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Could I get a request for Kuroo with a long haired s/o (since it's canon that he likes girls with long hair), that cuts her hair off and he's like, shocked, while Yaku is laughing his ass off over that reaction, lmao

I actually didn’t know that! Points to me for being a fan of the show but never really looking too much into it… come on, I write fan stuff for the show! D: But here you are, anon! My first scenario in awhile!! Please enjoy! Thank you!!! -Admin 4AM

“Hey, lookin’ good!” You smile and say that the person who just complimented you looks nice as well. You’re walking to the gym and a lot of your friends have told you how cute you look. All of this praise makes you feel great about you decision and makes you feel truly beautiful. Here are the doors to the gym, just where you were headed!

“Hi, ____!” Someone shouts. The whole team turns with a smile, only for the smile to turn to a look of slight shock and wonder.

“Oh, ____, did you cut your hair? That’s a good length on you!”

“Thanks. It was getting pretty hard to handle before anyways. I’m glad too, it’s so easy to maintain now~”

“_-_-____?!” Kuroo yelps.

“Oh! Tetsurou! Hey. I’ll wait here for today since club got done early, we can walk home together today!”


“Hm?? Tetsurou?” In the background you can hear Yaku snickering and nearly choking on air.

“Yeah, sorry I… what happened to your hair?”

“This?” You ask and play with a couple of the short strands. You smile sheepishly, dropping your hair and looking up at your boyfriend. “I cut it, was getting a little problematic.”

“I see…” Kuroo seems to be in a daze, he cannot stop looking at you. Or more specifically: your hair. “But why?”

“I just said… it was getting problematic. Have you been hydrating yourself enough?”

“Okay,” Kuroo mumbles. Yaku’s snickering turns into small chortles. He’s trying to keep it together but is failing really badly. Are those tears coming out of his eyes?

“Uh, everyone is making sure he’s drinking a good amount of water, right?” A couple of the faces you see smile at you in a teasing manner, but there are some nods here and there. “What is wrong with this man, I swear…”

Kuroo puts a hand on the top of your head and runs his fingers down to the short stop that is the ends of your cut hair. He’s trying to believe this is real. He’s also trying not to be an ass for making a big deal out of how you look. But he can’t help but wish you had your longer hair back.

“This is real life?” Kuroo asks you. You sigh, nodding and even playing with your own hair along with your boyfriend. The look on Kuroo’s face when the fact finally sets in makes Yaku double over and wheeze.

“Someone get Yaku some water! I think he’s about to throw up!”

What cha lookin at mate


So you guys probably already know but while Exo was dancing to call me baby at the Kfriend concert, Chanyeol seemed quite lovestruck distracted 

He looks so happy looking at something (or someone), in fact, in the second gif he looks drunk cuzza happiness.

And the cause is none other than….dundundundun Baekhyun!

Just a simple wave I tell you, a simple wave from Byun Baekhyun makes the guy have the sweetest smile on his face. Plus Baek’s smile is no joke either.

(In the second gif you can see how Baekhyun talking to someone, he points to himself and makes a waving motion, then smile cutely, he’s telling the world proudly that it was him who made Chanyeol all distracted)

I can’t with these two. 

“Before I met you, I never knew what is was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.”


Out of all the anon hate i have been getting lately this one confused me the most i mean like have you seen me?? also i dont carreeee like i dont give any shits , i couldn’t care less what you thought of me , LIKE HOLY SHIT I DONT CARE IT AMAZES ME THAT YOU THINK I CARE  look at my tummy how cute is that??? i suit my hair in loads of colours . i do hate my appearance a lot but i can get past that to piss off ignorant shits like you. My nose which used to be my least favourite thing about myself just became my favourite thing about myself . and my small boobs dont seem to matter anymore . cause look at my tooshie its so cute.  i just  dont know how i do it  .


Rick and his pink princess are having a wonderful time traipsing around their neighborhood.  Rick walks up to the next door and rings the bell as Judith toddles up the path to meet him.

Michonne gets up from reading her novel and checks herself in the mirror (you are lookin’ cute in your black cat ears and tail). She looks down at her candy bowl to see a single chocolate kiss. Michonne opens the door, mentally preparing an apology and sees Rick standing there. He looks stunned, mouth agape. Michonne clears her throat, smiles sweetly and says, “I just ran out of candy, but aren’t you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?”

Rick laughs nervously and looks down realizing that Judith is missing. He sees her picking Michonne’s mums. Judith runs up to Michonne with a handful of the mums. “Trick or treat!” she yells, holding the small bouquet up to Michonne. 

Rick, embarrassed, apologizes profusely. Michonne laughs and smiles and assures him that it’s okay. Michonne gives Judith her last chocolate kiss, which Judith eats immediately. She waves goodbye to Rick and Judith, turns off her light, and returns to her book, still smiling about the little princess and her cute dad.

The next day Rick goes back to Michonne’s house to replace the mums in Michonne’s flowerbed. He’s so busy digging holes for the new plants that he doesn’t hear Michonne approach him. Rick freezes, and looks up, only to be greeted by Michonne’s wide, bright smile. His heart flips.

“You really didn’t have to do that,” says Michonne. Rick brushes his hands on his jeans and stands up to speak. Michonne’s smile fades as she is awestruck by beautiful blue eyes. She laughs nervously and regains her composure.

“I’m really sorry”, Rick said, squinting as he looked off into the sunny distance. “Hi, really sorry. I’m Michonne,” she says as she extends her hand to Rick. 

Rick grins. “I’m Rick”, he says shaking her hand.”Would you be willing to have coffee with me as soon as I’m finished?”

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