look at this perfect scene


      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.


Welcome to The X Magazine’s newsletter, The Exclusive, where we’ll deliver behind-the-scenes content, insider tips, and more from some of the most interesting, exciting, and important people from the worlds of theater, fashion, dining, nightlife, and more. Broadway darling and television star Aaron Tveit leads our debut issue — find out more about our photoshoot with him below.

1. Aaron Tveit lounges in a 1944 Chris-Craft. 2. Tveit shoots pool at the private Connecticut property, as videographer Drew John Barnes looks on. 3. The X creative director and photographer Nathan Johnson (right) uses a mirror to capture an artistic shot of Tveit. 4. Writer Tess Gunty relaxes with Tveit’s labradoodle, Miles, in between photo set-ups.

Aaron Tveit is the kind of guy who can show up anywhere, wearing anything, and you think, how can he possibly look this good? When The X Magazine team arrived in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Tveit met us for dinner before Company at Barrington Stage, where he starred as Bobby. Sporting his best athleisure and a big smile, Tveit greeted us full of excitement to be the cover star of our debut issue.

We indulged in pasta and wine (he had water and black coffee), and Tveit chatted about spending his summer in the Berkshires and how much he’s enjoyed escaping the New York City heat with his labradoodle Miles. He loves to golf, and Pittsfield boasts several courses. The endless invites from locals to play have kept him busy on the green.

For our photoshoot the next day, Tveit packed a bag of healthy snacks (almond butter and celery) and dog supplies. When we arrived at the gorgeous estate, a la Gatsby’s West Egg, we entered one of the woody guest lodges, framed by lush trees and a glittering lake. “This never gets old for me,” Tveit said. “Getting dressed up in a beautiful place, wearing clothes picked out by people who are really good at picking out clothes — I mean, come on.”  

He poured Miles a bowl of food and another of bottle of water before leaving to change. “Oh my God — I look like a Harvard student,” he said, emerging in a turtleneck and jacket. He then shifted into “Yacht Voice,” as he calls it, riffing about stocks and cigars, recalling his Gossip Girlcharacter Tripp van der Bilt. “Okay, okay,” he said with a chuckle. “I’ll stop.“

But the thing about Tveit is you don’t want him to stop. We shot for eight hours, and Tveit never lost his charm and excitement.

We hope you’re as excited as Tveit and we are about The X Magazine, your new destination for all things culture.  

Videographer Drew John Barnes, stylist Drew Jessup, editor-in-chief Tony Marion, Aaron Tveit, writer Tess Gunty, and creative director Nathan Johnson.    

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every hour, every minute 

Leia and bb-Ben - A force-sensitive mother always knows

“If your father was here, he would ground you.” based on her beautiful last jedi promo outfit. not to mention the newly released last jedi behind the scenes which are RIDICULOUSly intense. we nerfs dont deserve it!!

// a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben tributes made with love for the ever perfect 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹 our space angel. ft. two of her favorite things, a glass of coke and a smoke <3 just for her. we miss you space mom! 

congratulations Princess Carrie on your emmy nominations this year! we wish beyond wishes that you were here to see your work be celebrated. shine on silver girl! 

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“How long can we go without energy, man?”