look at this omg my babies

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I mean, tbh there is a TINY part of me that gets the whole “not all babies look like their parents” bc I didn’t look like mine as a baby. But I was born in a monogamous marriage and looked like my sisters (who DID look like my parents) and there was never any doubt. But all the “omg he looks JUST LIKE LOUIS” like...he doesn’t? Even if he was his father (he isn’t) why are you pushing that so hard? Why so desperate for them to look alike??? I don’t get it.

oh do i know. me and my father share zero features. i’m my mom’s copy from head to toe, some people even ask (to this day) if my father is really my father (he is lol). so yeah i don’t get it. like you can still believe the kid’s Louis (he isn’t lol) without saying he’s a copy of him. if you say he looks more like B it won’t make your point that he’s Louis son any less strong. but they know that everything they have to hold on is this nonexistent resemblance and if they admit he doesn’t look like Louis… there’s nothing else


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3

[Rowena dies]

Dean: what is this?!

[Crowley dies]

Dean: what is this?!?!?!

[Castiel dies]

Dean: what is my life?!?!

[Mary and Lucifer fall into rift]

Dean: I can’t do it Sam! I can’t fucking do it anymore!!

Sam: well I’ll tell you what Dean! You can give up now or you can figure it out! Cuz I certainly can’t do it without you and I know you can’t do it without me!

Dean: I appreciate it! But look what we’re dealing with man! You gotta draw the line in the sand!! You gotta draw the fucking line in the sand! You gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself and say ‘what I am I willing to put up with today?!’ not. FUCKING. THIS!!

The Voltron Fandom currently
  • Everyone: OMG SEASON 3 yay! But it's so fuckin dark the creators answered so many questions with hope!
  • Klance shippers: but klangst and klance it's happening
  • Seith shippers: they shut down my ship faster than my grades 😭
  • Non shippers: Yooooooo this shit is going to be so angsty and I am scared shitless
  • Everyone: yep I agree with Non shippers
  • Fan 1: but did you see lotor though? Damn like he kinda good looking
  • Lotor Fan: OMG YESS DADDY IS HOT 👅💦
  • Non Lotor Fan: bitch he's ears be lookin like a damn banana and he be smokin space weed gtfo
  • Fans: *all around me are familiar faces..*
  • Me: Voltron cured my depression and now I have it again because of season 3
  • Fans: this ain't no kids show no more don't air this on nick bro.
  • Theorists: Azulua (girl galra) is Keith's mom
  • Person: she is bet.
  • Me: school starts for me and I'll be only thinking about Voltron. Rip my grades
  • Everyone: ... SHIT YOU RIGHT
Fangirls’ logic:

*when we hate the good guys*

OMG they are so freaking annoying LOOK there they go again trying to save the kids from the fire ridiculous BITCH you can’t even save yourself go drown in a puddle or something UGH so annoying

*when we love the bad guys*

LEAVE THEM ALONE OKAY they are just misunderstood babies so they killed a few people SO WHAT they were not even good characters anyways DO YOU MISS THEM?? I DONT LEAVE MY BABIES BE