look at this jerkface

I’ve noticed Reigen fans usually tend to show their love in one of 2 ways.

1. “Reigen is perfect. He may have not won best boy. But he’s still the best boy of my heart.”

2. “LOL Look at this jerkface! He’s such a sweaty dork. I’m in love! He’s Mob’s Trash Dad™️️ and I’m marrying him so that way Mob can be my son.”

I love Faiza and her continuing journey of, ‘So I’m a superhero now and that’s crazy and now I’m meeting all these other famous heroes and oh God what do I say to them I don’t belong here and !!! did they just look at me ugh Dane you are no help at all jerkface.’

From “Age of Heroes” #1.

A few select and golden quotes from the Starkiller Base skit
  • “Jerkface”
  • “Look what I found!! Its Kylo Rens lightsaber its awesome!” 

  • “My friend saw Kylo take his shirt off in the shower. He said he has an 8 pack. He said he was shredded.”

  • “Hearing Zack lost his son really struck a nerve with me. Especially since im the one that killed him.”
  • “I had a blast today. I really learned a lot. People are going to love the new me.” 
  • “Im looking foward to having some real talk with some real folks.”
  • “I see whats in your mind. IT IS STUPID!” 
  • “I have a bombshell announcement to make guys. Im not Matt.” 

-all said by Kylo aka “Matt”