look at this smooth operator

During high school, I was doing really good and I had my eye on this girl. Her name is Chung Lien and she was the top of my class with me a close second behind her. But she never noticed anyone around her, always preoccupied with grades. 

One day I inched my way next her as she was studying and I guess I stared awkwardly enough that she finally looked up at me.

And me, being the smooth operator that I was in high school, well…

… kinda just looked back without saying a word. 

Finally I asked her out in the cheesiest way possible, her father approved since he worked with my dad and I was alongside her with grades. We had our whole future planned out; we’d go to Harvard together since I was recruited to try out for an  American football scholarship and she would be pursuing her doctorate in Gynecology. 

But, one day my leg broke in a skirmish practice and I lost my chance for the try out that would have led  me to the rest of my life. I couldn’t go on athletic scholarship. Which was fine, until one of my closest friends committed suicide promptly two weeks after. 

Suddenly life wasn’t lining up perfectly with my plan. I went into depression, and soon my grades started dropping until I barely passed to walk at graduation. I soon asked Lien to break up, since I was only holding her back from her future. 

She didn’t leave without a fight. I loved that about her.

It was a year or two after moving out, I was still in my slump until I met Emma in the city. She told me I was good-looking and offered me a job that payed well if I worked hard enough. When I walked her to work, we were in the club.

And the rest is history. 

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