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Bias Selfie Tag/Childhood pic tag

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I found this pic of Mark and Joey (his lil bro) so i wanted to do the Bias Selfie Tag with a twist and do like a childhood thing because I’ve done the bias selfie tag the same way multiple times before. Anyway thats my older sister and me (I’m the small one) in front of my grandma’s house in Japan <3. 

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Guess who learned how to make gifs? They’re not the best but I FINALLY did!

but after watching 4.06 yesterday and being reminded of this gold, I couldn’t not try😭 like what a beauty!!  + we need this look back!😍 where did this dress go haha?


#Starry #FirstLook #Hollyoaks scenes. Enjoy. #KieronRichardson #ParryGlasspool 

For your personal enjoyment, rude anon.

I’ve seen someone’s tried to suggest that there should be less of your Lavellan’s face on your blog. I say there’s not enough. If we could all enjoy our OCs in peace, what a wonderful world that would be, no? So because someone asked about her for the first time today, and I’ve god some info written at hand, I’d like to contribute to the Lavellan spam. 

If only to spite our dear anon, and to share her with someone else. She’s been in the shadows for three years. 

Éadaoin Lavellan says “Sarya your eyes are too beautiful, this is preposterous.“ 

She’s staring intently. Can you tell? She likes your Lavellan’s face. She, too, feels like there should be more of it.

You are a lovely person as is your blog, keep it up. Keep doing what you’re doing. Because it’s all great. 

PS: If you want some more info on Éadaoin up there, you can sead some more about her here: http://lady-redhaired.tumblr.com/post/160021747701/omg-sorry-if-youve-answered-questions-about.  Wouldn’t want to make this too long. 

Dareth shiral, Bear. 

!!! What’s this? lol jk it’s just a small teaser I did recently (oh nooo flashback train tracks!). I’ve been getting messages about the Zen Feels Train again despite it being in the FAQ already askjdhsakd does no one read FAQs anymore ;;-;;

So anyway, I was thinking of updating on April and I was thinking of updating per page whenever I finish one && upload it somewhere like tapastic (?) or something similar so I don’t clutter up your dashes. I will still upload sets on tumblr like before but for those who want to view pages as they are completed, the off-tumblr option (tapastic,webtoon,etc idk yet) is always there (…?) what sites would you guys suggest?