look at this jersey with hearts


Dan is the Cheerio Fairy!

I can not even stress how IMPORTANT this is. 

Ya’ll know how weak I am for TRB Jimin…

and this brown hair has been my 11:11 wish since they first dyed his hair.

By the time they get to manila, his hair’s gonna be longer & styled in that sexy boyfriend look.

Is…my wish to finally see TRB Jimin gonna come true?
(yessss i know it’s a different era…shush…i’m having a moment here.)

My heart is srsly beating so fast rn.


(photo via JiminRight)

We Won’t Be Doing Much Sleeping, Will We? | E.D.

Requested By: @stardazedolan


You had been best friends with the twins for forever, but only moved out to L.A. about a month ago. You spent a ton of time together, and old feelings were starting to come back. When you were younger, in Jersey, you’d always had the slightest crush on Ethan, and now recently you had slowly felt your heart pulling in the same direction. It wasn’t helpful that both of the twins touched you all the time. You had always been that way, and extremely comfortable, so nothing had changed as you got older.


You were sitting on your couch in nothing other than a shirt that you’d stolen from Grayson a week ago, when the doorbell rang. You looked through the peephole, and lo and behold, it was the twins. You opened it a crack. “Um, heyyyy guys… I’m totally wearing pants..” You said, then watched as their eyes flicked down at the same time. “You know what, on second thought, I’ll be right back!” You yelled, retreating to your room. There, you threw on a pair of spanx then ran back out. They were already in your living room, and you shouted “Gray! Dirty Dancing!” Before running straight into his arms. He lifted you up, and held you up there as Ethan laughed, capturing it all on snapchat. You guys had been doing that since you were kids. You had all watched the movie one day when you were like seven, and then spent 4 hours learning how to do it. Of course, it was easier now that the twins were bigger and stronger than they had been at 7. You tumbled back down, and into Gray’s arms. He held you for a second, before letting you go. You walked over to hug Ethan, and he turned you around in his arms so that you were facing away from him, and towards Gray. You wiggled slightly to get out, but stopped when he whispered “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Princess,” in your ear. You felt shivers down your spine, but stopped moving.

“Oh yeah, we have a favor to ask you,” Gray said, once you were still. “We kinda need to stay at your apartment while ours is busy…”

“Wait, what do you mean busy?” You asked. “That’s unimportant,” Gray responded. “We practically live here already… But honestly we wouldn’t even have to be here that long. Just to sleep, really.” Just then you felt Ethan incline his head slightly towards your ear again. “But we won’t be doing much sleeping, will we?” He whispered, with a smirk. You rolled your eyes, before once again trying to escape his arms. “Ah ah, Princess,” he muttered. “Besides, you should probably get used to the feeling of my body on yours.” You ignored the fact that this slightly turned you on, and decided to focus on escape. You shot E a glare, before yelling “Gray, Help!” he won’t let me gooooo!”

Grayson moved quickly and you soon found yourself being tackled, along with Ethan. You landed with Ethan on top of you, and Gray next to you. Ethan was smirking again, and you could practically hear his dirty thoughts. “Don’t even think about it,” You growled, before rolling out from under him. “Why shouldn’t I, when it will happen soon enough?” He whispered under his breath, before shooting a look at your retreating back. and then pulling himself up. You just shook your head, before grinning to yourself. “Whatever you say bud, whatever you say.”

Ronaldo has got involved with a shelter in Gouveia, Portugal, which currently looks after 80 dogs.
A volunteer at the kennel, 53-year-old Gloria Carvalho, reportedly has links to Ronaldo’s wider family.
She explained the financial problems they were facing, and when word got to Ronaldo he offered to help.
The Real Madrid star subsequently sent a signed jersey to the kennel, which he hopes will be auctioned off to raise much needed funds.
The owner of the shelter, Liliana Santos, is quoted saying:
“I want to thank Ronaldo from the bottom of my heart. It’s a simple gesture, but very important.”

Zach Parise Smile Appreciation Post

Look at how big and beautiful it is.

Goddamn golden retriever wagging his tail all over the place and making me feel things. 

One variant on the giant “look how beautiful my teeth are isn’t life just great” smile is the “ilu so much giant goalie thanks for saving my season” smile

Sometimes it’s a little bashful like a good Minnesotan boy (x)

He smiles a lot while doing America things

Even smiling while wearing those dumbass rubber star jerseys (x)

And never forget the “omg I heart Ryan so much” smile

Lord have mercy, the feels are strong

These smiles are easily paired with the “coming home” smiles

*cries Minnesotan tears*

There’s also the generic “hey so I really love hockey” smiles

Which lead us right into his “GAH GOAL WE SCORED A GOAL HEY GOAL” smiles

They’re the best.

Have this one just because it’s nice.

Hey, look at this tiny smiley child! (in a Leafs hat, what?)

Check out that sweet mullet-smile

One more under the cut because it’s so fucking sweet but it’ll also break your soul, so read more at your own risk.

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Grayson leaves for tour.


I zipped up my suitcase and looked up at Grayson who was sitting on the bed, deep in thought. I had been staying here in his parents home in New Jersey for the last couple days with Grayson before he jetted of to Mexico to start the International leg of his tour. Now was the time that I had to fly back to LA without him and it broke my heart to leave him again. “Y/N I really don’t want you to go. We have only been together five days and your leaving again” he said looking down at his feet. I sighed heavily, stood up and sat next to him on the bed. “Grayson we knew that you going on tour wasn’t always going to be easy. The last five days have been amazing, I love being here and spending time with you and your family but I have a life back in LA. I already put so much on hold to fly out and see you I need to go back for a bit.” I said, he didn’t make eye contact with me once, I knew how much this hurt him but it had to be done. “I know, I know I just miss you so much when your away and it is so hard to act happy when I’m so sad your not here.” He finally looked into my eyes, god why did he have to be so perfect it just made things harder. “Listen Gray, your going to Mexico to do a show in front of people who adore you. You get to meet them and make them so happy. This is the kind of thing your only going to experience once so you need to make the most of it. I will always be here and I don’t want you to regret not having the best time ever.” He cracked a little smile and pulled me onto his lap wrapping me in a bear hug. “Your so wise, I love you so much Y/N.” he whispered into my hair. “I love you more Gray.” We sat there on his bed for a while cuddling and talking until Ethan called out that the Uber was here to take me to the airport. Grayson wheeled my suitcase outside and the Uber driver put it in the trunk before getting back into the car. I pulled Grayson in for a kiss and then wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tight for a second. I couldn’t bare to look at his sad eyes so I let him go, swung open the car door, sat down and slammed the door behind me. The car took off and I felt a little piece of me die inside. “You okay?” the driver asked me. I faked a smile “Yeah I’ll be okay.” 

anonymous asked:

Favorite memory of Podolski with the National Team?

oh god just one???? i don’t know how to pick just one like do i pick his performance in 2005 at the confed cup that made him a superstar or him getting the best young player award at the 2006 wm or when we played poland in the 2008 em and he scored twice and didn’t celebrate or when he missed the penalty against serbia in 2010 and everyone’s heart broke for him or something silly like the poldi-cam in 2006 or the time he was passed out on the bed and basti was like “look at these chips he’s living off of” or do i pick the things he did for the team behind the scenes like always finding a cologne flag somewhere whenever he wanted to celebrate or always going out of his way to thank his fans or supporting the brazilian team flamengo we modeled our 2014 jerseys on or taking all the “he’s just the team mascot” comments with as much grace as possible and ignoring them and supporting the team whole-heartedly from start to finish of his career no matter what role he was playing even though getting only substitute time from 2014 on HAD to have been annoying – i just can’t pick!!  it’s been such a great 13 years full of so much joy and laughter but also amazing football and a really phenomenal personality… i can’t just say “that moment was my favorite” because the past 13 years have been so rich and touching and lovely and wonderful and an honor really to have witnessed

older now, you care less what others think of you.

you wear jersey cotton every day and revel in the softness.
you sway back and forth as you think, gently rocking to the beat beat beat of your heart.
you unabashedly cover your ears, block out the unforgiving hum of the ceiling fan
and the unrelenting attack of the building’s alarm.

you look at hands instead of faces, gestures instead of expressions.
you make people wait when you lose your train of thought.
you are unashamed of firmly stating your needs, your limitations
and fiercely, defiantly unapologetic when people are angry that they’re true.

older now, you wear purple, midnight, self-confidence–

you think they are right to be afraid of you.

Care Giver Pt. 11 by YBlack & Dscurve

“Let’s play.” @dscurve @yblack2205


     I jump when I hear the door upstairs slam. I scurry over to the window just in time to see Janay quickly walking to her car. “Damn…what the fuck happened?” I worry that maybe David did some stupid shit and I snatch up my keys, lock my door and storm upstairs. I start to bang loudly but then don’t want to alarm him so I have the upper hand. Instead I knock softly and just as he opens the door I become keenly aware of my hard nipples and exposed shoulders and thighs in my short, jersey, strapless dress. The metallic silver threads shimmer when the soft glow in his living room falls on me. He stands staring at me unsure what to do as his long dick hard, swings freely! My eyes are glued on his dick as my heart beats fast slow I shake my vision and look at him but I’m speechless. He’s deep brown eyes have the same effect on me as I stand there thinking to myself, ‘I know he’s seen me, I know he’s noticed me watching him, I know he heard me last night rubbing my clit calling his name.’ His lips part and I watch in slow motion as the words leave his mouth, “You live below me right?” His thunderous tone rumbles past my ear drums down into my soul as passion brews between my thighs I swallow down lust and air struggling to combat the electrical pull as he steps forward and pulls me inside.

    Our lips press hard together as his tongue slides across mine I melt within his grasp while he roughly rips my dress off my body. He’s brows are narrowed as he bites my neck lightly and slams me against the wall. I counter him just as rough biting his earlobe and kissing down chest. My lips graze his swollen head and surprisingly he grabs my arms bringing me back to up to his mouth. I’m confused I’ve never had a man deny me his dick! I gasp as he lifts me up off my feet and pulls hard on my g-string ripping it off my hips! “Shit!” I say remembering the price of those limited edition rhinestone panties! Seconds later he’s on top of me on a plush comforter, tearing open a magnum with his teeth. I bite my lip watching as his dick struggles to fit. “Fuck!” he says. He reaches back in a drawer and turns a box upside down, nothing falls out. I remember my box of condoms next to bed in my drawer, but I don’t want to fucking leave! What if he changes his mind? “Fuck!” I say dropping my head to the bed. He COULD just pull out. Dammit but him and Janay must have been doing something, and she’s been fucking Kelvin who’s been fucking Marissa who’s been every fucking where! Abruptly I jump up and he yells behind me, “Wait I’m sorry!” I slow down when my feet hit the hardwood floors in the living room so I don’t slide into the door and knock myself out! “Two seconds!” I yell and I dash out the door not even closing it as I skip by two down the stairs fumble with my keys and run into my bedroom; I grab the whole box of large magnums and quickly lock the door dashing back up the steps not even realizing I left my keys on the bed. I slam his front door close, lock it, run and jump onto his bed ripping the box open as fast as I can. He starts laughing. “You know you’re butt ass naked right?” I look at his gorgeous Morris Chestnut smile and open the condom with my teeth. His eyes light up with desire as he takes the condom from me and lies back against the pillows. “O now you want a blowjob?” He chuckles and gropes my ass as I slide my tongue across his smooth balls of chocolate, up his veiny shaft while it bobs against my face. Slowly I take one of his balls into my mouth and suck on it as if caramel were going to seep out. “Mmmmmm…..” he moans when I massage his asshole while sliding my tongue up to the head of his dick around the edge as he squeezes my ass tighter. I take his dick into my mouth and bob slowly pressing my tongue tight against his dick as it slides up and down his dick, my lips remained suctioned around his dick. “O FUCK!” he moans hitting his head against the headboard. I take long sucks on his dick as it fills up my mouth, his hand drops down to my inner thigh, squeezing it tight as I pick up speed and continue rubbing his asshole with my finger. He begins thrusting into my mouth faster and faster. “Shit! Shit!” I know he’s getting close and if he hasn’t noticed my pussy juices dripping down my thighs I’m extremely turned on! I can’t take it anymore and let his dick loose as I snatch the condom from his hand and quickly pull it down over his dick. Without hesitation I straddle him planting both my hands on his rock hard chest and begin bouncing my ass!

    His eyes grow wide and both of his hands grab my breasts tight as I bounce uncontrollably on his dick moaning, sinking my nails into his chest! “O Fuck! O Fuck!” he moans as I breathe hard I concentrate on his dick rolling my hips until his dick hits my spot. Leaning back on him I finally got the right angle and I moan loudly, “Ooooooooo…..” and close my eyes. I move my feet to either sides of his hips and lean back putting my hands on his knees, parting my legs wide giving him full view of his dick thrusting in and out of my pussy! “O MY FUCKING GOD!” he moans holding my ankles tight as I pump my pussy on his dick, she soaks him as I scream into the floorboards of the apartment upstairs! “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” My body shakes as he continues thrusting inside me, I soon catch a second wave and smile as he yells out, “O FUCK!” bouncing hard on the spring mattress as he thrusts deep. Lazily I sit up on his dick as he lies on the bed. Gently I rise up off his dick and lie down next to him looking up at the roof. “Hit the light.” He says starling me. “I can stay?” He laughs, “What the fuck? I ripped that damn dress, and you don’t have your keys so I know you left ‘em! I’m not sending you out there naked or getting up to get you no clothes! I’ll pick your lock in the morning.” I slide off the bed smiling and hit the switch. He’s already maneuvered under the covers when I return and I slide in to join him. Before my head hits the pillow I feel the warmth of his body on my back. It’s a strange feeling since I’m used to sleeping alone. ‘Don’t get sprung Ashley…. Don’t get sprung!’

    Two hours later I moan so loud I wake myself up! I feel his breathe on my ear and I realize I’m not dreaming! His dick plunges deeper inside me as I grip the sheets tight, his fingers dig into my hips as his strokes my pussy hard and deep. “Damn you’re so fucking tight!” He moans and I respond in pleasure as he slides his hand in between my thighs gripping my right thigh tight as he lifts it up and thrusts faster. “David! David!” I yell and as if calling his name were an expresso shot, he pumps his hips faster and I scream louder as the headboard bangs against the wall! “O FUCK! O FUCK DAVID!” I don’t know how I didn’t rip a hole in those sheets I was squeezing them so tight burying my face in the pillow as I screamed, “AAAAAAAAAHHH!” He continues thrusting until I hear him echo my muffled scream, “AAAAAAAAAAHHH!” His dick throbs inside me as he lowers my leg and snuggles up next to me. Within seconds we’re sound asleep. Janay just missed out on some good dick!


It was the Saturday before I was to start at the new Hospital. I had no real plans but I did want to get up and head to the park and get a couple miles in. It had been forever since I went to the park. Hell that’s where this whole thing begun in the park. I pushed it to the back of my thoughts. I couldn’t help but replay the moment I bust my ass, when Janay and I first met. Funny how life brings people together. Apart of me was hoping I could see her in the park today. It had been a week since the elevator and I was still loathing about not having said more. She was a good woman and I had a weak moment. I should have known better.

I finished my run feeling a tad better, having aired some of my thoughts out. I decided to hit up this juice bar on the other side of town not too far from what was now the old place of employment. They had a really good mango pineapple fruit smoothie. For some reason I was craving it. The road was busier than normal for a Saturday.  The wait in traffic made the smoothie that much more delicious. I headed back towards the house. I was cruising 24th approaching Davis. The light had just turned yellow and I started slowing. The car behind me honked, whipped around me and sped through the light. A perfect storm was created as a car travel on Davis caught the green light in stride. The car coming up Davis smashed the asshole car that whipped from behind me dead center. The shit was surreal. It happened in slow motion, I watched as glass shattered and trickled down to the asphalt. I was frozen in dismay for a full 5 seconds before put my car in park and hopped out to render aid or assistance. I was the first witness to reach the cars. I was closest to the car that had been traveling up Davis, so naturally I peered into that one. The driver door was jammed shut, so I went for the backdoor. The driver was slumped over, unconscious so it appeared. I poked my head into the car. “Hey, hey you ok?” I called out. There was no response, only a faint moan. The smell of fuel permeated my nostrils. I knew this was no place to be I rushed to the passenger side of the car and was able to successful pry that door open. I reached in and began to slide the driver out of the car. As I laid the victim down on the pavement I noticed it was Marissa who I was rescuing. For a split second I was torn. The faint sound of my name brought me back to reality. Looking down at her I went into doctor mode. “Are you in any pain?”

“It’s… It’s hard to breathe.” It was a struggle for her to even get that out.

“It’s ok Marissa I got you.” The sirens distantly started to come about. I put my ear to her chest. She was wheezing heavily, trying to breathe. I was convinced she had a collapsed lung. I couldn’t tell which of the two were collapsed. I kept her calm and spoke to her until the medics arrived. All the animosity that once consumed me when it came to her. Misfortune had erased that for a moment’s time.  I saw her off and let the EMTs know what I had suspected her injury to be. I was familiar with the team and let them know she was one of our own in the medical field.  I was glad I had been in the right place at the right time. I stayed and gave a witness statement as to what transpired. This whole thing should have been avoided. As I pulled into the driveway a text from Sammy came in. He needed a few scripts and was checking up on me. I let him know we were all set and that I was A1. In all realness though I was in a surreal place, with all that took place. I was really regretting not talking to Janay.

I ran the scripts up to Sammy over at the store and chopped it up briefly. On my way back I rolled by Janay’s spot. I wanted to get this weight off my chest. I rang the bell a couple of times, but I didn’t get an answer though. I went home a little deflated and decided to make me a drink. I went through my contacts, I was feeling like some sensual company. I stopped at Janay’s name, I couldn’t move on. Putting the phone down, I grabbed the remote and went to ESPN. The game was a complete blow out. It was as if nothing was going to be able to take my thoughts off her. Her smoothness, her smile, cute laugh, soft lips, her attentiveness, supple breast, tight ass. I was missing my woman. I yearned for finger tips to dig into my chest. The way she used to sink her teeth into my neck when she rode me. I poured a double of this Honey Jack I was on and peered at my galaxy. I was wrestling with the idea of making the call. I picked it up and unlocked it. I was right back on her contact info. I hovered momentarily and said fuck it. The phone rang in my ear and I had the inclination that she wouldn’t even pick up.

“Hello.” There was a silence. “Hello.” Just the sound of her voice was a melodic master piece.



“I miss you woman.” Silence fell upon the phone. “I…”

“Kelvin I don’t if I can do this.”

“I’ve had a rough day Nay, put a ton of shit in prospective.”

“I heard what you did for Marissa this afternoon. I couldn’t help but think of how I was there for you when things got crazy. I wanted to call you when I heard. But I wouldn’t allow myself to.” The emotion in her tone was evident.

“But look, I called you and here we are. I want this, I want us, I want you. This is something special, I know it now. I refused to see it then. But I can no longer ignore this, ignore the greatness you possess. I just want to make good on you.”

“Kelvin… Come” she sighed. “Come open the door.”

Butch and Vishous’s Little Mascot

Phury smiled as he held Nalla in his heavily muscled arms. The little girl who looked like a replica of him and his twin brother would always hold a special place in his heart.

Long fingers threaded through her blonde, red and brown curls, so very much like his own, only his hair was wavy rather than curly.

Nalla cooed at her uncle, enjoying his ministrations. Her bright yellow eyes looking up at him with such pure happiness. She was dressed in a little Red Soxs jersey and matching shorts along with socks and running shoes. Phury was sure Vishous and/or Butch had gotten a hold of her before first meal this evening and dressed her. Not surprising considering there was a game on this evening and the guys always made sure Nalla watched it with them, cheering for the ‘home’ team.

Phury sat down at the table with Nalla in his lap, moving the silverware out of the young’s reach before she could even think to reach for it.

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Oh Captain, My Captain | Luke

a/n: I was almost finished writing something else but then soccer star luke happened and then so did this.

word count: 1300
masterlist | request

It was much darker by the time Luke came out of the rooms following his game, the coldest part of the night having arrived. You smiled hopefully when you saw him; bag slung over his shoulder, hair wet from a shower he either just had or spent the last two hours standing in.

“Hey there, Superstar.” You grinned softly as he approached his car, pulling the blanket from your lap and jumping down off the hood. He looked up and gave you a sad smile, totally defeated by their loss, the jersey you were wearing with his name on the back making his heart jump. “What are you thinking, where do you wanna go?”

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He Wins the Cup - Tom Wilson

The first thing Tom Wilson did when you walked on the ice was slap one of the caps on your head, fixing it so it looked nice, laughing as you looked up at him confused. “I know how you love your caps Y/N.”. You felt your heart flutter at the fact that despite having just won the cup and having an assist on the game winning goal, Tom saw the caps being passed around and thought right away of getting one for you. You looked at him adoringly, hands gripping his jersey gently, tugging him down, your lips connected. Some of the sweat on his face, fell down into yours, but you didn’t care, it was warm kiss full of tenderness, not the excitement you had been expecting. It was kiss full of hardworking months, aching muscles, skype calls, a black eye, and Michael Latta laying on your couch after being benched for another game (I had to). You pulled away, Tom smiling at you pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head. “Do you want to meet Lord Stanley?” He asked as Niklas Backstrom skated towards you guys, Tom’s arms left you going to grip the Cup. You looked at it in awe, tears coming to your eyes, Tom looked at make you smiling large as he saw your reaction, Tom loved how you loved hockey just as much as he did. Your hand went forward to touch its surface, but your hand went back as you looked up at Tom, “I can touch it right? I mean I know others can, but we are still on the ice and it’s yours, you guys fought for it, maybe I shouldn’t touch it yet…” You ranted, you heard a familiar chuckle behind you, a hand landed on you shoulder. Alex Ovechkin smiled down at you, a slightly more toothless grin than 2 hockey periods ago. “You girls are just as much a part of this team as us, but if that isn’t enough, you have the Captain’s permission to touch the Cup Y/N.” Ovechkin patted Tom on the back, chuckling with him skating away jumping on Oshie’s back who was behind Tom. You didn’t need to be told twice, your hand touched the smooth surface, a breath leaving you feeling the beauty of hockey embrace you, reading the names on the cup. You loved this sport, your eyes moved up connecting with Tom’s, who told you the same thing you knew yours said, and I love you just as much.

To New Jersey, who kept trying to kiss me

Before tonight I had never seen someone fall in love. 

You looked at me like I was the first and the last person you had ever seen

You looked at me like the sun was spilling out of my pores in tiny infinities. Grabbed my hand and swing danced with me, spun me around and dipped me low while trying to kiss my neck.

You do not understand that I love too easily;

I want to open up my chest and hand my heart to you bloody and beating and gnaw on your shoulders, hungry and wolf-like. 

We are on the beach and you are feeding me slices of mango, watching as the juices drip down my chin. We are buying our first house and having sex in every room, all tangled legs and bitten bottom lips. We are fighting, screaming, angry and half in love. 

You are my Atlantic City boardwalk boy and I am the

shot of whiskey hiding in your coffee cup on Monday mornings. 

In the honey light of a fading summer our eyes met, we lived our future in those five minutes

and I’m spinning in the fire,

I am combusting at your finger tips,

I am running, running, running.

As long as I’ve got your attention RE: Stan and the Journals, allow me to remind you that anything written in Journal 3 up to the events of Scary-Oke, Stan had the opportunity to read.

Meaning he saw the page with the scribbled out sailboat. Saw Ford’s occasional wistful memories of him looking for the Jersey Devil with Ford or defending him from kids at show and tell. 

He saw Ford talking about “his muse,” and the fast, horrible, inevitable decline that anyone reading the journal could see coming from a mile away. He read every bit of pain and paranoia and suffering Ford wrote into those pages in 1982.

He saw what Dipper and Mabel wrote too. He learned they’d been inside his mind, and that Dipper had seen some memories he’d probably have rather kept hidden. As well as at least one that he was probably glad to have shared, however unknowingly.

He also learned about some of the dangerous things the kids had been doing that he might not have been fully aware of. 

That said, it could have been much worse.

He could have read the journal after the events of Sock Opera. 

And seen that note Mabel found in the car.

(Because Ford certainly did.)

things i got from knb extra game chapter 1:

  • izuki and furihata and imayoshi’s new hairstyles!!
  • cute first years!
  • koganei totally ships riko x hyuuga 
  • kise still calls kasamatsu “senpai” and kasamatsu is wearing kise’s jersey number ahHH
  • nash gold jr. looks like kise’s long lost brother
  • if you thought the generation of miracles were jerks, think again, because these jabberwock asswipes make the gom look like saints
  • i’m so invested in this anime that i can recognize each member of the generation of miracles by looking at their shoes
  • and
  • i can tell this dream team is not only gonna slay the americans but theyre also gonna slay my heart rip

Essex County Hospital Center - January 2016

A risky trip into the hospital this week to see and shoot once more before demolition begins. Been here so many times and it’ll always hold a place in my lil urbex heart.

This campus is guarded by 24 hour security. They do rounds over the whole campus hourly and leave the gates open in the front, I’m sure for any local cops to come through if needed. If you are looking to go here anytime soon- PLEASE be mindful of these circumstances.