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Quality Time (5SOS Pref)

_Ashton_: “Ash, what the fuck are you doing?” You questioned watching the already six foot tall boy stand on a chair, tapping at the ceiling of your living room. “Don’t swear in front of the kids!” He scolded you, turning his head to face you for just a moment before continuing tapping out a beat on the ceiling.

Kids? You raise your eyebrow, and then had an ‘oh’ moments as you watched Harry and Lauren’s little heads pop up from the back of the couch. “Hi, (Y/N)!” They greeted you cheerfully, Lauren even getting up to give you a warm hug, her small arms wrapping your waist. You smiled down at her and hugged back before pulling her up on your hip. 

“Where are my other little munchkins?” You asked noticing only two were here. “At home with mum, wasn’t feeling well”. “Poor baby” you mumbled knowing how dreadful it must be to be sick around the holidays.

Your ears perked up as Ashton STILL banged on the ceiling. “Seriously, Ashton. What are your doing?” You asked walking closer to him and looking up.
“Well, Lauren here believes that there are monsters upstairs-” “BECAUSE THERE ARE” “-so I decided to bang on their home a bit to try and get them to leave” he spoke, giving you an “Its big brother shit” look.
You just nodded, “I see”. “Well, Lauren. I promise there are NO monsters upstairs, Ashton scared them all away when he farted in his sleep last night. Plus, Ash is supposed to bang drums not ceilings love.” The little girl nodded, and went around telling everyone she saw that day that Ashton farts in his sleep.

_Michael_: “I’m starving babe!” Michael complained from the other side of the couch to you. You just rolled your eyes. He’d been trying at this for the last two and a half hours. “Go make some cereal” you responded not even bothering to watch for his reaction. “Why the hell would I do that when there’s a fucking feast in the kitchen?” You just sighed.

Michael’s family were coming over for dinner tonight for the first time so you had cooked a hell of a meal, you started it early this morning wanting everything to be perfect but maybe you had started TOO early because now you were stuck listening to Michael complain. “Oh my god, Michael they’ll be here soon, it’s not like you’re gonna die!” “Yes I will! Starving is a very realistic cause of death babe” You were about to reply but just then the front door burst open.

“Listen here you little shit,” one of Michaels close cousins spoke as he burst through the door, walking to give you a hug. Closely followed my Michaels mum and his other relatives.

You knew you chose the right family to join.

_Calum_: “Oh my god! Mali look!” You exclaimed as you scrolled down your twitter newsfeed next to Mali, who was doing the same. “Dylan Sprouse tweeted NUDES!” You yelled dropping your phone into her hands and jumping up. “THIS IS THE SHIT I ASKED FOR!” You screamed feeling your inner fan girl begging to be set free.

“Damn, he got sexy!” Mali replied handing you back your phone. You had been sitting there staring at the picture for a good five minutes when you noticed your TL was going crazy. You clicked it and saw the many tweets from Calum.

[“My and sister and my girlfriend are staring at Dylan Sprouse’s nudes. Not sure how to feel..”]

[“Stop staring at you screen, stare at ME!”]

[“Third wheeling with Mali and Y/N”]

You looked up and saw Calum staring at you with narrowed eyes and crossed arms. You gave him a weak smile. “Calum stop giving her the death glare and we’ll give you a facial.” Mali spoke noticing Calum. “YESSS! TEAM MOISTURIZE!” He screamed running off to the bathroom.
“K, then”

_Luke_: “Liz, look.” You spoke poking her arm as you watched Luke make weird faces at his baby cousin. “Hi, Zoe!” He cooed to her trying to put his sun glasses on her tiny face. “Don’t poke her eye out!” Liz warned smiling at her son before getting up to leave the room.

You grinned as you walked towards the blond haired boy and kneeling in front of him. “Zoe!” You spoke tickling her chubby little tummy. She just gurgled at you, and gave you a toothless smile.
“Look at that baby!” You exclaimed letting her look at her reflection in Luke’s sunglasses. Her eyes widened as she saw herself, her tiny little hands clasping and unclasping as they reached for the sun glasses. 
“You see that pretty little girl looking at you?” Luke asked looked down at the little angel I’m his arms. She squealed, loving the attention she was receiving from two of her favorite people.

You looked up to stare at him as he continued to fuss at every little thing she did and you couldn’t help but think about how great a dad the tall, lanky, blond would make.

I had major Ashton feels while writing this babes

Catch Fire: Chapter 1

When a one-night-stand turns two-night-stands turns sex buddies turns…well, good question OR when Lou met and somehow ended up having sex with her celebrity crush, she never expected things to turn out the way they did

Warnings: smut, language, 5SOS and especially Luke are kinda assholes


Greenlight – 5 Seconds of Summer

“It’s taking me over, I don’t wanna play this game no more

All you gotta do is tell me right now, you want me right now, come on

Give me the greenlight, we could have all night

If you just say the word, tell me it’s alright, give me the greenlight”

I open my eyes and squint in the harsh sunlight coming from the window of my bedroom. Yawning, I reach for my phone and check the time. It’s 2pm and I just woke up. Oh well. That’s what holidays are for. Sitting up, I stretch and wonder what I’m going to do today. I’ve spent the last week in LA making the apartment ready for when I’m moving in (in a few months), and this is my last day before flying back to France, where I still live with my parents.

I don’t feel like getting up just yet, so I go on YouTube to check the number of views on my last video (yes, I’m a dork that way). I smile goofily at the screen. I posted it two days ago and there are already 1k views! Okay, it might not be enormous, but I started my channel a little over a year ago and it’s not like I’m that great at singing, so I’d consider it an achievement to even have two views. I quickly scroll through the comments, which go from ‘Omg your voice is amazingg and ur sooo pretty <3’ to ‘Do u call that playing guitar?! ur voice is a fuckin disaster’.

Oh well, haters gonna hate. Comments like that are actually pretty ironic since the name of my youtube channel is GoAwayPeasant. Okay I’m not funny.

Anyway, I finally decide to get up and pick out my clothes as I check my Twitter, which I basically only use to stalk bandmembers. No one’s posted anything special, except Jack from All Time Low who’s just being his usual hilarious and stupid self. I shrug on a pair of skinny jeans and the DropDead ‘Join Us’ tank top, pulling my dark red curls in a ponytail. My phone lets out a small sound as a new tweet comes in. I look at it and freeze. Oh my god. It’s a picture of all of 5SOS in LA. I had no idea they were here. The tweet simply says that they’re stopping here for the day, and then leaving for the European leg of their tour tomorrow (yes of course I have tickets for the show in Paris). I breathe and try to channel my inner fangirl, but it’s no use. I’m in the fucking same city as them! Of course they probably won’t leave their hotel and I’m not enough of a creep to stay outside of it and stare at the windows, but still.

Just then, New Americana by Halsey starts playing as my phone rings. I pick it up, recognizing my dad’s number.

 “Hello? Louisiana?”

I sigh. Don’t get me started on my name. Normally I make everyone else call me Louise or Lou, but he insists on using my full name. I hate it. It’s not my fault my dad has family in Louisiana and has thus insisted I be called that, or that my mom thought it was a very awesome idea. But still I’m the one stuck with that horrible name.


“Hi honey, how are you?”

“Hey dad, I’m great! How are you guys?”

“We’re good. How’s the apartment?”

“It’s amazing,” I gush. “I love it so much! And it’s really close to this awesome music store! Well, I haven’t really checked it out yet, but it looks awesome. I’m probably gonna go today,” I add as an afterthought.

“I see, glad you’re having fun.”

We talk a bit more about what I did during the holidays and discuss the details of how I’m gonna get home before saying goodbye. I settle back down on my bed and contemplate what I wanna do before visiting that music store. After a few minutes of hesitating between movies, fanfics and YouTube videos, I go for the last and decide to do a re-run of all of danisnotonfire’s videos, because let’s face it: he’s amazing.

Five hours later, I’m at the music shop. And I was right: it’s paradise on earth. I trail my fingertips over the rack of CDs, looking for…there. Taking the CD out, I inspect the cover. The extended version of 5 Second of Summer’s new album finally came out, and I’m holding a precious copy. The four boys’ faces smile up at me, and I notice that for once, they’re all actually looking at the camera. I focus on Luke’s face, tracing the edges of his light smirk. So damn hot. Gripping the CD as well as the other few albums I’ve selected, I head towards the counter.

And stop in my tracks.

Entering the shop is a tall young guy around 20, with golden-blonde hair, sky-blue eyes and a pierced lip. It’s him. Lukey. Aka Luke Hemmings, 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead singer and guitarist and the boy who has been my celebrity crush for three years. Here. In this shop. Walking in my direction.

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