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So this is just a short little thing that I made because @anxietyandlogic asked for it to be written. (I made it slightly Prinxiety sorrrryyyy)

Warning: bullying, teasing, amnesia, swearing (once), slurs… if I don’t think of it and you see it please tell me.

Junior High

“Awwwwwww, look at the little gay boy.”
“What is wrong with him?”
“Attention whore… maybe just a whore”
“Loser” “dork” “he should fucking just leave no one likes him”

The whispered words.

They hurt him.

Thomas stayed happy.

Anxiety stayed in his room.


“Anx! Anx!” Roman yelled. “Where’d you go dork?”

“I’m in here Roman,” he mumbled back.

“Anxiety?!?!” Roman yelled. “Logic made dinner, come eat!!”

“I’d rather stay in my room,” Anx mumbled again. He knows the Prince can’t hear him, but that’s okay.

“Ann,” the Royal persona burst into the younger’s room. “Come on love, time to eat, you’ve been doing better.”

“Woah,” Ann freaked out. What happened to Prince, when did he get so… old?

“What’s up buttercup? Come here and tell your best friend.” Roman smiled and opened his arms. He expected a hug. Oh god. What happened to him. No one ever talked to him.

“I’d rather not,” Anx muttered.

“What was that?” Princey asked, moving closer.

“Get away from me,” Anx yelled
and Prince flinched. He hadn’t heard that level of hatred of his favorite mate in a long time.

“Alright Ann,” he said and got up to go to get food with the others.

“Where’s Anx?” Logan asked.

“He wouldn’t leave his room. Like I haven’t ever seen him this bad.” Roman said. This worried the other two.

“But you’re the only one he tells things to,” Morgan groaned.

“I know. I’ve been working on his trust ever since, what, Thomas was in high school? When he stopped getting bullied and Ann finally came out of his room more?”

“Maybe he is just in a mood, you know he gets those every now and then,” Logic reasoned.

“Maybe, or something worse is wrong here. It just feels weird, even in a mood, he lets me talk to him.” Prince furrowed
his eyebrows and mumbled to himself, walking back towards the Dark traits room.

Anxiety heard the footsteps and grumbled. No one ever bothered him before.

“Anx,” Roman called out. “Anx, how old are we?”

“14 dumbass,” he yelled back, annoyed that the elderly Prince couldn’t figure that out for himself. “And we’re gonna be late for school.”

Roman groaned. “Sorry, we will make sure everything runs smoothly.”

He runs back to the common area. “Amnesia. Anx thinks we are 14 and still in,” he shuddered, “middle school.”

It wasn’t a good time for any of them.

It was days before Anxiety regained his memory and in those days, the traits learned just how much the bullying and teasing had messed with Anx. They told him Thomas was sick and couldn’t make it out of bed, that he was staying home, in hopes that he would leave the bed that he stayed in. The only time he ever wandered out was to yell at them for not getting Thomas up on time, and then slowly sinking back when they said he was still sick.

In these days, the bags under his eyes grew bigger and darker, the boy didn’t sleep. He got slightly thinner, the product of not eating. Paler, he was always in the dark.

The day the facet left his room, got a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch, hap-hazardously balancing his laptop, his bowl, and stealing the remote, was the day Prince kissed him.

“I missed you,” the Royal trait gushed. He turned red, realizing what he had done. Anxiety took the lap top, cereal, and remote off his laptop and set them, slowly on the table in front of him.

“You are so dead,” he growled.

“I didn’t mean to,” Prince cowered.

“Why didn’t you do that sooner, because I’m definitely snapped out of everything now, why would you leave me like that?!”

And from that day forward, whenever something ailed Anx, Prince was there with a kiss. Even if it was just a lack of the Prince’s lips on his own.


School had never been Jason’s favorite thing. Sure, he studied hard and got good grades, but just because of this, the other kids bullied him. Their reasoning was that just because he didn’t play any sports, instead working in various clubs after school, that he was a sissy.

Friday afternoon, as he was gathering his books, his locker slammed shut in front of him, revealing Octavian who had an evil grin plastered on his face. “Well, what do we have here?”

Jason simply sighed. “Leave me alone Octavian, I’m tired and I wanna go home. It’s been a long week.”

“Oh, I know. It’s been a long week for me too, Grace. And you know how I like to wind down after a long week?” He asked, pinning Jason’s arm that wasn’t holding a textbook against the lockers and moving uncomfortably close.

Gulping, Jason took a shaky breath. “If you’re gonna pound me, then just do it already…”

With this, Octavian broke into a grin, slamming Jason’s head against the locker. “Now, that’s what I like to hear, Grace. Just relax, it will only hurt a lot.” He said, grabbing his textbook and whacking him in the stomach.

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Our First Male Submitter

“I’m a guy (white and gay). I was at a college homecoming weekend and walking down the street by myself around dusk. I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt which looked kinda tight because I’m a dancer, so I have a big butt and legs. A car full of guys drove by and leaned out whistling  at me and saying "damn boy dat ass.” I just looked confused so they then yelled some things rude things about how a little fag should be happy to get hit on by them. Needless to say I ran back to my dorm asap. So yeah, drunk “straight” guys are even more aggressive than when sober and just assume that everyone is there to service them especially if you’re gay because they just think they can do whatever they want and you’ll like it and be too afraid to tell anyone and the last part is actually true at least in my case. No one wants to reports anything, but especially not if it’s between two guys.“

Submission from J

"But What Was She Wearing?” Is a blog of selfies taken after street harassment so you can see “what we wore,” get over it, listen to our stories. Submit your own to stopthecatcall@gmail.com or via tumblr.

Jonnor: Facing the World Chapter 5

Note: Here is chapter 5, I hope you like it! Tell me your thoughts, suggestions and requests in the review section! Thanks for reading ~ R.Q (P.S I don’t own any of these characters)

Chapter 5 

“Hey buddy, why don’t you come sit down,” Lena states as Jude walks in.

Jude sat down on the couch opposite her.

“I know Connor had a difficult day today at school. I know your worried sweety. You and Connor are in new territory and people who don’t understand make it more difficult. There will be plenty of times where you are scared, but know that you have people who love you and back you up. It’s not wrong to show your love to the world, what’s wrong is those people hurting you. Now those bullies that hurt Connor won’t be around for a while, but they won’t be the last. I want you to always walk away from trouble and tell an authority figure, you and Connor both. Don’t be afraid of them, you are much stronger than you think, plus you have a boyfriend who comes over to you at midnight,” she says making her way to me and now embracing me in a hug.

“I know momma, I’m just scared. And this thing that happened to Connor was because of me,” I say now leaning my head against her shoulder.

She wrapped her arms around Jude, “honey what happened to Connor wasn’t your fault and it shouldn’t have happened. Connor is alright and you two will get through this together. Everything will work out, it always does, now get some sleep.”

They both stood and climbed up to their room. As Jude fell asleep, he couldn’t help but wonder how school would be without his boyfriend there. It was just one day, but it felt like it would be agonizing without his best friend there.

In the morning, Jude woke up to text, it was from Connor:

Connor: you’ll have a fantastic day babe! I will miss you so much! Don’t worry, you won’t even notice I’m not there.

Jude: I won’t because you aren’t going to be with me, I wish you were. It’s only one day, but it’s going to be so boring without you babe.

Connor: it’ll be alright, and I’ll be over after school to see you. It was a hard task but my dad finally agreed after about 2 hours of pestering.

Jude: can’t wait to see you after school ;).

Jude put his phone down and got ready for school. He ate breakfast with his siblings and then they all left for school. When Jude got to his first period he already felt lonely because he knew Connor wasn’t on campus. He felt sad, but thought it was only 8 more hours until he could see his boyfriend. In his first period he sat next to Taylor again and they talked about school until the teacher started lecturing. The first part of the day went by slow because all Jude could think about was Connor and how he got hurt, and how they had to be more careful in public. At lunch, Jude sat with Taylor and talked about what happened to Connor.

“Wow I can’t believe that those two are so immature, and I can’t believe that Daria stood up for you guys. I didn’t know she was that cool” she said.

“Yea I was shocked too, but now Connor has a black eye and is suspended for a day,” I reply.

“It’s only one day compared to their month. They have to be home school for that month and they should learn their lesson. Now you and Connor

Can be free from those bullies for a while, and figure things out,” she replied with a calm voice.

“You’re right! I can’t wait for school to end, I need to see him,” I say with longing in my voice.

“Don’t worry, only a few more hours,” she replies.

When lunch ended Jude made way to his next class. It was only 2 more hours until could see his boyfriend. He tried to not think of Connor for the rest of the day. It was a hard task but Jude got through it. After school, Jude and Taylor went to the front office to get some things from Lena. After that they were walked out of school talking about how excited Jude was to see his boyfriend. She didn’t ask to come over today because she knew Jude wanted alone time with Connor. As he was walking he got a text from Connor,

Connor: I’ll be over in 25 minutes, can’t wait to see you babe.

Jude: ok I can’t wait to see you either babe.

Jude put his phone in his pocket and continued to walk. He turned around the corner away from the school to walk to his house. He always took this route. It was a shortcut to go to from behind the school. It was a route many kids chose to take after school. Since Jude got out later, it was practically empty. He made his way quickly through the street. Just as he was getting to the end, three figure came out from the other side.

It was Jeremy, Blake and another kid that Jude couldn’t recognize. He froze in his spot, unsure of what to do. They came up to him, “look what we have here. Connors little fag boy toy,” Jeremy said with mockery.

“Why don’t you guys just grow up!” Jude replied.

Jude began turning around to run the other way but was pulled back. Blake shoved him to the ground, his back pack flying off. He fell on his elbow scraping it.

“Your boyfriend got us in trouble, and now we are going to pay him back. He and you’re about to get what you deserve,” Blake said now getting closer to Jude.

The other boy had a camera in his hand and pointed it in their direction. Jude tried to call out for help, but couldn’t find his voice.

Jeremy went in first kicking Jude hard in the stomach, Jude wincing at the pain. Blake got on top of Jude and kept punching him in the face, while Jeremy continued to kick him in the stomach. After 2 minutes Jeremy stopped and kicking and moved Blake over so that he could punch Jude in the face. Jude was holding his stomach, not really aware of what was going on, and the pain had become constant and didn’t hurt as much as it did initially. Blake moved over and Jeremy looked at Jude. His face was filled with blood, coming from

His nose, lips and cheeks. There were scratches everywhere and both his eyes looked swollen and blackened. Jeremy took one final swing at Jude saying, “This’ll teach you and your boyfriend to mess with us.”

They ran away quickly leaving Jude there laying in the middle of the street in pain, his clothes stained by blood, his head pounding, and his hands gripping his stomach. His body wouldn’t move so he Just stayed there, not moving. He couldn’t thinking anymore, he just laid there, unable to open his eyes. After 2 minutes everything just blacked out.