look at this pretty human being


okay so today was pretty GREAT 

I finally got to meet one of my absolute fave human beings in the entire world and he was the sweetest and most beautiful sunshine ever 

I honestly love this man more than anything and to finally meet him irl was just unbelievably emotional, I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet

(please excuse my face and my hair, i was NOT prepared for meeting the most beautiful person to ever walk this earth today so I look like a complete mess, but that’s okay because I have finally met Gregor and I couldn’t be happier)

Are we starting Invocation discourse?

Wizards is printing collectable versions of popular cards that each set is in theme with the current plane/story.

No, I don’t think they look as good as Kaladesh’s or Zendikar’s after taking a look at card images online. But please stop being rude about it good lord. These are designs people put a lot of heart into and were really excited to see fan reactions.

It’s ok to disagree with design choices but ranting and being rude is pretty disrespectful and ungrateful. Egh

bsd characters ranked from least to most kinky

ace af, they do not crave that mineral

  • Lovecraft, looks upon human mating rituals with fear and disgust
  • Fukuzawa, the only kind of pussy he wants are literal cats
  • Ango, considers holding hands in public a wild act of sexual deviancy
  • Hawthorne, too gay for jesus to bang anything other than a bible
  • Alcott, thinks third base is what the guild calls the backup headquarters for their backup headquarters
  • Akutagawa, the only fucking he does is fucking up his life 
  • Ranpo, his idea of sex is reading mystery novels in his underwear while being fed snacks

pretty indifferent, would rather have strawberry cheesecake than sex

  • Poe, he aint no edgar allan hoe
  • Atsushi, got kissed on the cheek once and immediately wondered if he could get pregnant from it
  • Kajii, if you ask him to experiment in the bedroom, don’t be surprised when this bitch shows up with test tubes
  • Katai, thinks sleeping together means LITERALLY sleeping together
  • Hirotsu, who needs sex when you have a squad full of super-powered gangster children to look after?


  • Kunikida, usually down to whip out the kunikidong but if he’s stressed out from dealing with dazai all day, he’d probably rather just chill out and get some rest
  • Odasaku, very busy taking care of his orphans and writing his novel, but when he has time its time to F U C K yo!
  • Junichiro, aint no shame in yo game boy (UNLESS YOUR “GAME” IS YOUR FUCKING SISTER!!!!!!)
  • Gin, rarely eats three meals a day but is always ready to eat some puss
  • Higuchi, usually dtf but dont be surprised if she calls you “akutagawa-senpai” by accident

be careful, these people are hornier than a stegosaurus

  • Steinbeck, those grape vines aren’t the only things spreading seed if u know what i mean
  • Mitchell, 10/10 will shove her umbrella up your ass 
  • Tachihara, your ass is gonna need a band-aid by the time he’s through with u boi
  • Naomi, someone call an ambulance bc if this bitch was any thirstier (for her BROTHER!!!!!!!!!) she’d die of dehydration
  • Twain, this sniper knows how to hit his target alright ;)
  • Kouyou, she’s a golden demon…  IN BED
  • Fitzgerald, once u get past the fact that he calls his dick “old sport” the money more than makes up for it

so named for the fucking and the fact that said fucking might land you in the graveyard

  • Chuuya “sent to the hospital after unsuccessfully attempting to use a wine bottle as a dildo” Nakahara
  • Dazai, bandage and bondage are only one letter away… things are about to get NAUGHTY
  • Chuuya “jacuzzi fucker” Nakahara
  • Yosano, good thing she’s a doctor cuz you’re gonna need one once she’s through with you
  • Chuuya “cum pockets” Nakahara
  • Chuuya
  • ChuUYA

No. Just… no…

  • Fyodor, only capable of being aroused by the screams of the damned
  • Mori, every time he gets an erection, a puppy dies

Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art of their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry

Blue Lion Theory

So in the first episode, they show Keith’s mind map towards finding the Blue Lion

And there was something I noticed

It was this picture of this creature looking being that must have been a cave painting Keith found during his search

And it looks like the same being is here, ^^ but in this painting it looks as if it was discovered or encountered by humans, which most likely means whatever had possibly come down to Earth most likely wasn’t human.

By the way it’s drawn, you can pretty much tell that it isn’t from the human species already. If anything it looks more alien like. Possibly Galra? Some Galra are much larger than humans and they do have big ears too (just like the painting), take a look at Sendak for example

Could that mean a Galran (or Galra) possibly came down to Earth sometime in the past? And maybe with the Blue Lion, which is how it got here in the first place?

Would that explain why Keith felt an energy towards it?

But there’s also the fact that Allura knew the pilot of the Blue Lion, except; she never really specified if they were Galran or Altean did she? She’d just asked what had happened to it’s paladin… 

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I am DM'ing a campaign and my players are picking up a package from a black market merchant. I've built this package up to be pretty ominous an dangerous, but I don't know what the package is...help?

Skin that can transform to look like any human, and sound like them despite being made of only skin. No eyeballs. No vocal cords. Its smart, tricky, and can grow larger by taking more flesh from others.

A [item] that is actually a lich’s phylactery. The package gives off bad luck and gives villagers a sense of dread.

The package has a small opening for food. You cannot see inside of it. You are given several packages for food. You are to give one a day [or however often you want]. Each serving gets bigger and bigger until the last one, which is a butchered body. The thing inside the package has no troubles getting everything through the small opening. [could be an ooze, a quickly growing hatchling, etc]

A large number of cockatrice eggs. Touch them with your bare hands, you turn to stone. You crack any eggs, they hatch and cause chaos. 

A meteorite. It hums. It whispers to those around it. It can control metal objects within 30 meters, so long as the metal objects aren’t held by a player. 

As a tribute to Loo Brealey, a clever,strong woman and very gifted actress  who gave the Sherlock Fandom Molly Hooper

Molly got some of the most vivid interactions with the Hero, some vigorous slapping, virtual but lovely kissing, making him say sorry when he never does, and making him say I love You when, of course, he never does either

She was such a crucial element in Sherlock’ becoming a real human being 

This summary looks pretty satisfying to me as a viewer

 I was also  glad to see  that she was happy in the end, I needed this last image for her Character

As an artist I love Loo’s features, she always looks both innocent and sensual at the same time, pretty seducing mix in my opinion!

You have a good week Fandom!

Just how big are the gods of Amonkhet?

Because the images from yesterday don’t give us a lot to compare them to for scaling purposes. 

So at first I’m looking at the crocodile god… 

…and reference his size in the image released by VIZ for the Amonkhet art book… 

…and compared to the other people in the image, he looks to be pretty standard giant size. Like, an adult human approximately comes up to his knee. 

But then there’s the art of the cat god… 

…and you know how several of the gods have birds flying in the background of their art? 

THAT BIRD’S NOT IN THE BACKGROUND. It’s flying in front of her. 

So that’s either a really tiny bird, or she’s ENORMOUS. 

Soooo… I’m thinking there may be some size variations among these beings. 

anonymous asked:

Why does Ciel dislike philanthropists? He expressed it a few times in BOC but I don't know why and was wondering if you did lol

Hey Anon! 

It’s true that he did, probably because he thinks that it’s all a façade and that these philanthropists only pretend to act like they care when they don’t. That’s Ciel we’re talking about after all and he has a rather negative view on humanity.

…Frankly I can’t blame him though and not just because of what he went through personally as a kid. I mean look at Kelvin:

He was originally one of these philanthropists too

and look what happened (he ended up using all those children he “saved” and at the end no one was left, all destroyed because of him).

….You know, it’s pretty ironic though. Ciel says he hates philanthropists and he also thinks he’s a despicable human being and yet he…

  • Saved Finny and gave him a name and a home
  • Probably gave a home to Bard and Mey too
  • Couldn’t hurt his aunt Red when she almost tried to kill him
  • Gave Mary Jane Kelly decent funerals
  • Was ready to take on Kelvin’s workhouse because of Joker and the others
  • Brought Snake in
  • Ordered Seb to kill all the BDs in the water after the boat sank in order to protect “Lizzie and the other passengers” 
  • Went back to save Harcourt from the BDs at Weston
  • Called out Sieglinde’s mom for being a terrible parent
  • Saved Wolfram for Sieglinde’s sake even though Wolf almost killed him
  • Didn’t give the worst chemical war weapon in history to Victoria even though she basically sent him to Germany for that

All that to say that basically Ciel has a terrible view on human beings (himself included) and doesn’t believe in philanthropy (again I can’t blame him) but he’s himself a contradiction to what he believes to be. 

Anyway, I hope it answers your question! Have a nice day Anon :)

hey you know what i r e a l l y like? i r e a l l y like
*reads off hand*
tyler scheid because he is a wonderful human being that cares so much for others and i hope one day he will be confident and happy with his looks and realise he’s actually gorgeous and incredibly pretty in the meantime i’m glad there’s slowly more and more mark and ethan videos with him in them as it’s nice to see how he’s evolved from a shy quiet guy to someone making dick jokes and laughing uncontrollably comfortably on screen and i enjoy getting notifications when he tweets as i’m in a different timezone so whenever he tweets i read them when i’m either going to bed or waking up so I end or start the day happier because of tyler?
*looks up*
…. what

To all women, never be ashamed of -

● Periods
● your body
● sexual orientation
● breastfeeding
● your curves
● being skinny
● being chubby
● flaunting your body
● going to parties
● doing what you want
● wearing makeup
● not wearing makeup
● dressing as you feel comfortable
● having short hair
● being educated
● being smarter than all boys
● dying your hair
● having a attitude
● not wanting to be married or have kids
● having no interest in cooking and cleaning and looking pretty and do nothing else
● spending weekends by going to movies by yourself
● wanting to live in your own way
● going for shopping
● not going for shopping
● not having/wanting a boyfriend
● looking like hell
● putting career first
● being girly
● not being girly
● not wanting to have sex
● not wanting to give a blowjob
● returning late from work
● working in another country
● being badass, punkish,goth, emo
● wearing ratty leather shorts
● making tattoos
● making your own decisions
● decorating your body as you like it
● wanting to sleep 5 minutes more
● going to the college you want
● going for higher studies with your fav subject
● being ultra modern
● listening to rock metal
● drinking only if you want to
● B E I N G A W E S O M E

batsythesoupcan  asked:

Have you ever worked with a wombat bc they seem like assed.

I have worked with a few wombats. Most of them have been young, because they have an unfortunate tendency to end up as roadkill with joeys in the pouch, but a few adult rescues too.

Pictures like this make them look cute. To be fair, they are pretty cute, they’re basically ground dwelling koalas. They are also 50% ass.

They are powerfully built, with strong limbs and strong claws. They also don’t have any ‘extra’ bits for handlers to hold onto, making them difficult to restrain and maneuver. This isn’t too bad when they’re young, but considering these animals can reach 35kg, which is bigger than most labradors, only without the height, this results in them being built like furry tanks.

They grow bigger than they look.

They’re also wild. They can be friendly if bottle reared, but don’t really care about human rules and will generally do whatever it was they wanted to do in the first place. This can result in a 30kg bullet shaped ball of muscle barreling around a corner and into your knees.

Unfortunately, most of the wombats who weren’t orphaned joeys looked like this.

Sarcoptic mange, from dog or fox contact, devastates wombats and many of them die because of it. This accidentally introduced parasite is difficult to control, because it’s difficult to regularly treat the population.

I like them though. You gotta love an animal with spunk.

  • Fandom: oh my gosh it's so messed up that the Pearls have no freedom, are looked down upon and no way of freely expressing themselves. They're just slaves forced to obey their masters.
  • Also fandom: just because the people in the human zoo have no freedom, are looked down upon and have no way of freely expressing themselves does not mean that they're slaves. Their home is pretty!

“In all honesty, I don’t hate the different Tamatoa’s humanizations .I admit it I do have my personal favorites and even one I went yup that’s human Tamatoa. What annoys me that there are some Tamatoa fans are being jerks about how the humanizations should look like . Don’t make him too skinny , Don’t make him pretty and how dare you paint him the skin color that you want him to look like. Its attitudes like that that make me nervous about creatin’ my own humanization.”

The Changes You Can't See - a MikaYuu drabble

Yuu feels a little stupid he’s never noticed: Mika can’t sleep.

Naturally, he’d assume Mika would lay down in his room at night, because that’s what you do… when you’re human.

“You seriously never noticed?” Mika watches him incredulously.

Yuu scratches the back of his head, embarrassed. “I never paid it much attention…”

That’s a pretty Yuu thing to do, Mika must decide. He takes the explanation without much more of a fight, sighing a little.

Yuu can hear the ‘incredible" in that tiny puff of air.

He steps next to Mika, leaning against the shabby house wall, and looks out the starry night sky like Mika does. “How does it feel not being able to sleep?” Yuu asks in innocent curiosity.

Mika doesn’t answer. Yuu can feel him becoming stiff.

“… Not human,” He spits the words reluctantly.

Yuu huffs. The answer doesn’t please him, and silence is all that passes between them for a moment.

He thinks it must be lonely… to stand out here every night on his own– like the nights when Yuu would cry as a child. So loudly, apparently, that a soldier would snitch him to Guren and make him check on Yuu.

He wonders, did Mika cry too? Did he cry alone in a room, not getting the image of his family dying out of his head?

Did he have a Guren who came to check on him? Someone who stayed until he fell asleep?

“I can’t sleep,” Yuu lies, the words coming out of nowhere.

He turns to look at Mika, his face as innocent as ever. “Will you stay with me?”

Mika’s eyes grow wide. “You want me to stay with you in your room?”

“I want you to stay with me in my bed.”

Mika blushes. Even in the lacking light, Yuu can see it - feel it - more likely.

He lifts his hand to touch Mika’s cheek, the skin hot, stroking over his cheekbone with his thumb. “Will you?”


Mika glances to the side.

“I guess.”


You’d think it’d be awkward to share a bed, but somehow… both seem to know exactly what to do.

Yuu faces the wall, laying on his side, and Mika casually places an arm around him from behind.

“This feels like something we’d do as children…” Mika mumbles, his voice full of warmth. He’s so close, his breath spills into Yuu’s hair, disturbing it.

Mika adds, “When you were still a crybaby.”

“I wasn’t a crybaby,” Yuu grumbles in protest. The tips of his ears feel hot.

“You were. You’d think I didn’t see with your back turned to me, but I did.”

Yuu grows silent. His brain is slowly connecting the puzzle pieces. “… Is that why you’d come lie next to me?”


There’s a smile in Mika’s voice.

Yuu’s ears grow hotter, and Mika presses a kiss to the back of Yuu’s head.

They don’t say anything for a while. There’s only the sound of them breathing and the beat of their hearts.

“Thank you,” Yuu mumbles eventually.

Mika’s presence always had something soothing. It felt like he wanted to be around Yuu, and Yuu wanted the same. It’s almost like they sought comfort in each other - back then - as they do now.

Mika mumbles back, “I have to thank /you./”

He shuffles closer, holding Yuu a little tighter, like he’s preparing himself to join Yuu in sleep.

Yuu forgets quickly that it’s something that Mika can’t do.

And never will.