded. His eyes narrow. Luke glowers back. 

“I need to see Yoda,” says Luke.

“To see a great Jedi Master, you desire,” says Yoda, “and yet a stabby droid, you bring.”

“I made him,” says Luke. R2 whistles in the background – 

He did! I like Stabby, he’s a little fuck, and Stabby coos happily at the praise. 

“Tape a knife to a cleaning droid, you did,” says Yoda, sounding wholly unimpressed. “A Skywalker, you are.”

“To the bone,” agrees Ben Kenobi, wavering into vision. Stabby rotates to the location of the voice, brandishing his knife.

“You knew my father?” says Luke, bright-eyed with excitement. Yoda sighs. 

“Yes. A Jedi, he was.”

“And – and –” Luke stammers. Ben cuts in:

“And taping a knife to a cleaning droid and calling it Stabby is exactly the sort of thing that Anakin would do.”

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Sentence/dialogue prompts for a demon attempting to impress and flirt with a human?

“Hey, check this out. I can crawl around on the ceiling. Impressive, huh?”

“If it makes you feel better, you’re my favorite fleshy meatbag.”

“I can’t blame you for being overwhelmed. I mean, look at me! Beautiful, stunning, strong. All things you could ever want wrapped up in one gift. The gift of me.”

“I was hoping you’d fall for my natural charms by now.”

Scars Map - A Remus Lupin Imagine part 3

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Okay, here is part three of Scars Map. It’s pretty long though, there’s some crazy action going on. 

Warnings : nothing, really? Blood maybe? No smut this time, boohoo. Maybe in part four, if a part four will be.  

Part 1, part 2.


It’s a full moon tonight. You are aware of it because Sirius told you he wouldn’t be available tonight.
Usually Friday are the days you two hang up together but you are not really disappointed about staying home alone tonight.
Since that night with Remus, you feel guilty. Not because it feels like you cheated on Sirius, anyway you two were never exclusive. But you feel that way because it crushed Remus. You remember the look on his face and it destroys any happiness you’d feel every time you’d think back of that night spent in his arms.
Okay there might be a little bit of guilt towards Sirius too.
You never planned to fall for his friend. You always felt for Remus what you felt for the other marauders: just a true and real friendship. But that night back at Sirius’ flat, when you saw how hurt he was, when you tried to heal his wounds, something happened in your heart. For the first time you felt like you didn’t want to lose him, in a visceral way. You wanted to protect him from any harm. It was more than what a caring friend would feel for someone. It ached your soul.
When you touched his skin, when you saw him at his most vulnerable, trying to hide himself, being too ashamed of who he was, you just wanted Remus to feel loved. You wanted to melt into him. You would take all of his pain if you could. So the burden wouldn’t be so heavy for him. You’d carry it with you, no matter what.
And tonight, he was going to suffer, again.
At least he wasn’t alone. There would be Sirius, James and Peter at his sides, protecting himself from harm. Protecting him from himself… 
Since your plans with Sirius were cancelled, you gladly accepted to take a coworker’s shift at St-Mungos. Night shifts are usually the worst, but it keeps you busy. Seeing all that action taking place. 
As you enter the hospital, you see already how a busy night it is going to be. 
‘Y/L/N!’ there’s a splinch in room 4, can you take care of it?’ says Anna, the healer in charge for the night.
You nod. Entering the small room, you see a young girl crying in pain, holding her thigh. She can’t be older than seventeen and it reminds you that not so long ago, you were her age.
‘What’s your name?’ you ask.
She doesn’t answer. You look at the man beside her. He looks worried and upset.
'What’s her name?’ you ask him.
He looks at you, suddenly noticing your presence.
'Elizabeth’ he whispers.
'Okay, Elizabeth? I’m Y/N. Can I look at your wound, please?’ you say, standing in front of her.
She shakes her head.
'It hurts’ she says between two moans of pain.
'I know, but it’s going to be fine. What happened?’ you say, turning your head towards the man.
'There was an attack - I…’ he says but his voice is smothered by cries.
'Is this your daughter?’ you ask him.
He nods.
'We had to escape and I thought disapparating would be faster but she’s not used to…’
You try to smile.
Attacks. There are more of it every damn days. It was probably Death Eaters and you shake with horror just to think about it.
You need to focus, to give all of your attention to the teenager in front of you.
'Okay, Eli, I can call you Eli? I need to see your thigh if you want me to help you, alright?’
Her hands are covered in blood.
'I can’t’ she cries. 'It’s too painful!’
'I know, sweetie, I know. Just look at me, alright?’
She stares at you with her big brown eyes. She’s so innocent, yet she witnessed such horrible things. She moves her hands away from her severed thigh. It’s not as bad as it looks. You’ve seen more wounds from a crappier disapparating than this one. Still, you know how painful it is.
'When I was your age, the first time I disapparated, I completely tore my hand open. I know how you feel. But see?’ you say, showing her your left hand. ‘It’s fine, like it never happened. I’m going to take care of you.’
You go for a Dittany elixir in the cabinet and start to apply some on her wound. It slowly starts to resorb itself.
'See?’ you say, smiling to her.
Although she seems relieved, there’s still a frightened expression on her face. What she lived tonight, whatever it was, scared her a lot.
'I’m going to let you heal calmly and I’m going to check back on you later, alright?’ you say, holding the door in front of you. 'You’re safe here’ you add, trying to make her feel secure.
'Damn it’ you whisper when you close the door.
Anna, your chief, looks at you.
'Everything alright, Y/L/N?’ she says.
'Fine. It’s just… it’s overwhelming. Her father said they were attacked… I believe it was the work of-’
'HELP!’ interrupts a voice behind you.
You have the curious impression to recall the voice of the man who just yelled. You slowly turn around and you are devastated by the sight of a bloody Sirius, transported into an emergency room followed by a completely ravaged Remus sprawling on a stretcher, not looking responsive at all. Behind them, an out of breath James is running, in total panic.
'James!’ you yell as you see the young man looking slightly relieved at the sight of you.
'Y/N!’ he shouts, hugging you immediately. 'I hoped you’d be there!’
'What the hell happened?’ you say, not knowing who to follow first.
'Everything was fine, he transformed and we tried to keep him calm and, Merlin-’ he says, not able to continue.
'James, I need you to stay with me here’ you reply, hanging on his lips.
'We were attacked, so obviously Moony, he panicked, he totally lost it!’ he continues, messing with his already pretty chaotic hair.
'What do you mean, attacked?’
'In the village, where we went to hide, I recall it was Death Eaters, they burnt the whole place down like it was nothing, Godric, Y/N! Remus was uncontrollable and we feared he’d do something stupid like killing the people who were running from the chaos, or being killed by them or worse, being enlisted against his will, shit-’
You look at the Healers all focusing on Remus as he is still unconscious on the small bed.
'Sirius, he ran after him, they fought, it was bad Y/N, I’m telling you.’
'Why is Remus unconscious?’ you say, terrified.
'When he realized Padfoot was following him, Moony, he turned around and started to chase Sirius and… I had no choice, I had to…’ he stops again, shaking with emotion.
'You had to what?’ you ask.
'I had to stun him, I couldn’t do otherwise, he was going to kill Padfoot. He was going to kill him’ he replies, with tremor in his voice. 'But I stunned him so hard because I was scared and now he’s… There was just a matter of minutes before he’d be human again and this whole thing wouldn’t have happened…’
You try to stay focused but you can’t believe what’s happening in front of you. Anna is bended on Remus as your colleagues are trying to help him.
'You did what you had to, James. You really did’ you say, trying to reassure him.
But even yourself, you’re not convinced.
'Tell me they’re both going to be fine, Y/N. I can’t lose neither one of them.’
Seeing that Remus is in good hands with Anna, and being aware that you’re not really having the expertise to treat his case, you run into Sirius’ room. Two healers, Julia and Liam, are tearing his shirt from him.
'How is he?’ you say, looking at his heavily scratched neck.
'We haven’t seen a bite yet’ says your Liam.
'Y/N, can you help me here?’ says Julia, pressuring Sirius’ neck. 'I need you to put your hands here while I grab the …..’
As she let her hands go of his neck to make room for you, a major bleeding escapes the wound.
'Shit!’ you shout, urging to push your fingers on it.
'It’s a bad lesion, let me put this on him’ Julia says, pouring a blue liquid on the bleeding mess.
It closes immediately. You’re glad there’s some magic in this world.
'Sirius, can you hear me?’ you say to the immobile body.
'You know him?’ Julia says.
You nod.
'He’s a… he’s my friend.’
'You’re going to have to step away then’ Liam says. 'You know you can’t treat a relative. You’re vulnerable to making mistakes.’
'Come on, I’m fine’ you say, looking at him with angry eyes.
'Clearly you’re not! You’re shaking. Send Anna in, we cannot afford making a mistake here. For all we know he might have been bitten by the wolf-’
'Remus’ you say without thinking.
'It’s his name. And he’s not a wolf, he’s a human being.’
'Like I care right now Y/L/N. Send us Anna, she’ll take over!’
'Right now!’
With frustration, you leave the room, hoping Sirius is going to be alright. You go for Anna and join James in the waiting room. He looks terrorized.
'We knew those things could happen but it never was this bad.’
'They’re going to be fine, James’ you say, putting your hand on his.
'Y/N, I stunned him so hard…’
'I told you already. You did what you had to.’
He sighs heavily.
'You know, I’d trade place with him’ James says, after a few minutes. 'He didn’t deserve this.’
'Nobody deserves to be afflicted with such an awful condition’ you reply, thinking how sad it is for Remus to go through these painful stages.
'And this war coming, there’s nothing we can do to avoid it. I feel so useless.’
'James, you’re not thinking straight right now. Why don’t you go home to Lily and get some sleep?’
He sighs again.
'Are you staying here?’
You nod.
'I’ll be by their sides, don’t worry.’
He starts to walk and stops. He turns back to you.
'You know, Sirius can be arrogant and a bit of a prick sometimes. But we all know he’s fond of you. He won’t just admit it.’
You smile weakly.
'He’ll be happier to see you when he wakes up than me.’
'Goodnight, James.’
You’re on your own now. There is so much going on around you but you feel like the loneliest person in the world. You can’t be much help right now, neither for Remus or Sirius. You feel weak, your head is buzzing lightly.
When you decided you wanted to become a healer, you knew you were doing right. You knew it was your fate. You were never really mastering defensive spells of some sort. But you were a caring soul: to heal people, it was what you were supposed to do. 
'Y/N’? says Anna, looking for you.
You turn your head immediately to see her.
'What is it?’
'Mr. Black. He’s awake.’
'Thank you’ you say, while you’re running to his room.
'I’m telling you I’m fine, I don’t need to rest, I need to see my friend!’ Sirius says, trying to get up from the tiny bed. 'Y/N, tell them I’m fine!’
Your colleagues looks at you, not knowing what to do with the prick that escaped death by a hair, claiming he’s fine.
'Stay in bed, Sirius!’ you shout at him, pushing on his chest.
'You know, usually, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, love, but I really need to see Moony-’
'Shut up, Black!’ you say as you push him harder on the bed. 'You stay in this room until we tell you otherwise, is that clear?’
Sirius looks at you, impressed. 

‘I’m not used to see you bossing around, Y/N.’

‘Well, here, I am your boss. And right now, I’m not allowing you to get up. Liam, can you go and check what’s going on with Mr. Lupin, please?’
Liam shakes his head in exasperation and leaves the room. You turn to face Sirius, hands on your hips.
'You know, you really need to learn how to be kind towards the people who take care of you, Sirius.’
'I’m telling you I’m fine’ he answers, rolling his eyes.
You feel like you want to cry. You’re annoyed with his arrogance but you’re so glad he’s himself, even though he’s behaving like a kid. 
'James told me what happened… he says it was Death Eaters?’ you ask, sitting on the bed towards him.
Sirius, without being conscious of it, takes your hand in his hand starts rubbing it.
'Of course it was. They bloody burned the whole village down. Do you know how a werewolf likes fire? I didn’t! And I’m telling you right now, Y/N, it fucking doesn’t.’
'What were they looking for?
'You tell me! All I remember is a flash of orange light, then feeling like my blood is boiling in my veins. Remus started to run away and there were people coming in our direction, so it appealed him. I ran after him and, being the funny Moony he is, he didn’t like that. We fought. I’m used to it, at some point I always end up having to, but this time, he was really scary.’
'He ripped your neck, you lost a lot of blood.’
Sirius looks away and raises his shoulders.
'I just hope he’s okay. Your nosey colleague-’


‘Liam, whatever, doesn’t seem to be coming back. Can you go check on Moony?’

'Sure. You get some rest, alright? It’s been a long night.’
‘When you come back, can you stay?’ he says, doing the puppy eyes.

‘You’re impossible, you know that?’ you answer, rolling your eyes.

He laughs with his usual lovely bark and you shut the door behind you.
You walk in the halls, feeling a bit lighter. At least he’s alright. He made it.
You pass in front of Remus’ room, where Liam is just coming out.
He looks at you, concerned.
'How is he?’ you ask, feeling like you’re going to be sick out of a sudden.
'He was stunned pretty hard by your friend, but he’s strong. Anna is optimistic.’

‘You’re not?’ 

He shakes his head.
'What do you mean, is there a chance he won’t recover?’
Liam looks away, clearly feeling nervous and not at ease.
'Y/N, he is a werewolf…’
'Okay, and?’
He raises his shoulders and vanishes away. You don’t want to deal with him right now, anyway. 

You enter the tiny room where Remus is laying. He looks sound asleep. He looks quite peaceful though. Like you ever saw him. 

'Remus?’ you ask, standing in front of him. 'I’m sorry I couldn’t come sooner.’
You see him opening a weak eyelid.
'Sirius… is he okay?’ he whispers, coughing, trying to sit down.

‘He’s fine, believe me. Don’t worry. Don’t move, please.’
You take Remus’ hand but he pushes it away from you.
'Hey, you scared me. I was really worried.’
'I don’t remember anything. The healer, she told me I attacked him and I thought I killed him, Y/N. I really thought this was it.’
'Shh, he’s alright’ you say, feeling tears coming out of your eyes. 'Get some rest, okay?’

‘I can’t let them near me anymore. It’s too dangerous…’
Remus closes his eyes. There’s dark shadows underneath it. If he looked peaceful when he was asleep, he now looks more tormented than ever. It makes you feel so powerless. You wish you could just send him all the love you feel for him.
'I can’t stand it, Y/N. I can’t stand it anymore, it’s just…’ he whispers, his voice suddenly cut by the sobs.
'Hey, hey, look at me!’ you say, crying too.
You lay in his bed and take him in your arms. There’s nothing you want more to tell him it’s going to be alright. It’s going to be fine. You both sobs like crazy, until he finally fall asleep in your arms. When you feel his breathing getting slower, you allow yourself to close your eyelids too.
'I love you’ you whisper, maybe more for yourself than for him. 'I love you so much.’

It was a rough night. But you’re relieved he’s okay. There will be more scars, but nothing you can’t handle.