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So bad it’s worth seeing (if you want to punish yourself): FUTURE-KILL review

This is a weird, fart-like movie about silly looking punk rockers with eye makeup who protest toxic poisoning and have seen Mad Max too many times (as if that’s even possible). Some teenagers in their thirties then decide to go kidnap one of them as a prank, but end up having to run for their lives from a mutant-cyborg-psycho. Future-Kill is a borderline-amateur film with two actors from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns. The film has a great poster by Alien creator H.R. Giger (see below) who said the director manipulated him and begged him to do it. The film sucks ass, but it’s one of my greatest pleasures is to watch films so dumb they’re actually funny, so I kinda liked this one (despite the low rating) and the cheesy 80s music and laughable special effects make this movie special. But if you only like good movies, I recommend you don’t watch this crap.

Release year: 1985
Country: USA
Director: Ronald W. Moore


Meagan Tandy + Tyler Posey

at the cartoon network offices, circa 2012

cn exec: rebecca, we’re looking for a bright, silly children’s comedy that makes the occasional fart joke. what do you have for us?

rebecca sugar, probably: the current state of american race and gender norms is deplorable. masculinity is a prison and a construct heavily influenced by the patriarchy which also serves to disenfranchise women. it’s disgusting. the intersectionality black and other minority women face is a series of unique experiences beyond those of white women. speaking to animation, specifically, minority characters are so rarely presented and when they are, so little care and attention is given to features so frequently stolen from them in media 

cn exec: …

rebecca sugar: sorry I forgot to mention steven likes pizza and cat-shaped ice cream sandwiches