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Seventeen in a nutshell: Jeonghan

Jeonghan is next in the seventeen in a nutshell series! Make sure to check out the other ones on my masterlist !

Jeonghan in a nutshell:

  • Behold the mother of seventeen
  • is a hilarious balance of affectionate and savage towards the younger members 
  • but cherishes them all like a proud mother hen tbh
  • works hard with scoups to keep them in line and that is not an easy job at all
  • Vocalist with the voice of an angel dipped in honey on a summer day
  • for real its so light yet sexy it’s a freak of nature
  • okay go watch this immortal song performance and just wait for the “watch me move, watch me move part” you will understand
  • used to have long billowing majestic legolas hair
  • also was a pale lilac at one point which was oddly satisfying, however very short lived
  • when he has blonde hair and puts it up in a ponytail and lets only one strand down, what a good look.
  • the adore u acoustic version is a blessing for all of the vocal team tbh
  • For this last comeback GOD BLESS BOOM BOOM, cut his hair off and looks so similar to Johnny from NCT that Sehun from EXO confused them from the back rip sehun my precious bb
  • Always asks Dino “whose baby are you?” and waits until he responds “Jeonghan hyungs baby” because that’s the way it is until Dino’s thirty.
  • If I said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times, he is not a girl do not call him a girl just because he is more feminine does not make him the “girl of the group”
  • also lazy as hell, asks the other members to do things for him.
  • Watch the Boom Boom rearview dance practice or the pretty u one, sometimes he just chooses to not dance.
  • but we let it go because it’s jeonghan our precious, savage, angel.

First thing first,  a huge congratulations to Seventeen for their award at MAMA 2016! Those precious boys do deserve this and much, much more! The leaders, the units, the members all deserve huge awards for the huge effort and amazing hard work, as well as brilliant work.

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Okay so, now that the congratulations for mama 2016 have been said, congratulations to Seventeens for such an amazing comeback!

This comeback actually shows development from Seventeen.

To be honest during the announcement of ‘dark seventeen’ i was a bit worried…

A lot actually…


Well because the individual pictures looked just melancholic and a bit…ballad-y, for a lack of a batter word.

So I was really scared that they would release a really slow ballad. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with ballads, but in my opinion, a comeback title song as a ballad would not fit Seventeen, especially after the song and music video ‘Very Nice”.

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However when i heard saw the second teaser and heard the song, i was just…

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Yep, the feels creeped up on me when I least expected them.

And soon my heart was…

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because of all the pictures.

And then the actual music video got me all…

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because it is soooooooo good.


Firstly, the actual song is amazing. Its fun, funky, upbeat, energetic yet a bit more mature than their previous songs. Congratulations to WOOZI, S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, Vernon, BUMZU for writing the lyrics.

Second, the dance looks also fantastic. Once again, it is much more mature than their previous choreography as it is less focused on acting cute, like a young boy in love, but rather, more grown up , cool and a bit more sexy, something done without being to raunchy.  There were hip thrusts, sexy looks, but all of than done without being too much.

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(I’m sorry but why does The8 look so much like Gaara in this gif?)

Thirdly, the music video is so much fun! Pretty U was a great song, but the music video destroyed it, in my opinion. It was incoherent, badly passed and just overall very messy.

However this one…. This mv is amazing! Each member has some focus time, they all all seen clearly, the pacing is great, the plot is simple and is mixed with great dancing and just generally fits the vibe of the song so well.

And the quality…… oh the quality is fantastic. Its so clear, so bright, so well shot…. I really, really love it.

Now, lets talk about how amazing do all the members look.



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Okay, this guy slayed me so hard. I did not expect him to rap with that raspy, sexy style. The moment i first heard him I had to stop the music video and rewind. In fact, even now when I listen to this song, I have the biggest urge to play his part again, and again and again and again and again and …. you get the point. And he looks like a god.



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I admit, i had a bit of a tough time recognising Wonwoo. In fact first time I saw him in this MV all i could think of was; Who is this? But he looks great, even with green hair( although i do prefer his black hair) and his voice was sexy as always.



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This boy…. this boy should take a chill pill. Like what is this? He was trying so hard to seduce all CARATS  and i really think it worked. I mean, I’m not even Mingyu, but he sure made my heart go BOOMBOOM.



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Speaking of chill pill…. if Mingyu needs one then Jun needs like 17(see what i did there? Ok I’ll stop). I know that he is a great actor and all,  but this… this is just unacceptable. His glares, his smirk and just his overall presence is one of the best from seventeen. He looks good an he probably know it. But excuse me Pledis….. Where them lines at? Why did he get 2 seconds?! (But at least he got screen time so YAAAS my boy slay!)



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And speaking of no lines… 3 seconds… really? Well, at list he got to be a cool drone using guy in the MV. And he finally got the centre time he deserves. I can’t wait for the choreo video to come out because i know that he will prove that he is a great dancer. And he was so passionate too.



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Ok so, real talk. This guy may hate being called pretty, but I’m sorry but he is just so pretty. He is such a good looking guy, but instead of being a more manly looking handsome like Jun, our angel is just so beautiful. He should always be appreciated and loved. And his voice was really sweet and I’m happy that it fits his voice more than ‘Very Nice’ because he should shine.



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This american boy should stay in his lane. I already have more biases than i panhandle, I don’t need more pain between choosing who to put as my wallpaper. I mean, to i have to explain Joshua? Cute, sweet but handsome, multilingual… and has a great voice and can play the guitar.

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Hoshi is a great dancer, nothing new here. So as usual, i am waiting for the dance practice because I am really excited in seeing him dance. I also think he should keep the black hair. It actually makes him look his age and really machos his eyes. He did look great in lighter hair, but in black he looks much more mature.



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Yes, shine Seokmin, shine! I’ve heard quite a few people say that he is not attractive, but girl where? Seokmin is actually a very sexy guy with killer vocals. And i was so surprised to fin dot last time that he can dance up front so well! 



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Vernon! My fellow 98 line! I’m so happy he got a rap verse that wasn’t disjointed! And this hair and style is definitely his best. Vernon is our handsome meme and we all love him for that!

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Our amazing Diva turned sleeping beauty in this comeback is once again so beautiful. I can’t wait for more hilarity from him as MC Seungkwan is too hilarious. And those high notes though… So good! Life is not life if you don’t watch Seungkwan compilations. Also, if the rumours of this precious boy being shamed by staff for being fat, hen they either better hide or get a life. He looks fantastic the way he is. You don’t need to be thin to look amazing.

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What does he think he is doing? No, really, why is he torturing us noonas? Really, he should stop(but actually he really should continue).Also thirsting after Dino is fine as long as it doesn’t include measuring his private parts or sending crazy things to him on a regular pacing. After all, Dino is no longer the very little giant baby he was. He is much sexier now, especially seeing that his face is turning out to be manlier than the other members’. I can’t wait to see Dino dance more and grow more. That boy is going to the right direction, thats for sure.

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And here he is…..  The amazing, perfect, beautiful young man (yes i might be a bit biased…. just a bit). Seriously though, I won’t tell no lies, Woozi is my bias in Seventeen. I mean, he really is fantastic and this song yet again proves it. And i am so happy that he is finally getting more lines. His voice is so soothing and beautiful. However, I do wish to see him dance more.  After all, he is an amazing dancer, just look at all the pre debut dances he has participated it. It saddens me that he is not in the performance team like he was expected to, but then doubt that he would be able to write like he does now. Anyway, Woozi in this MV is cute, super attractive and sexy, like always. He is just so talented and i could gush about him for so long (which i did in my previous post for his birthday-shameless plug).

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So yep… Seventeen just had yet another amazing comeback. And this time its much more mature. Sure its not dark like we expected, but it shows growth from the cutie, high school boy concept into guys who are more confident. 

Seventeen is a group that warms so hard, especially as they are a self-producing group.

Seventeen deserves more awards.

But Seventeen also deserves a nice long break. After all, its been just a year since their debut and they have already had 3 mini albums, 1 full album and 1 repackaged album. If thats not hard work, I don’t know what is.

I usually don’t say this but stan Seventeen, stan talent. Seventeen is a group that wasn’t put together just based on looks.  All members are really talented in their own respect. While with many groups in their first year you hear ‘oh they should improve’ Seventeen stunned immediately.

So good luck Seventeen and don’t overwork yourselves!

Stay healthy!

And Carats, lets give Seventeen their win with this comeback! they really deserve it!

And of course don’t forget to buy their album! 

I sure am!


And thank you for such an amazing comeback!

Thank you for reading!

(oh and pledis, you better not be mistreating these boys!)

PS @eggplantjoy I would like to apologise in advance, as when the dance  practice will come out, i will spam the life out of you.Also if any of the guys capture your eye please do tell)) haha. 

Seventeen: Having a Jealous Girlfriend

@xolovelyloserxo: “Hello there I was wondering if I can request a scenario of the members gf/bf pouting and trying to win their attention because the member was busy doing something like playing videogames or talking with a friend . 😋 thanks hun have an amazing day 😁”

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  • probably on the phone with his boyfriend jeonghan talking about their sons maknaes
  • wanting his attention, you start to cling to him like how he usually clings to you
  • he doesn’t realize it at first and just lets you hold onto him
  • who was he to complain about skin ship?
  • it’s not until he notices your pouty lips that he realizes that you want his attention
  • seungcheol says farewell to jeonghan and then hugs you from behind bc you were walking away 
  • “so what do you want do today, hmm?”


  • he’s been sitting there for almost two hours texting dino, making sure that he’s taking care of himself on their day off
  • but like isn’t jeonghan supposed to be paying attention to you on his day off????
  • you become rather passive as you sit next to jeonghan as he texts dino
  • sighing loudly multiple times, you watch the cartoons on the tv and try not to glare at the innocently dancing idols on the screen
  • jeonghan notices that you’re sulking and wraps his arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him
  • “dino was just telling me about the specials the restaurant down the street was having. want to go?”
  • you smile and nod, happy to have your angel’s attention focused on you


  • “NO, LEVI, NO!”
  • you hit your head against he wall as joshua continues to binge read the attack on titan manga
  • you watch from across the room as he reads his phone with a serious face, his eyes becoming wide then narrowed as the characters did who knows what
  • “joshuaaaa~ can’t we do something together?”
  • joshua looks up and chuckles as he walks over to you “sure, babe~”
  • you happily cuddle up next to him as he sits next you but your heart drops when he turns on netflix
  • “you should’ve told me you wanted to watch the anime earlier so i didn’t spoil anything for you :D”


  • “do i really look like doge that much?”
  • you regret accidentally leaving your laptop open when you were looking at jun meme posts earlier
  • jun’s been on tumblr for over an hour trying to find every meme of himself
  • “babe, you should just ignore those posts. let’s go outside and clear your head”
  • jun looks up at you then to the laptop then sighs to himself as he finally lets up
  • you intertwine your fingers with his and lean your head on his shoulder as you two walk 
  • jun smiles as you chat about a cafe you found, those comparisons of him and doge shoved into the back of his head


  • hoshi’s been choreographing the new song for the past two days and you could even dance the chorus by now
  • “soonyoung~ i think you need to take a break”
  • “one more time~”
  • he’s been saying that for the past two hours
  • you shut off the music and hold his face so he stares at you
  • “i know you love dancing, but this isn’t healthy. you need to rest”
  • hoshi thanks you by kissing your nose and obediently complies with your orders


  • if you had a dollar for every time wonwoo let mingyu join you guys on a date you’d have enough to buy a fancy tub of ice cream
  • you tried hinting at mingyu to leave, but it flew right over his head which is weird considering how tall he is
  • having had enough, you announced that you were going to the minimart to buy some chips
  • wonwoo knew you only ate chips when you were sad
  • after quiet discussing with mingyu about the situation he catches up to you outside
  • you’re surprised as a coat is laid on your shoulders
  • “it’s cold outside and it’s dark. why would you try going out without me?”


  • jihoon had two loves in his life: you, and his music
  • it was annoying how often he picked working in the studios during the night instead of going on dates with you
  • you decided to tag along with him and watched in complete and utter boredom as he worked on another song
  • jihoon asked you if you liked his bridge and got no response so he looked over and saw you were asleep
  • crap he felt bad
  • you woke up to gently being shaken and the scent of hot chocolate met your nose
  • “why don’t you drink this to wake up then we go to that store you’ve been talking about lately?”


  • on a walk around the park, somehow seokmin got caught up talking the day away with an old lady
  • it started off with you two helping her carry her groceries, but then she became enamored with your boyfriend and chatted with him as you stood there as an awkward third wheel
  • you awkwardly nudged seokmin with your arm hoping he would get the hint
  • it took five more pressured nudges before he noticed the plea in your eyes for him to stop talking
  • seokmin politely told the lady farewell and swung your guys’ arms as the two of you walked away
  • “you could’ve hinted to me earlier that you wanted to leave.”
  • it took all your power not to face-palm


  • guess who was third-wheeling a meanie date? you were
  • sometimes it felt like wonwoo was more of mingyu’s significant other than you
  • you try to actively participate with them as they played their video games, but you couldn’t keep up with their skill levels
  • you clenched your jaw in frustration and left the room to read in your study
  • half an hour passes before mingyu walks in and wraps you in his arms
  • “i’m sorry for paying more attention to wonwoo on my day off than you. what can i do to make it up to you?”
  • “just cuddle with me, dummy”


  • you were irrationally jealous of a puppy
  • jun got minghao a puppy the other week for his hard work and here you were pouting on the couch as minghao cooed over how cute the dog was
  • “ah~ you’re so precious~”
  • you stiffened. he never called you precious
  • minghao noticed your sour face and hid his chuckle as he smiled at the puppy
  • “don’t you think your mommy is beautiful, my precious son?”
  • you didn’t hide your smile; minghao was such a dork


  • how come seungkwan would sing in the shower all day, but he would never sing for you?
  • you asked him about it and he rolled his eyes
  • “stop being jealous of the shower, (y/n). that’s weird”
  • your passive aggressiveness didn’t stop and while it was amusing for a while seungkwan finally got tired of your green eyes
  • one day he calls you to the dorms and he’s sitting in the middle of a room on a chair with joshua holding a guitar off to the side
  • you sit down on the chair across from him and he sings to you
  • at the end he says “now stop standing outside the door when i shower it’s creepy”


  • “i. hate. tubbs. so. much.”
  • vernon always gets addicted to mobile games and wastes hours upon hours of his life playing them
  • this time it was neko astume and it was 100x worse than geometry dash
  • “(y/n), look! he only left two fish again!”
  • the two of you were on a date at a restaurant for crying out loud! you didn’t want to look at his ca-
  • “aw, that cat’s pretty cute~”
  • “i told you this game was great”


  • honestly i feel that dino would instantly pick up on you being pouty
  • he’d ditch whatever he was doing and run over to you
  • “(y/n)~ why the long face?”
  • cue the cheering up aegyo
  • this precious baby would give you all his attention
  • “let’s go get ice cream!”
  • dino would be the most precious boyfriend ever and i’ll fight whoever says otherwise

i wish i could say i was sorry for the joshua piece, but i’m really not XD

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anonymous asked:

whats so great about jurassic park anyways?

I basically liveblogged Jurassic Park for you so get ready to learn.

  • One of the first thing we learn about Dr. Grant is that he doesn’t like kids. I like a character I can relate to. 
  • Honeslty 90′s Jeff Goldblum?? That’s reason enough.
  • When they see the brachiosaurus  for the first time and John Williams destroys with his music ACTUAL TEARS EVERY TIME. “They do move in heards” like get your Nicholas Sparks shit away from me the only love story I need is a man and his dinosaurs.
  • Three respectable scientists being absolute children and breaking the ride and running into the lab to look at baby dinos cause they can’t handle their excitement like please
  • BD WONG. Talk about a guy who turned a two minute scene into career gold #respect.
  • “all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female” EEYYY GIRL POWER
  • Life finds a way
  • The Raptor feeding cut to no one eating Alejandro’s delightful chilean sea bass “who’s hungry” you absolutely monster hammond
  • Muldoon thigssssss 
  • The only good thing Hammond ever did was want the park to be available to everyone #bless #sparenoexpense turn that shit into a drinking game 
  • Sparing no expense with a CD-ROM honestly the 90′s were such a precious time.
  • Fuckin Timmy and “which car are you in” “whichever one you are” you sassy little shit.
  • “Hold onto your butts” aka my life motto
  • Also samuel l jackson because
  • god creates dinosaurs, god destroys dinosaurs, god creates man, man destroy god, dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth fucking slay Ellie
  • Malcom talking to himself in the car you NERD I LOVE YOU
  • Lex falling to hold Grant’s hand you sneaky snake
  • honestly the triceratops is so beautiful and real and Ellie crying over her i cannot this movie is literal magic
  • and then Ellie going into action diggin in dino poop like what a go getter you angel
  • THE WATER RIPPLES IN THE CUP AKA THE POINT WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN also sidenote this is the scene I skip to to start watching occasionally. After the scene where grant sees the dino heard and I get a good cry in.
  • THE ENTIRE TREX SCENE UGH “He left us, he left us” “when ya gotta go ya gotta go” “boy do I hate being right all the time” Also that T rex cgi puts current hollywood cgi to SHAME and the animatronics like they got a real trex for this movie you can’t convince me otherwise. This scene is a cinematic masterpiece.
  • Also fun fact the main sound used for the t rex is from the sound mixers Jack Russell terrier, Buster. You go little doggy. For the roar they used a baby elephant. Like, petition to use tiny animals for big monsters forever. THE MORE YA KNOW
  • Nedry getting straight annihilated by the Dilophosaurus aka the only scene with that piece of shit that I like.
  • “He left us, he left us!” “But that’s not what I’m gonna do” CAN YOU SAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 
  • “Well, we’re back in the car again.” Timmy for sass master 2016 “well at least you’re out of the tree” Grant for vice sass master 2016
  • “I think this was Gennero” “I think this was too” TREX don’t play
  • “Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend” Everyone for sass master 2016
  • Ellie’s scream face while being chased by the TREX and the objects in mirror are closer than they appear cinematic gold
  • “I hate trees” “they don’t bother me” “oh yeah? well you weren’t in the last one” Timmy spares no expense on THAT SASS
  • The singing brachiosaurus precious babes
  • “what do you call a blind dinosaur? a do-you-think-he-saurous” “what do you call a blind dinosaurs dog? a do-you-think-he-saurous rex” TIMMY GOT THEM JOKES
  • I still want every single object in the Jurassic Park store montage and I’ll be 24 in 3 weeks.
  • All our friends and fam are being chased by dinosaurs but there’s always time for ice cream.
  • The brachiosaurus petting zoo and also like the close up face?? THEY ARE GIANT PRECIOUS BABES I NEED 10
  • “GOD BLESS YOU” Can you tell who my fave is? 
  • The dino eggs and the whole plot development that the dinos are breeding, which never plays into the plot from that point forward? but no one cares cause tiny dino feet prints
  • The Gallimimus scene
  • Hammond’s misogynistic bullshit and Ellie having NONE OF IT
  • “Cleva girl” If I had a dollar for every time I said this line I’d own the T Rex
  • His fried fuckin hair is the real joke.
  • THAT FOOD BUFFET THOUGH. My sister and I canNOT eat anything similar to jello without making fun of Lexie shaking.
  • “Unless the figured out how to open doors” WHICH BRINGS ME TO POSSIBLY THE BEST SCENE IN MOVIE HISTORY. Raptors vs Kids. This shit is so good I was so FREAKED as a kid when bitch ass Timmy wouldn’t crawl and a raptor would pop her head up  and the raptor claw tapping on the tile and tricking the raptors like WHO’S THE CLEVER GIRL NOW I will love this scene till I die
  • “It’s a unit system I know this.” Lexie rebooting the system and Alan and Ellie barricading the door and Timmy jumping around like an ABSOLUTE ASSHATE BEHIND LEX LIKE YEAH YOUR SASS ISN’T GONNA SAVE US IS IT
  • Being cornered by the raptors and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad visit to Jurassic Park
  • And then the movie ends with the theme and cut to me in tears Jurassic Park is the best, I love every single second of this film I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU EVEN HAD TO ASK WHY IT WAS SO GREAT BUT HERE’S YOUR ANSWER MY BUDDY MY PAL
Seventeen when you act cute for them

S.Coups: When you suddenly stop acting cute. “Come on, Y/N. One more time?” *puppy eyes*

Jeonghan: *Let’s say that you were acting cute because he was mad at you* Jeonghan can’t believe you resorted to aegyo but he would still like it

Joshua: When you start acting cute because you want some of his food. “Okay, okay, fine! Take a bite out of my hot dog.” 

Jun: Wouldn’t care because he knows he can do better

Hoshi: *after seeing you act cute* “Hmmm let me think if your aegyo is good enough for me.” Hoshi would jokingly give you a hard time but in reality he really likes it

Wonwoo: You were trying to act cute but it just came out weird. “HAHAHA!! Nice try, Jagiya!” He likes your awkwardness better so it’s okay

Woozi: Would like it but at the same time hate it

DK: He would start babying you after you start acting cute so it results to you acting like S.Coups in the gif xD

Mingyu: *shows the video he took of you acting cute to all the members since it’s such a rare sight*

The8: “Aww my baobei is so precious. Come here~” *hug*

Seungkwan: We all know that Diva Boo is the hater king when it comes to acting cute

Vernon: Wouldn’t know what to do because you looked so cute. So instead he moves his body around all weirdly. “Do it again!” 

Dino: “No! Do it like this!” *demonstrates*

No GIFs belong to me. Credit to their rightful owners. 

Every single time I look at Dino offstage, I don’t see Dino, but Lee Chan. I see a 17/18 years old boy who actually looks even younger, so so small that I could put him in my pocket. I see Jeonghan’s baby. I see the precious little kid who clung to Hoshi’s arm — his favorite hyung, btw — like there was no tomorrow, when he was trying to give his speech after their first win ever on a Music Show. I see the maknae S.Coups was so worried about when he fell on his butt during their performance in the rain. I see the pouty small puppy the hyungs found so cute when he claimed that he was already a High School Senior, since his birthday is early in the year, after Seungkwan said he was just a Junior, during One Fine Day. I see the little boy Hoshi ran to with his arms wide open at night, only to tuck him to sleep. I see the boy whose eyes almost close when he smiles, and whose loud laughter can brighten a whole city.

But every single time I look at Lee Chan onstage, I don’t see Lee Chan, but Dino. I still see a 17/18 years old boy, but somehow he manages to look older, so so big and strong and powerful, that for a moment he seems as tall as Mingyu, with sharp gazes and moves that could really cut all of us. I see the winks and smirks he gives even when he’s in the back, even when no one is paying attention, changing his facial expressions at every move, every spin. I see the happiness through his eyes, telling us he loves what he’s doing — and he knows exactly what he’s doing — and that he’s not going to stop, because this is just the beginning. I see a boy who’s growing up little by little everyday, both physically and mentally, and whose body moves on its own. I see the energy he earned from his idol, Michael Jackson. I see an amazing dancer, choreographer, rapper and singer. I see a young man that “shines so bright, it’s insane, he puts the sun to shame”.

And after seeing all these sides of him, I can’t help but agree with his nickname “Small Giant”, because this is what he really is. He may seem small most of the time, but when he puts his foot on stage, ah, man… everything changes.