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helLO my lovelies!!! Alright so last night we hit 3k!!! and i’m !!! excited !!! thank you all so so much (again)! Having this blog is something that i love/enjoy and having so much support makes it 10x better. 💖 So to thank you all and celebrate this milestone I decided to do some name edits and url edits!

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Calling All Active Free! RPers

I know other people have done this but it doesn’t kill to have another one. If you are an active Free! RP blog even if it’s multi-muse and you have one of the Free! People please reblog it and I’ll be making a masterlist when it’s all said and done. I know i’m finding it hard to find active rpers to interact with and the last one I found quite a few weren’t active anymore ^^ So again please reblog if you are active. ^^


it’s okay to not be okay. it’s okay to feel like shit, it’s okay to feel like laying down and wishing the entire world would go away.

even though it may not seem like it, you are NOT ALONE. there are so many other people feeling exactly the same way, trying to find a way to get out of it. you are loved, and you mean something to someone; life has a funny way of paying attention to you. it’s not always positive, but that’s when you’re supposed to push back and show the world that you can conquer it.

everyone has a bad moment, day, week, month, or even year. it does NOT mean the sun won’t shine again and show you some love, and it definitely does NOT mean you are weak. as cliche as it sounds, things will get better. whether it be in a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. you will soon be okay again.

it’s important to focus on you and your mental health, and if people don’t understand that, fuck them. if people make fun of you, fuck them. you were not put on this earth to please anyone but yourself. so please, take care of yourself. for your own sake. if you need to talk/vent/rant to anyone or just pop in my messages and be like “hey I’m having a shitty day, can you tell me something positive?” I am always here - I love you.


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