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For every ‘@’ sent (anon or not) I will mention & post something positive about a fellow tumblr user!

@delightfour - Look here. This munchkin is precious and perfect and I’m so glad they came to find me.  One of the best RP relationships I’ve ever had was with an old muse of theirs and even if we never actually RP again, I’m just so happy to have them to talk to.  And you know what, they sit there and talk about how they have crappy muses and whatnot, but no siree.. that’s a lie.  Their muses are amazing and their writing has come so far in the past couple of years.  I love seeing people grow and honestly? -CRIES LIKE A MAMA-

@sullei - I don’t wanna out her, but fuck, she’s been around for a long time.  and had a truly popular muse - fuck, all her muses have been popular - whether she believes it or not.  I love writing with her.  she is a gem.  with fabulous hair. well, okay, she had a moment where she wasn’t cool - and that moment involved some very unfortunate sponge bob paraphernalia and I still have not forgotten that. other than that though, she’s my homie.  she gets all my overwatch boxes lol and that’s T RUE L O V E right there.

@dvizng - forever busy learning languages and shit and posting on TWITTERRRRRR and playing overwatch now, but really.. Keii is one of the few people I’ve ever really thought did Justice to Wu Yi Fan as a faceclaim/muse.  They’re really just someone who wants to write good stories and have throughful (HOLY FUCK HOW DID I MISSPELL THOUGHTFUL!?) relationships and GOOD OL ANGSTY SHIT even though none of it is with me now -SAD FACE- Then again, I suck at angst, I can’t lie. Oh well.  Just know that they’re worth it, just like L’oreal and your hair.

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Any chance you could do a Bucky x Reader where the reader is independent as hell and sarcastic but has crippling social anxiety? Bucky thinks she's scared of him like everyone else until one day he blows up at/confronts her or something, but she's just scared of everyone cuz she doesn't wanna mess up?

hey there ! I’m working on this one right now and it’ll be up in a few days. I’m also doing my research on social anxiety so I can get it right for the story. (this is going to be my first bucky x reader waaahhhh) Thanks so much for requesting :)  

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^ look at the precious munchkin oh dear god