look at this royal family holy shit

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Heyy could you please let the Rfa+V+Saeran react to Mc being a reallife princess??

Holy shit, this one is amazing. Thank you.

Okay, before writing this, I googled if Korea had a royal family and… well, holy shit, the history is fascinating.

Here’s the link. I might operate under the idea that she’s a Korean Princess, or I might work under the idea that she’s a princess from a different country (like a European country, or something else, IDK).


  • He was going through a history textbook when he came across a picture of the Empress of Korea before they were forced out
  • Yoosung ended up laughing
  • “Hey MC! Check it out! You look kind of like her!”
  • “Yoosung, that’s my great-grandmother.”
  • “What?! But that’s the Empress!”
  • “I know. I’m technically a Princess.”
  • He just about faints
  • I mean, this is the woman he’s dating
  • They play LOLOL, they hold hands, they kiss, they’ve gotten close to….
  • Yoosung’s freaking out because he’s almost had sex with a literal Princess
  • It’d be one thing if it was in a game, but this is real life!
  • Once the freak out wears off, Yoosung is more interested in protecting her and treating her like she deserves to be treated
  • She makes him stop, to some extent, because he keeps saying he wants to “treat [her] like a princess!”


  • She didn’t really put two and two together (not that MC would have told her anything)
  • She didn’t realize that MC was actually Korean Royalty, especially given the history
  • It wasn’t until her father decided to come to visit from Japan that MC had to fess up to it
  • Jaehee was shocked
  • Secretly, she couldn’t help but think how much this was like a fairy tail (or a fantasy she had as a kid of meeting a Princess in disguise that fell in love with her)
  • MC’s not expected to inherit anything, but a Princess being in love with a woman is a little bit of a scandal
  • MC manages to duck the news and keep things clean so that their cafe isn’t hounded by the press when her father goes home
  • Jaehee ends up taking the whole thing surprisingly well, she just asks that, any huge surprises like that come sooner than later
  • Secretly giddy she’s in love with a princess that loves her back


  • When he first called her “Princess” she damn near had a heart attack
  • How did he know?! Except, then she realized he couldn’t
  • MC hadn’t used her real name as her username, let alone anything related to her name
  • When he did find out, his eyes were the size of dinner plates
  • He tried to bow, but MC stopped him
  • “It’s not a big deal.” The hell it isn’t, MC.
  • Of course, he refuses to give her up for the world, but he calls himself her loyal knight from then on
  • Also, he makes it his personal duty to protect her from all harm


  • … yeah, it was a tabloid that recognized her.
  • Here’s the thing, MC didn’t think it would be a problem, right?
  • Royalty in Korea are just people who live in relative obscurity
  • Sometimes they make the paper, but it’s like a Bigfoot sighting in the US, nobody puts much stock into it
  • But no, MC had to start dating a rich, powerful, famous man, surrounded by paparazzi and people who run background checks
  • Once it’s confirmed by multiple sources and MC herself, Jumin is surprised, but pleased in a small way
  • it’s a good PR move and his father will adore it and be forced to accept their marriage
  • Jumin ends up using it as an excuse to pamper her and buy her expensive things
  • He likes finding traditional, old fashioned jewelry for her to wear


  • Haha
  • He spat out his Ph.D Pepper
  • Seriously, you don’t expect to do a background check on a girl, only to find out she’s a literal princess
  • It’s why he wouldn’t share her photo
  • It’s also why he found it so easy to flirt with her
  • She was, by all foreseeable standards, unavailable
  • The perfect girl for him
  • But when things go well with them, and he starts to see himself having a life with her (a normal one), he panics
  • Like “nope, sorry Your Highness! I’m just a lowly bastard (in the literal sense), not worth the soil you walk on!”
  • Except that Korean royalty were forced out of their own country and are currently just title holders, hold no real power and just kind of…. exists?
  • They do make jokes about how the son of the Korean Prime Minister and a Princess of Korea fell in love


  • He knew she was foreign
  • That, V could deduce for himself
  • Between her distinct accent and red hair, he figured it was obvious
  • He just didn’t know where from
  • One day, while they were sitting at home, watching tv together, there was a knock on the door
  • When V answered it, it was a reporter who was trying to force her way into to talk to “Princess MC”
  • Well, needless to say, MC explains, yeah, she’s a princess, she’s from Europe
  • He doesn’t treat her much differently, but he tries his best to help her hide her identity from the press
  • However, when MC has to go home and visit her family, V joins her on this mini vacation and uses it as a chance to take photos


  • Mildly embarrassed the trope was turned on its head
  • “Prince Charming rescues girl, they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after!”
  • More like “Princess MC rescues Saeran from clutches of evil cult, then drags him off to a hospital to seek medical and mental help so that he can begin to recover from the life long shit he’s been wading through.”
  • Well, she doesn’t order him to get better, but she does sit with him a lot and basically forces him to get better, even if it’s only so much
  • Saeran takes measures to protect her identity from the public, keeping her hidden in plain sight so that she doesn’t get attention she doesn’t want
  • When a news station plans to run the story about how they found her, Saeran has algorithms that figure it out and he then blackmails the station into dropping the story
  • Saeran’s justification?
  • “MC says she loves me, but she’s never told me about being a princess so she doesn’t want anyone to know so no one will ever know unless she wants them to.”
Non-Canon Ganons, rated

Cartoon Ganon: Despite his cool, pig-like appearance, Cartoon Ganon is a fucking joke. He takes three hits to get rid of in an episode, is basically a regular pig without his powers, and his voice sounds like he got kicked in the nuts. At least he tries to stop Link and Zelda. A for effort. 4/10

CD-i Ganon: Now this is a Ganon I can support. He manages to take over two different nations - Koridai and Gamelon - and kidnap members of the Hylian Royal Family in the process. Big problem, though - he can be killed in one hit. To add insult to injury, the hits are by a book and wand. Granted, he can easily take down Link and Zelda, but he’s the weakest Ganon on here. 8/10

The other CD-i Ganon: Holy shit. This non-canon Ganon looks like the fucking devil himself. He’s also fought in a traditional manner - top down, with a health bar larger than the other two non-canon Ganons combined.  Two problems, though - his name is spelled Gannon, and he’s in a game that’s considered the worst Zelda game ever (moreso than the Animation Magic ones). Those are some real downsides. 7.5/10


- never really interested in all the royal affairs like at all
- falls asleep at the meetings and always accidentally squeaks his chairs at the most inappropriate times and everyone thinks he farted
- like they’re discussing the latest crime committed in the village and abt someone’s death penalty and then all you hear is a huge pop noise and a red-faced prince mark
- he likes to walk around the castle at night when his parents and siblings are asleep and just roam around, checking up randomly on the staff and guards
- even sometimes walks outside in the villages and talks to the civilians and girls would literally drool over him because he’s so fucking close
- he never sees himself as a prince really, like he thinks that sometimes its a little too much to bear and doesn’t know if he’s quite fit for the role
- sometimes, he has trouble sleeping thinking about the responsibilities that he has and how it’s possible he’s not the right one to fix all of them
- he walks around in like ripped, black skinny jeans and like a plain white t-shirt and his mom always sees him and sighs and just walks the other way like there’s no use in scolding him anymore
- probably steals the clothes from guardcaptain!jackson because his mom has tried to throw away every piece of non-prince attire he’s ever tried to sneak in
- but then one day he runs into you, the tailor for the royal family
- it was during his random walks in the villages in the middle of the day and he’s around, trying to look for modern clothes to get out of his stupid and itchy tunics
- he sees you at the table, measuring the pieces of fabric and marking the lengths and he literally almost trips on his own feet bc wow you’re like gorgeous
- oh yeah, and captainguard!jackson decided to tag along that time and leaned over mark’s shoulder as he’s drooling and scares the shit out of him
- “wha- holy shit dude, wtf!”
- mark literally slaps his hand over jackson’s mouth and pushes him into the racks
- you look up and find that they disappeared and the noise was probably just from the street or smth cause your mom always leaves the store doors open
- the two guys sneak out unheard and mark punches jackson three more times for good measure and tells him to stfu
- but he doesn’t ofc, so he continues to tease mark about u all week
- he hasn’t found the courage to come back yet but one day, jackson literally throws him out the door and into the markets to formally introduce himself
- and truthfully, mark hasn’t been able to stop thinking about u since that day like how your hair flows over your shoulders and your eyes squint and ur tongue curves over the tip of your lips when you’re working and he described it to jackson, “it’s kinda as if the entire world just stops spinning when shes hard at work”
- so he finally introduces himself to you and is all like flustered and red and blushing as he’s like “o-oh hey, i’m uh . .. m -mark i’m gonna like rule the country one day, like, um yeah”
- and you giggle to yourself cause shouldn’t you be the one blushing and being all flustered?
- and then he asks if you can make him like a simple flannel, and you agree, even though you know the queen would probably throw it out immediately
- so he keeps coming back day after day to check up on the progress but honestly is just using it as an excuse to talk to you and stare at you
- and when he smiles, dear god when he smiles, you feel as though your entire store is being lit up and you just think of what you would give up to see that smile every minute of the rest of your life
- but neither of you tell each other of your infatuation for each other even though everytime jackson tags along he literally pushes you guys into each other “by accident” and then sprints off back to the castle
- he tells you about his struggles about being afraid that he wont be enough for the future of this country ahead of him and he keeps rambling and rambling ((which you love, cause you’ve always thought he was this quiet, mysterious pretty boy)), until you hold his hand and comfort him and look him dead in the eye and he’s literally abt to faint
- he loves the way you only want the best for the world and you never really ask for much and your family consists of just you and your mom but you never complain and how you take whatever is coming at you and try to stay positive with it and will never stand by something you dont believe in and he doesn’t know how to tell you that
- so for now, you guys kinda just appreciate each other’s company beyond belief and you both are so whipped but you don’t want it to get in the way of your friendship bc pfft he’s a prince and you’re just you, and you always wonder why the prince would fall in love with someone like you?
- but he does, and you don’t know it, but that day will come rlly rlly soon ((: