look at this perfect flawless person omfg

EXO'rDIUM in LA experience

Last night was like the best night of my life. EXO'rDIUM in LA WAS SOOOO LIT. Saw KaiSoo with my own eyes the 2nd time and tbh they were legit together the whole time. Not like together together but whenever I saw Kyungsoo, I saw Jongin right next to him or vice versa. Even though they didn’t have much interactions but seeing them together made my night a lot. Artificial Love was hella hot omfg, I screamed sooo much my throat is hurt now lol. Also I got to see the way Jongin stared at Kyungsoo during the acoustic part was a blessing. Baekie birthday project was a success, we sang happy birthday to him twice because he didn’t hear it fully the first time. Chanyeol was a dork I love him so much. Junmyeon was so done with all the members because they were so distracted by the fans and the gifts lolol. Sehun looked gorgeous in person, so flawless. Jongin’s blind fold performance took my breath away. Jongdae’s high note got me dead. Minseok was soooooo cute and so playful. Kyungsoo, he proved to me again that he’ll forever be my ultimate bias because yes omfg he’s the epitome of perfection in my eyes. Anyway I really hope they come back because my night was blessed by those 8 angels, hopefully the last angel will be able to come in the future.

“A Hayniac is someone who fangirls (or is a fan of) the one and only-Hunter Hayes. This person listens to all of his songs, stares at beautiful pictures of him all day, and is hopelessly in love with him. Hunter Easton Hayes is perfect-so look him up. You’re going to wish you had a storm warning-so here it is.

‘You’re a Hayniac!?!?! Me too! Omfg Hunter is just so flawless and his voice is like a million angels. auhgfuahfgkhadfg’”

—  Urban dictionary definition of a Hayniac. Pretty much